Secret Access: UFO's on the Record, Aired August 25, 2011

Source: History Channel

The film features in-depth accounts by people who are willing to risk their jobs and
reputations to speak out about their extraordinary experiences, such as former Arizona
Governor Fife Symington III; Nick Pope, former head of the British Defense Ministry's
UFO Investigative Unit, and others. Commentary is provided by investigative journalist
Leslie Kean, author of the NY Times bestseller UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government
Officials Go On the Record, who spent ten years studying the UFO phenomenon and
bringing together high level sources from around the world.

Sightings of strange lights and darting orbs are reported from all over the world, and most
are easily explained. But a few other cases present evidence that UFOs are real. SECRET
ACCESS: UFOs ON THE RECORD focuses on claims that cannot be ignored: sightings
over a nuclear-armed military base near Phoenix, a forest in England, a small city in
Belgium. These remarkable eyewitness stories are illustrated with actual source materials
such as footage, radar images and voice recordings from NASA, the Air Force and the

Although the government has determined such episodes to be "insignificant," records
have nonetheless been confiscated, and the experts were sworn to secrecy...until now.

Aired: 25th August 2011

Michael Tsarion | The Posthuman World & the End of Evil, August 25, 2011

Source: FreeTruth Show,

Michael Tsarion was born in Northern Ireland and is a researcher of the occult. He is an author and public speaker whose topics include symbolism, sidereal astrology and Atlantis. He is also the producer and presenter of the Origins and Oracles series which explores ancient mysteries and forbidden knowledge. An expert on the occult histories of Ireland and America, has made the deepest researches into the comparative mythologies of the world and into his own country's ancient and mysterious Celtic Tradition.

Max Igan | Within and Without, August 26, 2011


Max Igan - Surviving The Matrix - 08/26/11

Emery Smith and Dr. Steven Greer | ET Communication using unusual Technology, August 26, 2011


World Puja Network Show - August 26, 2011
- Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer -
"ET communication using unusual technology"
Guest: Emery Smith

August 26, 2011–Dr. Greer will be discussing with Emery Smith the unusual and amazing ways that the ETs interact with technological devices at the CSETI expeditions. All over the world, Mr. Smith and Dr. Greer have had many amazing experiences with magnetometers, radar detectors and cameras. These interactions have been escalating in intensity with almost musical signals coming through the magnetometers at Crestone 2011. It's fascinating. Join them to find out more.

Will Hart | Solar Flare Apocalypse & Comets, August 25, 2011

Source:, Will Hart Articles

August 25, 2011–Will Hart is a freelance journalist, nature photographer, documentary filmmaker and author of The Genesis Race. Back from a long hiatus, Will says we may be in for a tough time as 2012 approaches. In this interview, Will Hart discusses solar activity and the impact it will have on our power grid.

It is possible we may be heading for a major black out, it turn drastically changing our current civilization. We'll talk about the transition from the 4th sun into the 5th, according to the Mayans. Then, Will brings up the correlation between the sun and natural disasters and tells us some of the things we might expect. He says these events are a wakeup call, yet many are ignoring the signs.

Next, we'll explore the electric universe, comets to keep an eye on (Elenin, YU55, Honda and Levy), cosmic alignments and important dates this September. Will urges everyone to be prepared for loss of electricity and stock up on food, yet not to panic. Later, we discuss the connection between sun spot cycles and social unrest. ~Red Ice Creations
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The Human Brain's Potential | Part 1, H.A.A.R.P. Proving Mind Control

HAARP has been accused of having the "ability" to control minds--here's the proof & the connection to the actual "mind control" technology that's currently (quietly) in use today.

No one has been able to get the Government to admit to it at ANY LEVEL, but the information has been out there for quite some time. It's always a matter of connecting dots--and we are the guinea pigs. Electro-magnetic stimulation of the brain has been used for "research purposes" for decades for a variety of reasons, and they've come very close to perfecting it with advocates like John Elder Robison, and Jason Padgett. Both Autistic Savants receiving this treatment.

Electro-magnetic Stimulation of the brain(electrical wave impulses directly through the cranium) AKA Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation(TMS)--has been around since the 1980s. The Russian's were using it on our Embassy in Europe back in '67. And it seemed to work--it was reported that many working in the building at the time, suffered with 'depression.' And apparently ANY electrical/energy pulsation can cause our brains to react either positively, or violently. Remember when 'flashing' Japanese cartoons were causing children to have seizures? Knowing what I know now, I almost wonder if that was an accidental broadcast--or another 'test.' Radio and sound waves can cause serious, and even life-threatening issues as well.

This technology has the power to CURE serious neurological conditions like depression, anxiety, and AUTISM! Therein lies the problem...if it can cure it, it can certainly cause it.

Stanton Friedman | UFOs and MJ-12


Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman is considered one of the worlds leading experts on MJ-12, the code given to an elite group of scientists and military personal set into action by secret presidential order to over see the harvesting and reverse engineering of technology from crashed UFOs of ET origin. After years of painstaking research, this LIVE presentation provides the facts about this secret research group that operates without congressional oversight.

