Tom Campbell | Your Superior Self | Interview with Trey Downes | Jan. 7, 2021

Source: Trey Downes youtube,

For the past forty years, Tom has been focused on scientifically exploring the properties, boundaries, and abilities of consciousness. His books, videos, and workshops have reached millions of people around the world and have changed lives and opened eyes to a new way of thinking about reality: a new way of understanding physics, and a new way of understanding who, what, and why we are.

Geoengineering Watch | Climate Engineering News Q & A, #1 | Jan. 7, 2021


In the attempt to answer as many questions as possible on the dire issue of climate engineering, Geoengineering Watch has decided to produce an online “Climate Engineering News Q and A”. We will try to post a new segment every Wednesday. Please check back each week for the latest installment.

Climate Engineering News Q & A Question Submissions:

By submitting a question to this email you are granting permission for your question and your first name to be read online. If you do not want your first name mentioned, please state that you wish to remain anonymous. We apologize that we might not be able to answer all questions, though we will do our best to answer as many as possible. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is unfolding on numerous fronts, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer. -Dane Wigington

Sean Stone / Jay Dyer | Great Reset, UFO Disclosure & The World Order | Jan. 7, 2021


Sean Stone joins me to discuss his book, great reset, his works and more! We cover the ideology of imperium, its typical failure and collapse, the modus operandi or corporate enslavement, how the banking elites enslave, the problems of fiat and currencies, mafias and unions, Oliver Stone films and themes, the history of the British Empire and Quigley's analysis, the Great Reset and Klaus, Sean's take on aliens and the Nephilim and cults, and much more!

Bio: "Sean Stone is more than a standard media host. The former host of Buzzsaw (on The Lip TV and Gaia) brings his perspectives to a new podcast about spiritual experiences, esoteric truths, and our mysterious universe. Join Sean and his fascinating guests as they discuss the topics that will unleash your imagination… Download the App — Vokal Now — and check out his new show InnerViews."

Jeff Harman | Decoding the Future with Astrology: 2021 Edition | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


The Corbett Report | Introducing #SolutionsWatch | Jan. 7, 2021


Welcome to #SolutionsWatch, a new regular podcast series from The Corbett Report that seeks to examine the movements, technologies, activities and philosophies that purport to provide solutions to the problems that we face and to highlight the work of activists who are making a difference. Let's work together to make the world a better place.

Show Notes:
New World Next Year 2021
Stop Watching Propaganda – #PropagandaWatch

S0 News | Earth's Rotation Glitches Are Speeding Up | Jan. 7, 2021


Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Jan. 7, 2021


Well, 2021 is off to a very bad start. In an unusual News and Views, Joseph shares his thoughts and concerns over the spectacle we saw yesterday, and rather than sharing comments on an article or news story, reads from two books: Morris Berman's Why America Failed, and Murray Rothbard's Conceived in Liberty.

Linda Moulton Howe | UAPs and Advanced Aerial Threats | Jan. 6, 2021



- Jan 4, 2021 - Boris Johnson announces lockdown to mid-February because of new fast-spreading coronavirus variants.

- UFO spotted in water near Ulehawa Beach Park

- Strange UFO spotted at Ridge Crest California
- “Advanced Aerial Threats” and a 180-day countdown to official news about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena and “foreign adversaries”

- June 2021 deadline to report to American people about “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon… airborne objects”

- Interview with plasma physicist John Brandenburg, Ph.D. about increasing evidence there was a hydrogen bomb explosion on ancient Mars.

==== Books Mentioned:
Death on Mars - The Discovery of a Planetary Nuclear Massacre
By John Brandenburg, Ph.D.

Antarctica: Alien Secrets Beneath the Ice
New documentary now available:

The Corbett Report | Stop Watching Propaganda - #PropagandaWatch | Jan. 6, 2021


The new year brings with it a new approach, and that means the regular #PropagandaWatch series is being discontinued. Today James explains the decision to end the series, reflects on the value of the information contained in this podcast, and teases the introduction of a new series . . .

