Back in Time Series | WILLIAM BUHLMAN | Out of Body Techniques | The 'X' Zone Radio | 2014-10-07


William Buhlman is a best-selling author and leading expert on the subject of out-of-body experiences. The author's forty years of extensive personal out-of-body explorations give him a unique and thought provoking insight into this subject.

His first book, Adventures beyond the Body chronicles his personal journey of self-discovery through out-of-body travel, and provides the reader with the preparation and techniques that can be used for their own adventure. He conducts an in-depth six-day workshop titled, Out-of-Body Exploration Intensive at the Monroe Institute.

As a certified hypnotherapist, William incorporates various methods, including hypnosis, Hemi-Sync, visualization and meditation techniques in his workshops to explore the profound nature of out-of-body experiences and the benefits of accelerated personal development.

 Through lectures, workshops and his books the author teaches the preparation and techniques of spiritual exploration. His latest book is titled, Adventures in the Afterlife. Insights provided in this book will assist the reader to understand and navigate the many thought responsive environments we will experience in the afterlife.

William is best known for his ability to teach people how to have profound spiritual adventures through the use of out-of-body experiences. In addition, he has developed an extensive series of audio programs that are designed to expand awareness and assist in the exploration of consciousness.

Dr. Joseph Farrell | Syria Strike! General Strangelove & Deep State Coup D’etat | Dark Journalist | Apr. 13, 2017


Deep State War Moves
In this fascinating episode on the ongoing battle between the presidency and the Deep State, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Oxford Scholar and Geopolitical author Dr. Joseph Farrell. In light of the latest unexpected military actions against Syria by the Trump Administration, Farrell sees the high probability of a Deep State coup to replace Trump's original non-interventionist policies with a familiar Neocon doctrine of reckless interference in the Middle East.

Media Beating Syrian War Drums
President Trump found himself the subject of glowing praise by the same media that regularly skewers him as a 'Russian Agent.' Almost overnight Trump went from a zero to a hero with the Corporate Media and Bilderberg journalists like Fareed Zakaria saying 'Trump just became President' and liberal MSNBC anchor Brian Williams calling the airstrikes 'Beautiful.' This dramatic change in press rhetoric supports Farrell's contention that the Deep State is taking control of the Trump White House.

The Ascension of General Strangelove and Cold War 2.0
Just previous to the bombing of the Syrian airbase there was a serious staff shakeup inside the Trump White House with former Breitbart editor and influential Trump campaign strategist Steve Bannon being demoted and removed from the National Security Council. Previous to this the CIA had assisted the media in the downfall of General Flynn by leaking damaging information that was used to again promote the phony, 'Putin-Trump-Russia in Collusion' narrative as a way to further the Cold War 2.0 push they are committed to having.

These actions were meant to heighten the ascendancy of Neocon General 'Strangelove' McMaster who has suddenly become the face of military operations even superseding Defense Secretary 'Mad Dog' Mattis. Almost all of President Trump's Major Campaign Lieutenants are nowhere to be seen while his policies are reversed one after another.

Farrell sees the Deep State challenging the Presidency as they have since the JFK Assassination and attempting to change the course of history once again by using disputed incidents like the chemical attack on the Syrian village to create a false narrative to drive the US into another war.
Riveting, informative, timely and unnerving, you don't want to miss Part 1 of this explosive Dark Journalist episode!

New World Next Week | Libya Love Bombs Create Thriving Slave Market | Apr. 13, 2017


Story #1: Slavery Returns To Africa As Migrants Sold At Open Markets In Libya

Story #2: Sessions Orders DOJ To End Forensic Science Commission, Suspend Review Policy
NWNW Flashback: FBI Crime Lab Unit Rife With Flawed Forensics (Jul. 31, 2014)
NWNW Flashback: Man Wrongly Convicted With Bite Mark Evidence Confronts Bite Mark Analysts (Feb. 23, 2017)
Dr. Frederic Whitehurst on the FBI Crime Lab
4 Ways The Crime Lab Can Frame You
Trump Flips On Five Key Campaign Promises In Under 24 Hours

