Max Igan on Veritas Radio | A Year 'In Lak Ech'


The message: Lead by example in everything in all you do. Change you energetic state. Change the way you perceive the world. Change the way you interact with the people around you. Interact with people In Lak Ech, as yourself. Give the people the respect that you would want for yourself and the empathy that you have for yourself. This is how we change the world. We don't really have to do anything. If we start applying ourselves to reality and applying our high energy to the world around us, the world will change by default. This is how it happens. This is the time that it can happen. It has to start now and it has to start with the individual. It has to start with you. This is how to change the world.

Podcast mit Helga Zepp-LaRouche (German), 28. December 2012


In Memory of Philip Coppens

3MIN News, December 31, 2012

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Seals Endangered

Review of SOHO STEREO images for December 30, 2012

Source: myunhauzen74

Max Igan | Ask the Questions and Live the Answers, December 28, 2012


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - December 28th, 2012.

'HAARP' massive TTA's discovered on secret island and sea floor, December 27, 2012

Source: revmichellehopkins youtube

Incident lasted 2 days: December 24th and December 25th, 2012.

TTA = Tesla Tech Array
HTA = HAARP Type Array

Review of SOHO STEREO images for December 29, 2012

Source: myunhauzen74

3MIN News, December 29, 2012

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Draco/Euclid Snow Cover

Rupert Sheldrake | The Science Delusion, December 27, 2012


December 27, 2012-British biologist Dr. Rupert Sheldrake, one of the world's most innovative scientists, is the author of more than 80 scientific papers and ten books and is best known for his groundbreaking theory of morphic resonance. In this program we discuss Rupert’s latest book "The Science Delusion." He begins with an overview of the ten dogmas of science. According to these dogmas, all of reality is material or physical, the world is an inanimate machine, nature is purposeless, free will is an illusion, notions of higher orders of consciousness and absolute "God" awareness exists only as ideas in human minds, which are themselves nothing but electrochemical processes imprisoned within our skulls.

These powerful assumptions, have led science down the wrong path according to Rupert. He explains how originally the scientific field held a kind of Cartesian dualistic view of spirit and matter, which eventually was replaced solely by matter. The scientific view that matter is "dead" and has no soul or spirit is dangerous, argues Sheldrake. Later, we talk about the Large Hadron Collider, the most expensive scientific project in the history of mankind. Rupert explains that the results in the search for the "Higgs field" and the so called "God particle" might very well be influenced by the intention of the scientists performing the experiment, also known as the observer’s effect. Lastly, Sheldrake tells us about the biotech bubble and shares his opinion on what alternative fields of science he would like to see funded.
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Review of SOHO STEREO images for December 28, 2012

Source: myunhauzen74

3MIN News | Collapsing Atmosphere, December 28, 2012

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Collapsing Atmosphere

New World Next Week | Person of the Year 2012, December 27, 2012


Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This year's final episode is a conversational look at some of the most important and/or infamous newsmakers of 2012:

Time Names US President Obama Person of the Year, Again
Wikipedia: Time Person of the Year
Newsmaker Of The Year Poll Triggers Storm Of Social Media Debate
China's Year Of Celebration And Disgrace
Wikipedia: Shooting Of Trayvon Martin
Creator Of Kony 2012, Jason Russell, Is Out Of Treatment And Talking To Oprah 
NWNW Flashbacks: Stop KONY 2012 
Trayvon Tragedy
Good News: A Chain Reaction Of Tim Hortons Goodwill

3MIN News, December 27, 2012

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Ice Ball Falls from Sky
Nicaraguan Volcano

Courtney Brown on TMRN, December 26, 2012


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Review of SOHO STEREO images for December 26, 2012

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3MIN News, December 26, 2012

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The Solar Killshot | The Facts, December 25, 2012

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The Evidence
Solar System Shift

Patrick Flanagan | Neurophone, Pyramid Power & Phi Sciences December 23, 2012


December 23, 2012–Patrick Flanagan is an American author and holds several patents as an inventor. Flanagan has written books focused on Egyptian sacred geometry and Pyramidology. He actively continues his activities as scientist, inventor and philanthropist, promoting the really new science and new approaches to human healing.

In the first hour, Flanagan tells his story as a child prodigy, his inventions and the projects he worked on for the US government. He also talks about his experience with Andrija Puharich who was involved in locating brilliant children for the “starchild project.” Dr. Patrick Flanagan invented the Neurophone in 1958. It is an electronic nervous system excitation device that transmits sound through the skin directly to the brain, for which he received a U.S. Patent.

He discusses his battles with the U.S. Patent Office and the government concerns with his invention. In the second hour, we’ll talk about his book Pyramid Power and the positive effects of golden ration architecture on the human body vs. negative sound resonant buildings. He also talks about his Hunza water research and the amazing benefits of negative ionized hydrogen. Then, Patrick talks about his connection to Nikola Tesla. Later, we discuss what kind of technology the government is using, including mind control technologies and projected thought machines. We discuss how Patrick’s Neurophone can actually be used for sinister means. We end on 2012, the 100th monkey effect and incoming energies from the center of the universe. ~Red Ice Creations
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2MIN News | Saturnalia is nothing to celebrate, December 25, 2012

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Alaska Cold

Shamanism & Spirituality with William White Crow, Bill & Tony Kudos, December 22, 2012


By popular request, William White Crow and Bill (Zen Shaman) join Tony Kudos to share their individual journeys which took them into Shamanism.

This is a rare Audio where three different approaches to becoming a Shaman (Eastern, Native American and Pythagorean) come together in one place. Enjoy!

Tom Campbell | The Ultimate Social Network 2012, December 24, 2012


Tom Campbell, physicist and author of My Big TOE (theory of everything), discusses the next step in our evolution, and why we (as Consciousness) are like a social network. He also discusses his coined phrase,"process fractals", how our evolution has progressed, and how it continues this way based on his theory.

He then answers the questions, "When our awareness reaches out to other realities, will there be a war between these worlds and us? What do the beings in these realities and ourselves have in common? What is the ultimate goal of our existence?

Will our physicists and scientists ever unite on this theory?