Show Notes:
New World Next Year 2021
Welcome to Your Driverless Future
Kia’s Driverless Future! – #PropagandaWatch
#PropagandaWatch archive
How Did Potatoes Get So Popular? – #PropagandaWatch
WHO (finally) admits PCR tests create false positives
“The News” is a Social Construct. It is Used to Program You.

Ellen Brown | Financial System in Transition | Guns & Butter


Ellen Brown’s articles, "Meet BlackRock the New Great Vampire Squid", and "From Lockdown to Police State the Great Re-Set Rolls Out", are discussed:

- The relationship between the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve Central Bank
- Reserve requirement for banks eliminated
- The repo market
- The discount window at the Fed thrown open in March 2020
- The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act, or CARES Act, administered by BlackRock Financial Management on behalf of the Federal Reserve through eleven Special Purpose Vehicles
- Blackrock’s Aladdin software data platform
- Fed lending against riskier assets than allowed under the Federal Reserve Act
- Exchange traded funds (ETFs) iShares bought by BlackRock
- Advantages of public banking
- Liquidity crises the cause of crashes
- Quadrillion in derivatives outstanding
- World Economic Forum a public/private partnership
- Great global re-set a re-characterization of the new world order
- Global digital currency
- Corporatocracy

S0 News | Venus Flash, Cold Descends, Volcano Awakens | Jan. 4, 2021


Luis Elizondo and John Greenewald, Jr. | 1 on 1 | Jan. 3, 2021


In October of 2017, this counterintelligence officer and trained special agent by the name of Luis Elizondo, stepped out of the shadowed halls of the Pentagon and into the public spotlight. Whether he intended it or not, by doing so he would become an instant celebrity to UFO enthusiasts for saying something that would soon shake the entire world.

Luis Elizondo: “By far the most interesting effort I was involved with was the topic of advanced aerial threats. For nearly the last decade, I ran a sensitive aerospace threat identification program focusing on unidentified aerial technologies. It was in this position I learned that the phenomena is indeed real.”

Within minutes of speaking these words, The Black Vault used this once insider information to file numerous Freedom of Information Act requests to see what documents could be dug up. The idea was that in the eyes of the law -- if this former government agent was talking about it – the documents may just be ripe for the pickin’ if one were to ask for them. So that’s exactly what I did.

This unfolding saga brought me hope that after more than 20 years of pushing for the truth, the veil of secrecy surrounding the UFO phenomenon might just be lifting once and for all – and things were drastically changing.

Evidence of that change was revealed just two months after Elizondo stepped foot on that stage. That is when the mainstream media covered Elizondo, and his story, was a viral sensation all over the world.

But as excitement exploded worldwide about this “Secret Pentagon UFO Study” known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program or AATIP; controversy had already begun to percolate inside The Black Vault about what was really going on.

Just three weeks prior to the NY Times running their now world-famous headline; the Pentagon told The Black Vault they had no records on any program that Elizondo had described. Not a single piece of evidence whatsoever.

A couple months after that; the Navy denied they gave anything to the AATIP program, despite what Elizondo had claimed.

And then just months after that; the Pentagon issued a statement that was the most damning of all. They claimed that Elizondo “had no assigned responsibilities” on the AATIP program that he had brought to light.

As the months, and years, passed since the initial headlines; The Black Vault became highly critical of Elizondo’s claims. That is not a popular stance to take, and as social media can easily prove, that type of stance can come with a little bit of heat!

But it wasn’t just Elizondo on the receiving end of criticism. The Pentagon and the entire U.S. government has had a history of covering up UFO data for decades; and it appeared that’s what they may have been doing again. But to what extent?

My guest today, is the man who started it all… Luis Elizondo himself. Despite The Black Vault’s criticism, and admittedly the nitpicking of every detail in order to find the absolute truth, Elizondo has agreed to step into the Vault and share his side of the story in a special one on one interview.
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