Tom Campbell | Reincarnation - Life Selection Process | May 5, 2023


How does the reincarnation process work when you select your next life?

Dark Journalist | The UFO File President 2024 Revealed! | May 5, 2023


Freedom vs. Slavery in the 2024 Presidential Election! 
Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on the looming presence of the UFO File in the Presidential Election process and how the Presidential Race of 2024 will be historic because it must include either a True or False version of UFO File disclosure. DJ will look at the UFO Threat Op being rolled out by the CIA and the National Security State and how it's meant to slowly manipulate the public into giving the Global Government Emergency Powers.

The Corbett Report | Meet King Charles, The Great Resetter | May 5, 2023



While most of the the public's attention is falling on the obvious issues—the monarchy's increasing irrelevance to the 21st century, the colossal waste of taxpayer resources that go towards the upkeep of the world's richest family and their multiple palaces, the dark history of slavery and other colonial abuses for which royals of the far-distant past are responsible—few are aware of just how dark the history of the royal family is, or just how twisted Charles' vision for the future of the United Kingdom—and, indeed the world—really is.


Joseph P. Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 4, 2023


By now you've probably heard of that alleged Ukrainian strike on the Kremlin..  Joseph has some high octane speculations about that:

Dr. Ahmad Malik - Fear Drove Covid Lockdowns and the Vaccine Debacle

Source:, Dr. Malik on Twitter

In this episode of the Patrick Henningsen Show on TNT Radio which aired on May 1, 2023, Patrick talks with Dr. Ahmad Malik in a stunning interview – as Dr. Malik speaks frankly about his experience as a medical professional during the Covid-19 ‘global pandemic’, and the repercussions he faced after speaking out against the Covid narrative whilst many doctors remained silent or compliant – fearing for their livelihood. Dr. Malik goes on to give his take on mandatory vaccination mandates by breaking down the basic pillars of ‘medical ethics’ and emphasising the importance of informed consent.

James Corbett | Obama, Trump, Q, Musk and Hopium | May 4, 2023


via Truth Over Comfort: In todays video, I conducted an interview with James Corbett, about the concept of Hopium, and his documentary featuring it. We discuss Obama, Trump, Qanon and more. Hopium is intertwined with society in politics, religion, idols and general life. As with Obama and Trump, this belief of someone coming to save society, like a superhero or divine figure, followed a pattern of disappointment and egregious lies.

Show Notes:

Truth Over Comfort website
The Corbett Report's Mass Media Course
Previous James Corbett interview on Truth Over Comfort
Episode 404 - A Brief History of Hopium
Pelosi: Bush Impeachment `Off the Table’
Obama on Investigating Bush Crimes: "Need to Look Forward" Aide: Obama Won't Prosecute Bush Officials APRIL 20, 2009 CBS
Obama: We Are Going To Close Gitmo (2009)
How Obama Bungled the Guantánamo Closing
The Nobel Peace Prize 2009 Barack H. Obama
NATO and Afghanistan 31 Aug. 2022
Nobel secretary regrets Obama peace prize
Obama’s Final Drone Strike Data
Operation Timber Sycamore
Obama: ‘We tortured some folks’
Episode 395 - Precedent Trump
The Syria Strikes: A Conspiracy Theory
Operation Warp Speed
Trump hails the COVID-19 vaccine as 'one of the greatest achievements of mankind' and rejects vaccine skepticism in new interview
The American Deep State: Big Money, Big Oil, and the Struggle for U.S. Democracy by Peter Dale Scott
US drone strike ordered by Trump kills top Iranian commander in Baghdad
Who Is Bill Gates?
WHO Funding
Microsoft anti-trust suit
Elon Musk is speaking out against government subsidies. Here's a list of the billions of dollars his businesses have received.
Elon Musk Cameo Scene - Iron Man (2010) Movie Clip HD
Elon Musk reportedly planning to launch AI rival to ChatGPT maker
Tesla Energy Department Loans
Episode 429 - Meet Elon Musk, Technocratic Huckster
Elon Musk wants to offer Americans an ‘everything app’ like China’s WeChat.