2MIN News | NASA Stereo B HI1 Sees Earth [Stereo A Next!], December 23, 2012

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Winter Outlook
Arctic Storms

James Horak on the Beyond 2012 Show with Tony Kudos, December 21, 2012


James joins us at The Beyond 2012 Show to discuss the State of the World toward the End of 2012 and how we all need to forge forward. -Tony Kudos

Clif High on TMRN, December 21, 2012


New Release, not a Shape report. "End of the Baktun" to be released on Dec 31st (or thereabouts, you know Clif so expect it early maybe?)
Temporal Markers
Economic Collapse
Precious Metals Mortgage foreclosures (new info that Clif hasn't previously released)
Breakaway Civilization
Global Coastal Event
Clif trying to alter events (personal to his world)
Israeli Mistake
plenty more......

3MIN News, December 22, 2012

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UK Flooding
Canada Snow

Huge Object near the Sun, caught by Helioviewer, December 21, 2012

Source:, Information Machine

Huge Object near the Sun captured by on December 21, 2012. An EMV (Electromagnetic Vehicle) settling down the sun.


Recorded on December, 21 2012 | 19h00-20h30 UTC Captured by SDO and only visible at 19h57mn19sec UTC, this object seems to dive at high speed in the solar corona. Debris at the back of the object are indicative, and demonstrate that it is not a problem in data transmissions.

3MIN News, December 21, 2012

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New Magnetism
Bama Tornado Pics
Draco Pics

Review of SOHO STEREO images for December 20, 2012

Source: myunhauzen74

3MIN News | "I AM HAARP", December 20, 2012

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Ukraine Cold
Draco Stats
Texas Dust
Queensland Hail

New World Next Week | Spying, Lying, & Dying, December 20, 2012



Story #1: Attorney General Secretly Granted Gov. Ability to Develop and Store Dossiers on Innocent Americans
Public Buses Across Country Quietly Adding Microphones to Record Passenger Conversations Samsung TVs Can Be Hacked to Spy on Viewers  

Story #2: Bill Gates Baffled By TV Tokyo Show's Rumor Of World Control Via Vaccination Experts Argue to Keep Thimerosal in Some Vaccines
Pakistan Polio Vaccination Workers Targeted In Fresh Attacks  

Story #3: China Detains 500-Plus People for Doomsday Rumors
Mayan Apocalypse Mania Grips Russia

Mass UFO Sighting, Santiago, Chile, December 18, 2012

Source: galaxymusic69 youtube

Mass UFO Sighting, Santiago, Chile, December 18, 2012.  

"ET making a friendly display for you. They do just enough to convince people they are not from here." -JCH

James Horak and David Corso on Wolf Spirit Radio, December 13, 2012


James Horak and David Corso first talk about the expectations for December 21. and the hopes we have for the future of humanity. From there on they do some frank talking, no more secrets, James is not holding back.

Another concern of James is to show how promising people are marginalized and that the educational system in general is serving this agenda. When Thomas Hughes is joining the conversation with James and David, he is sharing his amazing encounters with Sasquatch. Many other anomalies are explored by the three that all have a remarkable wealth of experiences to share.

Additional information:
Sound Weapon Ear Protection:
HearDefenders-DF™ Dual Filtered Earplugs

Special News Edition | Connecting the Evidence, December 19, 2012

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Tom Campbell in Ireland Q&A


Following Parts 1 & 2 of the out of body experiences workshop, here are the questions in four parts from the workshop participants.

UFO Sighting Gilbert/Chandler AZ, December 8, 2012

Same sighting recorded by different people.

3MIN News | The Throat of Fire, December 18, 2012

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November State of the Climate
Nov. Heat Status

Dr. Ervin Laszlo | A new mindset is emerging!, December 17, 2012


Ervin Laszlo is a systems philosopher, integral theorist, and classical pianist. Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, he has authored more than 70 books, which have been translated into nineteen languages, and has published in excess of four hundred articles and research papers, including six volumes of piano recordings.

Dr. Laszlo is generally recognized as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory, and serves as the founder-director of the General Evolution Research Group and as past president of the International Society for the Systems Sciences. He is also the recipient of the highest degree in philosophy and human sciences from the Sorbonne, the University of Paris, as well as of the coveted Artist Diploma of the Franz Liszt Academy of Budapest. Additional prizes and awards include four honorary doctorates.

His appointments have included research grants at Yale and Princeton Universities, professorships for philosophy, systems sciences, and future sciences at the Universities of Houston, Portland State, and Indiana, as well as Northwestern University and the State University of New York. His career also included guest professorships at various universities in Europe and the Far East. In addition, he worked as program director for the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). In 1999 he was was awarded an honorary doctorate by the Canadian International Institute of Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics.

For many years he has served as president of the Club of Budapest, which he founded. He is an advisor to the UNESCO Director General, ambassador of the International Delphic Council, member of both the International Academy of Science, World Academy of Arts and Science, and the International Academy of Philosophy. Source:

3MIN News | Earthquake/Solar Flare Watches Begin, December 17, 2012

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Polar Storms & Ocean Circulation
Another Failed Global Warming Prediction
Unusual Arctic Cyclone
Arctic Cyclones Increasing

Jay Weidner, Barbara Hand Clow & Lawrence E. Joseph | 2012 Roundtable Special, December 16, 2012


December 16, 2012–Over the past twenty five years, Lawrence E. Joseph has written on science, nature, politics and business, including the book Apocalypse 2012. Jay Weidner is an author, filmmaker and hermetic scholar, considered to be a "modern-day Indiana Jones" for his ongoing worldwide quests to find clues to mankind's spiritual destiny. Barbara Hand Clow is an international lecturer, workshop teacher and writer.

In the first hour, each guest presents their research concerning 2012 and the Mayan Calendar. They all agree that the sun is of major concern. Lawrence speaks of possible catastrophe and apocalypse due to solar flares and the ill prepared power grid while Barbara relates our cataclysmic past to present events that are awakening the global planetary mind. She suggests that technology/electricity is transmuting into something else. Jay talks about how technology/electricity has been a replacement for something else and explains how catastrophe can be associated with awakening. ~Red Ice Creations
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Review NASA SOHO STEREO Ahead EUVI 195, December 16, 2012

Source: myunhauzen74 youtube

Duncan O'Finioan on OffPlanet Radio | Anonymous Cowards, December 12, 2012


The first hour of the live show was a response to comments made by Revolution Radio host, Michael Hemmingson, which were directed me, though I was un-named (in line with the edict that mentioning me by name would generate publicity). Duncan sat in on Skype and offered some of his own perspectives---fitting, inasmuch as he was one of the targets of the FWH/Idylwild Group conspiracy (and yes. Mr. Hemmingson, there ARE conspiracies, and we do intend that term in the LEGAL sense, as in "Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act" (RICO)).

