China's Moon Rover 'Jade Rabbit' Lands Safely on Moon | Chinese Space Program, December 14, 2013

China's Moon Rover 'Jade Rabbit' Lands Safely on Moon Chinese space program China's Moon Rover 'Jade Rabbit' Lands Safely China becomes only the third country to complete a rover landing - the first for 37 years - on the Moon. An unmanned spacecraft carrying China's first lunar rover called "Jade Rabbit' has safely landed on the surface of the Moon, according to state television.

It is the first "soft landing" of a probe there for 37 years and China is only the third country to complete such a feat after the US and former Soviet Union.

Beijing has now taken a big step towards becoming a global player in space.

Scientists burst into applause as a computer-generated image representing the Chang'e 3 spacecraft carrying the solar-powered buggy was seen touching down on the Moon's surface via screens in Beijing.

The craft's camera broadcast images of the surface before it reportedly came down in the Sinus Iridum, or the Bay of Rainbows.

It had hovered for several minutes seeking an appropriate place to land. Lunar rover on the Moon set to leave spacecraft Simulation of how the rover was expected to leave the spacecraft.

A soft landing does not damage the craft and the equipment it takes.

Max Igan | Overcoming the Human Dilemma


Surviving the Matrix - Episode 3 - The Peoples Voice TV - December 09 2013.

The Roswell Press Release - Lt. Walter Haut, US Navy / Disclosure Project Witness Testimony Archive


First Lieutenant Haut was the Public Information Officer at the Roswell Army Air Base in Roswell, NM when an extraterrestrial vehicle crashed in nearby Corona. He was the individual who put out the original story that a flying disc had crashed there. The story was retracted the next day.

Roswell's Mortician - Glen Dennis / Disclosure Project Witness Testimony Archive


Mr. Dennis was a mortician in Roswell, NM. In July 1947, the time of the famous Roswell crash, the mortuary officer from the Roswell Army Airfield called him asking for hermetically sealed infant caskets but never explained why. Later that day when at the Airfield for an emergency he saw debris of unknown origin. A nurse, whom he knew, described to him the bodies of extraterrestrials she had just handled at the base.

Silver Disks over Hickam Field - Buck Sgt. Leonard Pretko, US Air Force / Disclosure Project Archive


Buck Sergeant Pretko was trained in communications and served at Hickam Field in Hawaii. In the early '50s at an outdoor theater with over 250 people present nine silver disks were seen by everyone randomly moving over the entrance to Pearl Harbor. The event lasted for about 10 minutes. At another time he explains that he befriended one of General Douglas MacArthur's personal security guards who told him that MacArthur had seen the craft and extraterrestrial bodies from the Roswell crash.

The Corbett Report | How to Nullify the NSA (and every other tyrannical government agency), December 13, 2013


Hardly a week goes by that we aren't faced with some new outrageous piece of legislation from the increasingly tyrannical government. But once these bills have been passed, what can we actually do about them? What if stopping this legislation was as simple as saying "no"? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we explore the nullification solution, a long-repressed piece of political history that offers us a way out.
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John W. Whitehead | A Government of Wolves & The Electronic Concentration Camp, December 11, 2013



December 11, 2013–John W. Whitehead is an attorney and author who has written, debated and practiced widely in the area of constitutional law and human rights. Whitehead's concern for the persecuted and oppressed led him, in 1982, to establish The Rutherford Institute, a nonprofit civil liberties and human rights organization. Whitehead has filed numerous amicus briefs before the U.S. Supreme Court. He has also been co-counsel in several landmark Supreme Court cases.

He joins us to discuss his book, A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State. We'll discuss the shocking cases of police state brutality upon civilians, even upon children, the elderly and pregnant women. America was once a society that valued individual liberty and privacy. But in recent years it has turned into a culture that has quietly accepted surveillance cameras, police and drug-sniffing dogs in our children's schools, national databases that track our finances and activities, sneak-and-peek searches of our homes without our knowledge or consent, and anti-terrorism laws that turn average Americans into suspects.

In short, America has become a lockdown nation, and we are all in danger. Sadly, the police state has gone global and there is no place to go to escape it. In the second hour, we discuss the role of media and education in teaching compliance to government violence. We'll also discuss John Carpenter's prophetic visions of the American police state and talk about other fiction writers and visionaries who predicted this would happen. Today the U.S. government and Supreme Court blatantly violate the U.S. Constitution and America has transitioned from a society governed by "we the people" to a police state governed by a strong arm of law and corruption and it will only get worse if "the people" remain compliant.
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New World Next Week | Hitila, Media PTSD, Viral Truth, December 12, 2013


Story #1: Reality Star Tila Tequila Converts to Nazism, Calls Herself 'Hitila' In Anti-Semitic New Song
Tila Tequila's open letter to the Illuminati
Brittany Murphy poisoned? Samples retested find high levels of heavy metals, report says
MySpace Star-Turned-Conspiracy Theorist Tila Tequila Says Paul Walker Killed In "Ritualistic Murder"

Story #2: Can You Get PTSD From Watching Media Coverage Of An Event? Maybe.
Video: Can Watching Media Coverage of a Traumatic Event Be More Stressful Than Actually Being There?