Story #3: Daily Mail Deletes 2013 Article About Plan To Blame Syrian Gas Attack On Assad
Daily Mail in £100,000-Plus Payout Over Syrian Chemical Weapons Story
The Leaked Britam Defence Emails Are Fake - Don't Fall for It!
Syria, Chemical Weapons And The Britam Defence Emails
PolitiFact Retracts ‘Mostly True’ Ruling That U.S. Removed ‘100 Percent’ of Syria’s Chemical Weapons
Google Adds “Fact Check” Flag To Search Results

#GoodNewsNextWeek: West Virginia Weed For The Win + Glyphosate-Free Lemonade & More

Newsbud | China Watch with Peter Lee | China: Beware of Donny Big Hands! | Apr. 12, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

This week on China Watch with Peter Lee: Blood and Embarrassment at Mar a Lago, as President Donald Trump met with Chinese President Xi Jinping, plus the Last Days of the Dalai Lama and much more!

Show Notes:
Remarks by President Trump After Meeting With President Xi of China
After Xi Leaves U.S., Chinese Media Assail Strike on Syria
What’s America Up To With Its Surgical Strike Against Syria (Xinhua; in Chinese)
His Holiness the Dalai Lama Gives Buddhist Teachings to 50,000 in Tawang
The Myth of the McMahon Line
China Pushes Its New Silk Road into Post-Trump Asia
The Belt and Road: People With Stories

Massive Object near the Sun | Apr. 12, 2017

Source:, Paranormal Crucible

This is probably one of the best UFO discs I have found while exploring the data from the Solar Observatory, this time a huge disc which appears to have a hexagon shaped hole or smaller craft attached to its hull. I am speechless at this object, not just its size and the way it phases in and out but the amount of detail the craft had once the data was processed, incredible. -Paranormal Crucible

Observing the Frontier 2017 | Ben Davidson | Apr. 12, 2017


Julian Assange | Full Interview on Trump, DNC Emails, Russia, the CIA, Vault 7 & More | Democracy Now! | Apr. 12, 2017


Full interview with Julian Assange on Democracy Now!, including a debate with investigative journalist Allan Nairn.


Newsbud | Is the U.S. Military Planning to Take Over America? | Apr. 11, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

The U.S. military is making plans to take over America by 2030. No, this is not another conspiracy theory. Although it easily could be. Nor is it a Hollywood political thriller. Although it certainly has all the makings of a good thriller. No, this is the real deal, coming at us straight from the horse’s mouth.

According a Pentagon training video entitled “Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity,” that was created by the Army for U.S. Special Operations Command, the U.S. military plans to use armed forces to solve future domestic political and social problems. What they’re really talking about is martial law, packaged as a well-meaning and overriding concern for the nation’s security.

Show Notes:
Pentagon Video Warns of “unavoidable” Dystopian Future for World’s Biggest Cities
Draining the Swamp? Here’s a look at how swampy Trump’s appointments are based on their lobbying and fundraising
Why the police in Baton Rouge look like they’re dressed for war
Obama Killed a 16-Year-Old American in Yemen. Trump Just Killed His 8-Year-Old Sister
Why Operation Jade Helm 15 is freaking out the Internet — and why it shouldn’t be
Covert warfare coming to Texas sparks some fears of federal takeover
‘I thought he was going to shoot me.’ Unsuspecting middle school students terrified by active shooter drill
Report: Military may have to quell domestic violence from economic collapse
Remember the DHS Right Wing Extremist Report?
DHS Reports: Greatest Threat Is Domestic Right-Wing Extremism, Not ISIS
EPA, FDA stocking up on body armor during President Obama’s watch
DHS ‘fusion centers’ portrayed as pools of ineptitude and civil liberties intrusions
The 24 ways we're tracked on a regular basis reveal something disturbing about the future
DHS intelligence report warns of domestic right-wing terror threat
NSA surveillance exposed
The Growing Right-Wing Terror Threat
Battlefield America: The War on the American People
Rutherford Institute

Robert David Steele | Syria: Special Report | FADE To BLACK with Jimmy Church | Apr. 10, 2017


Robert David Steele is the pro bono Chief Enabling Officer (CeO) of Earth Intelligence Network, a 501c3 devoted to teaching holistic analytics (HA), true cost economics (TCE), and open source everything engineering (OSEE).

