Geoengineering | They have NO Air Route but a Spray Plan

Source: Chemtrails Slovensko FB

Research Geoengineering:
Climate Engineering Wikipedia

German Links:
Aerosol Crimes - Deutsche Übersetzung
Geoengineering Wikipedia


In a speech at The Council Of Foreign Relations on 29th June 2016, CIA Director John O.Brennan talks openly about Geoengineering.

Link to full transcript here: (This link will go to a website)
Director Brennan Speaks at the Council on Foreign Relations

New World Next Week | Imaginary BBC Detector Vans Now Scanning WiFi? | Aug. 11, 2016


STORY #1: SIMs Disconnected for Saudis Who Have Not Registered Biometrics
Flashback: Police 3D-Print Murder Victim's Finger to Unlock His Phone
$1.15 Billion In US Weapons Will Soon Be-Heading To Saudi Arabia

STORY #2: BBC Now Training Its Secret, Likely Imaginary, Fleet Of Detector Vans On Your WiFi

STORY #3: Minnesota Towns Join Forces To Build Their Own Internet
Dear Government, Deliver Us From Freedom

Martian Archaeology | Ancient Past Life on Mars, NASA Science, Curiosity Rover | Aug. 12, 2016

Source: Martian Archaeology youtube

Tom Campbell at The Monroe Institute 11/2015 | Part 1-6


You are about to get a rare glimpse into one of the famous programs presented at The Monroe Institute, this one conducted by physicist and consciousness researcher Tom Campbell, author of My Big TOE.

Tom is the physicist T.C. in Robert Monroe’s book Far Journeys.

Tom shares his unique abilities with the participants firstly with a short synopsis of his work and scientific approach to consciousness, followed by advice on preparing for consciousness exploration.

The focus of this first part of his presentation is intellectual level versus being level in terms of successful exploration.

Participants reported significant breakthroughs, advances, and life-changing experiences in this six day workshop.

About Tom Campbell
Tom Campbell began researching altered states of consciousness with Bob Monroe Journeys Out Of The Body, Far Journeys, and The Ultimate Journey) at Monroe Laboratories in the early 1970s where he and a few others were instrumental in getting Monroe's laboratory for the study of consciousness up and running.

These early drug-free consciousness pioneers helped design experiments, developed the technology for creating specific altered states, and were the main subjects of study (guinea pigs) all at the same time. Campbell has been experimenting with, and exploring the subjective and objective mind ever since. For the past thirty years, Campbell has been focused on scientifically exploring the properties, boundaries, and abilities of consciousness.

During that same time period, he has excelled as a working scientist, a professional physicist dedicated to pushing back the frontiers of cutting edge technology, large-system simulation, technology development and integration, and complex system vulnerability and risk analysis. Presently, and for the past 20 years, he has been at the heart of developing US missile defense systems.

Tom is the "TC (physicist)" described in Bob Monroe's second book Far Journeys and has been a serious explorer of the frontiers of reality, mind, consciousness, and psychic phenomena since the early 1970s. My Big TOE is a model of existence and reality that is based directly on Campbell's scientific research and first hand experience. It represents the results and conclusions of thirty years of careful scientific exploration of the boundaries and contents of reality from both the physical and metaphysical viewpoints. The author has made every effort to approach his explorations without bias or preconceived notions. There is no belief system, dogma, creed, or unusual assumptions at the root of My Big TOE.

By demanding high quality repeatable, empirical, evidential data to separate what's real (exists independently and externally) from what's imaginary or illusory; Campbell has scientifically derived this general model of reality.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Aug. 11, 2016


Japan's first lady Akie Abe goes off the reservation... or does she? This is one of the strongest indications to Joseph of just how angry the Japanese are, and how strong the desire is for a divorce...

Okinawa Murder: Japan's Abe to Urge Obama to Prevent Crimes by US Military
Japan’s First Lady Attends Protest Against US Military Base in Okinawa

The Corbett Report | Social Media Censorship Is Out of Control! Here's one solution. | Aug. 10, 2016


We all know by now that the tech giants of Silicon Valley are in bed with the government and they're not afraid to censor posts they disagree with from their social media platforms. So what if there was a decentralised, open source, blockchain-based social media alternative? On today's thought for the day we talk about the censorship problem and the Steemit solution.

