Max Igan | Technocratic-Corporate-Covitocracy | June 16, 2021


“Man cannot be reduced to slavery if he is not distorted first. The politician and the priest have been in a deep conspiracy down the ages. They have been reducing humanity to a crowd of slaves. They are destroying every possibility of rebellion in man - and love is rebellion, because love listens only to the heart and does not care a bit about anything else.” - Osho

Jay Dyer | 1984 Predicted the Technocratic Takeover | June 16, 2021


Jay Dyer guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to break down the modern parallels of the modern Great Reset takeover to George Orwell's dystopian classic 1984.

Red Ice TV | NO-Go Zone: It’s Afraid, Because It Knows It Can Not Win | June 17, 2021



Henrik cover some of the latest news and recent events in episode 58 of No-Go Zone.

Suspicious0bservers | A Disaster is Coming | June 16, 2021


S0 News | Strongest Nova, Coronal Hole Impact, RNA 2 DNA | June 16, 2021


James Corbett Destroys the China War Propaganda | June 15, 2021


In today’s edition of The Redpill Series, James Corbett joins Patrick MacFarlane on the Liberty Weekly podcast for a hard-hitting, information-packed and wide-ranging conversation on the 2D China vs. US war narrative that is being steered by the war propagandists and the 3D China + US reality underneath.

In addition to China and the New World Order, James and Patrick talk about The Great Convergence, the question of how WWIII will be fought and what part we have to play in derailing this propaganda narrative before it destroys humanity.

- The Liberty Weekly Podcast
- China and the New World Order
- Getting To Beijing: Henry Kissinger’s Secret 1971 Trip
- Rockefeller Family in China: Then and Now (Richard Rockefeller)
- Yale Group Spurs Mao’s Emergence
- Skull & Bones – The Bush’s China Connection
- Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler
- Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
- Wall Street and FDR
- Antony Sutton Trilogy Of Western Technology And Soviet Economic Development
- Deal With the Devil: How the Global Elite Re-colonized China
- Norman Dodd On Tax Exempt Foundations
- Council On Foreign Relations (including UN origins)
- How Will WWIII Be Fought? – Questions For Corbett
- The Shadows of Power by James Perloff
- 2034: A Novel of the Next World War
- Episode 402 – Your Guide to The Great Convergence
- From A China Traveler (Rockefeller ode to Mao in NYTimes)
- ‘Whoever leads in AI will rule the world’: Putin to Russian children on Knowledge Day
- ‘Independent’ report claiming Uyghur genocide brought to you by sham university, neocon ideologues lobbying to ‘punish’ China
- Why Orwell Matters by Christopher Hitchens
- Why Big Oil Conquered the World
- Amazon US customers have one week to opt out of mass wireless sharing
- Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War
- ‘Fort Detrick base is full of suspicions’: China asks US for explanation of 2019 respiratory disease after Biden’s new Covid probe
- Falsehood In Wartime (World War 1)
- Heirs of Mao’s Comrades Rise as New Capitalist Nobility (Bloomberg report on “Eight Immortals”
- Mapping China’s Red Nobility (Bloomberg infographic)
- How Bloomberg “News” Censors the News
- China’s Suspiciously American Arsenal: A Closer Look

S0 News | The Galactic Wave, Solar Clock, Cosmic Spin | June 15, 2021


Brian Foerster | More Explorations On The Giza Plateau; Including Inside The Great Pyramid | June 14, 2021


Pierre Sabak | Holographic Culture, Angelic Sailors, & The Divine Invasion | June 15, 2021


Pierre Sabak is an expert on ancient symbolism and etymology and is widely recognized as a leading academic in the fields of religion, mythology, mysticism and the esoteric.

New Ufology is the Study of Occult Symbolism to deconstruct the Ufological tradition, a restricted teaching equated with the Flying Saucer and its occupants (a Crewmember of a Vessel).

A completely new field of research, the focus of New Ufology is Skaphology (the Study of Angelic Boats within Religion and Mythology). Pierre Sabak’s work on the Saucer Cults details a Secret Alien Code within Language (the Artefact), one that is identified archaically with the ‘Angelic Sailor’ and its human and non-human Hosts.

Dark Journalist | Dr. Joseph Farrell Nazis In Space: Von Braun JFK And The UFO Invasion Op! | Part 2 | June 12, 2021


Dark Journalist Special Part 2 Interview with Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell: Nazis In Space: Von Braun JFK And The UFO Invasion Op!

A Warning About The UFO Threat From 1997!
“It will be interesting to see what “enemy” develops in the years ahead. It appears that “UFOs and Aliens” are being primed to fulfill that role for the future.” - Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty - Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for this fascinating interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell on the origin of the Alien Invasion Op and the involvement of Nazi Rocket Scientists! Dr. Farrell goes deep on the NASA Rocket Scientist Wernher von Braun and his prescient Prediction of a False Alien Invasion Op that would be created by the National Security State as a pretext to weaponize space.

Fascinating Topics:

Paperclip Nazi Scientists
Global Control From Space
Von Braun Prediction
False Flag UFO Threat
Secret Finance
Genuine UFO File Research

Part 1: Dark Journalist | Dr. Joseph Farrell | Antarctica UFO Secrets & Alien Invasion Op! | June 9, 2021

The Corbett Report | Meet the World Economic Forum | June 12, 2021


The World Economic Forum does not run the world, but in this time of The Great Reset and The Fourth Industrial Revolution you’d be forgiven for thinking so. Today on The Corbett Report podcast, join James for a wild ride through the murky origins of the WEF’s past into the nightmarish future it is seeking to bring about . . . and how we can use this information to better understand and derail its agenda.

