The Corbett Report | Science Says | April 9, 2021



 The mouthpieces of the scientific establishment have identified the latest global security threat: antiscience. So what does that mean, exactly? Whatever they want it to mean, of course! This week on The Corbett Report podcast, James explores the game of Science Says that the self-appointed experts are playing with the public and outlines how that game is about to get a whole lot darker.

Show Notes

S0 News | Cosmic Rays, Magnetic Shift Instability, Storm Alert | April 9, 2021


The Black Vault | NEW UFO/UAP Photographs Leaked: A Breakdown | April 8, 2021


On April 6, 2021, new "UFO/UAP Photographs" leaked out, as reported by George Knapp and! Sounds fun and exciting, but is it?

This video is a breakdown of what happened, along with a thought experiment on why stories like this, can be more problematic than helpful.

It may not resonate with everyone, but bloggers/journalists and whomever have the ultimate power that with the simple omission of the whole story, and the fluffing of actual facts, their reporting will take a life of its own. As a result, creating a story that is not necessarily true or accurate.

Should we have absolute trust in ANY blogger/journalist/website? No. Questioning is healthy, and ensures we the people are getting the full and true story whether it be questioning the mainstream media, the military, or the government. Not doing so, ensures the public stays partially in the dark, and with that, potentially creates a false narrative that can do more damage in the future.

Sources used in articles can and should be protected if they need to be. But VERIFIABLE EVIDENCE should be there to back it all up.

What's that all mean? Check out the thought experiment in this video, and comment below.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | April 8, 2021


Well... another ship nearly became stuck in the Suez canal, and meanwhile, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is calling for a global corporate tax... what could possibly go wrong?:

Italian Tanker Blocks Traffic In Suez Due To Engine Failure

Biden's Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen calls for a global minimum corporate tax in push to fund $2.3trillion infrastructure plan and deter companies setting up in tax shelters

Mystery Wire | Pictures and video show Unidentified Flying Objects moving above U.S. Navy warships | April 9, 2021


George Knapp reports on images that have leaked from a secretive Pentagon investigation of UFOs. The UAP Task Force has been gathering evidence for a comprehensive report for Congress which is due in June that includes photographs and videos of UFO encounters with U.S. military assets, including Navy destroyers off the southern California coast.

S0 News | Electric Atmosphere, Magnetic Universe, First-Ever Weather Event | April 8, 2021


James Corbett | How Do I Find Broken Links? - Questions For Corbett | April 8, 2021


Many viewers write in to ask about broken links in the archives. In the spirit of finding solutions, today James runs through a few basic methods you can use to replace broken links when you encounter the dreaded 404 error online. 

Show Notes:

How to Find Broken Links Online
The Library of Alexandria is on Fire
You Can’t Win. Don’t Even Try!
Trying to Cure Depression, but Inspiring Torture
Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program
Wayback Machine

Dane Wigington | Climate Engineering News Q & A, #11 | April 7, 2021


Must view, THE DIMMING, the most comprehensive climate engineering documentary: The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary (Geoengineering Watch) 

The Catastrophic Consequences Of Climate Engineering

To see firsthand film footage of the climate engineering impact on our forests and its vanishing inhabitants, view the new series: "Into The Wild, With Dane Wigington"

Linda Moulton Howe | Superconductivity, or “anti-gravity"? interview with retired IBM engineer | April 7, 2021


A retired IBM electromechanical engineer says this IBM Research Center 1986 photograph of a black and silver cube “floating” above a round, black base was publicly explained as an effect of superconductivity, but some engineers whispered it was “anti-gravity.” An exclusive interview of retired engineer with Earthfiles Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe.

Loud booms and metallic sounds in Northeast USA and Canada
- Extremely loud metallic sounds in PA
- Loud booms on in Mississauga, Ontario
- Interview with Linda Oppelt from Farmington, Mass., including eerie cell phone recording of strange sounds on April 3, 2021.

Interview with retired electromechanical engineer “John Smith” from IBM in Yorktown Heights, New York
- “the floating cubes…are examples of anti-gravity”
- “…back engineered from UFOs”
- “it was anti-gravity…we don’t talk about this”
- “I worked at DRS Naval Controls…we made controls for nuclear submarines”
- “it was so mind boggling”
- “there’s no way…humans came up with this”

Col. Corso claims General Trudeau, first Chief Army Research and Development Command wanted alien tech back-engineered by US companies
- Roswell artifacts used to develop numerous advanced technologies
- “to the EBEs, we were prey”

We Are Change | MASSIVE Maxwell Discovery - What Does It Mean?? | April 7, 2021


MASSIVE Maxwell Discovery - What Does It Mean??

In this video, we break down prosecutors disclosing 2.7 million pages of evidence in the court case against Ghislaine Maxwell and what might be the deeper meaning behind it.

S0 News | Magnetic Earth Rotation and Polar Offset, Geo-Engineering, Moon | April 7, 2021


The Corbett Report | Stand in the Park - #SolutionsWatch | April 6, 2021


It is a sign of a sick society when people are told to stay indoors, avoid breathing fresh air and receive experimental medical interventions for their health. If the benefits of fresh air and natural sunlight for human health has to be debated, is their any hope left for our civilization? After watching me stand in the park in today's episode of #SolutionsWatch, I highly recommend you turn off your electronic device and try it for yourself.

Show Notes:
Sisyphean Stunt mentions A Stand in the Park

S0 News | Sun Controls the Atmosphere, Record Snow, CGM | April 6, 2021


The Black Vault | Former Director of the CIA, James Woolsey on the Cold War, JFK Assassination & UFOs | April 3, 2021


At exactly 12:30 pm, while riding in a presidential motorcade through Dealey Plaza, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.

In the decades since, conspiracy theories have flourished about what really happened that day. And even in 2021, numerous documents remain classified and hidden from the public which may reveal more of the story. Yet, the U.S. government won’t let you see them.

Although no one has conclusively solved this mystery beyond a shadow of a doubt – my guest today thinks he may be able to do just that. Ambassador James Woolsey, the former Director of the CIA under President Bill Clinton, is about to step into the Vault.

