John Mennella | The Afterlife and the True Nature of Reality | Veritas Radio | Hour 1


Where do we go after we die? Where do we come from before we are born? Why are we here? What is the true nature of reality? What role do we play in the formation and process of reality? These are the Great Questions that have intrigued and mystified the human race for millennia.

Unbeknownst to most people, pioneering researchers and scientists have developed detailed models of the afterlife and the nature of reality that provide a tantalizing degree of illumination in these areas. Join us for a discussion with John Mennella to discuss his quest to find the answers to the great questions of existence, and learn how this knowledge affords us the opportunity to "hack reality" in ways that can improve and enrich our life experience.

BFP Roundtable | James Corbett, Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins and Pepe Escobar | Introducing Newsbud: Where Media Integrity Matters | Jan. 15, 2016


On this edition of the BFP Roundtable James Corbett talks to Sibel Edmonds, Peter B. Collins and Pepe Escobar about Newsbud, a new media venture to take the alt media to the next level. In this conversation we discuss who is involved with the project, what they hope to achieve with it, and how it will be funded.

Show Notes:
NPR Public Radio Finances The Gatekeepers: Foundation funded media
PBS Funding
After pledging transparency, PBS hides details of new deal with billionaire owner of NewsHour
George Soros: Media Mogul
Why Is Soros Spending Over $48 Million Funding Media Organizations?
How PBS sold its soul to a billionaire donor

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Tom Campbell at The Monroe Institute | November 2015


You are about to get a rare glimpse into one of the famous programs presented at The Monroe Institute, this one conducted by physicist and consciousness researcher Tom Campbell, author of My Big TOE.

Tom is the physicist T.C. in Robert Monroe’s book Far Journeys.

Tom shares his unique abilities with the participants firstly with a short synopsis of his work and scientific approach to consciousness, followed by advice on preparing for consciousness exploration.
The focus of this first part of his presentation is intellectual level versus being level in terms of successful exploration.

Participants reported significant breakthroughs, advances, and life-changing experiences in this six day workshop.

Netherlands, UFO Encounter Over the Sea


Video Footage from October 23, 2011, Netherlands.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Jan. 14, 2016


Russia has just done something huge, and that is it has launched it's own oil futures benchmark.

Russia Breaking Wall St Oil Price Monopoly

New World Next Week | Secret New Police Software Determines Your "Threat Score" | Jan. 14, 2016


Story #1: Apple Bought a Startup that Reads People’s Emotions

Story #2: “Beware”, Your Threat Score Is Being Calculated
Meet “Beware”, The New Police Tool That Data-Mines Your Life
Palantir, the War on Terror's Secret Weapon

Story #3: The CIA-Backed Start-Up “Crystal Ball" That's Taking Over Palo Alto

#GoodNewsNextWeek: Mmm Mmm Good, Campbell's To Label GMOs

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:
Nest Thermostat Glitch Leaves Users In The Cold
Media Monarchy: “Smart Grid”
Same Teen Who Claimed Hack of CIA Brennan Behind New DNI Clapper Breach
World’s Most Powerful Drug Lords Eclipsed By CIA Black Ops
NWNW Flashback: Central Banks Nervous As Bowie Alt Currency Goes Viral (Sep 2015)

Piers Corbyn | Electrical Weather | Space News | Jan. 13, 2016


Among the top science news stories of 2015, we have seen dramatic affirmations of the electromagnetic connection between the Earth and the Sun. With each new discovery, the Sun’s profound influence on Earth’s climate and weather becomes more self-evident.

However, it seems that the electrical nature of the Earth/Sun connection, and its role in so-called climate change, remains nowhere to be found in the popular climate change debate. Today, we check in on one of the leading skeptics of the theory of man-made climate change, solar physicist and meteorologist Piers Corbyn.

Jeff Rense & Larry Nichols | Making A World Dictator


Clip from January 11, 2016 - guest Larry Nichols on the Jeff Rense Program.

Ken O'Keefe & Vinny Eastwood | Awaken to Reality | Jan. 12, 2016


Veteran activist Ken O'Keefe tells of his awakening experience in the Marine Corps and discusses how the traumas he faced and continues to deal with are in fact what made him strong. An incredible show with enlightening philosophy that may change you as a person just by listening to it!

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Max Igan | CCN Interview, Jan. 4, 2016


Max on We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For. CCN Jan, 4th, 2016.

Barbara Lamb, Mary Rodwell, Richard Dolan | The ET - UFO Phenomenon | Jan. 12, 2016


This special episode of Higher Journeys Radio zones in on the ET "experiencer phenomenon" with researchers from the field: Barbara Lamb, Mary Rodwell, and Richard Dolan.