Episode 387 – Your Guide to The Great Reset
Episode 402 – Your Guide to The Great Convergence
The Great Reset | Launch session 3 June 2020
Klaus Schwab on the Fourth industrial revolution (article)
What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? by Prof Klaus Schwab (video)
Here’s how life could change in my city by the year 2030 (wayback)
A Future Without Waste | Ida Auken
Cyber Polygon 2020 Highlights
A Better Future for Food – Public Forum of the UN Food Systems Summit
The Davos Agenda 2021: Advancing a New Social Contract
Grover on The Great Reset podcast
Key takeaways on digital currency from The Davos Agenda
What is the World Economic Forum?
World Economic Forum: Our Mission
WEF Annual Report 2018-2019
WEF Statutes
Swiss Host State Act
WEF Status Agreement with Swiss Government (German / French / Italian)
WEF Regulations
WEF Leadership and Governance
A Partner in Shaping History: The First 40 Years
Schwab Family Values
Books, Books, Books! on Grand Theft World w/ James Corbett and Richard Grove
The Davos Manifesto
And Now For The 100 Trillion Dollar Bankster Climate Swindle…
The (Second) Most Important Bank You’ve Never Heard Of
A Look at Davos Through the Years (Hilde Stoll marries Schwab)
Klaus admits “Loan from a German industrialist”
Wilfried Stoll (Festo Holding GmbH) attended the first and most recent Davos meeting
Festo Bionic Learning Network<br /> World Economic Forum Releases Framework to Help Business Identify ESG Factors for Long-Term Resilience
Peter Foster: Mark Carney, man of destiny, arises to revolutionize society. It won’t be pleasant
Could Prime Minister Trudeau tap Mark Carney as the next finance minister?
Mark Carney at WEF
WEF Panel discussion on carbon markets
WEF Transformation Map
WEF Partners

The Black Vault Live | Updates / AMA / Open Lines | June 13, 2021


New World Next Week | Great Resetters Prep Cyber Scamdemic | June 11, 2021


Story #1: Japan Mulls Vaccinating All 70,000 Tokyo Games Volunteers
Senior Japan Olympic Official Jumps In Front Of Train In Suspected Suicide

Story #2: Cyber Polygon to Focus on Secure Development of Digital Ecosystems
WEF Partner JBS Meats Coincidentally Hit With Ransomware Attack
U.S. Recovered Millions in Ransom From Colonial Pipeline Hackers
Colonial Pipeline Was Fine, Its Owner Shut It Down To Make Sure They’d Get Paid Correctly

Story #3: Judge Orders VA School to Reinstate Teacher Who Refused to Use Trans Pronouns
Vaccination Rates Fall Off, Imperiling Biden’s July Fourth Goal
Houston Nurses Protest After Losing Their Jobs For Refusing COVID-19 Shots
‘Sweet Tooth’ Newspaper Ad Stunt Sparks Divisive Reaction

Dr. Joel Wallach | Ask Doc Live | June 11, 2021


Dr. Wallach explains the benefits of eating like an asian and answers a variety of questions from the audience.


Source:, Dr. Ardis on youtube, Dr. Ardis on Vokal

Dr. Bryan Ardis joined Brannon Howse on Lindell TV / to discuss the infamous "Slide 16."



Dr. Bryan Ardis has been studying the adverse effects of these vaccines worldwide and has been following all of the studies and VAERS data weekly. In October 22, 2020 Dr. Ardis found FDA documents that listed 4 different blood clot disorders that they expected would come from these Covid vaccines.

Dr. Ardis has copies of this report and the infamous "Slide 16" that listed all expected serious adverse effects / side effects to people that the FDA predicted would be reported. In December, the FDA produced "Fact Sheets" for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines and NONE of the serious side effects from their own October report were listed. Zero. 

Those facts sheets were given to hospitals, doctors, vaccine administrators, the media, and the public.. (Fact Sheets = Emergency Use Authorization Documents ) The "Fact Sheets" are supposed to be the one document that informs the public receiving the vaccine of any side effects or problems, so they can make an informed decision, and have true and informed consent. This clearly is not happening. 

Dr. Ardis is the CEO of Ardis Labs and his 2 practices have helped thousands of patients from all over the world including from as far away as the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, Barbados, Italy, Scotland & many more. 

He was the first doctor in America to blow the whistle on Remdesivir - the Non-FDA Approved drug that Dr. Fauci made a protocol in all hospitals in the United States. China used Vitamin C and showed around 4K deaths since January of 2020. America followed Fauci with Remdesivir and Ventilators and we had, according to the CDC, over 500,000 deaths... though that number is highly suspicious.

In early 2020 Dr. Ardis lost his Father-In-Law because of ill-advised hospital protocols. Since that time Dr Ardis has been on a mission to help educate the public about the dangers to Americans in many of our "institutes of health." He is a devout follower of Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and believes vaccines are making people sick and that Big Pharma is creating their future consumer base.

His podcast "The Dr Ardis Show" can be found on our Dr Ardis Show YouTube page and Vokal Media platform.

S0 News | Russell Brand's Video, Solar CMEs, Recurrent Nova | June 10, 2021


Red Ice TV | No-Go Zone | Doomsday Plotters, Blight by Design | June 10, 2021


Henrik covers some of the latest news and recent events in episode 57 of No-Go Zone.

Linda Moulton Howe | Who are the Other Intelligences that make mysterious contact with some humans? | June 9, 2021


Who are the Other Intelligences that make mysterious contact with some humans, who are left baffled by missing time without memory of what happened? 

One woman’s incredible visitations from childhood to adult was featured in the famous Budd Hopkins’ 1987 book "Intruders: The Incredible Visitations At Copley Woods.” Now at last, using her real name, Debbie Jordan-Kauble, talks with Earthfiles Reporter and Editor Linda Moulton Howe about her “Extraordinary Contact: In Life Beyond Intruders" and her revelation that through it all her very soul has become stronger.