The conspiracy revolves around a group of people, including Project Camelot's Kerry Cassidy, who have promoted, participated and/or contributed to the "Former White Hat Operative/Idylwild Group" blogs, which anonymously defamed numerous whistleblowers and media figures. Mr. Hemmingson admits he "knows who they are"...does he know more? ~Randy Maugans

Read full article here: The End Game On Dis-Info | Alternative Media Is a Front

3MIN News | Planetary Positions & Quake/Flare Watch, December 16, 2012

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3MIN News | Huge Sunspot Region Cometh, December 15, 2012

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Max Igan | Analyzing The Now, December 14, 2012


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - December 14th, 2012.

21.12.2012 and Beyond | James Horak on OffPlanet Radio with Randy Maugans, December 12, 2012


James Horak is interviewed by Randy Maugans on OffPlanet Radio to expand further into what the 21st of December will bring for humanity. When Randy heard the previous talk with James his interest was peaked and when his confirmed guest could not appear, James was there to help out generously, to our convenience.

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G. Edward Griffin | The Collectivist Conspiracy, December 13, 2012


December 13, 2012–G. Edward Griffin is a writer and documentary film producer with many successful titles to his credit. He is well known because of his talent for researching difficult topics and presenting them in clear terms that all can understand. He has dealt with such diverse subjects as archaeology and ancient Earth history, the Federal Reserve System and international banking, terrorism, internal subversion, the history of taxation, U.S. foreign policy, the science and politics of cancer therapy, the Supreme Court, and the United Nations.

Mr. Griffin is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he majored in speech and communications. He is also the creator of the Reality Zone Audio Archives, and is President of American Media, a publishing and video production company. Don’t miss this excellent hour as we cover the collectivist conspiracy, including the ideology and nature of a collectivist.

We’ll hear about Cecil Rhodes, and the secret society most have no clue about. But first Mr. Griffin explains how the anger of the Occupy movement was misdirected. We also address the subject of capitalism. G. Edward explains how collectivism, replaced capitalism in America a long time ago. We’ll cover the model of collectivism and how it manifests. Mr. Griffin warns of "full term collectivism, "100% government and 0% freedom that will end in totalitarianism. We’ll also talk about Soviet Russia, communism and draw parallels with American and Europe today. The hour ends discussing people’s fear of freedom. G. Edward Griffin offers a solution in the end. ~Red Ice Creations
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Sibel Edmonds | The Pacification of the Public, 'Conspiracy Theorists', Quasi-Alternative Media, and more, December 13, 2012


Sibel Edmonds is the founder and President of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition (NSWBC), and runs the independent website Boiling Frogs Post. During her time working for the FBI in 2001-2002, she reported on serious acts of misconduct within the Bureau, and was subsequently retaliated against, and fired.

After a long battle, she published the book Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, earlier this year. Her courage and willingness to fight for justice are traits that are to be admired, and we were very pleased to have the opportunity to speak with her on the podcast. Enjoy!
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Crystal Clark | Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Patterns


Crystal Clark's latest work flows from her own experiences in "perceptual reality". She's been there, done that and has a unique skill set that allows her to dispassionately dissect the landscape of the planet with precision. This article fills in the gaps on what we need to know about the Controller's agenda, and their methods. It would seem "they" do all of this with our sanction!

Full article THE WINNERS WRITE REALITY: Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Patterns

"In order to know if they are being successful at changing your mind, they first have to read it. While there are specific technologies that can do this through direct application, that approach is ill-suited when dealing with a global population in the billions. The right tool is needed for the right job, and in this case, all they need is access to your personal information. This information is provided through electronic records that include everything from where you shop, what you buy, what you read, what you write, who you associate with, and which posts you like on social networks. Further information is collected through surveys you answer, census reports, music sales, show ratings, and even your political party affiliations. Through a process called data-mining, all of these records are consolidatedand then sifted to find thought patterns that can be interpreted as your personal disposition, i.e., your personality and character matrix." -Crystal Clark, THE WINNERS WRITE REALITY: Sanctioned Reality & Manipulation Patterns

New World Next Week | War Crimes Wishlist, Wyden Taps Out, Obama v. Pot, December 13, 2012


Story #1: More Than 30 Top U.S. Officials Guilty of War Crimes
Related: Dr. Boyle prosecuting war crimes in Palestine

Story #2: Expiring Warrantless Spy Bill to Be Reauthorized by Year's End

Story #3: Warning to all pot smokers in Colorado and Washington
ALSO: Twitter Photo of "Police" at the Clackamas Town Center
NWNW Flashback: Tree Bomber and JTTF in Portland

Nick Redfern | The Pyramids & The Pentagon, December 7, 2012


The Pentagon does a great deal of research into our lost past. Nick Redfern tells us what they are looking for and why. The US government engages in a top secret pursuit of mystical relics, ancient astronauts and lost civilizations. Nick tells us about a long-forgotten war that lasted eighteen days and so profoundly changed our world that we literally have collective amnesia about it.

Dreamland is all about waking up and seeing the world as it really is, and Nick is among the leading researchers seeking to make that happen. What is being hidden has the ability to rock the foundations of our civilization and our personal beliefs. ~Whitley Strieber

3MIN News | Geminid Meteor Showers, December 12, 2012

Source: Suspicious0bservers

Geminids Meteor Shower
Strange Spine, New Zealand

Robert Schoch, Ph.D. on VERITAS Radio | Ancient Cataclysms and Forgotten Civilizations


Scientific confirmation of advanced civilization at the end of the last ice age, the solar catastrophe that destroyed it, and what the evidence means for our future.