In his new book entitled Operation Dragon, he makes his case for what he feels is a “codified” message embedded within the Warren Commission report. Once deciphered, he believes it tells us exactly who was behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Oh yeah, and you don’t think I would get a guest like this without asking about UFOs, do you? Because that is all on the table. -The Black Vault

Paul Stonehill | Land of Lost Inventions | April 4, 2021

Source: Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill youtube

...Virtually all Soviet science and technology was military. There was little specifically civilian technology to speak of... -Paul Stonehill

Truthstream Media | We Are Truthstream Media | April 4, 2021


Dark Journalist | X-Series 100 (2) | Mystery Schools Revealed! Steiner Sarobia & Stelle! | April 3, 2021


Important Books from this Episode:
In Search of the Miraculous
P.D. Ouspensky

Spiritualism, Madame Blavatsky and Theosophy: An Eyewitness View of Occult History
Rudolf Steiner

The Ultimate Frontier
Eklal Kueshana

Isis Unveiled
Helena Blavatsky

Secret Teachings of all Ages
Manly P. Hall

Autobiography of a Yogi

Dr. Joel Wallach | Ask Doc Live | April 2, 2021


Dr. Wallach describes the many reasons you should not skip taking Essential Fatty Acids!

S0 News | Uranus is Flaring, Dark Energy Is Magnetism | April 1, 2021


Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | April 1, 2021


Today's news is from the Japanese Red Cross, courtesy of CAF bringing this to my attention.
The original article is here: 

You can copy and paste the Japanese ideograms into this program for the translation I used: 

There's also further news from the UK about some adverse reactions in pregnant women to some of the "vaccines" including loss of their babies:  Number of Pregnant Women suffering Miscarriage after having Covid Vaccine increases by 483% in just 7 weeks

Press for Truth | Josh Sigurdson | Vaccine Passport To Travel?…More Like A Vaccine Passport TO LIVE YOUR LIFE!! What You NEED To Know!! | March 31, 2021


What was considered conspiracy theory just six months ago is now a conspiracy fact…vaccine passports are a real thing, if you want to travel you’re going to have to take the jab (or at least that’s what they want you to think)!

First it’s passports to travel, then to enter buildings, then to work, then to live. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Josh Sigurdson of World Alternative Media about his travels during Covid-19(84), the implications of what “vaccine passports” will mean for society and most importantly what you can do about it NOW in order to protect yourself and your family from big brothers intrusion into your lives.

Caroline Cory | Consciousness and Superhuman Abilities - YOU Are ALL That! Here’s What it Takes | March 31, 2021


It was this Seth insight channeled by the late Jane Roberts who said, “Consciousness creates reality. Not the other way around.”

Simple and powerful. But is this a scientific fact or a just postulate that can only be relegated to esoteric opinion?

According to consciousness researcher and filmmaker Caroline Cory, not only is the science there to show that consciousness is the primary ingredient to all of reality - both seen and unseen, but she’s got the experiments to prove it.

In her latest film: Superhuman - The Invisible Made Visible, some of the most mind bending feats of humankind, when put to the test, using innovative but rigid methods show without a shadow of a doubt that each of us have capabilities far beyond what most could ever imagine.

Remote viewing, psychokinesis (or PK),telepathy, even the ability to read while being completely blindfolded are all possible.

More than possible, there are people on this planet right now who are demonstrating these abilities every single day. This is how they live.

So what can WE learn by understanding and knowing the science that backs these claims up?

Caroline shares powerful information that will no doubt turn you on your ear, but also turn the volume up on your ability to plug in using some powerful and proven techniques.

The next step? How you can be a Super Human! -Alexis Brooks

Linda Moulton Howe | Abductee Tyler Jones Interview Part 2 | March 31, 2021


“Zombie Gene” discovery
- Univ. Of Illinois - Chicago researchers discover some brain cells come alive again after death

180-day countdown report
- Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, Christopher Mellon says “it could be profound and affirmative”
- “I think it’s going o raise a lot of questions”

Part 2 of interview with “Tyler Jones” from Gadesden, Alabama
- “alien machined that levitate in the air…being used to build pyramids”
- “it was Giza”
- “they decided to make another being…mixed it with their DNA”
- greys “were genetically engineered”
- humans “…were their children”
- 7 tall blondes beings met with 12 US officials some time in the 50’s

Red Ice TV | No-Go Zone: Biden Tax Hike, SEC Targets LBRY/Odysee, The Post-Human Era Has Begun | April 1, 2021


Nick Hinton | The Saturn Time Cube, Tyler, & The Plasma Apocalypse | April 1, 2021

Source:, What Iff Podcast, The Institute For Folly

Today the great Nick Hinton joins THC to talk about the vital content he’s released, often in the form of Reddit/Twitter threads. We also talk about his two books The Saturn Time Cube Simulation & The Aquarian Singularity, both only available through Direct Message. Nick is also the host of the What Iff Podcast & the Founder of The Institute For Folly.

S0 News | 12K and 100K Cycles Resetting, Spraying the Sky | March 31, 2021


Richard Dolan | UFOs Over the Channel Islands. What We Know & Don't Know | March 30, 2021


The website The Drive has recently publicized a fascinating series of UFO encounters by the U.S. Navy in the vicinity of the Channel Islands, off the coast of Southern California, in July 2019.

These encounters seem to be every bit as dramatic as the well-known Tic Tac UFO encounter of 2004, although we still lack much information. Richard Dolan discusses what we know about these events, as well as the many gaps in our knowledge.

See the Drive article here: Multiple Destroyers Were Swarmed By Mysterious 'Drones' Off California Over Numerous Nights

Journalist Danny Silva reported on this a year ago. See here: Navy Vet Claims USS KIDD had UFO Encounter in 2019

The Corbett Report | Salting Your Data - #SolutionsWatch | March 31, 2021


You don't give your real data when you're signing up for things online, do you? Well, perhaps you shouldn't. Join James for this week's edition of #SolutionsWatch​ where he goes over the benefits of salting your data.