The publisher is August Night Press
White Crow Books
Debbie's website
Budd Hopkins' 1981 Missing Time
Budd Hopkins 1987 Intruders in Copley Woods

New crop circle in Crawley Down, Hampshire

Japanese probe, Hayabusy-2 collected samples.
- Scientists say, boulders on asteroid Ryugu “are surprisingly fluffy”, more than 70% empty space

Pentagon claims “no evidence of alien technology”

Judy Dorsty hypnosis session with Dr. Leo Sprinkle from An Alien Harvest
- Describing animal abduction and mutilation

Interview with experiencer Debra Jordan-Kauble - “I had the most unusual UFO sighting of my life”
- “I feel those balls of light are a consciousness”
- “I got the feeling they were checking on me..I’ve always felt protected”
- “It’s been mostly the greys”
- “They’ve known me my whole life”
- “I would hear the disembodied voice”

Letter from viewer about JSOC
- “the ashy grey..are biologically alive”
- “they are grown and programmed…controlled by the much taller greys”

Two Steps Backwards, One Step Forward | Pavlov's Dogs And The Pandemic | Legalise Freedom Radio | June 8, 2021


The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in sweeping social, economic, political, and cultural changes. People's behaviour has been drastically altered by a combination of blanket media saturation and coercive restrictions on travel, work, socializing, assembly, and even speech. 

As a result of extended lockdowns and limited freedoms, the public have been conditioned, both physically and psychologically, in ways which will persist even if the pandemic is declared over, and which may in some cases prove permanent. This level of compliance, coupled with pandemic security infrastructure remaining in public places, sets a precedent for government responses to future emergencies, real or imagined.

The Corbett Report | Ice Age Farming – #SolutionsWatch​ | June 8, 2021


Today James talks to Christian Westbrook (aka the Ice Age Farmer) about the problems facing the global food supply—from the coming global solar minimum to the globalist plan to “reset the table” and transform global food systems. More importantly, we discuss what can be done about these problems.

Dark Journalist | Dr. Joseph Farrell | Antarctica UFO Secrets & Alien Invasion Op! | June 9, 2021


Dark Journalist Special Part 1 Interview with Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph Farrell Antarctica UFO Secrets & Alien Invasion Op! Wernher von Braun Prediction - Mystery Technology & Admiral Byrd Operation Highjump!

James Corbett Presents to the Corona Investigative Committee | June 7, 2021



Reiner Fuellmich and the Corona Investigative Committee interview James Corbett about his investigation into the corona crisis and the future of humanity. 

download mp3

Catherine Austin Fitts interviews Dr. Sherri Tenpenny | The Spiritual, Physical and Financial Harm of Secret Covid-19 Injection Ingredients | May 29, 2021


Summary by Catherine Austin Fitts 
I’m delighted to have Dr. Sherri Tenpenny back on the Solari Report for the latest update on the experimental injections. Since January 2020, Dr. Tenpenny has been on a mission to educate as many people as possible about Covid-19 and the risks of a “vaccine” that is being presented as the solution to the “crisis.” Dr Tenpenny’s new book covers 20 mechanisms through which these injections may injure people. Months after the first injections have been administered, we still don’t know exactly what’s in them—and it appears that the recipe may be changing!

While this is happening, bank stocks are flying. There is growing concern about the implementation in the next few months of a total control system (“passports”) targeting work, spatial movement, and finance. It is imperative to understand the physical dangers of these experimental injections and how they may relate to the central bankers’ push for total control.

In this interview, Dr. Tenpenny and I discuss a possible third wave that could be worse due to antibody-dependent enhancement, concerns about the stability of the messenger RNA (mRNA) during transport, the latest OSHA ruling, issues around liability and informed consent, as well as what we can do to slow down the use of Covid-19 to justify rising tyranny and inequality.

Dr. Tom Zinser | Sub-Personalities, Entity Attachment, & Gerod | June 6, 2021


Dr. Tom Zinser was a clinical psychologist who was having trouble helping some of his patients. Though a series of events, he ended up dialoging with a channeled entity named Gerod. 

Dr. Zinser was able to vet Gerod by taking his advice back to his clients and seeing real, tangible results from Gerod’s advice. This spawned a 14 year long relationship between Dr. Zinser and Gerod, thousands of clients helped, and a new modality of healing that Dr. Zinser called Soul Centered Healing.

Read all about it in Dr. Zinser’s book: Soul-Centered Healing: A Psychologist’s Extraordinary Journey into the Realms of Sub-Personalities, Spirits, and Past Lives.

Brien Foerster | A Journey Through The Vast Mayan Complex Of Chichen Itza In Mexico | June 7, 2021


Anthony Peake | Cracking Reality: Daimons, Avatars, & Egregores | Part 1 of 2 | Forum Borealis | June 7, 2021


A few of the points in Part 1: 

- What's the invisible creatures?
- What relation to UFO's?
- Do life forms exist at EM frequencies beyond visible range?
- Can archetypes manifest objectively?
- Are quasi corporeal entities able to interact with us?
- Are jinns made of Plasma?
- Waves or particles?
- How literal is the simulation theory?
- Do quantum anomalies occur at higher levels?
- Are Black Holes closed systems?
- Is amnesis our curse or blessing?
- Is reality unfolding along an observer's awareness?
- Who controls your reality & how far can you affect it? AND hear how your life repeats upon death...

Recorded: 19 February 2021.