Story #3: If A Story Is Viral, Truth May Be Taking a Beating
Beastie Boys Counter-Sue Toy Company GoldieBlox Over Copyright Claim
CIA Director Reveals He Wasn't Aware 'Zero Dark Thirty' Screenwriter Was Present at Bin Laden Raid Briefing
Toto Doesn't Approve of 'Africa' Playing During CBS' Mandela Memorial Coverage

#NewWorldNextWeek Tweets: JPMorgan Files Patent For 'Bitcoin Killer' Currency
Video Interview With Seymour Hersh On Syria Chemical Weapons Lies
Obama Administration Cherry-Picked Intelligence To Justify Strike Against Assad
Syrian Electronic Army Strikes Again

Same Old Game? 'US govt wants regime change in Ukraine', December 11, 2013


The US is not holding back in saying what it thinks about the situation as it is now looking at sanctions against Kiev. Earlier the Secretary of State said he was disgusted by the police response to the rallies. RT talks to Richard Becker, a geopolitical analyst from anti-war Answer coalition.

Robert Bauval | Special Bulletin 'Zahi Hawass Breaking News', December 11, 2013


(Germans working for an Egyptian Jew in Belgium stole Khufu cartouche in April 2013) Dr Zahi Hawass, ex Minister of State for Antiquities, revealed that the robberies of King Khufu's cartouche was done on behalf of, Robert Bauval, an Egyptian Jew working in Belgium, who has been trying by every means to prove that the pyramid is 'a Jewish and not Egyptian product'. Hawass said in a special statements that Muhamed Ibrahim, the Minister of Antiquities has said in one of his media interviews that Khufu's cartouche had was stolen in 2006, which is not true, as the inspecting agencies and the police have proved that the robbery took place in 2013, and the the passports of the Germans showed that they entered Egypt last April.

Hawass wondered 'how the theft could have taken place in 2006 while the investigations were conducted with current officials and not those responsible for the pyramid area at the time? While the investigation result came to confirm my words, and all those responsible for the have been removed from the pyramid area after their involvement, one way or the other, has been proven'.

He added: "I would like to make it clear that the foreign vandals are led by an Egyptian Jew living in Belgium, who had previously sent more than one person, who were all forbidden completely, and with whom I have had many battles, and he wrote a book before trying to prove that the pyramid was not Egyptian". Hawass confirmed that "it was not permitted to enter the pyramid except through tourist companies in order to make control, which is the opposite of what is happing now; which allowed the samples to be smuggled".

He (Hawass) pointed that "the German laboratories attempted to demonstrate, through the red colour found in the rooms, that the pyramid dates to 15 thousand years (ago), which means that this was the time it was built, but the fact which is confirmed by both Egyptian and foreign scientists is that Khufu sent in his Year 27 a mission to bring the red colour from the Western Sahara, from Mast stone in which the cartouche was written, which means that it was the quarry from which the colour was brought who dates 15 thousand years ago and not the pyramid".

He (Hawass) stressed on "the need for those responsible for antiquities to look to what is happening of destruction and vandalism in some areas, not just remove accusations from officials or trying to deny responsibility for a great disaster like breaking into the pyramid and stealing Khufu's cartouche, as the present minister does".

RT | NSA uses computer cookies to track Americans, December 11, 2013


National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith Alexander testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, the same day the latest leaks from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden hit the papers. According to the Washington Post, the NSA is using Google cookies -- the same data-tracking files that allow targeted online advertising by companies -- to pinpoint surveillance targets for hacking and gather intelligence on people's locations.

The NSA is also using location-tracking information from smart phone applications, which is also used for targeted advertising. RT's Sam Sacks talks to Shahid Buttar, executive director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee, and Steve Anderson, executive director of, about how the NSA has co-opted corporate advertising infrastructure to spy on Americans and other NSA revelations.

Ann Boroch | Healing Incurable Disease | Sanitas Radio | Segment 1


Ann believes that perfect health is within your reach. She was diagnosed with the debilitating disease Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 24 and has been symptom free for 18 years. Ann has authored two books, Healing Multiple Sclerosis: Diet, Detox & Nutritional Makeover for Total Recovery and The Candida Cure. Healing Multiple Sclerosis reveals her personal journey of reversing MS, the main factors that cause MS and other autoimmune diseases, and the solutions to turning these conditions around. The Candida Cure is a 90-day program that is the baseline to getting all her clients well by clearing infection and inflammation in the body.