USMCR Infantry, Adjutant, Intelligence 1976-1996; CIA Clandestine Service 1979-1988; USMC Civil Service 1988-1993, #2 civilian in USMC Intelligence, responsible for creating the Marine Corps Intelligence Activity; CEO Open Source Solutions, Inc. 1993-2010, responsible for creating the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) discipline world-wide, training over 7,500 mid-career officers from across 66+ countries; CeO Earth Intelligence Network, 2006 to date. External Researcher, US Army Strategic Studies Institute (SSI), 1998 to date. Now leading the OSINT Done Right – Active OSINT movement.

He seeks to create an international Open Source (Technologies) Agency for local to global information-sharing and sense-making as well as OSEE innovation. His ideas would enable the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals — first within the USA and then globally — within a decade or two at 10-20% of the cost of the prevailing industrial-donor model.

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE: Recommended for 2017 cycle by Jan H. Kalvik, as disclosed in his essay “Intelligence & the Nobel Peace Prize,” Defence and Intelligence Norway. PR1 PR2 (Norwegian) PR3 (English) PR4 (Trump-Putin).

Tonight we discuss the recent missile attack on Syria, the false-flag possibilities, the intel from the CIA, NSA and military...and govt surveillance.

Interview start 31:00 min.

Truthstream Media | Revealed: The Real Secrets Hidden In Antarctica | Apr. 8, 2017


There may be good reason for your curiosity if you have ever wondered about what is really going on at the southernmost continent... With so many myths and rumors flying around about the place lately, we decided to do a little research of our own into the claims... which turned into a whole lot of research... and what was going to be a 10-minute video turned into this.

The Corbett Report | #SyriaStrikes Aftermath: What We Know So Far | Apr. 10, 2017


We're now 72 hours into the post-Syria Strikes world and the dust is beginning to settle on the crazy events of last week. I hope you've been following all the latest information in the comments section of The Corbett Report's own open source investigation as The Corbett Report community has been doing yeoman's work in assembling and collating all the data streaming forth from the newsfeeds.

But in case you haven't been following the developments this weekend let's just go over what we know, what we don't yet know, and what we can read in the tea leaves about what is to come.

Transcript & Links

Max Igan | When Tolerance Becomes a Handicap | Apr. 7, 2017


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - April 7th, 2017.

Clif High | Welcome to Alt Reality (#3): Silver, resistance is futile! | Apr. 9, 2017


Discussion of the clean up immediacy data from the April ALTA report. Silver, gold, and bitcoin discussed. Projections on their progress is offered. Also some words on the 'bitcoin shift forward' effect of 2016.

Newsbud | After Operations Gladio A & B Exposures, NATO Launches Operation Gladio C! | Apr. 9, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

In this twenty-seventh edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the articles from four Russian newspapers: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Nezavisimaya Gazeta, Izvestia, and Pravda.

He discusses the U.S-NATO ad for the Russian language speakers to participate in NATO exercises in Germany, the U.S.-German public row over military spending increases, the potential motives for the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg, the Russia-Belarus special forces and intelligence coordination against NATO Gladio C covert operations, and the Russian Communist party critique of both the Western-funded Russian opposition AND the Russian government.

S0 News | Magnetic Storm, Solar Minima Famine | Apr. 9, 2017


Brien Foerster | Enormous Peruvian Child's Elongated Skull In The Penn Museum | Apr. 9, 2017


The Morton collection at Penn University has over 600 Peruvian skulls taken in the 19th century. One in particular, as seen in this video could very well be an example of a child born with an elongated skull.

Newsbud | Mind Hack with Jeff DeRiso | US Navy Launches Information Warfare Center to Counter ‘Supposed’ Russian Interferenc | Apr. 7, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

In this week's episode of Mind Hack, Jeff DeRiso covers the opening of a new center for Naval information warfare that is being framed as a response to the alleged “Russian interference” in the 2016 presidential election. He also discusses the US military’s research into unconventional espionage during the Cold War, a fraudulent psychic healer in Toronto. Finally, we examine how our minds are being re-wired by instant access to digitized information, and how this affects the social discourse.

Show Notes:
U.S. Navy Opens New Information Warfare Center
flashback: CIA documents reveal Project Star Gate
Toronto psychic charged with pretending to practise witchcraft
The Digital Storm: Blowing Away the Human Mind
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