• Demonstrates, based on the 12,000-year-old megalithic complex of Göbekli Tepe, that advanced civilization extends thousands of years further back than generally acknowledged

• Examines the catastrophic solar outbursts that ended the last ice age, wiping out antediluvian civilization and incinerating much of the evidence of that period

• Reveals data that show solar outbursts powerful enough to devastate modern society could return in the future

Building upon his revolutionary theory that the Sphinx dates back much further than 2500 BCE, geologist Robert Schoch reveals scientific evidence of advanced civilization predating ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Greece, as well as the catastrophe that destroyed it nearly 12,000 years ago and what its legacy can teach us about our own future.

Combining evidence from multiple scientific disciplines, Schoch shows how the last ice age ended abruptly in 9700 BCE due to coronal mass ejections from the Sun. These solar outbursts unleashed electrical/plasma discharges upon Earth and triggered volcanic activity, earthquakes, fires, and massive floods as glaciers melted and lightning strikes released torrential rains from the oceans. He explains how these events eradicated the civilization of the time and set humanity back thousands of years, only to reemerge around 3500 BCE with scattered memories and nascent abilities. He explores within this framework, how many megalithic monuments, underground cities, and ancient legends fall logically into place, as well as the reinterpreted Easter Island rongorongo texts and the intentional burial, 10,000 years ago, of the Göbekli Tepe complex in Turkey. Schoch reveals scientific evidence that shows how history could repeat itself with a coronal mass ejection powerful enough to devastate modern society.

Weaving together a new view of the origins of civilization, the truths behind ancient wisdom, and the dynamics of the planet we live on, Schoch maintains we must heed the megalithic warning of the past and collectively prepare for future events. ~Veritas Radio

John Major Jenkins | 2012 Galactic Alignment & The End of the Mayan Calendar, December 9, 2012


December 9, 2012–John Major Jenkins is an independent researcher who has devoted himself to reconstructing ancient Mayan cosmology and philosophy. Since beginning his odyssey of research and discovery with the Maya, John has authored dozens of articles and many books. As a spearheading researcher, he is best known for his works that theorize certain astronomical and esoteric connections of the calendar systems used by the Maya civilization of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica.

In the first hour, John presents his galactic alignment theory. He’ll cover the cosmic mythology associated to the sun’s alignment, moving to the place of rebirth in the center of the Milky Way galaxy. We are approaching a point of transformation and renewal, a new beginning. Jenkins explains how Mayan teachings can still be beneficial today. In the member’s hour, we’ll discuss Mayan astronomy, symbolism and inscriptions that reference the 2012 date. John speaks about shared knowledge between ancient cultures arising from shamanic consciousness. Then, we’ll talk about what’s after 2012. Jenkins shares his last comments as 2012 comes to an end. ~Red Ice Creations
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2MIN News, December 11, 2012

Source: Suspicious0bservers

James Horak | 21.12.2012 - The Return of Electric Consciousness


In this conversation Torz and Shuny had with James, he revealed what will really happen. Humanity will get a taste of Unified Consciousness for at least three days. We will receive an expansion of the human consciousness that will enable us to see through the artificial matrix that the powers that still are have created for us.

If more wake up to their deep senses, it will avalanche, hopefully its effects will go much further than a mere demonstration. No one is going to miss it and it won't be harmful.

For a while earth's gravity wave will be stable and some may be given mental prowess they didn't have before but some won't return from the dream state that is their unreality of their reality.

Welcome this new energy, its community-seeking and share with others how you perceive it. The time given for the arrival is 10 pm GMT/UTC(0) in the night of the 21st to the 22nd of December.

"Soon you will see days in seconds, years in hours, eons in a lifetime. Endlessly in travel you cannot imagine. JCH"

Books referenced to in this conversation:
Mayan Shaman Ac Tah - "Night of the Last Katun"
Dr. Eben Alexander - "Proof of Heaven - A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife"

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UFOs cover entire Sky, 'Daylight' IR footage, Melbourne, Australia, December 10, 2012

Source: Lou20764 youtube

Wave after wave of objects - Camera set on wrong settings, just uploaded clearest fooatge.
Objects invisible to naked eye - recorded with a infrared filter. Sighting lasted for over 8 minutes.

2MIN News, December 10, 2012

Source: Suspicious0bservers

Tom Campbell in Ireland, Q&A, November 18, 2012


Following Parts 1&2 are the questions from the workshop participants.

David Talbott | Lightning Scared Planet Mars & The Electric Sun, December 6, 2012

Source:,, Electric Universe Conference 2013

December 6, 2012–David Talbott is a comparative mythologist whose work offers a radical new vantage point on the origin of ancient cultural themes and symbols. His research has been the primary catalyst behind the “Saturn Model,” and is the subject of the feature documentary, “Remembering the End of the World.” He is the author of The Saturn Myth and co-author with Wallace Thornhill of Thunderbolts of the Gods and The Electric Universe. David returns to Red Ice to discuss more about the electric universe and plasma cosmology.

We’ll begin talking about Mars, the Moon and hemispheric electric discharge. Then, David explains how our planetary system once moved in a more chaotic way, unrecognizable to us today. Through reconfiguring our planetary past, he reveals archetypal memories which tell specific stories from the age of Gods and wonders. Later, he shares interesting information about the Sun which has brought solar physics to a halt. We’ll discuss the Sun’s anomalous attributes. David presents a more plausible model of the Sun. ~Red Ice Creations
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Suspicious0bservers | The Evidence - Electromagnetic Changes in our Solar System [A Review], December 9, 2012

Source: Suspicious0bservers

SRM Patent
Montana SRM Ethics Page
SRM Image
See youtube description for more links.

Applications of MBT with Tom Campbell, Part 1-3

Source: ‪‬, ‪‬

EBTV on ‪‬ presents host Evita Ochel with returning guest Tom Campbell of‬ covering practical applications of MBT - My BIG Theory of Everything.

Tom is a leading researcher and authority on consciousness, reality and out of body experiences, which he has been studying for over 30 years. He is a physicist, lecturer and author of the My BIG TOE trilogy.

Part 1 topics revolve around life, work and money, touching upon the political, economic systems, as well as morality and integrity.

