Max Igan | ‪How to Control The World‬, June 29, 2012


Max Igan - Surviving The Matrix - June, 29th, 2012

Norman Bergrun | Ringmakers of Saturn, Project Camelot, June 2012


In June of 2012 on the way to the Sacramento UFO Conference, we had the good fortune to interview Norman Bergrun the 91 year old author of "Ringmakers of Saturn". Norman is a scientist/engineer who worked in an above top secret capacity (his level of clearance, way above the President) for Lockheed. Prior to that he was at NACA a precursor to NASA.

Upon leaving Lockheed, he wrote "Ringmakers of Saturn" about the enormous craft spotted in the rings of Saturn and became something of an outcast in the scientific community. This interview covers his views on time travel, the nature of the vehicles that he says are creating the rings and much more... His conclusion is that the Ringmakers of Saturn are now creating rings around other planets and they are on their way here....

Groundbreaking and a real wake-up call for the mainstream scientific community not to mention the World.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot
June 2012

Ringmakers of Saturn

Norman Bergrun's "The Ringmakers of Saturn" is the inspiration for this video of the mysterious rings of Saturn. The big 3 amigo's on ATS (mikesingh, zorgon, and internos) have each added enormous effort of personal research on this subject, by gathering up to date Cassini satellite imagery that is showing some very interesting anomalies on and around the ringed planet.

Neil Slade | Truth Connections Radio, June 26, 2012


Learning how to reconfigure your brain's pre-existing neurocircuits for increased creativity, intelligence, and pleasure; as well as unlocking paranormal abilities like telekinesis and clairvoyance, is not as difficult as it might sound. Brain Researcher, Neil Slade joins Truth Connections to discuss a part of the brain called the amygdala, which can be clicked forward into the frontal lobe for higher functioning states, or backwards to the reptilian brain for less evolved responses.

6 minute video for a brief look at how to activate your amygdala

With the amygdala connected to all parts of the brain, it behaves like a junction box between the powerful frontal lobe region and the less advanced section dealing with depression, anger, and the fight or flight response.

James Fox, Travis Walton | UFOs/ET Contact, June 27, 2012


June 27, 2012–In the first half, documentary filmmaker James Fox talked about his involvement in the new National Geographic Channel series Chasing UFOs. The first episode is centered on Texas, and features detailed information on the 2008 Stephenville UFO case including an interview with eyewitness Ricky Sorrells who described seeing a craft so large that he couldn't see the end of it. The UFO accelerated away so quickly from Sorrells that if he'd blinked he would have missed it, Fox recounted, adding that an off-camera witness told him that the military confiscated video footage from the local police department. Author Col. John Alexander briefly joined the discussion to note similarities between the Stephenville and Phoenix Lights cases.

Noted alien abductee Travis Walton also participated in the discussion-- his case will be featured on an upcoming Chasing UFOs episode about Arizona incidents. In reflecting on his 1975 abduction, he now views it as possibly a kind of "ambulance call," with the ETs healing him after he was hit by an energy pulse when he got too close to their ship. Fox said the show also traveled to Brazil to examine the Varginha alien encounter case of 1996, where several children were said to see 3-4 ft. tall oily creatures with ridges on their heads. He revealed that a military officer allegedly died 3 weeks after handling one of the creatures.

News segment guests: Stan & Holly Deyo, G. Edward Griffin

Guy Evans, James Wilson | The Pursuit of Happiness, June 28, 2012


Back again with another edition of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast, Guy Evans and James Wilson discuss what it means to be truly happy, answer listener feedback, and draw on inspiration from Thomas Jefferson in 'Episode 6: The Pursuit of Happiness'. Enjoy! ~Smells Like Human Spirit

Sacha Christie | Bentwaters & Alien Abduction, UFO Paranormal Radio Network, June 27, 2012


New World Next Week | Six Strikes, Sex Tracks, Church Attacks, June 28, 2012


Story #1: ISP 'Six Strikes' To Begin This Weekend
RIAA Chief Says ISPs To Start Policing Copyright By July 1
Wikipedia: Virtual Private Network
Proxy Server

Story #2: New Zealand Sex Offenders To Be Tracked By Satellite
Flashbacks: HIV/AIDS Patients In Papua May Be Tracked With Microchips
GPS Tracking Aids In Monitoring Dementia Patients

Story #3: Tax-Exempt Churches Plan To Engage In Illegal Electioneering

Related: As Churches Get Political, IRS Stays Quiet
Against "Pulpit Freedom Sunday" Unless Churches Pay Their Taxes First

Whitley Strieber's Dreamland | Linda Moulton Howe Back from Gobekli Tepi, June 28, 2012


Gobekli Tepi is the most mysterious archaeological site ever found. It consists of numerous carved circles of enormous standing stones, but the most amazing part of it is that the site has been confirmed to be at least 12,000 years old. Not only that, these immense structures were not only built, used in some unknown way for a thousand years, they were then painstakingly BURIED. But why? By whom?

Listen as Linda Moulton Howe interviews Dr. Robert Schoch about the site and describes her own experiences there, in Cappadocia and on the summit of Mt. Nimrud, which, as has just been discovered, is not natural at all, but an artificial mountaintop of unknown age.

Whitley Strieber says that this is possibly the most interesting program in the history of Dreamland, and this show has had more than its share of interesting program, so our advice to you is DON'T MISS IT! ~Whitley Strieber

Kim Falconer | Quantum Enchantment, Astrology & Laws of Attraction, June 27, 2012

Source: Radio 3Fourteen,,

June 27, 2012–Kim Falconer is an Australian, bestselling author born in Santa Cruz, CA. She writes speculative fiction including science fantasy and epic fantasy. Kim trains in the art of the Japanese sword to choreograph her fight scenes. She is also a published astrologer who has studied mythology, tarot and metaphysical philosophy.

