Dr . Joel Wallach | Ask Doc Live | May 14, 2021

Source: criticalhealthnews.com

Dr. Joel Wallach answers a variety of unique questions from diverse people all over the world.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 13, 2021

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Well that didn't take long: the Russkis shut down colonial pipeline... but Joseph has some questions about the narrative:


Biden official warns cyberattacks on US are 'here to stay' after 'Russian ransomware gangsters DarkSide' shut down America's largest fuel pipeline: Emergency declaration is issued in 18 states amid price hike fears

Dr. Rima interviews Ian Trottier and Dr. Ardis on the Jab | May 5, 2021

Source: Natural Solutions Bitchute, drrimatruthreports.com

If you have friends who are considering whether to take the jab. Show them the video. 

Dr. Rima interviews Ian Trottier and Dr. Ardis on the unavoidably unsafe COVID "vaccine" approved under an Emergency Use Authorization. Does the shedding of spike protein occur? Can anyone be protected from second-hand adverse reactions?

The Corbett Report | Buycotts – #SolutionsWatch | May 11, 2021

Source: corbettreport.com

Today James answers a question about boycotts with an answer about buycotts. How do we flip the script on the boycott idea to make it about empowering the world we want rather than avoiding the world we don’t want? And how do we create an effective buycott list? -corbettreport.com

Show Notes:
Episode 275 – Solutions: Boycotts and Buycotts
Food companies chart
American empire and its media
Median ownership
Businesses with US Federal Contractor registrations
The Great Reopening – #SolutionsWatch
Non-GMO project
Non-GMO shopping guide app
Buycott app

Luis Elizondo | The US Government on UFOs, UAPs & Aerial Threats | May 11, 2021

Source: Martin Willis Live Shows youtube, luiselizondo-official.com

Guest, Ex-Pentagon official Luis (Lue) Elizondo discusses what it was like as a former intelligence officer with the Department of Defense and the director of AATIP, the Pentagon's secret UFO program. He talks about the dynamics of what has been observed, the USS Nimitz case, and what the government may or may not know about these incursions and more.

LUIS “LUE” ELIZONDO BIO: Former Senior Intelligence Official, Disclosure Advocate, National Security Expert, Former Director of the Pentagon’s UFO/UAP Program (AATIP)

Career Intelligence Officer with:

The United States Army
The United States Department of Defense
The United States Office of National Counterintelligence Executive
The United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence

∴ Program Manager/Director for AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program)
∴ Senior Intelligence Operations Officer
∴ National/Strategic Policy & Strategy Development
∴ Foreign & Domestic Intelligence and Information Sharing
∴ Intelligence/Law Enforcement Integration
∴ Supervised & conducted espionage and terrorism investigations around the globe
∴ Managed clandestine source operations throughout the Middle East & Latin America

Military Service
During Lue’s short tenure in the U.S. Army, he had the honor and privilege to serve in various assignments. As a Counterintelligence Special Agent, Lue was assigned to the Republic of Korea (South Korea) and later, throughout America’s Southwest. As a young Agent, he conducted counterespionage investigations, provided technology protection of advanced aerospace systems and platforms, supported U.S./Russia Treaties (Open Skies & START-II), and conducted routine security background investigations.

Shortly thereafter, I was recruited into a Special Activities Program with the Department of the Army. This led me to new assignments throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. As an Intelligence Operations Officer, my responsibilities included oversight of sensitive source operations, counter-insurgency missions, and support to counter-narcotics.

The Pentagon & AATIP
After several assignments in the Middle East, Lue was assigned to Washington D.C. as the Overseas Investigations Desk Officer. There he had the responsibility of managing foreign intelligence and terrorist investigations worldwide. Over the next several years, Lue worked within a variety of intelligence agencies and organizations.

In 2008 Lue was asked to be part of the now-famous Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP). In 2010, as a Staff member for the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), I assumed the lead role for this endeavor. Our mission was to conduct scientific-based, intelligence investigations of incursions by Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) into controlled U.S. airspace. In 2017, with a heavy heart, Lue resigned from his position inside the Pentagon in an effort to raise awareness of the UAP issue. The decision to resign was based on Lue’s sense of loyalty to the Secretary and his beloved Department, in order to dismantle the bureaucratic silos and stovepipes hindering the conversation about this important topic.