Ann has been in private practice for 15 years. She specializes in allergies, autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, hypoglycemia, weight loss, depression/anxiety, and is an expert on the silent epidemic, Candida. Ann uses various integrative natural approaches to help her clients: nutritional therapy, herb, supplements, detoxification methods, and hydrotherapy. Ann is also a hypnotherapist and helps her clients identify and release negative mental/emotional patterns. She specializes in depression/anxiety, fears/phobias, self-confidence/esteem, and stop smoking.

Ann reminds you that the body has not lost its wisdom of how to just need to give it the right environment for a long enough period of time. With choice and diligence you have the power to overcome any challenge. Ann brings experience, knowledge, and passion to each client. She has helped thousands regain vibrant health.

Ann Boroch is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Naturopath, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Iridologist, educator, author, and inspirational speaker. She is a graduate of the International Society of Naturopathy, the Holmes Center for Hypnotherapy, the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, and Bernard Jensen's International Iridology Practitioners Association. In addition to Ann's formal schooling, she continues to study functional medicine of both the physiological and psychological bodies.

Jeva Singh-Anand & Joseph Wäges | Translating the Rituals and Doctrines of the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati, December 9, 2013

Source:,, Some Original Writings of the Illuminati Order, Munich, 1787 color  

December 9, 2013–Jeva Singh-Anand left teaching in 2005 to become a freelance writer, later branching out into technical and literary translation. He has translated two out of the three full-length German to English translations Illuminati source documents as well as Karl Krause's Higher Spiritualization of the True and Authentic Hieroglyphs of Freemasonry: In Twelve Lodge Lectures.

Krause's work sparked his interest in Freemasonry and on the night of the 2012 Venus transit, he became a Master Mason. Joseph Wäges' preoccupation with all things Illuminati goes back many years. He has collected all of the original writings of the Illuminati and is currently collaborating with Jeva Singh-Anand and Reinhard Markner on a translation of the complete ritual and doctrine of the Illuminati, which features previously unpublished documents.

They have been called "apologists" for the Illuminati but are however among the few who have actually translated the ritual and doctrine of the real Bavarian Illuminati. They will discuss the origins, history and fate of the order. We'll talk about Illuminati rituals, the connection to freemasonry, the occult and their political legacy.
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Major Ed Dames, David Seaman | Remote Viewing Forecasts, December 9, 2013


Maj. Ed Dames 0:39:15 min.

Remote viewing teacher Ed Dames returned to discuss the current cases his agency-- the Matrix Intelligence Agency-- is working on, as well as his forecast for the new year ahead. Living up to his nickname of "Dr. Doom," he foresees 2014 to be a dark time, when the mainstream media will no longer be able to cover-up the disastrous effects of Fukushima radiation which will begin to show up on the West Coast of North America. There are almost no sanctuaries in California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia as they will be hit by both airborne and marine radionuclide plume, "and they're going to continue to hit the coast for the next 100 years," unless there's some kind of intervention, possibly ET in nature, he indicated.

Dames and his group have an ongoing remote viewing project that looks at types of ET/alien contact. They recently studied the 1994 UFO sighting in Zimbabwe, in which 62 schoolchildren described a similar alien encounter, and telepathically heard a warning about humans hurting the planet. They concluded the kids were in a catatonic state that was induced from glowing white spheres that beamed or implanted ideas in them. The ETs behind this engagement were actually human in terms of their DNA, but raised on another planet, he added.

The interaction between the core of the Earth and the sun is what is most affecting our planet's weather, and we could be heading into a mini-Ice Age, he said. The solar "killshot" will take down power grids predominantly in certain areas, especially "broad plains with a lot of electromagnetic induction," he detailed. Dames also sees American economic power on the wane, with nations like Russia and China abandoning the "petrodollar" in favor of their own gold-backed currency. As this happens, smaller countries like Saudi Arabia, and even England, will turn away from the United States, he continued. By the late spring of 2014 we'll begin to see various currency collapses, he warned.

First Hour
Rise of the Bitcoin
First hour guest, reporter David Seaman talked about Bitcoin, a digital currency that has become increasingly popular, and risen in value from $10 to over $900. If Bitcoin starts to take off internationally, it could rise in price even more substantially, he remarked, though the Chinese government has banned financial institutions from transacting in it. It's possible the US government could try to crack down on Bitcoin, yet they would have a hard time suppressing it because the transactions resemble file sharing on the Internet, he explained. Seaman expressed excitement over Bitcoin, calling it the "currency of the Internet," and noted that its value can't be inflated away like when a government decides to print more money.

