Edgar Mitchell | Aliens & UFOs, February 12, 2011

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In 1971, Dr Edgar Mitchell of Apollo 14 became the sixth man to walk on the Moon. His views on space , aliens and our planet are compelling and unique -- hear him on this new, special edition of The Unexplained.

Claude Swanson, PH.D. on VERITAS

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These are just a few of the areas in which science is discovering very real, physical and measurable effects which violate present science. This presentation, which discusses the science behind the paranormal describes this evidence in non-technical language, with many pictures, illustrations, graphs and references. It also shows how our present science can be expanded to begin to understand these mysteries. Of Dr. Claude Swanson's books, best-selling author Brad Steiger says:

"The Synchronized Universe is a well-written and exciting presentation of the latest scientific evidence proving the existence of the paranormal. Swanson's suggestions about how present physics can be modified to understand and explain some of these strange phenomena may go a long way to healing the ancient split between science and spirituality. The implications of this book are far-reaching."

--Brad Steiger, author of Mysteries of Space and Time.

Dr. Claude Swanson was educated as a physicist at MIT and Princeton University. During those years he worked at the MIT Science Teaching Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory and a Virginia cyclotron in the summer. At Princeton he received the National Science Foundation Fellowship and Putnam Fellowship. His Ph.D. thesis at Princeton was done in the "Gravity Group," which focuses on experimental cosmology and astronomy, and was headed by Nobel laureate Robert Dicke. His thesis advisor was Prof. David Wilkinson, who later became chairman of the physics department.

Swanson conducted postgraduate work at Princeton and Cornell Universities on the design of superconducting plasma containment vessels for fusion energy systems. He then began work for Aeronautical Research Associates of Princeton, a consulting company, and later formed his own consulting company which carried out studies in applied physics for commercial and governmental agencies, including DuPont, United Technologies, the U.S. Army and Navy, DARPA and the CIA, among many others.

For the last fifteen years, interspersed with his conventional professional career in applied physics, Dr. Swanson has pursued investigations into "unconventional physics." His principal interest has been unified field theory, the so-called "Theory of Everything" which could explain the universe at the deepest possible level. This has led him to investigate many aspects of the paranormal, which appear to be completely real phenomena which violate our present science. Paranormal phenomena, which have now been proven in the laboratory in many cases, offer a window into the deeper universe, the mysteries of consciousness, and unlock new forces and principles which conventional science has only begun to glimpse.

Among paranormal phenomena which are now known, it has been found that signals can move much faster than light, and the human consciousness and even human influence, can move backward and forward in time. Science fiction concepts such as teleportation and levitation seem to occur in reality in paranormal events, and offer powerful evidence that this will be the new frontier of science.

At the same time, thousands of out-of-body and near-death experiences show that other dimensions and other realities do exist. This has been the domain of speculation by theoretical physics, but OBE and NDE cases indicate that parallel realities and dimensions are in some sense real. And finally, paranormal research suggests that the human soul, the center of human consciousness, can survive death and is apparently an energy form which can move and exist independently of the body. Science is discovering that, in the words of the pioneer Robert Monroe, " we are far more than our physical bodies."

Dr. Swanson has conducted extensive research in these areas, including research of the scientific literature, interviews with scientists in these fields, attended and spoken at conferences, and conducted experiments and investigations, to better understand how such paranormal phenomena can be incorporated into modern science.

This research has involved underwater archaeology in Bimini, scientific measurements in haunted houses, experiments in remote viewing and psychokinesis, and testing of new devices which can measure these strange forces. He has just published a book, The Synchronized Universe, which summarizes some of the new discoveries of this emerging science.

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Russell Targ interviewed by Molly Cheshire

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Russell Targ is physicist and the author of " Do You See What I See?" He was a pioneer in the development of the laser and cofounder of the Stanford Research Institute's investigation into psychic abilities in the 1970s and 1980s.

His website is www.espresearch.com.

Alex Putney | Messages of Resonance Change in 2012, Betelgeuse & Modern Alchemy

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February 10, 2011
Alex Putney is behind the website Human Resonance. Human Resonance has been organized to share the rediscovery of a superfluid resonance technology of our ancient Sanskrit mother culture, crystallizing the body and synchronizing human consciousness.

He returns to the program to discuss extra terrestrial and prophetic messages about 2012 and the high resonance changes and transformations that humankind and our planet might be facing in the next few years. We discuss the next magnetic reversal, Betelgeuse supernova being visible from earth in 2012 and giant skeletons found in Ecuador, where Alex currently is.

Then, Alex talks about purification of water and physical alchemy, a scientific experiment that now is taking place in the United States by Joe Champion. Dr Champion has allegedly managed to transmute copper, lead and other metals into precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum.