S0 News | Pressure Building under California, Nova, Solar Forcing | June 7, 2021


The Corbett Report | Your Guide to The Great Convergence​ | June 6, 2021


Haven’t heard of The Great Convergence yet? Oh, it’s just the plan to merge biology with digital technology and redefine what it means to be human, that’s all. Today on the podcast James covers the biodigital convergence that is already being rolled out and what it means for the future of homo sapiens.

Show Notes:
Corona World Order
Your Guide to the Great Reset
Looking Forward to the End of Humanity – #PropagandaWatch
Rewriting the Genetic Code: A Cancer Cure In the Making | Tal Zaks | TEDxBeaconStreet
Welcome to Moderna. We believe mRNA is the “software of life.”
Transhumanism and You
Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda
Policy Horizons Canada about us page
Exploring Biodigital Convergence video
French version of the same video
Science Says
Kristal van der Elst at World Economic Forum website
Susan Hockfield | The Age of Living Machines: How Biology Will Build the Next Technology Revolution
Biodigital Philosophy, Technological Convergence, and Postdigital Knowledge Ecologies
Virus-Sized Transistors
Lipids, the unsung COVID-19 vaccine component, get investment
Harvard University Professor and Two Chinese Nationals Charged in Three Separate China Related Cases
Lieber Prepares for Impending Trial on Federal Charges As He Battles Incurable Cancer
Ryan Cristian: Infertility Risks Of COVID-19 Injections, Spike Protein Shedding & Pfizer Is Self-Amplifying

Dark Journalist | The Elite Files: UFO Invasion Op Exclusive Interview With John Warner IV Part 2! | June 5, 2021





John W Warner IV joins Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt to do a deep dive on his family's Deep State roots as the son of Legendary Virginia Senator John W. Warner III (R-VA), former Secretary of the Navy and Chairman of the Armed Services Committee (KBE), who sadly passed away on May 25th, ​and Mellon Banking heiress Catherine Mellon, daughter of philanthropist Paul Mellon (U.S. Army, OSS, CIA, KBE).

Part 1 

S0 News | Earth's Core Lopsided, USA Quakes, Cosmic Jets | June 4, 2021


New World Next Week | Covid Cash-In Concert Drones On | June 4, 2021


This week on the New World Next Week: killer drones are hunting targets by themselves; a concert promoter is charging an extra $1000 for the unvaccinated; and a California cafe owner is charging $5 for orders placed while wearing a mask.

Story #1: Killer Drone ‘Hunted Down a Human Target’ Without Being Told To

Patrick Henningsen Exposes the Human Rights – Industrial Complexbr /> The Assassination of Gaddafi
Use of NSA Metadata to Find Drone Targets Kills Civilians
Slaughterbots – Bots Against Humans

Story #2: These Florida Concert Tickets Are $18 If You’re Vaccinated, $1,000 If You’re Not
Plot Twist: It’s Not NOFX, RT Just Used Their Picture For the Article
TEENAGE BOTTLEROCKET, MakeWar, Rutterkin (closely read description about DISCOUNTED tickets)
‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’ (1956 Scene)

Story #3: California Restaurant Owner Tacks On $5 Fee For Customers Who Refuse To Remove Masks
Mendocino Restaurant Adds $5 Fee for Customers Wearing Masks
JBS Shutters All US Meat Plants As Cyber Attack Jeopardizes Food Supply
Amazon US Customers Have One Week to Opt Out of Mass Wireless Sharing

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | June 3, 2021


Ships colliding and sinking, catching fire, refineries in Tehran catching fire, and this...

Major Russian fund to ditch dollar, buy euros, yuan, gold

James Corbett on The Delingpod | June 3, 2021


In today’s edition of The Redpill Series, James talks to James Delingpole, an ex-MSM journalist who has taken the red pill in the past year and a half and is now engaged in a series of conversations he never expected to be having on his Delingpod podcast. This is one of them.

Show Notes:
The Delingpod
MacArthur’s Children
The Lone Gunmen Pilot
Dean Haglund on 9/11 / Chris Carter / CIA
How and Why Big Oil Conquered the World
My First False Flag Theory (Canadian political ad)
The First Global Revolution (Club of Rome)
Who Is Bill Gates?
Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda

Judith Pennington | Superconscious: The Brainwaves of Extraordinary States | Monroe Instutute | June 2, 2021

Source: Monroe Institute youtube,,, 

What do extraordinary states of awareness look like inside the brain? See for yourself in "The Brainwaves of Extraordinary States." The Mind Mirror EEG is used to map the brain-wave patterns of remote viewers and out-of-body travelers listening to Monroe audio technology during the research-oriented Discovery program. Hear about their superordinary experiences in higher states of consciousness—and how they got there.

Judith Pennington is a Mind Mirror Consciousness Trainer, an internationally-published journalist, mind researcher and world authority on EEG biofeedback meditation and the evolution of consciousness. Founder of the Institute for the Awakened Mind and co-developer of the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 EEG and the Mind Mirror Portal, she is the author of two books and seven guided meditation albums.

Linda Moulton Howe | Luis Elizondo Fights Back As Pentagon “Disparages” Him | June 2, 2021


On May 3, 2021, former Pentagon AATIP Director Luis Elizondo and his newly hired attorney Danny Sheehan filed a 64-page complaint with the DoD Inspector General charging that the Pentagon is “disparaging” Lue Elizondo, with “malicious activities, coordinated disinformation, professsional misconduct, whistleblower reprisal and explicit threats perpetrated by certain senior-level Pentagon officials” such as threatening to pull Lue’s 2021 security clearance. 

Elizondo and Sheehan assert that the Pentagon is guilty of “malfeasance” because so many UFO/UAPs have been reported over nuclear and other locations such as war ships, but the Dept. of Defense “is doing nothing about the UFO/UAP presence,” while spokespeople imply Elizondo is a liar.

