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During George Ure's first appearance on Veritas we discussed many topics, including the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, the economy, possible war with Iran, and more importantly, what you can do to weather this confluence of events.  The future belongs to those who prepare.  It's not fear mongering; it's thinking ahead.  George analyzes data on a daily basis and projects the future.  This is common sense advice to anyone who may be affected by all the scenarios developing; especially November 2010.

George Ure has been a renaissance man type since he left the corporate world in 2002 after stints as a big city news director, vice president of an international airline, battery state of charge instrumentation marketing guru and software strategic planner.  In addition to an MBA, George is equally comfortable on a tractor, doing plumbing and wiring, flying airplanes and writing about his long-time love…something called “long wave economics”.  To say his outlook on the next few years is grim understates the short-term outlook for bad, bad, and worse.  But he shares with others (like Dr. Jack Lessinger’s work) the outlook for a much better world sometime after 2020 when “responsible capitalism arrives and the end of “little King” capitalism (me…me…me…damn it, it’s all about ME!) capitalism dies off from the weight of its own compounding sins….” provides daily business news analysis and financial market coverage from the long wave (longwave) economic perspective. Since 1996, the site has expressed the view that traditional constant-expansion corporate business models would all collapse some day and that we'd eventually be forced to move toward green (sustainable) business models - the new economics of responsible capitalism - or perish.

EMVs - Designers of the Solar System - James Horak speaks Part 3

The first person to really detect these objects in the rings of Saturn was Dr. Norman Bergrun and he had noticed that their behavior was highly anomalous.

So what he did, he started paying more and more attention and he found that they were behaving in highly anomalous ways, that they were very large and that they seemed to be concentrating their effort on an unfinished ring at its terminals. His investigation in this ring was completed by then.

At this moment even NASA has admitted, are vast objects within the corona of our sun, some always there, now is a gathering of many.

They've protected this planet from countless cycles of coronal mass ejections that would otherwise have decimated all lineage of cultures present on a relative short historical rather than geophysical basis.

This is the answer of the greatest of all anomaly, how a life giving fusion star can be so close, yet not cyclicly decimate the life it gives.

But at the same time these objects can serve the opposite extreme when what occupies a planet is sentient, turns on its own.

The EMVs have been around from the very beginning, ever since any sentient life has been seeded as they are the mechanical designers of systems that can support life long enough for civilsations to come and go.

It is what begins life on a planet. First of all you have to have an engineered configuration of this planet with its fusion star.

The planet has to have a moon around it in a certain proportion, arranged proportion to the planets size to make it alive.

This drives the mantle like a generator, the armature and produces features that'll hold atmosphere, provide a gravity, provide whats needed.

These are no accidents, this is all engineered. This is no hit and miss or a million to one probability. No, this is created and managed in a wonderous and beautiful way.

They are not under any particular persons command, they're like on automatic pilot, it's pretty well automatic.

If you need some direction, what you say it's 'God' but they are far beyond anyones memory, any ET and they're regarded with awe by ET or all ETs and in speaking euphemistically if not literally, these objects are 'THE HAND OF GOD'.

There was an incident in Utah that opened all that up to me.

There is a place in a national forest in Utah, in the La Sal mountain-range, where there is an ongoing operation that is part of what EMVs do.

At night these EMVs mine deep Earth and deposits and they remove them and put them in the rings of Saturn.

The material is bombarded by cosmic radiation and broken down and then they return Earth's deposits from the rings of Saturn and when it's ready it's completely assimilable by any kind of tissue and has remarkable qualities.

They return them so that the Earth can be reseeded and be once again be fertile after a failed experiment is ploughed under.

They are like the fertilizer-machines of a farmers field.

The EMVs have nothing to do with the military or with the intelligence community at all, they can not be approached.

ET can not approach them.

They are regarded with absolute awe by ET and when I speak of ET, I am speaking of people from all over this part of the galaxy.

The EMVs are an energy, they have form but they are blinding, you can't see their detail.

There is something very wonderful on the inside of these things.

I want to tell you now because in a way everyone has a right to know this. Souls, souls are inside these objects.

There is no suffering, there's a community, it's very wonderful, you want to be there all the time, you don't wont to leave, when you're gone, you feel a mournful loss and you feel their mournful loss for you.

It's indescribable.

You'll be there one day.

Extraterrestrials are sentient species, very, very much so humanoid and have very little differences between us with one important exception, the unified consciousness.

They have removed abarrancy from the species, like suicide bombers, like serial killers, like paedophiles etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, because when you have Star Trek- or star travel technology you have placed an potentially in one persons hand the ability to destroy everybody.

The ETs don't have the social injustice that seems to breed it, they don't have a problem with distribution of wealth.

They don't have social engineers working on efforts to mindcontrol people into doing things against their own self-interest.

Abarrancy has a source and has a cause. It just isn't just happenstance or genetic and if you've go back, correcting any problem effectively, yes, you can solve these problems.

And well, there are dark sides to everything. I'll say this that the civilisations the ETs are from don't tolerate anything in the way of manipulation or agenda, there are strict rules in place and they are enforced.

Andrew Collins | Beneath The Pyramids, Giza Cave System Rediscovered


4 July 2010—What is going on beneath the Giza plateau in Egypt? News has been coming out that underground cave systems that have been uncovered. There have also been rumors and stories about secret archaeological excavations taking place in the vicinity of the Sphinx. Objects are rumored to have been taken out and a lot of speculation is going around on the web about this. Andrew Collins, author of Beneath the Pyramids, talks about the discovery of Giza’s cave system, Egypt’s “duat”, the real underworld that exists underneath the pyramids. Andrew Collins has re-discovered these. He found the entrance to this natural cave system at the “tomb of the birds”, located at the plateau’s north cliff.

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Scott Stevens | Weather Wars


1 July 2010—Former meteorologist Scott Stevens talks about Weather Warfare, Weather Manipulation, Chemtrails, Pollution and Environmental impact of Geo Engineering of the Climate. He discusses the secret ongoing weather manipulating projects involving scalar waves, orgone energy and the big picture connected with this dark agenda.
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David Icke on Rense June 29, 2010


Cosmology & Remote Viewing | Chris Impey, Major Ed Dames


June 29, 2010–In the first half of the show, Astronomy Professor Chris Impey discussed the evolution and structure of galaxies, as well as the eventual death of the Milky Way, and even the entire universe. The universe is going to become very sparse, cold, and empty, and "astronomers will all be out of jobs in a few billion years, as there'll be nothing to look at-- the stars will have all died, and galaxies will be ripped apart by expansion so that we can't even see them with our biggest telescopes," he explained.

In the latter half of the show, Maj. Ed Dames returned to share remote viewing updates on such topics as the oil spill, evacuations, solar activity, and the economy. The oil spill in the Gulf will have long term consequences for the region, he said. After hurricanes move petrochemicals onto land, water supplies will be poisoned, and there'll be evacuations in the area on the level of Katrina or Chernobyl, with martial law possibly imposed, he warned.
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