Part 2 topics revolve around health, diet and sleep, touching upon the cause of our illnesses, dietary choices, as well as dreams, remote viewing and out of body experiences as they relate to MBT.

Part 3 topics revolve around gender, differences between the sexes, how to make a romantic partner relationship work, how to know when to separate from a partner, as well as our relationship to nature and insects, and others as they relate to MBT.

Resonance | Beings of Frequency (documentary film)


This spectacular documentary uncovers for the very first time, the actual mechanisms by which mobile phone technology can cause cancer. And, how every single one of us is reacting to the biggest change in environment this planet has ever seen.

Two billion years ago life first arrived on this planet; a planet, which was filled with a natural frequency. As life slowly evolved, it did so surrounded by this frequency. and Inevitably, it began tuning in.

By the time mankind arrived on earth an incredible relationship had been struck; a relationship that science is just beginning to comprehend.

Research is showing that being exposed to this frequency is absolutely integral to us. It controls our mental and physical health, it synchronizes our circadian rhythms, and it aids our immune system and improves our sense of wellbeing.

Not only are we surrounded by natural frequencies, our bodies are filled with them too. Our cells communicate using electro magnetic frequencies. Our brain emits a constant stream of frequencies and our DNA delivers instructions, using frequency waves. Without them we couldn't exist for more than a second.

This delicate balance has taken billions of years to perfect. But over the last 25 years the harmony has been disturbed. and disturbed dramatically.

Mankind has submerged itself in an ocean of artificial frequencies. They are all around us, filling the air and drowning out the earth's natural resonance.

To the naked eye the planet appears to be the same. But at a cellular level it is the biggest change that life on earth has endured; the affects of which we are just starting to see and feel.

2MIN News | Cosmic Ray Flux, December 9, 2012

Source: Suspicious0bservers

3MIN News, December 8, 2012

Source: Suspicious0bservers

SunsFlare Video
Where is stereo
What's on stereo
No Dark Matter?

Max Igan | Entheongaia Conference 2012


Conference held on November 2nd-5th, 2012 in Little Mulgrave, South Cairns, Queensland, Australia.

Joseph P. Farrell | Cultural Transitions, Part 1-3


Interview Timetable:
Part 1, May 29, 2012
Part 2, July 8, 2012
Part 3, November 24, 2012

3MIN News | 7.3 Quake - Japan, December 7, 2012

Source: Suspicious0bservers

State of the Climate
Record Heat

Strong quake hits off coast of northeastern Japan, December 7, 2012


(Reuters) - A strong earthquake centered off the coast of northeastern Japan shook buildings as far as Tokyo and led to a tsunami warning for coastal areas of the northeast, public broadcaster NHK said on Friday.

The earthquake had a preliminary magnitude of 7.3, the U.S. Geological Survey said, adding that there was no risk of a widespread tsunami. That was revised from an earlier estimate of 7.4.

A warning for a one-meter tsunami was issued for the coast of Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan, which was hit by a devastating earthquake and tsunami in March 2011.

That quake triggered fuel-rod meltdowns at the Fukushima nuclear plant, causing radiation leakage, contamination of food and water and mass evacuations in the world's worst nuclear crisis since Chernobyl in 1986.

The government declared in December that the disaster was under control, but much of the area is still free of population.

Tokyo Electric Power Co, the operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant, reported no irregularities at its nuclear plants after the latest quake.

Tom Campbell in Ireland, November 18, 2012


Todd Acamesis hosted a 9-day multidimensional journey "with 35 absolutely amazing and astounding explorers" at Bert House, County Kildare, Ireland, with special guest speaker Tom Campbell.

"During this time, we showed ourselves what could be done through co-operation, open-mindedness, flexibility, humour, and fearlessness to express who and what we really are - on this level of reality!" Todd Acamesis

New World Next Week | Chemical Warfare, Hacking McAfee, Frankenfish, December 6, 2012


Story #1: Halabja Chemical Weapons And A Chance To Find The Men Who Armed Saddam
Hillary Clinton Says Syria Could Use Chemical Weapons
Flashback: From the Houla Hoax to Chemical Weapons -- Deceptions in Syria

Story #2: Hacker Finds McAfee Through Phone Trail
McAfee Founder Tracked Using Cell Phone Data  

Story #3: Biotech Company Behind 'Frankenfish' Faces Uncertain Future Amid Ongoing Review
NWNW Flashback: GM Salmon Set to Move Closer to Your Table

3MIN News, December 6, 2012

Source: Suspicious0bservers

Plant Stress
Bopha from Space

Eric Karlstrom | Creative Destruction & Cyclical Collapse, December 4, 2012


December 4, 2012–From Colorado, Dr Eric Karlstrom is a professor of geography at California State University. In addition to teaching physical and environmental geography courses, he has also taught courses cross-listed with the Geology department and an honors course (State of the World: The Environmental Perspective).

He returns to Red Ice to discuss how weather warfare, creative destruction, mind control and political agendas overlap. We’ll discuss the hypothesis that superstorms are part of the "cyclical collapse" strategy of the global elite. They are targeting the US (and other countries) and this explains Hurricane Katrina, 911, the super tornados of Joplin Missouri and now Sandy, among others. We’ll talk about "creative destruction" as a means for the elite to gain political, economic and resource control.

Eric explains how technology can be used to create earthquakes, manipulate hurricanes and even create global warming. We discuss who’s behind these projects, including the Rothschild cabal. In hour two, Eric talks about HAARP, mind control and the war against our body, minds and consciousness. We cover Agenda 21 and address the "right wing extremist conspiracy theory" accusations when discussing science and politics. Then, we’ll speak about the cyclical collapse of the USA and discuss other examples in history. Later, we cover rumors about FEMA. We end on Israeli control of USA.
~Red Ice Creations
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James Swagger on Offplanet Radio with Randy Maugans, December 1, 2012


Trained as an engineer and employed in the energy industry, E. A. James Swagger sought out the megalithic monuments of western Europe in his spare time traveling around the UK, Ireland, and Denmark. His embrace of a multdisciplinary approach to the research of sites, and the larger view of grave passage cosmology produced his first book, "The Newgrange Sirius Mystery: Linking Passage Grave Cosmology With Dogon Symbology".