Show Notes:
James Corbett on Declare Your Independence Feb 10, 2021
Ferret Magazine
Freedom Cells and The Greater Reset – #SolutionsWatch
Nardwuar vs. Prime Minister Jean Chretien

S0 News | New Aurora, Ancients Knew Astronomy, Baby Star Jets | March 30, 2021


Brien Foerster | Very Rare Video Of Filming Inside The Osiris Shaft At Giza In Egypt | March 29, 2021


S0 News | Dangerous Radiation Risk, Lightning, Coldest Temp | March 29, 2021


Dane Wigington | Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | March 27, 2021


Mainstream articles about climate engineering are now frequently being published, but they are nothing more than disinformation and denial. A constant flow of disinformation is being propagated by all mainstream media sources on countless subjects as they carry out the bidding of their power structure paymasters.

Ecosystems all over the world continue to collapse, global food production is falling fast. Key links in the chain of our current reality are already breaking apart and even now the majority of populations are completely asleep. Some in academia, who serve the global controllers, are being tasked with trying to convince populations that to even question official narratives is a sign of mental deficiency. Orwell’s 1984 society is here.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.- Dane Wigington

Mark Stolk | "Exorcism, Secret Egypt Atlantis History, Mind Powers & E.T. Control" | Age Of Truth TV | March 28, 2021


Fascinating, eye-opening in-depth table-talk conversation between MARK STOLK, Dutch Author, Researcher, Historian, Lecturer, Public Speaker and Artist and Age Of Truth TV Presenter, Investigative Reporter, Lucas Alexander:"Exorcism, Secret Egypt Atlantis History, Mind Powers & E.T. Control".

To find a deeper understanding of our difficult and challenging times and the great planetary changes that are currently going on and will come to pass, all due to new galactic and universal alignments, a thorough understanding of his-story and her story (which is the story of our planet earth) are essential.

Many important and interesting topics re discussed in this two-hour Age Of Truth TV interview with MARK STOLK, who will dive deep and coherently into the great hidden esoteric secrets and mysteries of our world. We travel back to the time before the Great Flood, to the Golden Age of men, and to the great disaster that followed it that disconnected the majority of the human race from its universal connections. This still influence us and our culture today.

This journey, based on a thorough understanding of natural laws and solar mechanics, will lead us into a deeper understanding of Ancient Egypt, the pyramids, the growing- and hollow earth theory, giants, the human genetic mix-up, masonic symbology, religion, exocism and so much more. It will also bring us back to our time and to the great universal shift and the new gateway of evolutionary permission that is opening up right now.

Paul Stonehill | Lost in Time: More Eerie Russian Cases | March 28, 2021

Source: Paul Stonehill youtube

…there are theoretically unavoidable special points at which bodies either appear or disappear from the world around us… the geologists saw a completely extinct village… But he never showed up at the store, nor did he return home… the possibility of "the influence of the future on the present" through the physical properties of time… -Paul Stonehill

The Corbett Report | Exposing Biden's SECRET Plans!!! | March 27, 2021


You don't need a crystal ball to predict the future and you don't need secret, anonymous sources to know what the globalists are planning to do. Don't miss this week's edition of The Corbett Report podcast where James peels backs the curtains on the open conspiracy and details what's likely to happen in the coming years. 

Show Notes:
Foreign Affairs 1947: “The Sources of Soviet Conduct” (The Long Telegram)
New World Next Week covers The Long Telegram 2.0
Foreign Affair 1974: “The Hard Road to World Order”
Patrick Wood – Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order
Foreign Affairs 1993: “Clash of Civilizations”
James covers Clash of Civilizations 1.0 in QFC #031
Clash of Civilizations 2.0
China, the Quad and the Next Great War
Foreign Affairs 2020: “Why America Must Lead Again” by Joseph R. Biden
“Global Tax Grid” search on The Corbett Report,
The Global Government Is Preparing A Global Tax Regime
Janet Yellen: No Financial Crisis In Our Lifetime
Yellen: Biden Admin working with OECD on global tax cooperation
Timothy Wu: Is The First Amendment Obsolete? (video)
Is The First Amendment Obsolete? (article)
President Trump: 5G is a race we will win
How Joe Biden Plans To Make The American Empire Great Again
Lawrence Wilkerson on Biden’s pro-war cabinet
Spread the Word: The Uprising Has Begun! – #NewWorldNextWeek (information on Vilsack)
Meet John Kerry, Skull and Bones Ambassador

Dark Journalist | X State Of The Union UFO File & Global Control! | March 26, 2021


In this Special LiveStream Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt will deliver the State of the Union on major developments in the USA. DJ will reveal a Deep State/CIA/Media plan to use False Disclosure of UFOs and an ET Threat Narrative (instead of the real UFO research they have kept secret for 75 years) being promoted by Senator Marco Rubio and others as a pretext for Global Control.

Grant Cameron & Merlina Marcan | ORBS | March 26, 2021


S0 News | Electric Earth Rotation Glitches Confirmed, Everything Connected | March 26, 2021


Darwin Morgan | NNSS | Mystery Wire Interview | March 25, 2021


MYSTERY WIRE — Area 51 might be the world’s best known ‘secret’ base but there is another, much larger facility in the Nevada desert that has been host to highly classified programs and testing.

For more than 30 years, one man has worked as a gatekeeper for those secrets.

Darwin Morgan is the Director of the NNSS public affairs office. He has spent 31 years as a portal through which secrets were shared and rumors were quashed.

After 31 years of shining a light on dark programs and projects that were otherwise shrouded in mystery, Darwin Morgan is set to retire from the Department of Energy. He hopes he can still visit from time to time and plans to write about more of the untold history. “It’s just, it’s amazing, the amount of things I’ve been able to see in my career out there.”

Anthony Peake, Pascal Immanuel Michael | The Near Death Experience | March 26, 2021


Pascal obtained his BSc Hons from Aberdeen University in Neuroscience with Psychology, researching the neurotrophic effects of Omega-3 fatty-acids, and graduated with an MSc from University College London in Clinical Mental Health Sciences in 2018, exploring wellbeing changes associated with the DMT experience.

