Joseph P. Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 18, 2023



Joseph Farrell | Giza Death Star Pyramid Mystery Part II The Antediluvian Weapon! | May 13, 2023



Andrei Martyanov | Kinzhal and Patriot | May 17, 2023


Whitney Webb On Jeffrey Epstein's Connection With Elon Musk & Bill Clinton | May 17, 2023

Source: PBD Podcast youtube, 

PBD Podcast Episode 270. In this episode, Patrick Bet-David is joined by Whitney Webb, Adam Sosnick and Vincent Oshana.

Purchase Whitney Webb's book "One Nation Under Blackmail - Volume 1": Purchase Whitney Webb's book "One Nation Under Blackmail - Volume 2":

S0 News | M9.6 Solar Flare, Large CME, Coronal Hole | May 17, 2023


Whitney Webb | The New Ukraine with Stavroula Pabst


In this episode, Whitney talks to Stavroula Pabst about the reconstruction efforts in Ukraine and how much of Ukraine's government and infrastructure has been outsourced or sold off to Western corporations that are using the country as a testbed for 4IR technologies.

Published 05/11/23.

Links discussed: 

Suspicious0bservers | Solar Outburst Cycle & Damage Potential | May 15, 2023


The Corbett Report | Thwarting Facial Recognition - #SolutionsWatch | May 16, 2023


We all know about the danger of a future society where we're all tracked everywhere we go every single day in real time by our phones or devices . . . but actually, it's worse than that! You're already being tracked everywhere you go, every day, and it doesn't matter whether you leave your phone at home just as long as you bring your face. Today on #SolutionsWatch, James explores some of the options that are on the table for heading off the facial recognition dystopia.

Show Notes:

US police forces using controversial facial recognition technology
Why the Military Use of Clearview AI is Dangerous
Clearview AI used by US police for almost 1M searches
Clearview AI Copied 30B Images Without Users’ Permission from Social Media Sites; Customers Include “more than 3,100 US agencies”
Are you who you say you are? TSA tests facial recognition technology to boost airport security
Facewatch Gets UK Code of Practice Certification for Live Retail Facial Recognition
Iran uses new surveillance network to crack down on women not wearing a hijab
Nullification - #SolutionsWatch
Michael Maharrey on Facial Recognition Pushback
Second California Assembly Committee Passes Bill to Extend Temporary Ban on Facial Recognition with Police Body Cameras
To the Governor: Montana Passes Bill to Limit Warrantless Use of Facial Recognition Technology
Hong Kong lasers
4409 -- Interview with ABC15 News: Easter Bunny eggs photo radar!
Simple Sabotage - #SolutionsWatch

Andrei Martyanov | Scales For Journos | May 15, 2023


A necessary trip to reality.

The Corbett Report | 100 Questions! - Questions For Corbett #100 | May 12, 2023



Questions For Corbett is celebrating its 10th anniversary! Join James for this 100th Episode Extravaganza where he takes on the task of answering 100 questions from the ever-growing question bag in as entertaining and informative way as possible! 

Tom Campbell | How Does Tom Define Ego? | May 14, 2023


What is the relationship of ego to identity and thought? What about super-go? Is Tom's definition of ego really any different from Freud's?

Zach Vorhies | A.I. And Chat Bots Exposed By Google Whistleblower! | May 14, 2023

Source: Jason Bermas youtube

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