No new deaths in England in last 2 weeks, but there’s a rise in cases of new Indian COVID-19 variant

New NASA photos from Mars with “wispy, twilight clouds in the Martian sky”
- Noctiluscent iridescent Mars clouds in the Gale Crater

180-day countdown to come before June 24th,
- COVID funding bill signed Dec 27, 2020.
- Advanced Aerial Threats, detail threats posed by UAP, attributed to one or more foreign adversaries.
- UFOs tracked since WWII

Luis Elizondo, former Director of ATIP at US DoD.
- Five common traits:
1 - instantaneous acceleration: UAPs doing 600Gs
2 - hypersonic velocities, MACH 5+: UAPs observed at speeds up to 10,000 MPH and doing 90-degree turns
3 - Low observability
4 - Can operate in water and air
5 - Can defy gravity

- Pentagon “disparages” Luis Elizondo, trying to discredit him
- Senator Harry Reid backs Luis’s claims about working for AATIP
- Elizondo’s attorney has filed a 64-page claim against Pentagon
- Pentagon claims no emails attributed to Elizondo exist, in response to John Greenewald Jr’s FOIA request

S0 News | Americas in the Disaster Cycle, Solar Wind, Trust | June 2, 2021


The Corbett Report | How to Access the Library of Alexandria – #SolutionsWatch | June 1, 2021


Today James takes up a listener’s challenge to track down a rare, expensive book. He does it in 10 seconds without paying a cent. Do you know how to access the Library of Alexandria? Find out in today’s edition of #SolutionsWatch.

The Black Vault | Luis Elizondo On His E-Mails, DoD/OIG UAP Evaluation, and MUCH MORE | June 1, 2021


Just days ago, The Black Vault released a story that confirmed the e-mails of Luis Elizondo… have all been destroyed by the Department of Defense. This paper trail that is now gone for good would likely not only consist of e-mails, but all attachments, scheduled tasks, calendars, chat transcripts and other communications that spanned nearly a decade.

After months of seeking the proper authorization for the DoD to do this; there was nothing found. When asked, the Pentagon couldn’t cite authorization either, even after two months of asking. In fact, documented protocol proves that this material should likely have been saved until at least October 4, 2024, if not, possibly even being mandated to be saved indefinitely.

With this crucial evidence seemingly destroyed, stepping into the Vault today, is Luis Elizondo himself. Now hear from him on what truly was lost; how he feels about it; and what the next steps may be.

Suspicious0bservers | The Disaster Cycle | Solar Micronova | May 31, 2021


Paul Stonehill | The UFO that Rattled Moscow and Soviet Strategic Missile Forces | June 1, 2021

Source: Paul Stonehill youtube

On that day, UFOs appeared over the strategic missile base in the Ukrainian village of Usovo… What happened in the underground bunker, where the missile launch control panels were located, is evidenced by the explanatory notes of the officers. All the lights on the control panels lit up, indicating that the missiles were fully operational for launch…

Dark Journalist X-101 | MOON CHRONICLES UFO FILE COVER UP | May 31, 2021


Mark Anderson | Global Cities: Boom or Bust? | Guns & Butter


- The Chicago Council on Global Affairs (CCGA)
- The Pritzker Forum on Global Cities
- The Global Cities movement
- Cities doing an end run around the nation state
- Cities developing their own foreign policy
- Rahm Emanuel's "The Nation City: Why Mayors are Now Running the World"
- SMART Cities
- Effect of the global pandemic on cities
- Issue of governance
- Violations of the US Constitution
- Funding of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs
- National sovereignty v globalism
- Global Parliament of Mayors
- World Affairs Councils of America (WACA)
- Implement global locally

S0 News | Impactor or Solar Micronova, Quake/Tsunami Video | May 31, 2021


James Corbett Speaks to an ex-MSM Journalist | May 29, 2021



This week on “James Corbett Redpills the Normies,” James talks to Alison Morrow, a self-described refugee from mainstream journalism who quit her 12-year career as an award-winning reporter after her attempts to report real news were consistently thwarted. (Learn more about Alison’s incredible story in this interview.) Today, Alison interviews James about the centralization of control, communication, and consciousness in the hands of an oligarchical elite and how we can combat their agenda.

Show Notes: 

Infertility Risks Of COVID-19 Injections, Spike Protein Shedding & Pfizer Is Self-Amplifying | The Last American Vagabond | May 30, 2021


Video Source Links

Dark Journalist | Truth UFO Disclosure & Mellon Family Secrets! Exclusive Interview John W. Warner IV | May 29, 2021


Plus Rare Never Before Seen Photos!

John W Warner IV joins Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt to do a deep dive on his family's Deep State roots as the son of Legendary Virginia Senator John W. Warner III (R-VA), former Secretary of the Navy and Chairman of the Armed Services Committee (KBE), who sadly passed away on May 25th, ​and Mellon Banking heiress Catherine Mellon, daughter of philanthropist Paul Mellon (U.S. Army, OSS, CIA, KBE).

Warner tells us that his cousin, Former Defense Intelligence Official Chris Mellon, was carefully chosen to stage-manage a false UFO Threat narrative and that his bizarre pairing with Counterintelligence Agent Lue Elizondo shows that the Deep State is desperate to pull off a massive covert operation. A major effort to keep the Wall of Secrecy on Advanced Technology in place in order to hide the UFO reality from the public is being orchestrated by CIA and DIA officials trying to make it appear that Mellon and Elizondo are whistleblowers after decades of working in intelligence circles.

Warner also reveals that his father encouraged him before he died to pursue the truth at all costs and was deeply concerned about keeping America free in the face of massive secrecy by black ops that are buried inside in the government. The Senator also revealed to his son that his activities in Operation Deep Freeze in ANTARCTICA were actually related to COVERT SPACE OPERATIONS!

