The Corbett Report | So THIS Is Where That Infamous Soros Video Came From... | Nov. 18 , 2016


A helpful Corbett Report listener pointed me to the source of the Soros 60 Minutes video that emerged earlier this week: a collaborative investigation by The_Donald subreddit. This is a great example of the "open source investigation" model of collaborative research that I've been fostering at The Corbett Report for the past few years. So what should we be focusing our energy on next? Is there another specific, attainable research goal (like tracking down the Soros interview) that we could reasonably accomplish by combining our research resources?

Show Notes:
Infamous 60 Minutes Piece on Soros Emerges Online
reddit Thread Tracking Down the Video
The Net Is Mightier Than The Sword – James Corbett at TEDxGroningen
Who Is ISIS? An open source investigation
The Paris Terror Attacks: An Open Source Investigation
pizzagate subreddit

The Corbett Report | Infamous 60 Minutes Piece on Soros Emerges Online - Here are the highlights

You'll no doubt remember the quotes from that 1998 60 Minutes piece on Soros from Episode 113 of The Corbett Report podcast. Well guess what? That clip actually emerged online this week. Let me walk you through a few of the highlights.

Show Notes:
Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, ‘take back power’
Proof That Soros Money is Funding the Anti-Trump Leftist Protest-Riots
Episode 113 – Meet George Soros
The 60 Minutes Interview George Soros Tried to Bury
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Q&A session with Edward Snowden hosted by PEN International in Oslo | Nov. 18, 2016


National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden is scheduled to take part in a Q&A session via video call, hosted by the PEN International foundation which promotes literature and freedom of expression, at the House of Literature in Oslo on Friday, November 18, during the international PEN-day ceremony dedicated to imprisoned writers around the world.

Start: 4:35 min.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Nov. 17, 2016


There's some shake-ups going on in Germany, and some foreign policy reviews there as well, and all in the wake of the American political referendum:

Steinmeier to swap German foreign ministry for presidency
Germany must detach foreign policy from US, whether Trump or Clinton wins – think tank

F. William Engdahl | What is happening in the world? | Conference Bevrijding van bedrog - Utrecht, The Netherlands


What is happening in the world and what are they (not) telling us? About Ukraine, Syria, NATO, Turkey. What about Russia and the US? Conference on 10 September - Bevrijding van bedrog - Utrecht, The Netherlands

Max Igan & Phillip J Watt | Supermoon Chat - Bringing Reality Home | Nov. 15, 2016


Recorded on Nov 15th, 2016. Max and Phil sit down during the largest Super-moon since 1948 to discuss some of the most powerful information of our current moment. They lay a potent pathway for truthful dialogue to enter into the lounge rooms of a lost and confused populace.

William Buhlman | Higher Self Now and Our Journey Into the Afterlife | Nov. 16, 2016


According to OBE expert, author, and researcher William Buhlman true revolutionary change will come when we change our ideas about death and dying. Right now, fear reigns supreme about so many aspects of life, including and especially death.

William joins Alexis to discuss how we can all learn to first understand who we really are as spiritual beings and how to incorporate that new understanding into life so we can better prepare for the “afterlife.”

Anthony Peake | Opening the Doors of Perception | Legalise Freedom Radio | Nov. 16, 2016


Anthony Peake discusses his book Opening the Doors of Perception – The Key to Cosmic Awareness.

(download audio at bottom. Apologies for sound issues during the last few minutes.)

Considering the irreducible complexity of the human brain and the sense we often have of our bodies feeling more like part of the external world – a vehicle or conduit if you will – while our inner selves, our consciousness appears to reside ‘elsewhere’, we ask: Is mind within matter or matter within mind? What and where is consciousness?

Is it merely an epiphenomenon of the brain, or is it the origin of all that is? We consider altered states of consciousness, including so-called mental illness, and ask what purpose, if any, they might ultimately serve. Under certain circumstances, such altered states seem to offer glimpses of a much wider reality beyond that normally perceived by our five senses.