He is currently a PhD student at University of Greenwich with Dr. David Luke, investigating psychedelic and spiritual experiences, specifically the phenomenology and physiology of the DMT and near-death experience (NDE). He has a particular interest in how the scientific method can be harnessed, not least using psychedelics as ideal tools, to investigate the nature and transformative capacity of mystical-type and other ‘exceptional human experiences’ – and how the continuum of the molecular mechanisms to the humanistic experience of death and dying will inevitably illuminate the nature of life.

His interests include psychedelic experiences and/or near-death experiences, neurobiological and subjective mechanisms of psychotherapeutic effects; Neural correlates; Experiential phenomenology.

John Lenard Walson | Moon Footage 2021 | March 25, 2021

Source: John Lenard Walson youtube

You can support his work for building bigger, more powerful telescopes here: John Lenard Walson Paypal

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | March 25, 2021


The Nefarium has been busy this week, and we have two very different stories to talk about:

Chief AstraZeneca Scientist Josep Baselga Developing Anti COVID-19 Therapies Dies Of Rare Neurological Disease

Ship blocking Suez Canal like 'beached whale' could be stuck for weeks

Clive de Carle | The Global Health Conspiracy | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


New World Next Week | Biden Sprays Colombia | March 25, 2021


Story #1: Self-Driving Cars Will Stop For Police, Roll Down Your Windows, Unlock Your Doors
"Autonomous Vehicles: Expert Panel Lists Top Needs for Law Enforcement as the Dawn of Driverless Roads Inches Closer"
Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Pedestrian in Arizona, Where Robots Roam
Tesla Driver Who Died In 'Autopilot' Crash Was Playing On Phone, Inquiry Finds
"Driverless" Search on Corbett Report
Kia’s Driverless Future! – #PropagandaWatch
Car Insurance Horror: Wearing A Face Mask While Driving Can See Policies Invalidated
CDC: Drivers Should Not Wear Masks While Driving

Story #2: Reuters, BBC Participated In Covert UK-Funded Programs to “Weaken Russia”
OP. Trojan Horse: Undermining Russia

Story #3: Biden Pushes Colombia to Restart Glyphosate Spraying Program
2021 INCSR–Volume I: Drug and Chemical Control (As submitted to Congress)
Biden Eyes First Major Tax Hike Since 1993 in Next Economic Plan
Yellen on OECD Tax Cooperation
Biden Aides Disclose Their Corporate Ties
Biden White House Sandbags Staffers, Sidelines Dozens for Pot Use
GOP Senators Accuse Biden Of Breaking Law, Sparking 'Humanitarian Crisis' at Border

S0 News | CME & Solar Storm, California Quake Risk, SMOS | March 25, 2021


Geoengineering Watch | Climate Engineering News Q & A | March 24, 2021


In the attempt to answer as many questions as possible on the dire issue of climate engineering, Geoengineering Watch has decided to produce an online “Climate Engineering News Q and A”. We will try to post a new segment every Wednesday.

James Corbett on Life and Life Only | March 24, 2021


via LifeAndLifeOnly: James Corbett of the Corbett Report joins me to discuss a number of topics around the theme of alternative information and how to combat the propaganda, both intentional and in some cases unintentional, that is all around us.

We discuss how we came to have non-mainstream worldviews, how a global conspiracy can and provably has happened, our experiences in Asia and how we can all change the world in our own way every day. After all that, we end the talk with a few minutes of talk about a band we’re both rather fond of!

Show Notes:
Life And Life Only podcast – Web / Facebook / Twitter
Everything I Know About Conspiracies I Learned From The Beatles
The 5 Filters of the Mass Media Machine
How Can A Global Conspiracy Work? – Questions For Corbett #074
G. Edward Griffin – The Quigley Formula
The WWI Conspiracy
James Ellroy’s “American Tabloid” – FLNWO #40
Anatomy of the New World Order (James Corbett on The Mind Renewed)
Episode 062 – 9/11 Truth in Japan
Understanding Lennon & McCartney (documentary series)
Pop Goes The 60s (Youtube Channel)
Aesop’s Fables – FLNWO #42

The Black Vault | The Coming 2021 UAP/UFO Report: A Historical Perspective | March 23, 2021


Beginning in December of 2017, rumors of a "Secret Pentagon UFO Study" was reported by the mainstream media. The result was an avalanche of UFO stories throughout the next couple of years; each one increasing the hope that Disclosure of some sort of alien existence, was about to become reality.

As a result, Congress wanted answers.

Now? They will get them from the intelligence community in mid 2021. But will it all be public knowledge, or just something for our elected leaders behind closed doors?

And what, if anything, will be revealed?

It may just be that the 1960s foreshadowed what might expect. But, is that a good thing? Stay tuned -- you're about to journey inside The Black Vault.

Show Notes:
Gerald Ford Presidential Library UFO Documents
The Road to a Congressional UFO Hearing, 1960’s Style
Hearings Before and Special Reports Made by Committee on Armed Services of the House of Representatives on Subjects Affecting the Naval and Military Establishments, 1966 (Full Congressional Hearing Transcript)
Here Are The Navy Pilot Reports From Encounters With Mysterious Aircraft Off The East Coast

Linda Moulton Howe | Two brothers taken into UFO craft | March 24, 2021


Looking forward to Summer Equinox on June 21 and the 180 day countdown to government disclosure.

March 19, 2021 - Fox TV interview with former DNI under Trump
- “some of these are unexplained phenomenon”
- UAPs… “engage in actions that are hard to explain”
- “we do not have the technology for”

Space news
- original piece of Wright brothers’ plane is inside Perseverance rover helicopter.
- helicopter set to begin initial flights

Strange sounds from the sky
- email from witnesses around the USA.

Crook Country animal death investigations
- new cattle mutilations in Prineville

How to tall blond Nordics relate to greys, reptilians?