The Battle of Los Angeles Trailer a Jose Escamilla Film


This is the true story of the night a visitor from another world was attacked by our military eleven weeks after Pearl Harbor. Whoever it was piloting this huge object, they didn't return fire even after three and a half hours of constant barrage from our ground fire.

Currently in production, this film details everything about the incident and what ensued immediately after the attack and how, over the years, The Battle of Los Angeles was forgotten and swept under the rug of secrecy, where it remained for the past 70 years.

An Action / Docu / Drama this movie is the definitive film on the single most heavily documented Case in UFO History.


The Release date is to be announced.

Arnie Gundersen | Updates on Fukushima Fairewinds Associates


August 21, 2011–"Newly released neutron data from three University of California San Diego scientists confirms Fairewinds' April analysis that the nuclear core at Fukushima Daiichi turned on and off after TEPCO claimed its reactors had been shutdown. This periodic nuclear chain reaction (inadvertent criticality) continued to contaminate the surrounding environment and upper atmosphere with large doses of radioactivity.

In a second area of concern, Fairewinds disagrees the NRC's latest report claiming that all Fukushima spent fuel pools had no problems following the earthquake. In a new revelation, the NRC claims that the plutonium found more than 1 mile offsite actually came from inside the nuclear reactors. If such a statement were true, it indicates that the nuclear power plant containments failed and were breached with debris landing far from the power plants themselves. Such a failure of the containment system certainly necessitates a complete review of all US reactor containment design and industry assurances that containments will hold in radioactivity in the event of a nuclear accident. The evidence Fairewinds reviewed to date continues to support its April analysis that the detonation in the Unit 3 Spent Fuel pool was the cause of plutonium found off site.

Third, the burning of radioactive materials (building materials, trees, lawn grass, rice straw) by the Japanese government will cause radioactive Cesium to spread even further into areas within Japan that have been previously clean, and across the Pacific Ocean to North America.

And finally, the Japanese government has yet to grasp the severity of the contamination within Japan, and therefore has not developed a coherent plan mitigate the accident and remediate the environment. Without a cohesive plan to deal with this ongoing problem of large scale radioactive contamination, the radioactivity will continue to spread throughout Japan and around the globe further exacerbating the problem and raising costs astronomically."

Budd Hopkins on Alien Abductions and other Topics


Exclusive Open Minds interview with Budd Hopkins by Maurizio Baita from Italy.

Budd Hopkins, a distinguished Abstract Expressionist artist who — after what he described as a chance sighting of something flat, silver, airborne and unfathomable — became the father of the alien-abduction movement, died on Sunday at his home in Manhattan. He was 80. The cause was complications of cancer, his daughter, Grace Hopkins-Lisle, said.

Bill Chastain | APeX - Revolutionary Cancer Program, August 23, 2011


August 23, 2011–Bill Chastain was born in 1941 in a coal camp in Harlan County, Kentucky, but was raised in the Appalachian Mountains of Southwestern Pennsylvania.Bill then joined the US Air Force, an environment in which he thrived, and was promoted right out of basic training to become the youngest Drill Instructor in the Air Force.

After the military he took a job in an electronics factory, soon progressing into the research lab, then field project engineer designing and building steel mills and power plants. His company offered him a full scholarship to Pittsburgh University for engineering, but he turned it down.

Bill left Pittsburgh for Olympia, Washington where he managed very large pulp and paper mill construction projects. After forest products he entered aerospace, taking a job as a facilities worker in a Boeing Plant near Seattle. Soon he was managing projects, including the largest aircraft production facility in the world and the Boeing Japan Offices in Tokyo. After 13 years, Bill retired from Boeing as a self-taught Senior Strategic Analyst.

After Boeing, Bill traveled the world as an international trouble-shooter until 2006 when he returned to aerospace as a consultant with the Boeing Company. While at Boeing Bill began working with a medical discovery, later known as APeX. The first person exposed to APeX resolved their Stage IIIC Lung cancer in three months – word spread. Soon there were many cancer victims wanting to try this new discovery. Bill and his wife Emi decided to give up aerospace consulting and devote full time to APeX. That was almost five years ago.

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Dr. Claude Swanson | Science & UFOs, August 22, 2011


Dr. Claude Swanson is a theoretical physicist who earned his degrees at MIT and Princeton. For many years he worked at high tech labs for large corporations and on US Defense projects. However, Dr. Swanson now focuses his efforts on the science of unconventional physics, such as those that relate to the UFO phenomena. He believes that there is a subtle energy some cultures have known about for many years, such as "chi" in China or "torsion" in Russia, which may be the key to understanding UFO propulsion, telepathy, healing and out of body experiences. He believes that when this energy is present, the laws of physics that the western world is familiar with are modified. He has written two books on the subject, and lectures throughout the country, including presenting at the Society for Scientific Exploration, of which he is a full member.
Interview start at 0:27:45.