More topics discussed:
giants in Ecuador, Acamboro artifacts, acoustic resonance field change, gravity, oxygen levels, dinosaurs and humans existing at the same time, the shift of the ages, 1968, in South Africa, "Valdar", "Sola Kananda", Billy Eduard Meier and the Plejarans, Ptah, magnetic reversal, Betelgeuse supernova visible from earth in 2012, Charles Fort, Fortean Times, sinkholes, mining, oil, earthquake lights, infrasound standing waves, birds and fish temperature related, low resonance, HAARP, psychopathic elite, the power of nature, high resonance change, making choices, Urandir Oliveira contact in Brazil, lightwater, protium, deuterium, pure form of heavy water, water in Antarctica, HHO plasma, Malta underground spiral structure, red dawn, waves of UVA Infrared light, Hopi final warning, levitation stones, heartbeat resonance of pyramids, energetic waters, physical laws changing, entropy decrease, return to a 360 day year, the golden year, straightening of the earth axis, modern alchemy, Semjase, metals alloy and Low Energy Nuclear Change (LENC). ~Red Ice Creations

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Chris Everard | Hallucinogens Of The Ancient World

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February 6, 2011–Once again British film maker, author and researcher Chris Everard joined us to discuss his film, SUPERSTATE but since Chris is a wealth of information the discussion flowed to the topic of  Ancient Egyptian Psychedelics and their use throughout history. In the second hour we touch upon SUPERSTATE.
~Truth Frequency Radio

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Part 2 Susan Lindauer | Intel Agent On The Patriot Act, CIA Coverup Of 9-11 And Iraq

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Bob Dean on Open Minds Radio, February 7, 2011

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Robert Dean retired from the US Army as a command sergeant major after a 28 year career. He has appeared on radio programs, TV documentaries and at conferences discussing UFOs. Dean claims he saw a "Cosmic Top Secret" NATO briefing document on UFOs called "The Assessment" when he worked on the General Staff at Strategic Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). We'll talk to him about what he saw.

Richard Dolan | A Breakaway Civilization

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A 3 minute collection of clips by Richard Dolan exploring his idea of a Breakaway Civilization. Includes thoughts on the black budget and a secret space program. Taken from the National Press Club, in Washington, D.C., Leeds University, U.K., and elsewhere.

Secret Space Program Conference, Amsterdam April 3, 2011

Secret Space Program Conference Promo Clip | Richard C. Hoagland

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Conference info

CONNECTING THE DOTS…WITH Richard Hoagland, Peter Levenda, Timothy Good, Richard Dolan and Jay Weidner will unravel the most expensive, secret and influential covert program hidden from society…the secret space program.

These key speakers are coming together to shine new light on our hidden ancient past, present and future,where human society is going, who is the driving force behind it, how a breakaway in world civilization is imminent and insights into coming earth changes.

For more information secretspaceprogram.com

Stephen Bassett | Pressure building for Governments to Acknowledge the ET Presence

Source: Ohio Exopolitics, paradigmresearchgroup.org

February 5, 2011–Stephen Bassett speaks on the Pressure building for Governments to Acknowledge the ET Presence.

Stephen Bassett is arguably the leading advocate in the nation for ending the 61-year government imposed truth embargo regarding an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race. He is a political activist, lobbyist, commentator and columnist. He is the founder of the Paradigm Research Group, the Executive Director of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee (X-PPAC), the creator of the Paradigm Clock and the executive producer of the X-Conference. His work has been covered internationally including the Washington Post, Washington Times, New York Times, Legal Times, Roll Call, Christian Science Monitor, National Journal, Pravda and the London Sunday Express.

Paul Guercio | The Merlin Project

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February 5, 2011–This time – A welcome return to co-founder of The Merlin Project , Paul Guercio – together with George Hart he created a way of highlighting future trends based on the past. You’ll hear how this is relevant to the situation in Egypt today – and the world – now in 2011. ~Howard Hughes

The MERLIN Project Research Group

Paul Guercio - Founder and Futurist

Paul Guercio is a nationally-respected futurist and a long-time student of traditional and esoteric predictive systems. His 40 years of research into the Psychical (pronounced psi-hick-hull) Sciences and subsequent collaboration with Dr. George Hart directly resulted in the creation of the MERLIN Project. His clients include many prominent business people, politicians, celebrities and thousands of 'Coast-to-Coast AM' and Alan Colmes Radio/Fox News Talk listeners. He has been a regular guest on CNN, NPR and other major news networks.

George Hart, Ph.D. - Co-Founder and Research Physicist

Dr. George Hart is an SDI (Star Wars) physicist who specializes in the application of supercomputers to the mathematical modeling of systems exhibiting extremely complex behavior. In 1992, he received the prestigious British RANK Prize for his work in laser technology (for) inventing the excimer laser used in LASIK eye surgery and semiconductor manufacturing. Dr. Hart is a longtime Pentagon contractor who holds a very high security clearance.

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Susan Lindauer | Intel Agent On The Patriot Act, CIA Coverup Of 9-11 And Iraq

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Susan Lindauer, author of Extreme Prejudice, is the first CIA asset to have spoken out, under her own name and for the record, on Israeli complicity in 9/11, the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center, and the specific, detailed foreknowledge of the time, target, and means of the 9/11 attacks held throughout the months prior to 9/11 by the CIA in general and Lindauer's CIA handler, Richard Fuisz, in particular.

She has also exposed her first-hand knowledge of pre-war intelligence and negotiations showing that Iraq was willing to give the US "anything it asked" and that the war was therefore--from the perspective of US interests--not only utterly unnecessary, but wildly counterproductive. Lindauer's evidence points strongly to 9/11 being a coup d'etat by hard-line Zionists determined to steer the US into a self-destructive war on Israel's enemies.
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