MEDIA PROMOTING FEAR OF UFOS Warner exposes how the media has fully supported this false UFO Threat operation along with shady politicians like Senator Marco Rubio and Harry Reid. He sees that the media under orders to keep the fear atmosphere going with the a looming UAP Task Force report coming up in June. Warner believes we must dismantle the false UFO Threat operation and reveal the real UFO truth for America and the World

He also goes into stunning detail about his mysterious grandfather Paul Mellon who engaged in Secret Intelligence work and kept the company of corrupt CIA director Allen Dulles. Paul’s wife Mary Mellon was a spiritual idealist who brought Carl Jung to the attention of the world and who met G.I Gurdjieff and studied Mystery Schools like Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy. Her early death from Asthma in the 1940s led Paul Mellon to turn further to the dark side with help from CIA Occultist Dulles.

Warner reveals the unknown relationship of Nazi Rocket Scientist Wernher von Braun to his family and his cousin Chris Mellon. Warner also reveals never before heard details of his powerful family and their place in the elite world of banking and the aristocracy along with rare anecdotes of Hollywood legend actress Elizabeth Taylor who was married to his father for 6 years and his Mother's early interest in UFOs.

New World Next Week | Take Me To Your Vaxxapalooza | May 28, 2021


Story #1: UFOs Go Mainstream Again, Suspense Builds Ahead of Major Pentagram Report
Image: “I’m not saying the sudden uptick in permissible criticism of Israel is because we’re about to have a fake alien invasion while the Antichrist assumes control of the New Global Governanace, but if that happens, you heard it here first…”
Obama Spills the Tea on UFOs with James Corden
UFOs are very real, 60 Minutes reports, they’re still unidentified, and they aren’t American
Harry Reid: Yeah, we might have some UFO wreckage laying around someplace
QAnon followers now convinced UFOs are being used to distract from Trump’s ‘Big Lie’
Tucker Carlson: UFOs may pose a real threat to the United States, and the US military does not care
UFOs Go Mainstream? Pentagon Preparing a Report for Congress, Ignoring the Obvious
How to Fake an Alien Invasion
NWNW Flashback: Army Investigates Blink-182 Frontman’s Alien Tech
Why is the Pentagon releasing a UFO report, anyway?

Story #2: Millions ‘Unwittingly Tracked’ By Phone After Vaccination to See If Movements Changed
U.S. Has Almost 500,000 Job Openings In Cybersecurity
Epstein Guards to Skirt Jail Time In Deal With Prosecutors

Story #3: Mayor Lightfoot Announces Return of Lollapalooza to Chicago
Voter ID: Bad. Vax ID: Good!
Religion: Bad. Statism: Good! Get your new, non-medical grade muzzles from fake left bullploppers, Bad Religion!
Please note this Dead Kennedys muzzle is not FDA approved
Peretz Berstein’s Facelift Announces Lottapoplosers Returning to MAGA Country
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Defends Granting Interviews to Only Black and Brown Journalists
“Mayor Lightfoot’s blatant anti-white racism is abhorrent. I call upon President Biden, Kamala Harris, and other leaders of our county—of all races—to join me in calling for Mayor Lightfoot’s resignation. Our leaders must condemn all racism, including anti-white.”
Lollapalooza Announces 2021 Lineup
Billy Corgan: Swine flu was ‘created by man’
Big Pharma Is Already Preparing Vaccines For The Next Global Pandemic
Facebook’s Massive Global Censorship To Silence Vaccine Skeptics
OSHA Now Says Employers Can’t Be Held Liable if They Mandate COVID Vax and Employees Experience Adverse Reactions

S0 News | Galactic Center, Everything Connected, Special Video Tonight | May 28, 2021


Whitney Webb | Cyber Hacks, White Powders Scares & Vaccine Tracking, It's All Come To Pass | The Last American Vagabond | May 27, 2021


Joining me today is Whitney Webb, here to discuss the many different angles of this technocratic coup and the many different reports and estimations made that have since come to pass.

Source Links:

Dr. Hodkinson | COVID-19 Vaccines, Infertility & Spike Protein Dangers | The Last American Vagabond | May 27, 2021


Joining me today is Dr. Hodkinson, here to discuss the dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines, the possibility of infertility, and the very real concerns about the vaccine-induced spike proteins and what new scientific research is clearly suggesting about their risks to your health. 

Source Links: 

Whitney Webb Explains The Epstein And Gates Relationship You Won't Hear About | May 27, 2021

Source: Jason Bermas youtube,

S0 News | CME Impact, Grading Earth's Field, Deep Quake Revelation | May 27, 2021


Wal Thornhill | The Electric Universe, The SAFIRE Project, & Plasma | May 26, 2021


Wal Thornhill is the co-founder of the Thunderbolts Project, co-author of both The Electric Universe and Thunderbolts of the Gods, & advisor to the SAFIRE project.

Wal Thornhill got his degree in physics from Melbourne University. He says that much of his inspiration came from Immanuel Velikovsky’s book, Worlds in Collision.

Wal was invited to attend one of Velikovsky’s conferences in Ontario in 1974, and he began to question the nature of gravity. His ideas have sparked the interest of scientists, engineers, and astronomers, and I expect that they will pique the interest of our listeners, as well. Enjoy!

Paul Stonehill | Among Mysterious Stones of Russia and Central Asia | May 27, 2021

Source: Paul Stonehill youtube 

Stones and rocks may not be what we think they are...not in all the ways we know them to be... 
-Paul Stonehill

Arvid Ystad | The Norse Roots of Freemasonry | Part 2 of 2 | Forum Borealis | May 26, 2021


Now we review more of the evidence itself, exposing Freemason rituals comparing mutual elements with Norse trad. 