Building on the ideas of Aldous Huxley and his Doors of Perception, we ponder notions such as past lives, reincarnation, the collective unconscious, and what happens to our world if indeed time, space, and matter are not fundamental. Do we then exist in an unimaginably vast computer simulation?

Are we simply avatars in a cosmic computer game? And if so, then who – or what – is in control? Maybe you have a sense of something else – something long forgotten, only now half remembered… Are these clues left here for us to find in time? Or merely glitches in the matrix of our own minds?

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The Corbett Report | #NotMyPresident? #DrainTheSwamp? The REAL Revolution Is Already Here | Nov. 16, 2016


So you say you want a revolution? Well don't worry, it's already happening and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the political game that the ruling oligarchs entice you to play once every four years. As the radical decentralization transforms the economy and finance and manufacturing and the media itself, the only question is whether or not you're taking part in it. Yes, the revolution is happening, and no, it will not be televised.

Show Notes:
Solutions: The Peer-to-Peer Economy
Solutions: 3D Printing
Anarchy in Action: Spontaneous Order
Dear Government, Deliver Us From Freedom
P2P Solutions: An Open Source Investigation
Solutions: Freedom Cells
Solutions: Agorism
Solutions: Make Your Own Media

Jordan Maxwell | The Hidden History Of World Religions | Nov. 12, 2016


Jordan shares his research on the hidden history of world religions, bible code, their use by governments to control populations and the origin of the myth of Moses. A very eye-opening look at where we are now and where we may be headed. Jordan at his best, don't miss this episode!

The Corbett Report | Did you vote to #DrainTheSwamp? Take the #TrumpPledge! | Nov. 15, 2016


Do you have the sinking feeling that Trump may start backing off his promises now that he's in power. Is there the niggling doubt that the banksters, criminals and party insiders he's surrounding himself with may not follow through on that draining of the swamp? Never fear! You can show you're a person of integrity by taking the #TrumpPledge.

Show Notes:
Trump praises Clintons, says he’ll certainly think about calling them for advice
Trump Reverses on Obamacare
Meet the Neocons, 9/11 Criminals and Goldman Bankers On Team Trump

Behind The Scenes Look At Newsbud's War Against The Mainstream Propaganda Machine | Nov. 15, 2016


In this rare behind the scenes episode Spiro Skouras is joined by Broc West to share with our viewers what goes into Newsbud video productions and how we use them to counter the mainstream media propaganda.

SUPPORT NEWSBUD: Support a 100% People-Funded Media—Newsbud, Phase 2

Cathy O'Brien | MKUltra & Project Monarch Whistleblower on Her new Book |  Nov. 14, 2016


The Corbett Report | #NotMyPresident? Take the #ClintonPledge! | Nov. 14, 2016


Do you have the sinking feeling that democracy is not what it's cracked up to be? Do you insist that Trump is #NotMyPresident? Well don't despair, get active. Take the #ClintonPledge, and pass it along to your friends. It may not be as scary as you think.

Show Notes:
James Corbett Discusses the Anarchist Ideologies
James Corbett on Solutions for a New Generation
How To Free Your Tax Cattle
Anarchy in Action: Spontaneous Order
Solutions: Agorism
Larken Rose on the Immorality of Voting
Voting is the Problem. Here’s the Solution.

Michael Tsarion | MOON (Path of the Fool Series) | Nov. 14, 2016


Michael Tsarion's master class on Tarot symbolism continues with an analysis of THE MOON...

John Lash | Eight Unifying Points for Truth Seekers & Knowledge Holders | Red Ice Radio


John Lash is a self-educated, free-lance scholar with an interest in mythology, magic, and religion. He is a pioneer of directive mythology, the application of myth to life. John runs and is the author of The Seeker's Handbook, Twins and the Double, The Hero - Manhood and Power, Quest for the Zodiac, and Not in His Image.