RT | Syrian nun blames rebels for August sarin gas attack, December 9, 2013


Syria has been marred by civil war by over two years. In August, videos emerged which showed alleged use of chemical weapons on civilians outside Damascus. Critics of President Bashar al-Assad claimed the videos proved the administration was behind the sarin gas attack, and led US President Barack Obama to push for intervention in the country before backing away from the threats when Assad agreed to hand over all his chemical weapons stockpiles.

RT's Meghan Lopez speaks with Mother Agnes-Mariam de la Croix, founder of the James the Mutilated Monastery in Syria, who says that the videos show the chemical weapons were used by Syrian rebels, not the Assad administration.

Wikileaks releases more TPP documents, December 9, 2013


More information has become available concerning the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that would expand the rights of international corporations and would represent about 40% of the world's GDP. Whistleblowing organization Wikileaks released new documents on Sunday detailing the differing positions of the involved countries and the secret terms of the negotiations. These documents shed new light on the United States' position, and show just how isolated the US is in its quest to push through the TPP. RT's Meghan Lopez gives more details about the information exposed in the documents.

TPP: Corporate Charter for the New World Order

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a monstrosity akin to being the corporate charter of the New World Order, effectively providing the framework for corporate global dominance. The details of the agreement are being written and negotiated in secret by 600 corporate advisors (including Walmart, Pfizer, Monsanto & Halliburton) while both Congress and the press have been barred from accessing the text. Sections of the text leaked to the public indicate a massive corporate conglomerate is working behind the scenes, through the TPP trade agreement as well as global consolidation (too big to fail) tactics, to upgrade transnational corporate rights and power from 'personhood' status to 'nationhood' status with a bent towards global resource management and control.

This inflated status enables corporations to sue sovereign nations having strict health, safety and/or environmental laws with the claim that such laws "violate their corporate rights to make money" via exploitive activities such as drilling, mining and fracking. Hundreds of similar lawsuits, costing nearly three hundred billion dollars in taxpayer funds globally, have reportedly already been filed. The latest, and perhaps most disturbing, is Bayer/Syngenta suing the European Commission to overturn the ban on their pesticides---the same pesticides proven to be responsible for killing millions of bees.

While TPP negotiations are expected to be finalized by Oct 1st 2013—a deadline that may also be related to upcoming disaster preparedness requirements centered around FEMA Region 3—the TPP deadline can, through a dedicated public focused on freedom and right-living, be stalled and pushed back for a third time (and perhaps final) time. To learn more about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP), as well as the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), and find out what you can do to personally get involved, please visit the Public Citizen Global Trade Watch website as well as

Video: It Can't Happen Here by Larken Rose
Video: Trans-Pacific Partnership: Corporate Global Domination (long version)
Video: Ask Lori [Wallach] Live: Trade Expert on the TPP

UPDATE(S): Special thanks to Jacqui C. for uncovering records proving Senator Sheldon R. Songstad (Republican--retired), is in fact a real person. Songstad was reportedly the source from which the "memo" regarding FEMA Region III deadlines originated—a claim I have been unable to verify.

Comet ISON Mysteries Continue | Space News, December 8, 2013


In November 2013, skywatchers around the world eagerly awaited the approach of Comet ISON. Dubbed the "Comet of the Century" by several in the media, some astronomers had predicted a stupendous cometary display as Comet ISON approached its perihelion. The comet was also the subject of countless bizarre speculations. However, despite the heightened expectations, ISON ultimately proved to be somewhat of a fizzle.

The Corbett Report | 10 Climate Myths Busted (in 60 seconds!), December 9, 2013


The Corbett Report presents a one minute debunking of 10 common climate myths.
Transcript & Sources

Brien Foerster | Ancient Technology and the Great Flood | Truth Connection, December 8, 2013


Brien Foerster, Rob Arnold, Josh Toms, Emily Jane Arnold, Sam Mason and Trevor Thompson

This episode on Truth Connections featured the creators behind the groundbreaking documentary Awakening Truth as well as Brien Foerster, an internationally renowned researcher on the Inca culture, the megaliths and elongated skulls of Peru and South America. Awakening Truth focuses on investigating the ancient past in order to figure out new sustainable ways to work with the environment in the present.

Brien is also busy with other projects that will turn into published books. Some of the topics he will be covering are the mysterious stone monuments of Peru that predate the Inca kingdom, he wants to search for the lost continent of Mu and research the ancient history of Hawaii.

So far, Brien has had several appearances on Ancient Aliens, he has written 8 books, he's had numerous radio interviews, and he lives with his wife in Peru.

Mandela's Legacy, Eurozone Woes | Geneva Business Insider, December 8, 2013


David L. Smith of the Geneva Business Insider blog joins us once again for our monthly conversation on economics, finance and politics. This month we tackle the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, the latest in the Eupocalypse with the latest abysmal stats out of France, and a new Swiss initiative to provide every Swiss citizen a guaranteed basic income.
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