Joseph Farrell | 9/11 and the Fascist International Trap! | Dark Journalist | May 20, 2016


In this exclusive Part 1 interview with Dr. Joseph Farrell, Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deeply into his brand new book on the role of a Fascist International Syndicate in the tragic events of 9/11 and the implications of the advanced energy weapons that were used to collapse the World Trade Center Towers.

In Farrell’s view, the entire event was the product a three level operation. The first level were the hijackers used as patsies by elements inside the National Security State that form the second level, which is usually the target of alternative 9/11 researchers. The third level, being brought forward here for the first time by Dr. Farrell, is a coalition of forces developed after the defeat of Germany in World War II who still cling to the fascist ideology of the Nazi Party.

This worldwide network became a force after the war in everything from global drug running to development of the The Bilderberg Group and the development of a secret system of finance to deal with the hidden Nazi loot. They eventually infiltrated American intelligence and the NASA Space Program with help from major players the military industrial complex and also played a major role in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Over time this network developed exotic technology and directed energy weapons that were first developed in secret tests of torsion physics in projects like The Bell in Nazi Germany and were brought into play during the attacks of 9/11 to bring down the towers. This third level has somehow infiltrated the level 2 Neocon plan of creating this massive deep event as a new Pearl Harbor to develop a new aggressive policy of war in the Middle East. This infiltration of level 2 was accomplished using the PROMIS software that the Reagan Administration had originally used to spy on other countries by developing back door capabilities and selling it to countries around the globe.

Max Bliss | "Geo-Engineering Is Poisoning The Land & Will Force Us Into Super Cities. See Agenda 21!" | May 19, 2016


Brien Forester | Elongated Skulls: DNA mutations unknown in human or animal | Night Fright Show


Elongated Skulls: mtDNA mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far Brien Forester - archeologist / researcher Brien Forester archeologist / researcher on Elongated Skulls DNA Test "It had mtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) with mutations unknown in any human, primate, or animal known so far."

"But a few fragments I was able to sequence from this sample, indicate, that if these mutations will hold, we are dealing with a new human-like creature, very distant from Homo sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans. I am not sure it will even fit into the known evolutionary tree”.

The year is 1928, the place: Peru, deep in the desert plateau of Pisco Province in the Inca region simply known as Paracas. It is here that Peruvian archeologist Julio Tello is about make a world shattering discovery.

Inside a huge graveyard containing multiple tombs, Tello uncovers 300 of the largest elongated skulls ever discovered, some dating back 3,000 years. These skulls are named The Paracas Skulls.

What makes this find different than other elongated skulls, is that they do not appear to be the result of traditional forms of cranial deformation such as head binding & head flattening. Whatsmore, there is are distinct differences between The Paracas skulls and those of human skulls.

Shockingly, The cranial capacity is measured up to 25 percent larger & 60 percent heavier than standard human skulls. So what is the explanation for these differences?

James Nussbaumer | The Master of Everything: A Story of Mankind and the World of Illusion We Call Life | Hour 1 | Sanitas Radio


Are there times you feel you're not living at your true potential? Could it just possibly be you don't know the depths of your real knowledge? Why are we afraid to reach within? Nussbaumer's time in prison had surely been hell, and had also been unexpectedly fruitful, resulting in his return to his first love, writing. It is here, with a series that begins with The Master of Everything, where he answers our life's questions. The manuscripts were painstakingly handwritten in lined notebooks and the material just kept coming.

In 2008, financial planner James Nussbaumer was convicted of felony theft. At age fifty, he found himself incarcerated and facing a ten year prison term. On his first night in prison, he was stunned when the locker he is assigned contains a worn, dusty book no one will claim--a book for which he has been searching: A Course in Miracles. His in-depth study of its lessons, combined with frank descriptions of his prison life, will guide you to a supreme freedom of your own. By turns instructive, challenging, humorous, and elevating Nussbaumer's inspirational memoir takes us on an inner journey to becoming The Master of Everything.

James Nussbaumer, a former financial advisor of 25 years following service for his country with the U.S. Air Force, was indicted in 2007 and received a comparatively exorbitant sentence of 10 years in prison for a foolish securities violation to offset losses he incurred for clients—the entire amount of which has been repaid. The severe sentence was overtly political, meant to "set an example" during a period of panic and abuses in the investment industry. Some months after he found himself in prison at age 50, a remorseful and shattered man, he was moved to a section housing "old" prisoners: anyone over 35. There, he was stunned when the locker he was assigned contained a worn, yellowed and dusty book no one would claim—a book he'd been searching for to no avail: A Course In Miracles.

Along with frank descriptions of prison life, Nussbaumer shares what he spent every single day studying and writing about: the nature of the prison in which virtually all of us dwell, a world of illusion where fear drives us to make wrong turns and to live in despair. His time in prison was surely hell, and also unexpectedly fruitful, resulting in his return to his first love, writing, while surrounded by the chaotic, volatile, and often violent din of the cell block. He writes about redirecting the mental power of our mistakes—before we act them out—into positive results. This book is the first of an ever-developing series. Written from deep in the rabbit hole of the prison system his voice is direct and real enough readers won't realize turning the pages on the way through his remarkable personal story.

