New World Next Week | Chinese Defiance | Dec. 2, 2022



Story #1: Chinese Lockdown Protests Intensify In Rare Display Of Defiance
China’s Mass Protests Are Overwhelming Its Censorship Systems
George Soros Touts China as Leader of New World Order
Justin Trudeau Said He Admired China’s Dictatorship. Canadians Should Have Believed Him
Merkel Joins Castro, Nixon In Ranks of China’s ‘Old Friends’
China and the New World Order
It's Confirmed: Tyrants LOVE China! . . . But Why?
How to Control Your Soul’s Desire for Freedom
The Mask Is Off: WEF's Klaus Schwab Declares China 'Role Model'

Story #2: Netherlands to Close Up to 3,000 Farms to Comply With EU Rules
Nilüfer Gündogan Live On Television With Facial Paralysis
Video: Vax-Pushing Dutch Politician Says Her Bell's Palsy Is Actually Stress-Related Herpes

Story #3: FDA Declares Lab-Grown Chicken ‘Safe to Eat’ - But Scientists, Food Safety Advocates Have Questions
FDA Approves Lab-Grown Meat For the First Time
Video: Please Stop The Ride - FDA Has "No Questions" About Lab-Grown "Meat"
50 Groups Target Bill Gates on Farming and Technology: ‘You Are Part of Creating the Very Problem You Name’
Unique Microsoft Hiring Program Opens More Doors to People With Autism (Feb. 9, 2016)
Beyond Meat's Pennsylvania Plant Riddled With Deadly Mold, Bacteria
Blackmail Friday: Interview w/Whitney Webb
PRE-ORDER: False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda (3-Disc DVD Set)

Joseph P. Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Dec. 1, 2022


The Nefarium has been particularly busy in the past week, as not only did the Bai Den Jo famdamnly vacation in Nantucket, but the rental cars rented by the not-to-secret Secret Service burst into flames a day after the Bai Den Jo famdamnly's vacation ended (our thanks to all who sent this story, and particularly to N for the version we're using):

Max Igan | Awaken The World | Dec. 1, 2022


Humanity's 'Headset' Reality | David Icke Major Interview On The Nature Of Reality | Nov. 30, 2022


The Corbett Report | A False Flag Reading List - Questions For Corbett | Nov. 30, 2022



Kevin writes in with the eternal question: a book recommendation for him and his son. James responds with a few dozen suggestions from his False Flags: The Secret History of Al Qaeda research reading list.

Dark Journalist & Catherine Austin Fitts | CBDC Biometric Control Grid | Nov. 30, 2022


Former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts returns for a deep discussion with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and reveals how the Central Bankers have implemented a Worldwide surveillance and financial transaction infrastructure to harvest humanity physically, economically and spiritually. 

Catherine has been warning on the development of the Central Bank Digital Currency and its implications for loss of freedom. Today she'll go deep on how the crash of FTX is an op designed at the top of the money pyramid to bring in the new system.

Max Igan | Mind Wars | Nov. 29, 2022


Whitney Webb | The Network Behind FTX with Marty Bent and Michael Krieger


Mary Bent and Mike Krieger join Whitney to unravel the network behind the meteoric rise of Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX and what was actually going on at the company. The discussion goes far beyond the obvious fraud at FTX and looks at the networks that brought Bankman-Fried to power and were using him as a front for a dangerous agenda. Originally published 11/22/22.

The Corbett Report | Eye-bouncing - #SolutionsWatch | Nov. 29, 2022


Propaganda is only effective if we watch it. In fact, if we let it into our consciousness, then it doesn't matter how we react to it; they've already got us. Today on #SolutionsWatch, James explores the idea of eye-bouncing and how we can use it to turn our focus away from what we don't want and towards what we do.

Show Notes:
James Corbett on Declare Your Independence 2022/11/10
"The News" is a Social Construct. It is Used to Program You.
Stop Watching Propaganda
Introducing #SolutionsWatch
Propaganda by Edward Bernays
The Selfish Ledger

Andrei Martyanov | Clash of Cultures | Nov. 27, 2022


Balenciaga Factor and 1968 blast from the past.

Redice TV | Liberals Sweat Over Musk, Holodomor Recognized By Germany, Viking Discoveries | Nov. 25, 2022


Henrik and Lana cover the latest in episode 194 of Flashback Friday this November 25, 2022.

The Corbett Report | Ringing the Alarm on The Hrvoje Morić Show | Nov. 26, 2022

Source:, tntradio

RECORDED NOV 21: James joins Hrvoje Morić on The Hrvoje Morić Show on TNTRadio to discuss the latest lies from the war in Ukraine, the CBDC psyop and how we need to get serious about fighting the war on us all that constitues the real Third World War.

Show Notes:
The Hrvoje Morić Show
NATO Parliamentary Assembly designates Russia as a terrorist state, calls for Tribunal
reddit's galaxy brains weigh in
Zelenskyy addresses NATO PA as lawmakers underscore support for Ukraine’s resistance against Russia’s “terrorist” regime
Not supporting the Not-War is not okay (Russians arrested for saying "No to war")
“Trusting the Plan” in the Russian World Is Life Threatening (Kherson withdrawal)
Putin ally Viktor Medvedchuk exchanged for 200 Azov Battalion fighters
FLASHBACK: Michael Murphy and G. Edward Griffin on Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (2010)
No Longer a Conspiracy Theory: CIA Director John Brennan Admits Plans of Aerosol Spraying for Geoengineering
Are We Ready for a New World Order? | WGS2022
G20 leaders declare global digital health network
Episode 328 - The Bitcoin Psyop
What Is The Bitcoin Psyop? - Questions For Corbett #086
Episode 433 - CBDCs: Beyond the Basics
How BlackRock Conquered the World - Part 1 / Part 2
Larry Fink's 2022 Letter to CEOs
Brazilians protesting election results have their bank accounts frozen
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