Dr. Jonathan Latham | Growing Doubt: A Scientist's Experience of GMOS | | Jan. 12, 2016


Natural health expert and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. Jonathan Latham about GMOs. Dr. Latham also explains why the process of genetic engineering is imprecise.

Clif High | 2016 Year of Chaos, Nuclear Fallout, Megaquakes, Epidemics, Weather Wars | Jan. 12, 2016


This video is about clif high, 2016 Year of Chaos, Nuclear Fallout, Megaquakes, Epidemics, Weather Wars.

David Talbott | The Electric Universe, The Saturn/Sun Swap, & The Reconstructing Of Mythology | Jan. 11, 2016


David Talbott, an expert in comparative mythology, walks us through the Electric Universe model, the idea that Saturn was our Sun before the Sun, and the many ways this new paradigm makes sense of previous dismissed aspects of mythologies around the world.

Masonic Roundtable | Symbols, Numerology, Esoteric, Politics, Baphomet, Spiritual Philosophy | Jan. 11, 2016


Description: I interviewed The Masonic Roundtable on a variety of topics and I must say, these guys are some of the most respectful and knowledgeable people I've had the opportunity to speak with. One thing I appreciated was the different opinions and ideals they all brought to the table.

Here is a list of guests:
Jason Richards
Senior Warden, Acacia Lodge No. 16
Royal Arch Mason, Allied Masonic Degrees

Jon Ruark
Past Master, The Patriot Lodge No. 1957
32 degree Scottish Rite (Southern), Knight Templar

Juan Sepulveda
Juan Sepúlveda is the host of The Winding Stairs Freemasonry Podcast

Robert Johnson
Past Master, Waukegan Lodge No. 78
32 degree Scottish Rite (Northern), Knight Templar

Nick Johnson (no relation)
Past Master, Corinthian Lodge No. 67
Knight Templar, Royal Order of Scotland, and too many other Masonic rites to name/count

Tobias Churton | Invisibles, Conspiracy & the Children of Father CRC | Part 1 of 2


What happened in the early 1600s to explain the R+C furor? What was the manifestos, what did they say, who was behind them & what did they lead to?

World leading scholar on Esoterica, Tobias Churton, sets the record straight so we can understand the important backdrop to the Shakespeare-Oak Island riddle. He accounts for everything Rosicrucian (incl Tubingen circle, Paracelsus, J. Dee, J.V. Andrea, T. Hess, F. Bacon, King James, etc) and also lets us know his experience at Oxford University, the Exeter program for Esoteric studies, & some of his previous work... and he relates research into sexual aspects of ancient Gnostic teachings.

Question Your World: On Three Points


On Three Points is an alternative thought Internet discussion forum. We talk about breaking alternative news, conspiracy theories, UFO sightings, scientific discoveries, technological breakthroughs, occult research, spiritual discourses, and more.

Clif High | Triune Humans and the Vortex of Time | Jan. 9, 2016


Wujo discussing being human and the Thinker, Knower, and Doer-in-the-body portions as well as the effects of motion through universe on the human being. -Clif High

THINKING and DESTINY by Harold W. Percival

Clif High has a patent on computer-assisted reading technology which allows reading from computer screens at up to 2000 words per minute. Reaching into other areas of hidden potential within language use by humans, he has been developing a system of software internet agents (like search engines use) and other proprietary processing methods to predict future events.

The software project, begun in 1997, captures near-real-time changes in language patterns within internet discussions. Then, employing radical linguistic techniques of his own devising, he develops a model which anticipates future events with some seeming accuracy.

The processing has, at its core, a method of assigning emotional values to complex content and time carry-values to predict changes in future behavior based on how people are using language now. 

Since June 2001 when the work projected a major 'tipping point', that is a 'life-changing event' with aspects of 'military and accident' that would forever change the way we live to occur inside 90 days, the web bot project has continued to give archetype descriptors of future events such as the anthrax attack in Washington, the crash of American 587, the Columbia disaster, the Northeast Power outage, the Banda Aceh earthquake and most recently the flooding of the Red River. As a continuing project, reports are offered from the extracted archetype information at his web site.

Questions For Corbett | Is Government Propaganda Illegal? | Jan. 10, 2016


In this month's edition of Questions For Corbett, James fields your questions on the kakistocracy, the legality of government propaganda, the Zuckerberg Initiative, low tech media backups, Australian media sources and much more.

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