Clifford Carnicom | Chemtrails & Morgellons - Open Lines, January 27, 2012


January 27, 2012–Filling in for George Noory, Rob Simone welcomed researcher Clifford Carnicom in the first half of the program for a discussion on the profound impact of chemtrails, and the baffling condition known as Morgellons disease. Open Lines followed.

Max Igan | Total Criminalization, January 27, 2012


Max Igan - Surviving The Matrix - January 27, 2012

Robert Bauval | Post-Revolution Egypt, January 26, 2012


January 26, 2012–Engineer, Egyptologist and frequent guest of Red Ice Radio, Robert Bauval joins us to discuss the recent revolution in Egypt and former Minister of State for Antiquities Director Zahi Hawass. Robert and historian Ahmed Osman, collaborated to write a new book exposing Zahi Hawass.

We'll talk about his corruption, lies and resignation. Robert tells us about stolen antiquities, vandalism and illegal excavation in Egypt. Where did the antiquities go? Then, we talk about the moderate Islamic majority in Egyptian parliament and Salafi extremists, who have been making crazy proposals. Robert talks about post-revolution Egypt and what can save them. Lastly, we discuss his upcoming tours of Egypt, the fear of tourists and empty sites. It's a great time to visit! ~Red Ice Creations

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Dolores Cannon | The Return of Lost Knowledge & the New Earth, January 20, 2012


Dolores Cannon stumbled into the proverbial rabbit hole back in the 60s when she and her husband, a career Navy man stationed in Arkansas at the time, began experimenting with hypnosis to help their base-mates feel better. Trouble was, their subjects kept slipping into past lives. Forty-some years later, this straight-talking, congenial grandmother has penned 17 books on esoteric subjects, is in high demand on the lecture circuit, and crisscrosses the globe teaching her unique hypnotherapy methods to hundreds.

Recently back from Russia and headed for China in March, Cannon is warmly welcomed, and often revered, among the metaphysical cognoscenti. Although Cannon eschews "past life junkies," she recounts a past life story about when she was a caretaker of books at Egypt's library in Alexandria. The man that she was, died, trying to escape with an arm full of scrolls as the place was being torched.

Knowing this helped her understand the focus of this life, she says: lost sacred knowledge and books, books, books. Here's some of what Cannon professes in this Veritas interview: Nostradamus wants people to know (his people contacted her people) that his prophesies were all worst case scenarios. Human thought can (and Cannon believes already has done) change outcomes. ETs are all nice. Any interaction (and they do have a hybrid program going on) is by pre-life agreement. Because her hypnotism methods tap deeply, past fear and emotion, previously negative experiences are reported more "truthfully." Some of the helpers coming in now remain childless by choice. Having children traps people in karma, and thereby tethered to physicality.

The Earth is alive and in the process of evolving into a light body. Earth will be the first planet in the universe to transcend physicality. ETs created us. They know us better than we know ourselves. Past lives can leave physical/emotional residue, but such carry-over is not supposed to happen, and can be remedied by bringing this information into consciousness via regression therapy. There are all kinds of universes, with all kinds of beings. And each universe has its own God. "There is nothing to be afraid of going into 2012." You'll love Cannon's description of heaven, her description of the New World, and the two things you'll need to do to get there.

Tercer Milenio | UFO Sighting Kuban, Russia, January 26, 2012

Source: Tercer Milenio

Yohanan Diaz presents information on the UFO sighting in Kuban, Russia.

Bases 12 | Tony Farell, January 26, 2012


January 26, 2012–Bases 12 continues with discussion with one of the UKs Police intelligence assesement officers, fired for realising the greatest threat is from UK government Flase Flag terrorism, as the Government Narrative is severely "flawed". Interviewed by Joanne Summerscales guest interviwer from The AMMACH Project.