Interview with 29-year old “Tyler Jones” from Gadesden, Alabama

- interview on November 15, 2012
- history of genetic manipulation of DNA by extra-terrestrial
- “they inhabit 2 galaxies”
- “there wasn’t even tracks”
- “my stepfather saw lights” the sky.
- “the lights would come before the mutilations”
- “blond hair, blue eyes..that took me and my brother”
- “around 7 feet tall”
- “time stopped…I hear a voice in my head…he was showing me his memories”
- “some type of floating, mining machines”

Tom Campbell interview with Christina Rasmussen of Dear Life | March 24, 2021


“There is a stillness about Tom, and deep inner knowing that you will experience when you listen to this conversation. Even though I have spent many years reading about and researching consciousness and time and space, this conversation and Tom’s work has forever shifted and altered the way that I understand and think about these things.

Through this vast and expansive conversation, we dive into Tom’s understanding of consciousness and answer some of the BIG questions like, Why are we here? Where do we go? Where does love fit into all of this? And a whole lot more!

I also want to say that it is OK not to agree with some of Tom’s discoveries and beliefs. In my humble opinion the truth about our existence is a multi layered reality. There are many answers that will construct the one truth. So take from this conversation the parts you need to add to your truth.

“We are here to grow up. We’re here to make good choices, and through the quality of our choices we evolve.” ~ Tom Campbell

Tom shares the work that he did with Bob Monroe in the 1970s, his first out-of-body experience, and how he can now have these experiences at will. Tom is a self-described skeptic and explains how these experiences allowed him to see what is fact and what reality, consciousness, and our purpose here really is.

We talk about what reality actually is, what those synchronicities might mean, and trying to tell you. I share a story that some of you may have heard already about a rubber ducky and how it continues to show up in my life, the life of my loved ones, and even people I’ve worked with.

He explains in great detail what happens when we die and how he knows this to be true, how we remain connected to those that have exited this reality, and how that connection changes as well.”
-Christina Rasmussen

S0 News | Nearby Star Cluster Torn Apart, Physics Breaks, Galactic Sheet | March 24, 2021


Richard Dolan | Why UFOs Are an Intractable Problem | March 24, 2021


John Ratcliffe, former director of national intelligence during the Trump administration, recently stated that there are several "difficult to explain" UFO sightings that are in the soon-to-be-released UAP Task Force report scheduled for June.

This is no surprise to students of the UFO subject since thousands of reports are filed every year, many of which are truly remarkable. But how far can any government-issued UFO/UAP report go? Quite probably, the answer is "not very."

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end but of the all-important question: what happens next?

Kingsley Dennis | Hijacking Reality: The Reprogramming & Reorganization Of Human Life - PART ONE | Legalise Freedom Radio | March 24, 2021


Kingsley Dennis discusses his book 'Hijacking Reality - The Reprogramming & Reorganization Of Human Life'.

There is an agenda to replace the current collapsing global narratives with a new consensus reality. To achieve this, a ‘consensus reality paradigm’ must be socially managed and, if necessary, manipulated.

The belief is that a global ‘Great Reset’ is necessary, so why not take the upper hand and steer it into place? However, there are almost eight billion people on Earth, and that is a lot of people to convince. Instead of trying to force the issue, what if you could make people believe in the story themselves? That way, they will agree that it is the worldview for them and adhere to it willingly.

'Hijacking Reality' proposes that there are powerful players upon the planet attempting to establish a radical shift in our way of life. This shift entails being incorporated into a pervasive, digitized techno-surveillance architecture that will fundamentally alter the future of human life. Such an ambitious project of social engineering on a global scale has never been achieved before, but is this what we are witnessing now?

The Corbett Report | Flashmobs for Freedom - #SolutionsWatch | March 23, 2021


We've all heard of flash mobs, but can they be used for more than just organizing pillow fights in Times Square? Join James for this week's edition of #SolutionsWatch​ as he explores how freedom fighters are using flash mobs to carve out a space for normal human interaction in these increasingly insane times.

Show Notes:
“DANSER ENCORE” – Flashmob – Gare du Nord – 4 Mars 2021
Freedom Flash Mob – Natural Grocers
Vedjji BitChute channel
NY Post: ‘Maskless flash mob’ marches through Target shouting ‘Take off that mask’
Kids for Cash, Flash Robs, Lone Wolf 9/11
Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future
James Corbett presents on Open Source Journalism at fOSSa 2013
Report: The DCDC Global Strategic Trends Programme 2007-2036
Pathocrats’ Conspiracy Agenda (Alan Watt Blurb) + Transcript

S0 News | Earth Rotation Glitches, Nano Nova, NLCs | March 23, 2021


S0 News | 2nd CME Erupts at Earth, Ozone Destruction, Deep Mantle | March 22, 2021


The Black Vault | Former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, on UFOs | March 20, 2021


He was the Director of National Intelligence - the government official that overlooks the entire United States Intelligence Community.

There is no doubt that America sure has its secrets; and whomever fills that spot, likely knows them all.

John Ratcliffe, who served as the director from May of 2020 to the end of President Donald Trump's term in office in January of 2021, just laid some bombshell claims about UFOs in a recent interview with FoxNews.

Here's what he said and what it might mean. Stay tuned... you're about to journey Beyond The Black Vault.

James Corbett | China, 3D Chess, Ethics and Elvish | March 16, 2021


Today James joins Tim Kilkenny and Andrew Hoffman on Revelations Radio News to discuss geopolitics, moral philosophy, decentralization, literary nonsense and many other things. Don't miss this fun and informative conversation.

Show Notes:
Revelations Radio News
China says it is exercising self-restraint against Japanese ships near Senkakus
China and the New World Order
Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War
Another 25 Books You Should Read<br /> Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler (pdf)
The Great Decoupling: How the West is Engineering its Own Downfall
How to Play 3D Chess
Vaccine Bait & Switch: As Millions Pulled From WHO, Trump Gives Billions To Gates-Founded GAVI
Bioethics and the New Eugenics
They Know What You Are (Now They’re Haggling Over the Price)
What NO ONE is Saying About The Corona Crisis

S0 | Rare Cosmological Event | Advanced Catastrophism | March 20, 2021


Dr. Joel Wallach | Ask Doc Live | Rheumatoid Arthritis, Avoid Kidney Replacement | March 19, 2021


Dr. Wallach makes recommendations for rheumatoid arthritis, avoiding kidney replacement and making life worth living.