Though, a free man now thanks to a forgiving Judge, he continues to operate on equal parts of determination, faith, and hope, while guiding his readers to a supreme knowledge of their own. He lives in Massillon, Ohio, and has three lovely adult daughters and four grandchildren. His public speaking is gearing globally with lectures that are instructive, challenging, humorous, and elevating. Nussbaumer's inspirational messages take us on an inner journey to becoming The Master Of Everything.
-Sanitas Radio

Dr. Louis Turi | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | May 18, 2016


Dr. Louis Turi is our first time guest and we cover his ET contact throughout his life, in detail. We then discuss how he developed his ability to do predictions...with such accuracy. He had sent us info on May 20th and what may happen...that it would be terrorist related and during the show the Egypt Air dropped off radar...very interesting...he also gave us a prediction for May 27th, 2016.

Interview start: 34:00 min.

New Lunar Wave Filmed in N.C. | May 19, 2016

Source: Chris Parker youtube, Crrow777 youtube

This possible lunar wave is yet to be vetted but if confirmed is a very good capture. It was filmed using a 3.5" telescope and a cell phone by Chris Parker YT channel.

Cara St. Louis | The Great Remembering & Rise of the Fae | OffPlanet TV


History, as we know it, is the product of one of the greatest frauds of all...well, TIMES. Author Cara St. Louis tracks the threads that weave a very different story. Based on the research of Silvie Ivanowa, a Slavic researcher; and Russian mathematician, Anatoly Fomenko's work in celestial data, statistical analysis of texs and a survey of dynasties, we can conclude that our present history has an INSERTED 1,000 YEAR narrative that was confabulated by overlaps, duplications, and textual manipulations.

Woven into all of this altered history is the back story of The Predator, which has kept mankind in a low state; the numerous "black ops" which gray out the sky via geoengineering projects; and the lost art of astronomy, whereby we could reckon our origins. And the revelation of the lost master race, The Phe (or Fae), which unlock the keys to an ancient war that left Earth in the throes of endless wars, famines, death, and depravity.

Richard Dolan | The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis


Jon Rappoport | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | May 17, 2016


Jon Rappoport, our favorite journalist...and our resident scribe...joins the show tonight with one of the most important broadcasts we have done to date: Imagination. Listen, think and then do something...this show will both inspire and make you angry...and it should. Jon is the very best. Enjoy.

Interview start 33:10 min.

Noam Chomsky | Today's GOP is a Candidate for Most Dangerous Organization in Human History | May 17, 2015


In Part 2 of our wide-ranging conversation with the world-renowned dissident Noam Chomsky, we talk about the conflict in Syria, the rise of ISIS, Saudi Arabia, the political crisis in Brazil, the passing of the pioneering lawyer Michael Ratner, the U.S. relationship with Cuba, Obama’s visit to Hiroshima and today’s Republican Party.

"If we were honest, we would say something that sounds utterly shocking and no doubt will be taken out of context and lead to hysteria on the part of the usual suspects," Chomsky says, "but the fact of the matter is that today’s Republican Party qualify as candidates for the most dangerous organization in human history. Literally."

Jordan Maxwell | "Moses Manna From God, Which Saved The Israelites, May Have Been Magic Mushrooms!" | Richie Allen Show | May 16, 2016


Mark Vidler | Sacred Geometry of the Earth | Legalise Freedom Radio


Mark Vidler discusses Sacred Geometry of the Earth – The Ancient Matrix of Monuments and Mountains. From continent to continent across the globe, Mark Vidler and Catherine Young reveal that order is everywhere on Earth.

On remote islands, soaring summits, and level deltas, they unveil natural topographic patterns related to pi, the golden ratio, and right-triangle geometry. And as the planet's design emerges, it becomes clear that this hidden order in nature decided the location of ancient monuments the world over. 

Through detailed maps, Vidler and Young show how the locations of megalithic monuments reflect and enhance a natural pattern on the Earth that connects its major features. The authors examine the geography of many islands, and each continent, including Antarctica, to show how the highest peak on each landmass falls on a line connecting coastal extremes.

They reveal how circles of standing stones and man-made mounds mark intersections of these lines. They explore the connection between the Nazca lines in Peru, and the Amazon, Nile, and Ganges deltas, and explain how the locations of the Giza pyramids, Stonehenge, and Machu Pichu are integrated into the natural design on Earth.

As they uncover geometric patterns line by line, point by point, they reveal how the world's ancient monuments represent a form of transglobal communication that far predates the written word. Perhaps the biggest mystery in all of this, however, is how, in ages before flight, satellites, and Google Earth, ancient peoples could have had a truly global picture of the Earth that we today are still rediscovering.

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Brien Foerster | Egypt Obelisks: Created With Lost Ancient High Technology | May 17, 2016


The great obelisks of Egypt were not made by the dynastic people because they did not have tools hard enough to quarry or shape them. They found the obelisks when they arrived in the area 5000 years ago. -Brien Foerster

Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner | America Fractured


Clip from May 11, 2016 - guest Jay Weidner on the Jeff Rense Program.
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