New World Next Week | Fukushima Saga, Seal 6 Psyop, Preppers, January 26, 2012


Story#1: Who Knew What When? The Fukushima Saga Continues

Calgary Sun: Fukushima fallout hit home

Story#2: Nine Dead, Hostages Saved -- SEAL Team 6 Does It Again
Obama State of the Union 2012 Transcript
Related: Inside Story of the UK's Secret Mission to Beat Gaddafi

Story#3: Subculture of Americans Prepares for Civilization's Collapse
Video Flashback: In Hard Times, Some Flirt With Survivalism

Back in Time Series | Did Philip K. Dick disclose the real Matrix in 1977?

Source: Philip K. Dick

"Partial manifestation, the wall circumscribing the "reality" of the savage to protect civilizations from "primitoid" madness. (Primitoid is a word I coined for those imprisoned within their own incredulity.) Some of my friends may recall my mention of partial manifestation. Mr. Dick here, has discovered it." –James Horak

Q & A with Bill Wood Co-Hosted by Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock & Bill Ryan, January 24, 2012


Livestream Q & A with Bill Wood, Co-Hosted by Kerry Cassidy, David Wilcock & Bill Ryan.

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Kelly Sullivan Walden | What Dreams Mean, January 23, 2012


January 23, 2012–We dream of falling endlessly. We dream about lives, both real and imagined, ours and others. On really hectic days, we may venture into absurdity, dreaming about sharing a burrito with Gautama Buddha atop a flagpole. Dreams have terrified, perplexed, and fascinated us since the dawn of humankind. But what do they mean?

From Zoroaster to C.G. Jung, from spirituality to science, great minds have worked to decode the symbolic language of dreams throughout recorded history. In this segment, Kelly Sullivan Walden, a dream therapist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and the author of I Had The Strangest Dream: The Dreamer’s Dictionary for the 21st Century, helps us to understand the vagueness that lies beyond the gates of sleep. The host of the web radio show The D-Spot and the founder of The Dream Project, Kelly Walden’s work focuses on identifying the meaning of contemporary symbols in dreams and life-affirming dream analysis to heal past trauma and help realize future goals. If you’ve been dying to make sense of your dreams, don’t sleep through this interview. ~Kim Greenhouse

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James Martinez | Media, Money, Mind Control and YOU, January 23, 2012

Source:, achieveradio cash-flow

January 23, 2012–Through his Cash Flow radio show, James Martinez is the world’s first talk show host to uncover the truth about banking while offering remedy to people all over the world. To date his work has cancelled over $730 million of consumer debt, and empowered people to take back their power. Along with his co-hosts, Bob Neveritt, Dr. Carolyn Dean, and iON, he has pushed the boundaries of media and human consciousness by imploding the prevaling memes and embeds.

This conversation came about after James' two-pronged announcements of the pending release of commercial cold fusion and the new global economic structure on January 1, 2012. These two announcements---taken on their sheer potential magnitude---demanded examination, as well as a glimpse into the spokesman's own mind and work.

At this time, James has stated that no further comments or information are available on the global economic restructuring, but  that information will come in the opportune days ahead. All other subjects were open...and we "go there": Walther Bowart, Marshall McLuhan, the Hollywood mind screw, consciousness-raising, "becoming gods", and the energy revolution that upturns the world.
As with any conversation, listen carefully...more than once. There are powerful messages embedded in the nuances.

My thanks to James for this generous and enlightening talk, through him I was able to touch two of my heroes!
 Dedicated to the memory of Walter Bowart and Marshall McLuhan. ~Randy Maugans

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Achieve Radio-Cash Flow with James Martinez
Cold Fusion Now
Rossi Cold Fusion:
Wikipedia article: Rossi E-Catalyzer

Greg Palast | Big Oil & Corporate Vultures, January 22, 2012


January 22, 2012–Muckraker and investigative journalist Greg Palast joined George Knapp for inside details on stories that American media doesn't report, including revelations on Big Oil, and financial "vultures" who use shady practices for mega-profits. He uncovered that two years before the BP/Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf, a similar incident happened to BP in the Caspian Sea off Azerbaijan, indicating that they were well aware of such drilling problems. BP covered up the incident by bribing Azerbaijani officials, and flying them to London for lap dances, he detailed.