Show Notes:
Facebook Threatens to Shut Down Popular Libertarian Page
Former Facebook Workers: We Routinely Suppressed Conservative News
A complete guide to all the things Facebook censors hate most
Redditors are outraged at r/news moderator’s handling of Orlando shooting news
Announcing the Twitter Trust & Safety Council
Twitter Shadowbanning ‘Real and Happening Every Day’ Says Inside Source
Blockchain Social Platform Steemit Takes Advantage of Reddit’s Heavy Censorship
#Blocktalk – SteemIt’s Ned and Dan
The Corbett Report on Steemit

Newsbud Report with Peter B. Collins | US is Most Aggressive Cyberwarrior | Aug. 10, 2016


As Russia is being blamed for the recent email leak from Democratic National Committee servers, NSA and intelligence expert James Bamford notes that the US is, by far, the most aggressive nation in the cyberwarfare space.

He notes that the US has hacked candidates and recent elections in Mexico, and routinely interfered in the Soviet Union. We also note that Julian Assange says the DNC emails resulted from a “leak” and not a “hack”, which opens a different universe of suspects. Bamford describes the Cyber Command’s massive new $3 billion campus at Fort Meade, MD, and underscores that Stuxnet is the best known American cyber-attack.

*James Bamford has written 3 books about the National Security Agency, most recently The Shadow Factory. You can read his recent Reuters commentary here.

Richard Dolan, Bret Lieder | UFOs and Inner Earth | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | Aug. 9, 2016


Richard Dolan and Bret Lueder are our guests tonight for our Drive-In Double Feature...first up is Dolan and we have a free-form conversation that starts off with hip-hop music and ends with some serious discussion on disclosure...we also cover our sighting at CITD that we witnessed up is author and researcher Bret Lueder and we talk about the Inner-Earth Theory...a very interesting conversation with one of the best researchers out there today.

Interview start: 32:10 min.

Leslie Kean | Talking About Close Encounters Of The Official Kind, UFOs Are No Longer A Theory! | Richie Allen Show


New Facial Recognition Technology can detect Human Emotions | Aug. 9, 2016


Microsoft has just developed facial recognition automation straight out of George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984. The new technology, recently tested at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, uses facial recognition to analyze human emotions. RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevskey has the report and speaks with Georgetown University law professor Alvaro M. Bedoya about how corporations will be able to use this technology without individuals’ consent.

Joseph Farrell | The Hidden Patterns of Creation | Part 1-2 | Aug. 7, 2016


Today we take on one of the largest philosophical mysteries; what Dr. Farrell refers to as the Topological Metaphor. In a roller coaster of a talk, we touch many aspects and derivatives of this fundamental structure of existence - historically, esoterically, theologically & politically.

What is this fingerprint of Creation? Where do we find its traces? How is it best grasped through symbolism, numbers, music & geometry? Was it part of a prehistoric understanding? How does modern science relate to it? How is this open abundance system opposed to the closed scarcity system? And we learn about the first Unified Field Theory in known history!

Space News | The Missing Ceres Craters Mystery | Aug. 9, 2016


Scientists studying the surface features of the dwarf planet Ceres are proposing a new theory for its geologic history. One problem facing NASA investigators is the absence of exceptionally large so-called impact basins from collisions, which planetary scientists believe must have occurred over the dwarf planet’s supposedly ancient geologic age.

Rather than considering that these giant impacts may have simply never happened, the investigators are proposing that mysterious processes have smoothed the surface of Ceres, erasing its largest craters over time. In this episode, we explore the evidence that electrical processes rather than periodic impacts created Ceres' craters.

Richard Dolan | E.T. Encounters of the Human Kind | Aug. 9, 2016


Listen to this exclusive episode as UFO researcher and historian Richard Dolan discusses several individual accounts of ET encounters that have a strange human dimension!

