Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Jan. 11, 2018


Well, you may have missed coverage of the summit between Chinese premier Xi Kinping and French President Emmanuel Macron, but China's Xinhua News Agency is giving it some cover, and there are some "memes and themes" to take note of:

China, France agree to inject new impetus into ties

New World Next Week | People-Powered Solutions to Start the New Year | Jan 11, 2018


Story #1: Vermont Poised to Enact Legal Pot Through Legislature
Paraguay Legalizes Marijuana for Medicinal, Scientific Use

Story #2: Kraft/Heinz Net Income Fell 24 Percent

Story #3: DIY Powerwalls Using Recycled Laptop Batteries Powering Homes
The Brain Chip Cometh

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Growing New Ways To Win

Peter Levenda | Starward: DeLonge, Mystic Machines, & Current Disclosure | Part 1: Magic & Mechanics | Jan. 8, 2018


So are we dealing with a true Disclosure attempt & genuine whistle-blowers or an Intel false flag op? Levenda actually had an essential role behind the scenes, and comes on to clarify the rampant doubts, confusion, & suspicions. He elaborates on the 'To The Stars' project as well as the book 'Sekret Machines' (co-authored with Tom DeLonge), taking on all critical questions head on.

In this first of our 3-part program he explains how it all begun, & we muse on the U.F.O. phenomenon from many angles, like: Are they organic, machines, or robots? Human, alien, or inter-dimensional? Did the Nazis cause the first AG crafts? ... & what say the Ancients?

Max Igan | "How The Smart Grid Will Be Used To Erase Your Identity & Blacklist You In Your Community." | Jan. 8, 2018


The Corbett Report | It's 2018. Time To Step Things Up. | Jan. 8, 2018


Iranian regime change. Korean nuclear war. Alt media censorship. There are a lot of reasons to be concerned about the year ahead as we ease our way into 2018. That's why my New Year resolution is to redouble my efforts and put out even more material this year.

I need you to help me spread the word about these podcasts, videos, interviews and articles, and to help you do that I'm going to be concentrating more effort on alternative social media platforms. Your help will be appreciated.

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Joseph Farrell | Q Anon: Deep Staate Wizard of? | Dark Journalist | Jan. 8, 2018


Deep State Trial Balloon/Marketing Op Aimed at Alternative Media?
In this fascinating episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph P. Farrell the author of the popular Giza Death Star Book Series.

Farrell delves deeply into the online group posts of Q Anon and its rapid spread through the Alternative Media under the guise of an anonymous insider. Farrell Poses the question: Is the Q Anon material just the latest wave of sophisticated disinformation that Catherine Austin Fitts calls "Hope Porn"?

Disinformation Campaign
Farrell sees a sophisticated disinformation campaign aimed at the independent research community to create an Imitation Wikileaks style vehicle that will act as an All-knowing Oracle Insider for a variety of important Geopolitical situations.

It is apparently designed to propagate the promise of Cabal Arrests and Elites being tried at Gitmo as a kind of Soma to pacify the growing online audience that are raising questions about the actions of the Deep State on a global scale!

S0 News | Weather Alerts, Magnetic Reversal/Solar Storms | Jan. 7, 2018


Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | Jan. 6, 2017


The now total desperation of the weather makers and the power structure is glaringly evident on countless fronts. The all out winter weather warfare assault on the Eastern US is taking its toll while the criminal climate engineering cover-up crew at the Weather channel does their best to hide the tracks of the geoengineers.

Breaking data from the front lines of the biosphere are beyond bleak, but the corporate media is tasked with hiding such dire data. The US military continues to aid and assist the terrorists, including ISIS. When will the western powers play the global conflict card as their last option to retain their grip on power?

Max Igan | How We Are Controlled and Why Most People Can't See It | Jan. 5, 2018


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - EJanuary 05th, 2018.

The Corbett Report | We Need to Talk About the Iran Protests | Jan. 5, 2018


Are these protests in Iran spontaneous, or are they the result of another regime change operation? This week on The Corbett Report James explores the past, present and future of US and Israeli involvement in Iran, and the attempts to foment unrest in the country.

Transcript & Sources

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Jan. 4, 2018


Well it's the first News and Views from the Nefarium for 2018, and Joseph takes a look at a possibly unfolding geopolitical meme that might drive events this year. Here are the articles he refers to:

Iran Cuts Off Internet Amid Mass Protests, Calls For "Armed Uprising"
Behind Korea, Iran & Russia Tensions: The Lurking Financial War
France wants to build trade ‘backbone’ from Europe to Beijing via Moscow – report
Germany’s push for EU army: Merkel developing networks with EU members for military union
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