Newgrange is considered the most complex megalithic site in the world. It is Ireland’s most visited monument with around 250,000 visitor’s a year. This book delves into the astroarchaeology of Newgrange and the Boyne valley alongside the Loughcrew and Carrowkeel cemeteries with stunning revelations. This book is packed with brand new research and evidence suggests Newgrange was aligned also to Sirius as a crude precessional calculator. Newgrange it seems was the pinnacle of a theme of passage grave cosmology running throughout Ireland.

The show is a "primer" for anyone not familiar with passage graves, megalithic culture, and the broader implications of these sites, which appear to have been the product of an ancient migration of advanced, cosmologically aware people. Were these sites merely "crude time pieces", or do they point to something far more complex? We find out in 90 minutes with James Swagger.
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3MIN News | Magnetic Highway, December 5, 2012

Source: Suspicious0bservers

Interstellar Magnetic Highway 1
Interstellar Magnetic Highway 2

Corbett Report Radio | DARPA Exposed, December 3, 2012


The internet. GPS. Windows. Videoconferencing. Siri. Smart dust. Why isn't it common knowledge that these technologies started as DARPA-funded projects? When the government, defense contractors and tech giants team up to create the next generation of military technology, who wins and who loses? Find out on tonight's broadcast. ~James Corbett
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2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning, OFFICIAL FILM


Plot: Dec 21, 2012 is on everyone's mind. What will it bring? Is it the end of the world? A new beginning for mankind? Or just another year on the calendar? Brave Archer Films presents '2012 Crossing Over, A New Beginning.' The feature doco explores a positive spiritual perspective on the events of Dec 21, 2012. The film investigates the galactic alignment, consciousness awakening, cycles of evolution, our binary star system with Sirius, the fear agenda in the media, who's behind it, love vs fear and much more.

The film is loaded with amazing revelations of the current times we live in, from exceptional astrologer and teacher Santos Bonacci, spiritual leaders Bud Barber, George Neo and much more. The doco is shot entirely in Full HD, illustrated with high end animations. This film has been completely independently funded and produced.

Film Credits: Written, Directed, Edited & Produced by: Amel Tresnjic Cinematography & Visual Effects: Amel Tresnjic Including Original Music by: Jonathan Kent Produced by Brave Archer Films®

Back In Time Series | Milton William "Bill" Cooper predicts 9/11 and MORE on June 28, 2001


Tony Shaffer | Pentagon's new spying agency to rival CIA?, December 3, 2012


According to an article in Washington Post, the Pentagon is creating an intelligence agency of its own that could rival the CIA in both size and scope. The agency is aiming to have at least 1600 employees in positions around the world, and they won't have to discuss their activity with the Congress. The Pentagon has also reached an agreement to use the CIA's bases and resources abroad.Tony Shaffer of the Center for Advanced Defense Studies joins RT's Kristine Frazao to break it down.

William Binney | NSA Whistleblower: Everyone in US under virtual surveillance, all info stored, no matter the post, December 2, 2012


RT talks to William Binney, whistleblower and former NSA crypto-mathematician who served in the agency for decades. Virtual privacy in US, Petraeus affair and whistleblowers’ odds in fight against the authorities are among key topics of this exclusive interview.

Dr. Milewski | Magnetricity: Our New Energy Source, December 3, 2012

Source:, Dr. Milewski

In his own words, professional engineer Dr. John Milewski is “part wizard, part mad scientist”. An internationally-recognized leader and consultant in the field of advanced materials, Dr. Milewski is a scientist, inventor, entrepreneur, writer, publisher, editor, and lecturer. He is primarily known for his work with magnetite and his protocols for magnetizing water.

Over the last few decades, SuperLight (or magneto-electric radiation) has become a core concern of his research. Dr. Milewski describes SuperLight (known to mystics and metaphysicians as the nous, chi, and orgone or zero point energy) as the opposite of electromagnetic energy, revealing the previously unacknowledged parity of light.

Instead of traveling away from a source at light speed, SuperLight is emitted from black holes and travels towards the source 10 billion times faster than the speed of light. In this segment, we will explore the discovery and implications of SuperLight, electricity vs. magnetricity, increases in solar activity, and why it is smart for us to focus our efforts on getting energy independent by investing in magnetricity and magnetic infrastructure.
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Review of SOHO STEREO images for December 2, 2012

Source: myunhauzen74

2MIN News, December 3, 2012

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Dr. Hans Köchler presents at the 9/11 Revisited conference in Kuala Lumpur


Dr. Hans Köchler of the University of Innsbruck presents to the "9/11 Revisted: Seeking the Truth" conference in Kuala Lumpur on November 19, 2012.

Beyond 2012 Special | William White Crow Unleashed, November 24, 2012


Tighten your seat belt -- and get ready for a wild ride! William White Crow shares information on everything going on in these strange times...the hard facts. ~Tony Kudos

Dr. Suzanne Humphries | The Truth Treatment, November 29, 2012


Dr. Suzanne Humphries, Homeopath, Internist, Nephrologist, and Holistic Health Consultant, is a conventionally (allopathically) educated medical doctor with a Bachelor's Degree in Physics from Rutgers University. After spending two years as the head technician in a research biochemistry lab, she went to medical school, graduating from Temple University School of Medicine. She soon became increasingly aware of the failures of the medical profession over her 13 year career. Unsatisfied with the fact that doctors are largely trained to prescribe drugs and hunt down disease while their patients continue to get sicker, she sought out alternative treatments that help to heal, rather than hinder illness. 

After studying and re-educating herself on the origins of disease and non-allopathic means of reversal, Dr Suzanne moved beyond mainstream medicine, and is utilizing nontoxic means to help restore health in those who seek her assistance. Homeopathy, nutrition, micronutrients, and detoxification are among the modalities she implements.
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Review of SOHO STEREO images for November 30, 2012

Source: myunhauzen74 youtube

Review of SOHO STEREO images for November 30, 2012.

Fort Worth UFO Explosions discussed by Kevin Smith and James Horak, December 1, 2012


The original footage for this video was filmed in Ft. Worth, Texas on May 10th 2011 by Brian Luenser ( and caused some speculation about what is shown here. This video was discussed on the Kevin Smith Show later with James Horak. James knows quite a bit about what we see in this amazing video because he was there when it happened. Kevin Smith finally is getting answers that are certainly hard to comprehend for most.