Some issues raised: 
- Was Guild original a spiritual assembly? 
- Do we have Norse halls with symbolism of the Craft? 
- Did they share akin ritual ductus & equipment, material fabrics, Temple decor, outfits, & signs? 
- What of the oaths, club, apron, Square & Compass? 
- Did initiates have to pass Freya's wall, mix blood, or go underground? 
- How long did early outdoor rites last? 
- Did the first Norse worship a matriarchal Freja cult unto eastern tribes invaded with war cult of Thor?  
- Why G & Blue? 
- Is Japan's emperor into sex rites? + Hear why Arvid got booted from DNFO!

Part 1: 

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 26, 2021


Linda Moulton Howe | Interview with Dr. Avi Loeb. Was “Oumuamua” a probe from beyond the Milky Way? | May 26, 2021


The first known interstellar traveler into our solar system came in October 2017, was flat, about the size of a football field, and was named “Oumuamua,” Hawaiian for “scout or leader in a battle.” The mystery object came cruising through interstellar space at 56,880 miles an hour not bound to our sun’s gravity. 

Without any evidence of ice for outgassing, it accelerated to 97,200 mph on its way out of our solar system. Harvard University astronomer Avi Loeb, Ph.D., hypothesizes Oumuamua was perhaps an intelligent probe or derelict craft of “artificial origin” from another civilization in — or beyond — the Milky Way galaxy.

NASA illustration of football field-sized Oumuamua that sped through interstellar space into our solar system and back out even faster at 97,200 mph. “Artificial origin”?


Loud, unexplained boom in Hampton, Virginia area
- similar to incident on Sept 23, 2015 on Eastern Shore of Virginia

Barack Obama comments about UFOs on James Corden’s show
- “There is footage..that we don’t know what they are. We can’t explain.”

May 27, 2021 letter from reader
- Eyewitness description of incident in 1979 of UFO off coast of Brazil
- Tomcats gave chase to “silver disc” object
- “probably 99% of UFO sightings are never divulged to the public”

Interview with astrophysicist Dr. Avi Loeb, PH.D.
- First interstellar object to visit our solar system - dubbed “Oumuamua”
- Book released at the end of 2020 “Extraterrestrial: The First Signs of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth”
- “It looked very weird” “no comet trail…it has an extreme shape..a flat shape and that is unusual”
- “we couldn’t take a photograph because it was the size of a football field”
- “space may have a lot of trash..non-functioning equipment”
- “it may be…a relay station for a communication system”
- “we should…collect more evidence”
- “it’s very likely that there were many civilizations..there are lots of locations..there could be tens of billions…”
- “we need to search for evidence of those”

Richard Dolan | A UFO Disclosure a Psyop? | May 25, 2021


With so much happening in the UFO field these days, heads are truly spinning. And not simply from people who have long followed the subject of UFOs, but suddenly many people who had previously never had much interest in it. 

Many people are asking, why now? Some people have concluded that the efforts of the group TTSA and people like Luis Elizondo and Christopher Mellon are part of an intelligence community psychological operation of deception or even a false flag. Richard Dolan discusses.

The Corbett Report | Antiganda – #SolutionsWatch | May 25, 2021


Today James continues the discussion on “positive propaganda” by looking at some examples of #antiganda. Activists around the world are creating eye-catching messages designed to get people to question their conditioning. Here’s how you can join them.

S0 News | Solar Storm Forcing of Earth Rotation and Axis Tilt | May 25, 2021


The Corbett Report | 2015 Flashback: How to Fake an Alien Invasion​


We all know about the crude pie-plate-on-string UFO hoaxes that have been perpetrated in the past. But what if I were to tell you the greatest UFO hoax of all time is being prepared right now, and it has Rockefeller backing and UN/Vatican/presidential support? Join us this week as we peek under the bluebeam curtain at the great alien invasion false flag.

Transcript & Sources

The Black Vault | Pentagon Now Admits AATIP Utilized UAP / UFO Reports | May 23, 2021



Since December of 2017, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, or AATIP, has long been touted as a “Secret Pentagon UFO Study” which lasted from 2008 – 2012. However, that has not always been the case to the Pentagon. 

In a series of conflicting and confusing statements since 2017, the official position of the Department of Defense (DoD) has gone from confirming it was a UFO program, to saying no it was not, to now saying it still was not a UFO program, but it did utilize UFO (or Unidentified Aerial Phenomena / UAP) reports during its research stages. Read More

Dane Wigington | Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | May 22, 2021


So many in the ranks of the human race are sleepwalking toward the edge of the abyss. Much like the image of a man standing on a beach seemingly oblivious to the approaching tsunami that was nearly upon him.

The foundations of industrialized militarized society are completely connected to and dependent on the climate and life support systems of the planet, both are spiraling toward total collapse. The global controllers are acutely aware of what is unfolding, what actions are they taking to preserve their power? Can the masses be awakened in time to turn the tide?