S0 News | 3 Space Mysteries, Magnetic Reversal Hyperactivity | March 19, 2021


Brien Foerster, Matt LaCroix | Lost Civilizations Around The World | March 18, 2021

Source:, Matthew LaCroix youtube

Matt and I discuss the many sites around the world that show megalithic evidence as well as catastrophic damage from many thousands of years ago. We start on Easter Island and head eastward through Peru, Bolivia, then to Europe and beyond; ending in New Zealand. -Brien Foerster

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | March 18, 2021


We have two stories to talk about today, totally unrelated (?) to each other; the first is the death of Tanzanian President John Magufuli; the second is Russia's recall of its ambassador to Swampington, D.C.:  

Tanzania's President John Magufuli dead at 61
Russia recalls ambassador after Biden says Putin will 'pay a price' for interference
Russia warns of response after Biden calls Putin a 'killer'

Chris Knowles | Lucifer’s Technologies & The Mk Ultra-terrestrials | March 19, 2021


The great synchromystic sage of the Secret Sun blog, Chris Knowles, joins THC for his 9th time.

Chris has just released a great new collection of the best of the best from the Secret Sun called The Endless American Midnight.

Also, check out his great 2019 novel, He Will Live Up In The Sky.

Finally, let it be known that the Secret Sun Institute of Advanced Synchromysticism is now open as well!

New World Next Week | World Wide Rally For Freedom | March 18, 2021


Story #1: March 20 “World Wide Rally For Freedom”
QAnon Groups on Telegram Seethe with Covid Denialism and Vaccine Misinformation
Global March 20 Anti-Vaccine Protests Promoted by QAnon-Linked Groups
Far-Right Trump Supporters Hope to Use RFK Jr.-Backed Protests to Stage Comeback
No to the new normal which takes away the future of Japan and children’s smiles.
Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa, Kyushu, Shikoku, Tohoku and Hokkaido
World Wide Rally – Walk For Freedom – Calgary, Alberta
No Lockdown, Yes Freedom: New Mexico Statewide Rally
Daily Kos: CIA-Engineered Controlled Opposition? (Aug. 9, 2007)

Story #2: Moderna Begins Study of COVID-19 Vaccine In Kids
Toronto Lockdown Czar’s Husband Has ‘Financial Ties’ to Pfizer
“Doctor” Fauci sat down for an interview with Mexican “comedian”
Fauci gets grilled by Mexican Comedian
‘Vaccine Secrets’: What Parents Should Know Before They Vaccinate Their Kids

Story #3: Spotify Censors Art for “Misinformation,” Pulls Ian Brown’s Anti-Lockdown Track
NSFW: Media Monarchy Cancels His Spotify Premium, Asks Questions About Other Pop Songs

Dane Wigington | Climate Engineering News Q & A, | Geoengineering Watch | March 17, 2021


In the attempt to answer as many questions as possible on the dire issue of climate engineering, Geoengineering Watch has decided to produce an online “Climate Engineering News Q and A”. We will try to post a new segment every Wednesday.

Linda Moulton Howe | Huge non-human craft attempts to land at Iraqi base | March 17, 2021



June 23 - Summer Solstice celebration.
- 175k subscribers celebration?
- impending release of new government UAP info

2:27​ - Saturday, March 13 - “Macron rehearses Star Wars”, “France runs satellite war games”
- France carried out first ever military exercise in space
- US, France, Germany take part in codename “Asterix”
- wargame exercise practicing orbital defence

5:01​ - Mystery boom, shaking reported around San Diego, March 10, 2021
- noise and shaking felt around Southern California
- no information about the cause, even from USGS
- eyewitness in South Park… “I knew it wasn’t an earthquake”.. “sudden impact”

Strange metal sounds coming from the sky in PA on March 13
- Phoenixville, PA witness: “we heard a metallic sound”..”this was not the sound of a sonic boom”

15:48​ - Interview with retired U.S. Any Chief Warrant Office 4
- October, 2009 incident at USA forward operating base Sykes, outside Tal Afar, Iraq
- saw huge craft above the runway
- no fuselage, boomerang-shaped, floating above the runway
- “this thing is like 1/8 mile wide”…”covered the whole runway”
- “pale white, eggshell color”
- “hovering at the end of the airstrip”
- “it was so big”…”it came straight down the runway…made a very gentle turn to the right and started rising…and then it was gone”
- “not in a bank… it was flat…going up like an elevator”
- “they covered it up”

S0 News | Ocean Collapse, Dating Fiasco, Storm Alert | March 17, 2021


Richard Dolan | Disclosure in a Divided World | March 16, 2021


In a world ripping apart at the seams, what can we say about the possibility and result of a potential end to UFO secrecy? That is, Disclosure? What are we likely to see in the next few years?

Richard Dolan is one of the world’s leading researchers and writers on the subject of UFOs and believes that they constitute the greatest mystery of our time. He is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, both ground-breaking works which together provide the most factually complete and accessible narrative of the UFO subject available anywhere. He also co-authored a speculative book about the future, A.D. After Disclosure, the first-ever analysis not only of how UFO secrecy might end but of the all-important question: what happens next?

The Corbett Report | Homesteading - #SolutionsWatch | March 16, 2021


Everyone knows that it is becoming harder and harder to maintain a life of independence or achieve community with like-minded people in the modern urban environment.

Today Curtis Stone (formerly known as The Urban Farmer) joins us to discuss how he is creating a homestead in a rural area to provide food, water, energy and shelter for his family. We discuss the growing movement of people taking the "stead pill" and how others can explore the homesteading solution.