Our show opens with a discussion on truth seeking. We differentiate between ultimate and conditional truth, the former being an ultimate realization, whereas the latter is defined as the truth about a particular event or topic. We then attempt to outline a set of criteria for truth-seekers, that is, the enlightened consensus on a number of salient issues: Jewish influence, Holocaust revisionism, White genocide, Cultural Marxism, Communism, and much more. We consider how humanity’s base desires and inclinations can be directed toward the realization of our divine, superhuman nature. This show also covers the true nature of wisdom, religious experience, and how the truth cannot remain hidden indefinitely.

Interview notes

S0 News | M7.4 Quake Strikes New Zealand in Alert Zone | Nov. 13, 2016


Newsbud | Russia Claims Horrendous Pentagon Cover-Up in the Battle for Mosul | Nov. 13, 2016


Extensive U.S. Casualties Unreported in the U.S. Media
In the sixth edition of the Russian Newspapers Monitor, Professor Filip Kovacevic discusses the front page articles from three Russian newspapers: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Izvestia, and Nezavisimaya Gazeta.

He examines whether the election of Donald Trump will be a good news for the Russian economy and speculates that Vladimir Putin's ally Nikolai Patrushev might be the new Russian prime minister. He also covers the reports from the Russian military intelligence sources that the U.S. military suffered extensive casualties in the battle for Mosul in Iraq, which so far have not been reported by any U.S. mass media outlets.

Is this the case of a horrendous cover-up? Lastly, Prof. Kovacevic chronicles the recent efforts of the Russian Historical Society to combat the attempts to re-write the Russian history in a negative, revisionist manner by the NATO-Allied European, U.S. academics and politicians.

Newsbud | The Podesta Scandal & the Importance of Media Integrity | Nov. 11, 2016


Sibel Edmonds on the Record: The Podesta E-mail Scandal & the Importance of Media Integrity

In this edition of Newsbud Spotlight Sibel & Spiro cover the recent email scandal of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager John Podesta and compare it to other high profile cases throughout recent history. Newsbud also examines the devious tactics of mainstream and pseudo alternative media and offers you a solution, Newsbud.

Show Notes:
Robert Creamer Visited Obama’s White House 340 Times
Sibel Edmonds Under Oath Testimony/Deposition PART 1 PART 2
Who’s Afraid of Sibel Edmonds?
The Real Dennis Hastert Case

Thomas Sheridan | The Druid Code: Magic, Megaliths and Mythology | Part Two | Legalise Freedom Radio | Nov. 12, 2016

Source:,, Book: The Druid Code: Magic, Megaliths and Mythology

The Druid Code sets out to examine the wider concept of magic and mythology being utilised as an early form of social psychoanalysis by the druids, how magic theory developed from this, and how this evolution of ritual magic eventually made its way into folklore, witchcraft and Freemasonry. From the proto-shamanic world of the megalith builders, to lost civilisations of the Atlantic fringe, along with the continual changes and challenges to the human experience in the face of traumatic cultural upheaval, the druids and their legacy have played a far more influential role than has been previously acknowledged. The Druid Code utilises mythology connected to sacred sites, developing a bidirectional conduit back through time, to reveal what took place in 2500BC – a shift in human consciousness that made humans what we are today. Issues discussed include:

- The decline of Christianity in Europe.
- The universal myths and legends of global disasters in the ancient past, and the lost Golden Age.
- The nature of our ancestors’ consciousness and how it differed from ours.
- Resistance to evidence which dates ancient sites as much older than currently accepted.
- Transhumanism, technocracy, and the struggle to shape the future.
- More ancient, less primitive: Will rejection of science as the only way to understand reality birth a new era of magical, mythical human consciousness?

From Atlantis to alchemy, you will never see history in the same way again.

download mp3

Max Igan | Donald Trump and The Future | Nov. 11, 2016


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix, November 11th, 2016.

Jay Dyer | Esoteric Hollywood: Full Of Dark Occultists & CIA Agent | The Vinny Eastwood Show


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