For better resolution and quality go to Youtube and choose HD to watch on full screen!

3MIN News, December 1, 2012

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Sinking Landscape
Hurricane Wrapup 1
Hurricane Wrapup 2
Kamchatka Volcano

Max Igan | Apartheid by Deception - Israeli Terrorism in Gaza, November 30, 2012


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - November 30th, 2012

Dr. Nick Begich | The Technologies of Political Control, December 1, 2012


This is the century of the brain and the mind. The technologies that have advanced, under cover of secrecy and national security, now have the power to either enslave us or free us to our higher potentials. These technologies will impact our consciousness itself and, as a result, require an invigorated public debate in the light of day. At the same time, there is hope and great possibility in these areas of science.

The first part of this book deals with the sinister side of controlling the human mind with the second part exploring the possibilities that are emerging with new brain and mind enhancing technologies. The greatest threats and the greatest possibilities reside within the core of who we are and what happens in the center of our minds, the seat of our souls. This is the most important book yet released from the research efforts of Dr. Nick Begich.

2MIN News | Starwater, November 30, 2012

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Starwater on Mercury

Johan Oldenkamp | Wholly Science, November 29, 2012


November 29, 2012–Dr. Johan Oldenkamp is an all-round scientific researcher, based in the Netherlands. He is the author of 25 books. The main title of his latest book is ‘Wholly Science,’ which we’ll detail in this interview. Johan will explain how science and religion do not offer genuine insights into the nature of our reality, only descriptions of all phenomena. The reason that both the universities and the churches offer misguidance is the artificial division between physics and metaphysics.

He distinguishes the difference between source, proto and shadow worlds. Johan also covers the source code, yin yang, the primary 4 sources of the universe and 13 tones of creation. We briefly touch upon 2012 incoming energies and manifestations. In the second hour, we discuss how technology is viewed within Wholly Science. Then, we’ll discuss the body’s feedback system and caring for our body temple. Johan will talk about the cons of quantum physics and the wave particle duality, which he says is part of the shadow. We end on an interesting discovery he made at the Giza Plateau.
~Red Ice Creations
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Dr. Judy Wood interviewed by Anne Hess, Hilversum, Holland, November 2012


Dr. Judy Wood appeared at the Breakthrough Energy Movement conference at Hilversum,Holland in November 2012. Dr. Wood states thata Tesla type weapon was unleashed on the Twin Towers, and our consciousness was manipulated into believing then winged planes were able to cut through feet thick steel. Discussing her book "Where Did The Towers Go".

Corbett Report Radio | The Palestine Question, November 27, 2012


From the recent Israeli operation in Gaza to a bid for non-member state status at the UN to the specter of Yasser Arafat being dug up from his grave, there is no shortage of news from Palestine right now. Tonight on the program James goes over these stories and shares some of his recent reports on Palestine including an interview with former Palestinian detainee Jawwad Musleh. ~James Corbett
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2MIN News | Lunar Eclipse, November 28, 2012

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NOAA Climate Data
Current Oceania Weather Pattern PDF

Dr. Richard Hansler | Low Blue Lights, November 26, 2012

Source:, Lighting Innovations Institute

It’s time to get your circadian rhythm back on beat. Exploring health and ancestral living has led It’s Rainmaking Time!® to a greater understanding of the role of light in the body’s cycles, energy patterns, and overall health. Physicist Dr. Richard Hansler – the author of Great Sleep! Reduced Cancer! and Heroes of Cancer Prevention Research – details the effect of artificial light on hormone production and sleeping patterns. In this enlightening segment, Dr. Hansler explains how blue light disrupts the production of melatonin in the pineal gland, making it difficult to fall asleep. We will discuss various lighting solutions and products that support natural melatonin production, the details of Dr. Hansler’s illustrious history as a senior scientist at GE’s Nela Park lighting laboratory and his post-GE career as the founder of Lighting Innovations Institute and co-founder of Low Blue Lights, an online retailer of advanced lighting products. ~Kim Greenhouse
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James Corbett presents to the 9/11 Revisited: Seeking the Truth conference in Kuala Lumpur


James Corbett, editor of The Corbett Report, presents to the "9/11 Revisted: Seeking the Truth" conference in Kuala Lumpur on November 19, 2012.

Jerry Wills on VERITAS Radio | Extraterrestrials Among US


During this interview we discussed many topics surrounding the extraterrestrial presence on planet Earth, as well as a discussion about an interview conducted by by Jerry and Kathy Wills (on location) to Prof. Lachezar Filipov. Filipov was the scientist who reported extraterrestrial contact. He had a quite distinguished, mainstream scientific career.

Since 2005 Prof. Lachezar Georgiev Filipov - Deputy Director, International and National Activities Head of Astrophysics and Synergetic Division, Space Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS).

Prof. Filipov had given a press conference say that ET's are amongst us, and he was quickly muzzled and hidden away, before the Western Press could speak to him. We discuss this mystery and the interview.

In addition, Jerry Wills discusses his own extraterrestrial experience and how it was to grow up very different than other humans, including being 6'6 in eighth grade, his purpose, goal and vision after being placed on planet Earth. ~Mel Fabregas

Richard Alan Miller | The Non-Local Mind in Holographic Reality, November 25, 2012

Source:,, Embryonic Holography

November 25, 2012–Richard Alan Miller, PhD is a physicist, herbalist, horticulturalist, author of 7 books, and former special skills trainer for the US Navy Seals. Miller began his military work as an original black ops team-member in the "X-Files" world of Navy Intel (Seal Corp. and then MRU) in the late 60s. Miller is the author of numerous foundational papers, including "A Holographic Concept of Reality" and "Embryonic Holography."