Falconer is multi-faceted and versed in subjects ranging from Jungian psychology to art history to self-sufficiency farming. She'll discuss deeper concepts from her book series Quantum Enchantment and also Quantum Encryption.

We'll discuss Arthur C. Clark's notion of advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic. This opens up a conversation about consciousness and the way we perceive the world, including global unrest. Then, Kim talks about the best approach to using astrology. She'll explain how astrology and the laws of attraction work together. Later, she tells about her new book series Amassia, about a preindustrial Earth after quite a few cycles of extinction. ~Radio 3Fourteen

download mp3

Back in Time Series | Prof. John Searl on VERITAS Radio | The Man Who Can Save The Planet [Full Interview]


This interview was recorded on March 26, 2010. We consider it a classic interview and are now sharing the entire interview for the first time, as a courtesy from VERITAS Radio. ~Mel Fabregas

Recounting his remarkable story, Prof. Searl detailed how he first conceived of the device via a series of recurring dreams. Years later, he assembled the early prototypes of the invention and saw that it mysteriously floated, non-stop, upwards. Eventually, Searl managed to develop a means of controlling the device. It was during this time that sightings of his experiments in England were dubbed 'UFOs' by an unsuspecting public as well as the newspapers who knew of his work but desired to keep it under wraps.

Should the technology ultimately be used to create a vehicle, he claimed that it could travel from London to New York in 15 minutes and a trip to the moon or the ISS would be the equivalent of "a bus ride." On why the device has yet to be harnessed by companies or governments, Searl explained that one issue surrounds ownership of the creation because "once they see it, they want to own it."

As such, Searl said that he has to "protect the technology so the whole world owns it, not a particular group." To that end, he has resisted getting a patent on the machine in order to keep the precise details of the invention secret. Additionally, he noted that, despite seeing the invention at work, experts simply could not believe that it was a magnetic powered device. "They are brainwashed to a particular concept," Searl lamented. For those that do believe, Lockerman observed, there is a different kind of effect: one of sadness that such a device is not being put to good use.

Nils-Axel Mörner | Ale's Stones: The Sun Ship Calendar, June 24, 2012


June 24, 2012–Nils-Axel Mörner, is the former head of the Paleogeophysics and Geodynamics department at Stockholm University. He retired in 2005. He was president of the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA) Commission on Neotectonics (1981-1989). He headed the INTAS Project on Geomagnetism and Climate (1997-2003).

He is a critic of the IPCC and the notion that the global sea level is rising. He was formerly the Chairman of INQUA Commission on Sea Level Changes and Coastal Evolution, and led the Maldives Sea Level Project. Mörner is also known for his support for dowsing. His publications span over thirty years. Nils-Axel joins us to discuss Ales Stenar (Ale's Stones), a megalithic site in southern Sweden. It consists of a stone ship 67 meters long formed by 59 large boulders of sandstone, weighing up to 1.8 tons each. ~Red Ice Creations

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John Lenard Walson | Close Moon Footage, June 24, 2012

Source: JohnLenardWalson youtube

Interesting structure at the end of the video.

Brad Johnson | Multiversal Shaman Travels, Offplanet Radio, June 20, 2012


Multiversal shaman...dowser...Tone 3 Jaguar...traveller of realms...Brad Johnson joins us for a Summer Solstice Watch as the dark forces rise and time lines converge.

Hour 1: We discuss his journey from childhood as a novice dowser and viewer of dimensional entities; how his career as a golf pro converges with dowsing and communication with natural earth spirits; Ian Lundgold, the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar and the birth cycle of shamen; frequencies and polarities of humans and entities; protection polarities; the incoming energetics of the shift as a growing consciousness.

This is hour 1 of the show. Hour 2 is available at:

Andrew Norton Webber on Cosmic Gnostic Radio


We have Andrew on the show and interview him to learn more about his research. From his website: "I present the original cleaning and maintenance instructions for the human body. I demonstrate how the four 'distilled waters' (machine-made distilled water, all precipitation [rain, mist, snow, dew and fog], urine, and all raw fruit and vegetable juices) clean the body. I shine light on the dis-information campaign designed to obfuscate the truth regarding this knowledge." ~Cosmic Gnostic Radio

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Veritas Radio | Robert Morning Sky | The Elders Speak: Return to the Old Ways | Segment 2 of 2


Attention please:
We are releasing Segment Two two due to the importance of this interview. please subscribe to or donate at our homepage so that we can continue producing this program commercial- and censorship-free. ~Veritas Radio

Whistle Blower Radio | Kerry Cassidy & Brooks Agnew, June 22, 2012


Topics: Fukushima, Oil Spill, HAARP, Inner Earth Expedition, Romanian Sphinx, Book "Alienated Nation", and more.

James Gilliland on The Hundredth Monkey Radio, June 24, 2012


James Gilliland is an internationally known speaker, author, and contactee. He is the founder of the Self Mastery Earth Institute, Science, Spirit and World Transformation Conferences as well as the ECETI Ranch an internationally known UFO and Paranormal hotspot. He is the author of Reunion With Source, Becoming Gods and his latest best seller The Ultimate Soul Journey.

After a Near Death Experience James left his material life in commercial real estate and began a 34 year spiritual journey which included the study of most religions, The TIC Teachings of the Inner Christ, The Tibetan Foundation where is certified as a channel of the highest consciousness and energy along with initiations by Yogis and Lamas where he was given the name, Ridgzin Norbu, "Jewel of Pure Awareness". He is also a certified Kunlun Neigung instructor and has dedicated his life in service to the Awakening and Healing of Humanity and the Earth.
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