All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.
-Dane Wigington

Dark Journalist Special Report| CIA UFO Invasion Op! | May 22, 2021


New World Next Week | People Rising in Solidarity Against ZioMedia | May 21, 2021


Story #1: AT&T In ‘Advanced’ Talks To Combine HBO, CNN, Discovery And Other Media Assets
Room 641A
Buycotts – #SolutionsWatch
Conspiracy Theory Rock – A Banned Segment from Saturday Night Live 

Story #2: Palestinians Stage Historic Strike Over Israeli Abuses, Gaza Bombing

‘We Are United As a People’: Palestinians Celebrate Historic Strike, Urge Supporters to ‘Keep Momentum Going’
The Spirit of 1936
RSF Asks ICC Prosecutor to Say Whether Israeli Airstrikes on Media In Gaza Constitute War Crimes
Journalist Reports Live From Gaza As Neighbouring Building Hit By Israel Airstrike
Taboo On Saying ‘Apartheid’ Is Suddenly Over In U.S. Mainstream — Thanks to AOC, Bush, Oliver, Reid, Velshi
Killing Gaza
Biden OKs Sale Of $735M In Missiles to Israel, Incl. Same Type Used to Strike Gaza Tower
Biden Approves $735M Weapons Sale to Israel, Raising Red Flags for Some House Democrats
Biden’s $735 Million Arms Sale to Israel to Include Missile Type That Hit Gaza Tower

Story #3: OSHA Tells Employers They May Be Liable For Adverse Reactions’ Over Vax Mandate

Employers May Be Liable For ‘Any Adverse Reaction’ From Mandated Coronavirus Shots
PDF: “Job Safety and Health – It’s The Law!”
WEF: Get Your COVID-19 Jab – Or You Could Face Consequences From Your Employer
Biden Administration Seizes Texas Land for Border Wall Construction
‘Fight Club’: Raymond K Hessel Motivation Scene

Whitney Webb | The Coming Currency Reset with Catherine Austin Fitts


In this episode, Whitney is joined by Catherine Austin Fitts to discuss the coming economic "great reset" and the plans to introduce a new and truly Orwellian economic system in its aftermath. The plans for that new system, especially the effort to merge identification, economic activity and vaccine records into COVID "health passports," are discussed along with its implications and endgame.

Originally published on January 16, 2021

Press for Truth | Digital Passports FOR CLOTHING, MILITARY JABS and NFT’s Creating The INTERNET OF THINGS!! | May 21, 2021


The World Economic Forum wants to create digital passports for clothing but it won’t stop there as the “internet of things” is set to soon track trace and database every single thing on this planet and NFT’s may be the vehicle to logistically make it happen.

Meanwhile soldiers in Dallas County USA are now giving out vaccines to random people in 711’s as the powers that ought not to be are quickly accelerating the global inoculation program. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the latest Covid-19(84) news that is slowly revealing this world to be in a technocratic nightmare.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 20, 2021


Today we have two articles to talk about: one regarding Covid, and the other regarding counterfeiting:


Bombshell: Nobel Prize Winner Reveals - Covid Vaccine is 'Creating Variants'

Border Officials Seize $685,000 In Counterfeit Currency From China

Whitney Webb | AI and the War on Agriculture with Christian Westbrook


In this episode, Whitney is joined by Christian Westbrook of the Ice Age Farmer broadcast to discuss the underreported yet massive supply chain crisis and how the Davos elite plan to capitalize on that chaos to usher in AI-driven supply chains, especially as it relates agriculture.

Originally published April 28, 2021

The Last American Vagabond | Biodigital Convergence, COVID Magnetogenetic Ferritin Vaccines & Big Spikes In Mass Vaccinated Areas | May 18, 2021


Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours.

Red Ice TV | No-Go Zone | Complete Madness | May 20, 2021


Henrik cover some of the latest news in episode 54 of No-Go Zone.

James Corbett | Medical Martial Law & The Pivot To Asia | May 19, 2021

Source: Macroaggressions with Charlie Robinson youtube,

The host of the wildly popular Corbett Report, James Corbett, is back to discuss where we left off a little over a year ago when the plandemic was just kicking off, and to see if our predictions were correct.

Now more than a year into the largest psychological operation in our history, James explains how the Predator Class is able to run these elaborate operations with almost total impunity while hiding in plain sight.

Which is the bigger threat to the world: the destruction caused by COVID or the rise of the Red Dragon in China? If it were up to the mainstream media they would find a way to blend them together into one scary narrative that never goes away and just keeps mutating. -Charlie Robinson

Dr. Steven Greer | Live Broadcast at 6pm EST Today | May 19, 2021

Source: Dr. Steven Greer youtube

Update on false disclosure and what is going on with attorney Daniel Sheehan and Luis Elizondo.

Linda Moulton Howe | We are not alone in this universe. DoD insiders reveal UFO/UAP sightings | May 19, 2021


The 180-day countdown disclosure continues. 60 Minutes interviews with Navy pilots:
- Navy Lt Ryan Graves - Seeing UFOs “every day beginning in 2015.“
- “These are out there, watching us, every day”
- Navy pilots Lt Alex Dietrich and Commander David Fravor saw UFOs with their own eye
- Other Navy vessels tracked
- “There’s something out there…”

UFO spotted by scientist on Concord flight
Multiple photos in NASA’s archives from Apollo and Skylab missions
Artwork dating back centuries depict UFOs
“Reincarnation is real”

Interview with Whitley Strieber
- “These extraterrestrial biological entities created a being to be placed on this planet earth to teach about love and non-violence.”
- The mystery of the Shroud of Turin
- “Whatever created the image caused breakages in the bonds.”
- “The body turned into light.”
- “The blood reached the surface of the shroud…it’s AB negative. This blood is still red because it was irradiated with neutrons.”
- “He became a radiant being…the resurrection happened!”
- “Somebody is trying to save us and give us a life worth living.”

In the current 180-day-countdown to “UFO/UAP truths,” we are learning from retired DoD insiders that sophisticated UAP/UFO craft are repeatedly seen by military eyes and technologies moving at astounding 600 G speeds while doing 90-degree turns free of inertial forces. “Not human made,” some experts say.

So, will the SecDef and DNI at the end of the 180-day countdown finally tell the truth that we’re not alone in this universe? Some non-humans have telepathed to human receivers in abductions that the recycling of souls at the moment of death is the machinery of this universe. Did one avatar demonstrate instant sublimation from matter to light — with proof?
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