Palast referred to a number of former Soviet republics as having become the "Islamic Republics of BP," where oil companies have come in and given ruling families enormous sums. "The oil companies know very well that the money just disappears into these holes, and that's part of the game-- that's how they get cheap oil contracts through winking and nodding at the looting of the oil money," he said, noting that the citizens of these countries don't see any of the money, and remain poor. Interestingly, countries such as Brazil that didn't play along with the oil companies, are doing well economically, he pointed out.

In the Exxon Valdez incident of 1989, BP was actually in charge of emergency equipment and procedures in the event of a ship running aground in the Arctic, but they didn't spend the money following through on it, and then ended up lying about it, Palast charged. What BP learned in Alaska, is that they could get away with lying, and that's what they proceeded to do in the Gulf spill, he continued, adding that BP has only paid out 1/10th of the amount they promised for clean-up and settlements. Generally, oil companies have found that it's easier to cover-up oil spills with cash, and PR campaigns than to actually clean up the spills once they happen, he observed.

James Corbett | Strait Jacket: Iran to 'definitely' close Hormuz if EU bans oil, January 23, 2012


EU nations have formally adopted an unprecedented set of sanctions against Tehran - which include a bloc-wide embargo on Iranian oil. The move targets Iran's nuclear program which, the Islamic Republic insists, is for purely peaceful purposes. To discuss the implications of fresh sanctions against Iran, RT talks to James Corbett - editor of independent news website - 'The Corbett Report' which is based in Japan.

Sterling D. Allan | Free Energy Technologies, January 21, 2012


January 21, 2012–Sterling D. Allan, founder and CEO of PES Network, Inc. and the New Energy Congress, joined John B. Wells to reveal the top new free energy technologies, including E-Cat, the first such technology that has been submitted for UL certification.

Adrian Salbuchi | 'It's all about pumping oil, not helping Libyans', January 22, 2012


January 22, 2012–Libya could be on the brink of civil war, according to the head of the National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, following a weekend of political turmoil. That's after his deputy stepped down when Jalil suspended six high-ranking council delegates from Benghazi.

Adrian Salbuchi, international consultant talks to RT, suggesting it's Iraq all over again with the flag of democracy brought in to guard Western geopolitical interests and pump oil while the "invaded" nation's needs are ignored.

A spokesman for British Civilians for Peace in Libya, Sukant Chandan, says the national transitional council is failing to unite the country.

India's Biometric ID Scheme - GRTV Behind the Headlines, January 23, 2012


January 23, 2012–The Indian government is ramping up efforts to fingerprint and iris scan the entirety of its 1.2 billion citizens in an ambitious scheme to issue national ID cards with biometric details. The plan has so far already enrolled 110 million people and issued 60 million numbers, with the aim of enrolling 200 million by this March and 600 million by 2014.
Transcript & Sources

Marcia Schafer on The Hundredth Monkey Radio, January 22, 2012


January 22, 2012–As a change catalyst, Marcia takes her audience into the unexplored as she transforms our understanding of the world around us along with our future. She prepares us for the special needs of the 21st century at this exciting time and highlights through her own personal experiences the truth of our extraterrestrial reality.

Marcia holds a master's degree in business administration, a bachelor's degree in nursing and has undergraduate studies in anthropology. With years of executive and entrepreneurial background in the public and private sectors, she draws from this knowledge to position people for success. Well versed in science, medicine and the world of business, she uses her wisdom in these areas to drive home the implications of information gained from her unworldly encounters.

She founded the inventive consulting firm Beyond Zebra® to give aspiring leaders the skills they need to build a better future, and combines knowledge of extraterrestrial reality along with a hint of mysticism in her training of up and coming entrepreneurs. With clients in over thirty five countries she's dedicated to changing the course of our future and uses her information to reposition them for a very different tomorrow.
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