Colin E Davis & Melissa Mari | Freedom from Fear | Legalise Freedom Radio | May 11, 2021

Source: legalise-freedom.com, shadowtechalchemy.com, 01experience.com

Beginning in August 2020, 'Freedom From Fear' is a free-form discussion series taking the title as its starting point. In this episode, Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari contrast the evolutionary role of fear with the 21st century explosion in anxiety, neuroses, and declining mental health.

We examine mainstream media fearmongering and propaganda and how our modern obsession with safety and security renders life joyless, restricted, and forever in limbo. We also discuss the proliferation of fear in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and ask, is freedom from fear actually desirable, or even possible? -legalise-freedom.com

James Corbett & Ernest Hancock on Declare Your Independence | May 9, 2021

Source: corbettreport.com

James Corbett joins Ernest Hancock for his weekly appearance on Declare Your Indpendence. This week they discuss: the Quigley formula, 6G, the information-industrial complex, Cody Wilson, the fourth turning, “neuro-rights” and salt marches.

*PLEASE NOTE: I said Cecil “B.” Rhodes a couple of times here. Was I thinking of Cecil B. DeMille? In any event, it’s of course Cecil John Rhodes. -James Corbett

Show Notes:

Meet Carroll Quigley

The last will and testament of Cecil John Rhodes : with elucidatory notes to which are added some chapters describing the political and religious ideas of the testator
Interview 1158 – Joe Plummer Teaches Tragedy and Hope 101
New ‘6G chip’ could download Netflix film in ‘less than a blink of the eye’
The Information-Industrial Complex
Post-Political: A Speech
The Fourth Turning: Why America’s “Crisis” May Last Until 2030
What’s in your head? Just like in Nolan’s ‘Inception’, brain tech can hack your mind; ‘neuro-rights’ can keep you safe

The Last American Vagabond | Further Evidence That SARS-CoV-2 Genes Can Integrate With Human DNA & What That Means For You | May 10, 2021

Source: thelastamericanvagabond.com

S0 News | Sun Erupts at Earth, Comet, Currents, No-Field Physics | May 10, 2021

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Dr. Leo Ruickbie & Anthony Peake | The history and sociology of Witchcraft, Mediumship and The Occult | May 10, 2021

Source: Anthony Peake youtube 

Dr. Leo Ruickbie is the Visiting Fellow in Psychology at the University of Northampton and the author of six books, most recently Angels in the Trenches: Spiritualism, Superstition and the Supernatural During the First World War, and is co-editor with Robert McLuhan of Is There Life After Death? (in preparation).

He is actively involved in the parapsychological research community, a Council Member of the Society for Psychical Research and a Professional Member of the Parapsychological Association, as well as being Editor of The Magazine of the Society for Psychical Research.

He is also an elected member of the Royal Historical Society and a member of the Royal Photographic Society - and has been shortlisted for the 2021 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year.

Brien Foerster | Megalithic Site Of The "Stones Of The Moon" Near Cusco Peru | May 7, 2021

Source: hiddenincatours.com

Dark Journalist | X-Series 100 Hart In The HotZone: Atlantis/BImini Op And COG Deep State! | May 8, 2021

Source: darkjournalist.com


Please join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for a revealing look at the hidden forces that control Deep Politics, Space Technology, The Global Control Grid, Social Engineering and more! 

DJ looks at the strange story of Senator Gary Hart whose 1988 Campaign for President was largely influenced by his investigation into the JFK Assassination and was sabotaged by Deep State forces who feared his knowledge of the ultra secret Continuity of Government Program!

Important Books from this Episode:

American Deep State
Peter Dale Scott

Edgar Cayce on Atlantis
Edgar Evans Cayce

Paul Stonehill | Strange Revelations of Eastern Block Cosmonauts | May 10, 2021

Source: Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill youtube

Even under watchful eyes of totalitarian censorship, the cosmonauts managed to talk about interesting things. And revealed fascinating information... -Paul Stonehill
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