He shares his experiences, conclusions and insider info from his days as an A-team physicist working for the military. Richard also explains how our non-local minds work in this holographic concept of reality. He talks about the importance of controlling our mind to create reality. Then, he’ll tell us about synthetic reality, cloning emotions, through wall surveillance and altered states of consciousness. In the second hour, Richard tells us about an entity he saw at Groom Lake, Area 51. We’ll talk about Mars, Morgellons disease and bacteria created by Monsanto, a former weapons company, which can be used to control thoughts. Later, we discuss the Schumann Resonance, DMT, ketamine and changing beliefs to see the effected results. ~Red Ice Creations
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Anne Hess in discussion with Catherine Austin Fitts, November 2012


Anne Hess interviewing Catherine Austin Fitts at The Breakthrough Energy Conference.

ADG UK | NASA Silent On "Historic" Artefacts On Mars 2012

Source: ADG UK youtube

Just a small compilation of some well known, and not so well known discoveries on Mars. Nasa will announce soon an important discovery on Mars, and no doubt the sheeple and braindead nasa-noids will be creaming themselves in anticipation of this "historic" announcement, but i reckon it will be nothing more than organic molecules, that would be just enough to get NASA the huge funding it needs to keep financing its secret space program (The one we pretend doesn't exist) time will tell in any event. ~Stephen Hannard

3MIN News | Watches Begin, more CMEs on the way, November 26, 2012

Source: Suspicious0bservers

David E. Martin | Global Breakthrough Energy Movement: Economic Strategies, November 25, 2012


The present day economic system, why it will not finance its own demise, and the alternative perspective to genuine breakthrough.

David Martin presented at the Global Breakthrough Energy Conference in Hiversum, Holland, October 9,10, 11, 2012. He is uniquely qualified to be one of the leading forvces in the coming era, not only from his background in financial analysis and innovation, but also from his incisive ethical perspective which values cultures and sovereign resource assets.

Dr. Martin is a business founder, public policy advisor, and foresight communicator... & now a novel-writer. From his pioneering work in unstructured data analysis and linguistic genomics to his ground-breaking work in global finance and ethics, his life experience obtained in over 120 countries is woven into his first novel, Coup d'Twelve.

He gained international notoriety for his data analysis in disclosure prior to the global financial crisis in 2008. His foresight work has been deployed in several international conflicts. He has been a guest on Bloomberg and NPR's This American Life; has been invited to testify in Congressional and EU Parliamentary hearings and roundtables; and has made numerous additional domestic and international media appearances. His novel, "Apostles of Power: Theft of an Empire", is his real-life insight and witness to corruption in the highest places has given way to a novel about the truth that befalls us. In a world where people have control in only the most mundane daily decisions, there are those manipulating nations at the highest levels. They are thieves of empires and emperors of the world. The book is available from Fifth Estate Publishing:
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Christopher Everard | Black Friday, The Vatican and the Cult of LAM, November 23, 2012


We welcome back our good friend, Christopher Everard, who informs our listeners on a much deeper level than other researchers are willing to go down to concerning the true meaning of Hallow’s Eve, Thanksgiving, “Black Friday”, “Good Friday”, Christmas, and other holidays around the world you may not have heard of! Throughout the show, we also cover demonic entities, extraterrestrials, the Catholic Church, Alistar Crowley, and what connects them all into a giant “death cult”.
~Truth Frequency Radio

2MIN News, November 25, 2012

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David Griffin on Offplanet Radio | Paleo-Intel Report-Part 1&2


Spiritual Mind Control? Memory Wipes and Soul Implants? Reality on steroids:

 "Most people now know that there is something very fundamentally wrong with our current society, and they can feel and see the direction it is really heading, despite all the rosy propaganda, false statistics, and not-so-subtle lies to the contrary." - David Griffin

David Griffin is the author of Revelation: A Briefing For the Peoples of Earth. With a professional background in design & engineering, he embarked on an intellectual and spiritual journey to uncover the truth about his existence, and in 1992, began recovering memories of his own previous lifetimes. With each new recovered memory, the pieces of an extremely ancient and intricate puzzle began falling into place.

David Griffin reveals some of the most difficult, far-reaching intelligence ever aired on the show about the condition of humanity, the planet Earth, our galaxy, universe(s), and the cosmological control hierarchy which currently exists.

Beginning with multi-life incarnations where beings are subjected to mental and spiritual programming or “implanting” to prevent them from recalling who they are, and their past-life experiences; the enslavers have historically utilized implanting facilities on the moon, Mars, and Phobos (among other places) for detention, torture, and re-programming, both during a person’s lifetime and even “between lives” in a spiritual state.

David has been an inter-planetary freedom fighter and intelligence officer for the "light side" in many previous lifetimes, and has been in a process of past-life memory retrieval since his youth this lifetime. The information on the website, and in the book, are part of an ongoing process of data retrieval, intelligence assessment, and debriefing to the inhabitants of this world who can hear and act. The bad news is: we are all IN this spiritual mind control program. The good news: we hold the power to break the code.
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3MIN News | Solar Eruption & CME Impact, November 24, 2012

Source: Suspicious0bservers

Links: Pine Island Glacier

John Lash | Revival of Gnosticism & The Riddle of Violence, November 22, 2012


November 22, 2012–Comparative mythologist, author and teacher John Lash returns to Red Ice for his last interview. We’ll begin on the revival of Gnosticism and the teachings of telesti. John recaps his research on the Archons and the Gaia-Sophia navigation. He explains how humanity is part of a divine experiment, one that we are close to understanding.

He’ll speak more about the history between Gaia-Sophia and the Archons. John says Sophia has begun her course of correction and explains how she is communicating with her home base. Gaia is about to have a massive awakening, which will reconfigure Earth. In the member’s hour, we begin discussing the dark energies present with 2012 and the current focalization process. Then, John tells us why this is his last interview. Also, he’ll talk about galactic re-alignment explained by Sophia teachings. He describes the process and presents current scientific data that reveals it is happening. He says Earth may be on its way to becoming a self navigating planet. Lastly, we discuss the biggest taboo on the planet, violence. We’ll talk about the riddle of violence and planetary tantra.
~Red Ice Creations
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2MIN News | Aurora & Magnetic Storm Alert [Nov. 23rd-25th], November 23, 2012

Source: Suspicious0bservers

Anthony Peake on The Unexplained, November 15, 2012


This time we meet British author Anthony Peake – and get his unique take on consciousness, life-after-death, near death experiences and what we call time… ~Howard Hughes

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