Jay Dyer | Decoding Hollywood, The Most Powerful Mind Control Tool in the World | Aug. 9, 2016


Esoterica in Hollywood, Subliminal Programming & Conditioning
Did you know that many clandestine agencies and branches of the DoD work within Hollywood? What if television and programing was often designed at the top levels to control your mind and how you think from the subconscious level?

Analysis of the Following Films and TV Series
Stranger Things
The Last Ship
House of Cards
Terminator / Skynet
Labyrinth / David Bowie
Family Guy
27 Club
Magick and the Occult

Newsbud Spotlight | The Fifth State Exposed-Media Watchdog NGO’s Pocketed & Controlled | Aug. 9, 2016


In this episode of Newsbud Spotlight, Sibel and Spiro expand upon Newsbud's Confront NBC Campaign by taking a deeper look at the illusionary role of the so-called media watchdog organizations (NGOs), the inherent conflict of interest between the public’s right to know and their funding, and their role in controlling dissent and opposition. We also discuss the revolving door between these NGOs and the mainstream media.

Show Notes:
Newsbud Live Coverage Confront NBC
Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange: NBC involvement in Turkey Coup
Congress Approval Rating Lower Than Cockroaches
FAIR’s Financial Overview
FAIR’s Sugar Daddies
Newsbud Demands Public Retraction from NBC for Unethical False Reporting
Confront NBC: Social Media & Government Information Operations- The Modern Day Psy-Op
Newsbud’s Call to Action: Join Us at NBC HQ in NYC to Demand Accountability & Ethical Journalism

Oath Keepers | Stewart Rhodes | Politics, Gun Confiscation, Civil War, Camp FEMA, Real Militia | Aug. 6, 2016


Interview with Stewart Rhodes, founder and president of Oath Keepers. We discuss todays current state of affairs, what a real Militia is, Gun Confiscation, False Flags, Bundy Ranch, Mahler Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, Oath Keepers purpose, Elections & more...

Tom Campbell | Fireside Chat July 2016 | Part 1-3


Tom Campbell answers questions on various subjects involving our reality and consciousness from the viewpoint of his theory, philosophy, and experience.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller | Nibiru, Time Travel, Binary Solar System, Magick, Mystery Schools, Intelligence Agencies | Aug. 7, 2016


Topics discussed:
Time Travel, How to talk with your future self, What does Magick, Physics, Mystery Schools and Alphabet agencies have in common. Zero Point Energy. Doc Ram says almost all solar systems are Binary with a blackhole in the center that leads to a white hole in another galaxy. Doc Ram also describes the creation of time cavitation & super cavitation in such an eloquent and fluid manner almost anyone can understand.

Dr. Richard Allan Miller then brings up Nibiru and why it is so dificult to pick up with a traditional telescope and is, because it has a unique infrared signature that isn’t correct.

He also claims the poles and earth have shifted and we are living in the hottest times on Earth on record reaching 164’ heat index in Iran last year. What does NASA and other institutions see on the horizon for earth in the next couple years with the geographical changes and severe weather patterns?
Wait until you hear the hypothesis Doc Ram has about Nibiru, this might blow your mind.
How about the RH - blood factor? Could ET be hiding in plain site?
Is there a War going on inside each of us at the molecular level?
What are our options at Physical Death? Would you follow the light tunnel or go into the light?
What is synchronicity? What is the Afterlife? Is Magick with a K real, not just stage magic? What is Magick? How does one become a true Magi? Is Magick Evil, or is it the intent of those casting the energetic forces?
Hermetics, what is real what is illusion, his answer might shock you.
A.I software, Jade Helm 2.0 then 3.0 - API Biofeedback, Grey Goo

Max Igan | Your Earth is Being Strip Mined - Wake Up - Every Moment Has Value | Aug. 5, 2016


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix.

Brien Foerster | Lost Ancient High Technology Of Egypt: 100 Ton Stone Boxes | Aug. 6, 2016


At a site called Saqqara in Egypt, and more specifically in 2 underground tunnels, there are more than 20 massive stone boxes made from very hard stone that academics can't explain. Each weighs 100 tons and could not have been constructed by the Bronze Age pharaohs. -Brien Foerster
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