Show Notes:

S0 News | The Lost Ice Core, Bombshell Greenland Discovery | March 16, 2021


Dark Journalist | Catherine Austin Fitts on the Global Crisis of Centralization and Surveillance! | March 13, 2021


Catherine has been facing heavy censorship for connecting the dots on the consolidation of power and secrecy by the ruling elite.

She outlines the dangers of what the leadership and corrupt media is attempting to do in making humanity a commodity to be harvested in an AI controlled Cloud Tech Transhumanist Nightmare reality!

She also shows how people around the globe can avoid participating in creating this dystopian future by embracing sound principles of freedom, sustainable farming, local currencies and embracing ethical financial practices and spiritual balance!

Mintpress News | Vanessa Beeley | Biden's 1.7 Ton Bombs Dropped on Syria Amid Pandemic | March 15, 2021


Welcome to MintCast -- an interview series featuring dissenting voices the establishment would rather silence. I’m your host Mnar Muhawesh Adley.

Within just three months in office amid a global pandemic, the Joe Biden administration recently ordered an airstrike that dropped 1.75 tons of explosives on a town in Syria near the Iraq border. The move is re-inflaming tensions between Washington and Damascus as the war enters its 10th year.

Joining me today to discuss the latest on the ground in Syria is Vanessa Beeley.

Vanessa is an independent British journalist based in Damascus and specializing in Middle Eastern affairs. She is perhaps best known for her coverage of the Syrian Civil War and the Western media propaganda machine drawing up support for a so-called humanitarian war against Syria.

The Corbett Report | Victor Koman is Saving the Agorist Archives | March 15, 2021


Award-winning novelist and agorist publisher Victor Koman joins us today to discuss his work in saving the notes, records, correspondence and manuscripts of Samuel Edward Konkin III, the progenitor of the agorist philosophy. We discuss Koman's relationship with Konkin, his work keeping Konkin's archives in print, and his new project to digitize the vast Agorist Archives that Konkin left behind.

Show Notes:
New Libertarian Manifesto
An Agorist Primer hardback / paperback (WayBack)
Corbett Report podcast – Corbett Report Podcast Episode 309 – Solutions: Agorism
The Agorist Archives
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress – FLNWO #33

S0 News | Magnetic Shift, Earth Skeleton, Earthquake/Volcano Watch | March 15, 2021


Dr. David Luke | The Anthony Peake Consciousness Hour | March 15, 2021

Source: Anthony Peake youtube

Dr. David Luke is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Greenwich. His research focuses on transpersonal experiences, anomalous phenomena and altered states of consciousness, especially via psychedelics, having published more than 100 academic papers in this area, including ten books, most recently Otherworlds: Psychedelics and Exceptional Human Experience (2nd ed., 2019). 

When he is not running clinical drug trials with LSD, conducting DMT field experiments or observing apparent weather control with Mexican shamans he directs the Ecology, Cosmos and Consciousness salon.

Richard Dolan | Disclosure Scenarios | Pt. 1 of 2 | Forum Borealis | March 14, 2021


Dolan is back! Apart from debating his book AD, we dig into all present issues, like: Who to blame for the fake SSP vogue? Why has emotions & ego replaced data & logic? What happened at the 2017 MUFON symposium? Why's normal ppl in favour of censorship, misinfo, & disinfo? 

Why's populism & new media crushed? Is the mob reaction zeitgeist or psyop? Is Space Force a whitewash? Are aliens a decoy? How did Bryce Zabel's collaboration arise? Could free energy be a peril? What's changed in likely disclosures? What options left to end secrecy? Is transhumanism taking over? Is liberty dead? + Hear the plausible dystopia we're heading towards...

Brien Foerster | Walking The Ancient Streets Of Cusco Peru Inca And Megalithic | March 14, 2021


The Last American Vagabond | James Corbett | COVID-19 Censorship, Technocracy & The Amazing Country Of Digital Gulag | March 14, 2021


Joining me today is James Corbett, here to discuss his recent censorship as well as 'Digital Gulag' being built around us, and the importance of why we must act now, today, in order to stop this rising technocratic state. -The Last American Vagabond

Paul Stonehill | Mysteries of the Vlaskova Labyrinth | March 14, 2021

Source: Paul Stonehill youtube

However, this is a complicated case… An underground labyrinth discovered by Voronezh archaeologists in the 1980s… This labyrinth is unique, there is no similar one in Europe or Asia... 

What do the Vlasovka mounds hide?... , attention is being paid to the area, we just do not know the extent of this attention.. In the early 1980s, other secrets of the mounds were discovered: they were associated with calendars and ancient observatories for observing celestial bodies, groups of mounds imitated constellations, the Milky Way... -Paul Stonehill

The Corbett Report | Hello, I Must Be Going! . . . | March 12, 2021


I'm one strike away from having my main YouTube channel deleted and Patreon has permanently "suspended" my account, so if you're only following my work through these controlled platforms then all I have to say is: It was nice knowing you! For everyone else, here's how you can continue watching The Corbett Report even after YouTube pulls the plug...

Show Notes:
Really Simple Syndication – #SolutionsWatch

The Library of Alexandria is on Fire
Become a Corbett Report member

Truls Lie | Signs of the Media Times | Forum Borealis | March 11, 2021


Meet the last honest editor-in-chief of old school newspaper in Norway. Some topics aired: Why did his report cause mass hysteria? When was media's Golden Age? What drives a genuine reporter? Is profit & emotion replacing criticism & fact? 

Why's free press in decline? How can independent media survive? What's wrong with public's attitude to MSM? What plan to save oldstream news? Are we so dum & distracted to want propaganda & Infoteinmant? What's fake news? Is Op. Mockingbird still on? Who's checking the checkers? What topics get censored? What's key to Utube's success? Can culture evolve to human optimum? + Hear why Planet Mars can do meritocracy...

NB! When the guest mention "Social Liberal" it means "Libertarian" in U.S. political terminology.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | March 11, 2021


What's going on in France? Joseph suspects it's part of a large covert cyber war that's been going on for some time.