Red Ice TV - The Secret Space Program


In this episode, we discuss the secret space program, what it is, who is behind it and why? Is there a human civilization living off-world with highly advanced technology and knowledge about the existence of aliens? Why are we being kept in the dark? We feature Peter Levenda, Richard Dolan, Richard Hoagland, Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, Timothy Good, Hugh Newman, Jonathan Adams, Ed Grimsley, Robin Falkov, Jeroen Van Straaten and attendees of the Secret Space Program conference in Amsterdam who also share their own experiences with UFO sightings. Then, we hit the streets of Amsterdam where the locals speak their mind about aliens, abductions and making contact with ET. ~Red Ice Creations

Max Igan & Chris Everard on Truth Frequency Radio, August 21, 2011


David Wilcock | Time, 2012, & the Source, August 22, 2011


August 22, 2011–Intuitive researcher and filmmaker David Wilcock talked about his vision for humanity, changes occurring around 2012, and his concept of the 'source field.' This field represents the source for space, the flow of time, physical matter at the quantum level, as well as for consciousness, he said. We're actually moving into a new energy zone in the galaxy that elevates consciousness and makes us more loving people, he said, noting that studies have shown that the violent crime rate has gone down.

Wilcock suggested that we're headed into 'end times'--not in the sense of the world ending, but rather that time as we know it will end, or change its flow. He reached this conclusion from studying Zoroastrian scripture, which reportedly goes back to the time of Atlantis, and first proposed that time will end. And now, current physics models indicate we can change the rate of time with our own consciousness, he continued, adding that when there's a solar burst of energy, it slightly changes the flow of time. "I believe what's happening to us is that this energetic acceleration we're going through is making abilities that used to be in the hands of masters like Jesus, available to everyone," he said.

There is covert technology that can slow time down or speed it up, and it involves creating a rotational wave in the gravity field, as gravity is what powers time, he explained. Regarding 2012 prophecies, while there may be some natural cataclysms, he believes we're heading into a golden age, and that there's a lot more to being human than the levels we've reached on this planet. According to ET and ancient sources, "human beings apparently go through sudden energetic springboards that radically transform human evolution into some sort of light being," and this may be accomplished via shifts in the way that time runs, he said.

Nick Redfern | The Men in Black, August 21, 2011


August 21, 2011–Nick Redfern is a freelance journalist that have been writing and researching the topic of UFO's and the paranormal since the late 90's. Nick is the author of: "The NASA Conspiracies", "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter", "Strange Secrets: Real Government Files on the Unknown", "On the Trail of the Saucer Spies: UFO's and Government Surveillance" and "Contactees" among others.

In this program we focus on his latest book "The Real Men In Black: Evidence, Famous Cases, and True Stories of These Mysterious Men and their Connection to UFO Phenomena". We begin our discussion on the people at the root of the Men in Black phenomena: Albert K. Bender, Gray Barker and John Keel.

We talk about some of the most interesting cases, reports and theories. Are the Men in Black simply government agents or could they be aliens, human genetic experiments, hybrids, clones, robots, time travelers or agents for another alien race?

Since they often are reported in connection to UFO sightings, one of the more common theories about them is that they are sent out to warn eyewitnesses not to discuss their sightings. In other cases, because of their odd behavior, their mission seems to be to discredit the eyewitness of a UFO. We run through the different possibilities and discuss references made in movies and TV-shows and their influence on the phenomena. ~Red Ice Creations
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Howard Hughes interviews Micah Hanks & Joanne Webb, August 20, 2011


August 20, 2011–This Edition features American UFO Researcher Micah Hanks- one of the authors in the new book “Exposed, Uncovered and Declassified: UFOs and Aliens” from new Page Books. Also on this show hear London radio travel broadcaster Joanne Webb telling us about her real life UFO sighting – as featured in British newspapers recently. ~Howard Hughes

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The Legacy of Col. Philip Corso - UFO and ET Technology


One of the most important milestones since the UFO disclosure process began with the publishing of the book "The Day After Roswell" by Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso (ret), with (co-author) UFO Magazine publisher - William Birnes. The allegations in this book rocked the foundations of the cover-up by revealing how Col. Corso, acting on behalf of the the US government, directly over saw the harvesting and reverse engineering of crashed spacecraft of ET origin, which led to the development of laser technology, fiber optics, polymers and anti-gravity technology. Lt. Col. Corso was a decorated officer who believed the public should know the truth about the extraterrestrial reality and not long before his death, he documented his experiences with ET and Above Top Secret Technology, for future generations.

In memory of Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso (5/22/1915 - 7/16/1998), The X-Conference is pleased to welcome Philip Corso, Jr. and UFO Magazine Editor William Birnes.

The Cosmic Thunderbolt

Source:, ThunderboltsProject Youtube

In the wake of recent discoveries, a new way of seeing the physical universe is emerging. The new vantage point emphasizes the role of electricity in space and shows the negligible contribution of gravity in cosmic events.

Images returned by high-powered telescopes and recent space probes have challenged astronomers’ long-standing assumptions about galaxies and their constituent stars, about the evolution of our solar system, and about the nature and history of Earth.

The new discoveries also suggest that our early ancestors may have witnessed awe inspiring electrical events in the heavens—the source of myths and symbols around the world.
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