Max Igan | The Great Extinction | May 3, 2023


Redice TV | No-Go Zone: Title 42 Migrant Invasion, Oz Gov. Sued Over Covid Vaccine, ‘Drag Queen’ Helps US Navy R | May 3, 2023


Henrik cover some of the latest news in No-Go Zone May 3, 2023.

Joseph P. Farrell | Princes, Persons & Power | Radio Far Sid | May 3, 2023

Source: Radio Far Side youtube,

Author and researcher Joseph Farrell and I discuss in depth the proposition that royal families are reasserting themselves into power using the vehicle of corporate persons to exert control over national governments. This far-reaching conversation begins with the Roman empire and Augustine of Hippo, and ends with the 2024 US elections. You won't want to miss Joseph's high-octane speculation!

Joseph P. Farrell | The Post Human & Transhuman World Order, Soul Hacking and the A.I. Takeover | Part 1 | May 2, 2023

Source: Beyond the Forbidden TV,

Richard Dolan | Three FORGOTTEN US Navy UFO Encounters | May 2, 2023


In a time when the U.S. government is doing everything possible to erase the history of UFOs, especially of military encounters, it is more important than ever to remind ourselves of just what the military has often had to deal with. 

Richard Dolan presents three largely unknown and forgotten U.S. Navy encounters with truly extraordinary UFOs. These are dramatic and shocking events, each one told years after the fact by a direct eyewitness.

The Corbett Report | Testing and Filtering Your Water - #SolutionsWatch | May 2, 2023


If you're a regular Corbett Reporteer, then by now you're aware of the danger to human health caused by water fluoridation. But are you aware of the chlorine and other potentially toxic and carcinogenic substances in your tap water? And are you aware of your options for filtering your water and how to test to make sure you're getting all of the particulates out? Join James today as he talks to a water expert and answers some basic questions about testing and filtering your water.

Show Notes:

*Those in Oklahoma or Southern Kansas can contact Andrew regarding water testing and filtering at (405) 531-2784 or email him at andrewhoffman1776 [at]

Fluoride coverage on The Corbett Report
Fluoride coverage on The Last American Vagabond
Newly Released Review Of Fluoride’s Toxicity Highlights NTP Scientist’s Battle To Follow The Science
Second Phase Of Fluoride Lawsuit Set To Begin In January 2024
Fluoride Action Network
Episode 121 - Know Your Toxins: BPA
Stupid Conspiracy Theorists! Chemicals Aren't Turning The Frogs GAY!!
Are you SURE those AquaCera "fluoride filters" are working?
Revelations Radio News
The Lord of the Rings - FLNWO #07
Leaf Home Water Solutions
EWG's Tap Water Database
Using Chlorine In Water Raises Risk of Cancer

Derrick Broze | Food Wars 2023: NYC Comes for the Food, mRNA in Livestock & Cultured Meat | May 2, 2023


Derrick Broze breaks down several recent stories dealing with climate change, food habits, and alternative forms of protein. Derrick also looks at the history of attacks on the food supply and using food as a weapon.


Mayor Adams Commits to Reducing City’s Food-Based Emissions by 33 Percent by 2030
NYC will target food choices in its battle against climate change
NYC Greenhouse Gas Inventories
Good Food Cities Accelerator
Big Ag Panicking Over Bill to Require Labeling of Gene-Altering Products
States Consider Legislation to Restrict Use of mRNA Technology in Livestock
Meatballs made with mammoth DNA created by Australian food startup
Eating meat without slaughtering animals may be in our future
The Pyramid of Power: Food as a Weapon

Dark Journalist | Atlantis NightSide UFOS Revealed! | April, 28, 2023


Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt tonight for a deep dive into Ancient Atlantean Technology and its mysterious similarity to the modern UFO Phenomenon! Looking at the Mystery School accounts of Rudolf Steiner, Theosophy and Edgar Cayce's Atlantis readings, DJ brings forward the rediscovery of Atlantean technology that may be behind many UFO sightings.

S0 News | Solar Flares Return, Vulnerability to the Sun, Mars Water | May 1, 2023


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