Millions of websites offline after fire at French cloud services firm

New World Next Week | Fukushima's 10th Anniversary | March 11, 2021


Story #1: First Case Against Mandatory Vaccination Filed In New Mexico
It’s Here: First Court Case Against Mandatory Vaccination — Attorney Interview
Canadian Doctors Speaking Out
Video: Canadian Doctors Speaking Out

Story #2: US Preparing Cyberattack Against Russia Over SolarWinds Hack
Preparing for Retaliation Against Russia, U.S. Confronts Hacking by China
At least 10 hacking groups using Microsoft software flaw -researchers

Story #3: U.N. Finds No Adverse Health Effects From Fukushima Disaster
Japan Nuclear Plant Owner Confirms First Deaths as Workers Fail to Contain Leak
573 deaths ‘related to nuclear crisis’
No. of children at time of Fukushima disaster diagnosed with thyroid cancer hits 160
TEPCO completes nuclear fuel removal from Fukushima No. 3 unit
Fukushima today: “I’m glad that I realized my mistake before I died.”
Radiation levels at Fukushima plant far worse than was thought
10 years after Fukushima disaster, Japan’s nuclear industry stalled
The Phone of the Wind: Whispers to Lost Families
Japan to Stage Tokyo Olympics Without Overseas Spectators

Geert Vanden Bossche PhD | Mass Vaccination in a Pandemic - Benefits versus Risks | March 8, 2021

Source: Artsen Voor Vrijheid youtube

Geert Vanden Bossche PhD, is an internationally recognised vaccine developer having worked as the head of the Vaccine Development Office at the German Centre for Infection Research.

Coordinated Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation's Ebola Vaccine Program and contributed to the implementation of an integrated vaccine work plan in collaboration with Global Health Partners (WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CDC, UNICEF), regulators (FDA) and vaccine manufacturers to enable timely deployment or stockpiling of Ebola vaccine candidates.

Highlighting the principle of using a prophylactic vaccine in the midst of a pandemic. Likely to create more more viral variants in the process.

Sharing his perspective on mass vaccination in COVID-19.

S0 News | Inner Dust, So Many Nova, Alien Articles | March 11, 2021


Antonio Urzi Simona Sibilla | UFO Sighting | ASTRONAVI SOLARI - 22 NOVEMBRE 2020 - CINISELLO BALSAMO ( MI ) Italy

Source: Contatto Massivo Disclosure youtube

Description: Unbelievable Extraterrestrial Manifestation, filmed by Antonio Urzi, during a live Zoom, with the participants of the Massive Contact project, connected from various parts in Italy and Europe. Year: 2020

The Dimming | Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary | Geoengineering Watch | March 10, 2021

Source: is excited to announce the release of our groundbreaking documentary that conclusively exposes the existence of global climate engineering operations.

Global climate engineering operations are a reality. Atmospheric particle testing conducted by has now proven that the lingering, spreading jet aircraft trails, so commonly visible in our skies, are not just condensation as we have officially been told.

Over 75 years ago global powers committed the planet and populations to a climate engineering experiment from which there is no return. The intentional dimming of direct sunlight by aircraft dispersed particles, a form of global warming mitigation known as “Solar Radiation Management”, has and is causing catastrophic damage to the planet's life support systems.

The highly toxic fallout from the ongoing geoengineering operations is also inflicting unquantifiable damage to human health. Why aren’t scientists or official sources disclosing the ongoing climate engineering operations? Who is responsible for carrying out these programs?

What will the consequences be if geoengineering / solar radiation management operations are allowed to continue? The Dimming documentary will provide answers to these questions and many more. Thank you for viewing and for notifying others of The Dimming film release.

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer. -Dane Wigington

Linda Moulton Howe | Terry Lovelace about the mysterious Grey alien | March 10, 2021


Email from Ron Holland, former NASA employee
- Neil Armstrong said “they are watching us from the crater”… three large ET discs on the crater’s edge during the Apollo 11 moon landing
- tall structure on the backside of the moon
- “we should begin to speak about our experience…in some public way”

More from the interview with Terry Lovelace
- inside gigantic triangular UFO after abduction from Devil’s Den
- June 3, 2019, Terry awakens abruptly at 2:30am and is compelled to photograph the night sky
- Professional video analysis of video cannot discount anomalous nature
- Terry speaks about alien-human hybridization program, recounts an experiencer’s encounter
- “I think that AI is involved at some level”
- “There is something unique about human beings that draw the attention of ETs”
- “I think it’s some kind of early contact”

Linda retell’s interview with experiencer Jim Sparks
- “genetic memory…might be equivalent to producing library books with each generation”
- “the alien beings could play back human lives”
- “the greys are responsible for the genetic manipulation”

S0 News | Space Electric Connection, Apophis, Vega, Cosmic Jets | March 10, 2021


The Corbett Report | Investing in Agorism - #SolutionsWatch | March 9, 2021


We all want to stop feeding the beast, but how do we go about doing it? Today Patrick writes in to ask about the ins and outs of agorist investing. Joining us to start the conversation on agorist investment solutions are Tim "The Liberty Advisor" Picciot, Jack "The Survival Podcast" Spirko and Sal "The Agorist" Mayweather.

Show Notes:
Tim Picciot:
Jack Spirko:
Sal Mayweather:
How to Play 3D Chess
Tim Picciot speech at Anarchapulco 2020
Unloose The Goose Podcast

Spiro Skouras | It’s Here: First Court Case Against Mandatory Vaccination — Attorney Interview | March 7, 2021


In this interview, which was banned by YouTube before it was even published, Spiro is joined by Attorney Ana Garner of New Mexico. Garner represents her client Isaac Legaretta, an officer at the Doña Ana County Detention Center and a military veteran, who is suing the county over its new policy for first responders to receive the COVID-19 vaccinations or face termination.

Attorney Garner explains the significance of this case and what is at stake, as it is the first of its kind and may set a new standard for legal precedent regarding mandatory vaccination. Garner says she is prepared to take this case to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Spiro and Ana Garner also discuss another case of hers that is ongoing currently. A case that challenges not only the Governor of New Mexico, but the emergency itself.
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