FarOutRadio | Dean Henderson | Powers & Motives Behind Global War

Source: faroutradio.com

Guest: Dean Henderson, author and geopolitical analyst.

Topic: With current events being on the boil, Dean Henderson covered a wide range of topics with host, Scott Teeters, including Russian President Putin, sanctions , the bogus cease fire in Ukraine, the water shut off in Detroit, International banksters, and several other juicy topics.

Veritas Radio | Dean Henderson - Big Oil, Central Banks, & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics...

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This portion is being provided as a courtesy from Veritas Radio. To listen to more of this exclusive interview proceed to veritasradio.com

Cloud Cover | Full Documentary

Source: carnicominstitute.org

A philanthropic edit of the original documentary "Aerosol Crimes" by Clifford E Carnicom. Visit the Carnicom Institute at: carnicominstitute.org

UFO Lou | Night Vision Skywatching Melbourne Australia, July 2014

Source: U.F.O.Lou youtube

Description: Judge for yourselves folks. Recorded with a P8079HP Night Vision tube. -UFO Lou

Pedophiles in Power | Geneva Business Insider, July 11, 2014

Source: corbettreport.com, GenevaBusinessInsider.blogspot.com

This month on the Geneva Business Insider, James and David discuss the latest information on the unfolding pedophile scandal in the UK. They also talk about the US State Department's approval of Kiev's air strikes on civilians and the state of the European banking sector. -corbettreport.com

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Jeff Rense & Jim Marrs | Fall Of The Republic, July 9, 2014

Source: rense.com, jimmarrs.com

Clip from July 9, 2014 - guest Jim Marrs on the Jeff Rense Program.

New World Next Week | Israel On Rampage in Gaza, July 10, 2014

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: 
Israel Steps Up Offensive Against Hamas

Hamas Attempted to Hit Nuclear Reactor in Dimona

White House Requests $4b in Emergency Funds for #BorderCrisis Bailout

@DeadlineLive: James Evan Pilato on Borders and Boundaries

Story #2: 
Wall Street Joins U.S. Intelligence Cronies to Form Fascist "Cyber War Council"

Wall Street Gets Former NSA Chief to Help Banks Create 'Cyber War Council'

Big Banks Want Power to Declare Cyber War

Story #3: 
#BigPharma May Tweet Drug Side-Effects

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:

Westminster Child Abuse Dossier Exclusive: Mystery of Missing Files

#OpFernbridge: 40 Members of Parliament, Peers Knew About or Took Part in UK Pedophile Ring

Politics, Paedophilia and #PIE: the Shadowy 70s Group Connected to Abuse Scandals

Facebook Emotion Experiment Sparks Criticism

1.7 Million #Snowden Documents Withheld By Glenn Greenwald Will Be Released Before July 18th

#Morrissey Releases 'World Peace Is None of Your Business'

Berlin orders CIA chief out of country over US spying, July 10, 2014

Source: RT.com

The top US intelligence representative working in Germany has been asked to leave the country. It comes after two German officials in a week were revealed as American spies. RT's Peter Oliver has more on the story. -RT.com

NSA's Muslim targets: Rights groups demand details, July 10, 2014

The NSA doesn't spy on only foreign citizens. The latest batch of revelations from Edward Snowden claim the agency has been targeting prominent Muslim Americans. Even though there is no evidence any of them are connected to terrorism. RT's Marina Portnaya takes us through the reaction. -RT.com

Solar Tsunami, Gamma Blast x2 | S0 News July 10, 2014

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

BWO #03: Bilderberg and Secret Societies | Guillermo Jimenez, James Corbett, and special guest Dan Dicks, July 9, 2014

Source: TracesofReality.com, corbettreport.com

Welcome to The Beard World Order: In this episode of the BWO, we shine a light on the murky world of secret societies and clandestine gatherings of the world’s elite. We focus our discussion on the Bilderberg Group: what it is, who attends, how it’s structured, how it’s evolved, and why it’s significant.

Having been forced out of the shadows in the last decade, has the Bilderberg Group waned in influence? Has technology rendered it unnecessary? Why all the secrecy, and what can we the people do to resist these institutions? What would secret societies look like in a free (stateless) society?

Lastly, why aren’t we as creeped out as we once were (and rightfully should be) by hooded politicians in the dark woods performing mock human sacrifices? Does Conan O’Brien really worship Molech, or is the Bohemian Grove just a harmless sleepaway camp for elitist scumbags? Your answers to these questions, letters, feedback, and much more on this BWO. Enjoy.

Jeff Rense & Alfredo Lopez | Facebook Mass Mind Control

Source: rense.com

Clip from July 2, 2014 - guest Alfredo Lopez on the Jeff Rense Program.

Thomas Sheridan | Cultural Marxism & The Psyop in Europe | Hour 1 | July 7, 2014

Source: redicecreations.com, thomassheridanarts.com

July 7, 2014–Thomas Sheridan is an author, artist, musician, satirist and independent researcher, best known for the book, Puzzling People: the Labyrinth of the Psychopath, along with his writings on socio-cultural engineering, propaganda and the influence of late Victorian occult societies and policy think-tanks upon the creation of both Fascism and Bolshevism, and the paralysing shadow these aristocratically created and cultivated symbiotic ideologies have cast upon the face of humanity.

In the first hour, we’ll talk about cultural Marxism as a corrosive force in Europe that piggybacks on the environmental movement, the gay rights movement and other minorities to further its cause. Then, we’ll discuss Germany as the heart of Europe and those who sought to create a new kind of German, a mechanical man. Thomas talks about the making of a Bavarian Bolshevik and a great psyop that took place in Germany.

Later, we discuss how Europeans have been fractured by Semitic traditions and archetypes. In the member’s hour, Thomas elaborates on the extraordinary heritage of Europeans, which is diverse and should be celebrated not shunned. He talks about how European folklore, sagas and mythology help to change consciousness. Also, we discuss disinfo coming out of Hollywood surrounding European history and the psyop of the “White man’s burden.” We’ll talk about Irish slaves, the American Civil War and re-examining history. Later, we’ll discuss the portrayal of the “dumb White man” as well as the Marxist instigated war between women and men. At the end, Thomas elaborates on winning the culture war. -redicecreations.com

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Tom Campbell | What Defines a Real Scientist?

Source: my-big-TOE.com

"The breakthroughs come from the fringe."
Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolution.

Tom Campbell describes what real scientists look for and credits the many scientists out there who practice real science by questioning, pursuing and experimenting with the anomalies they discover. 

"If you are a real scientist, you must follow the truth", Tom Campbell.

In this interview, Tom discusses the work of physicists, astrophysicists, engineers, psychologists, psychiatrists, cellular biologists, mathematicians, computer science experts, medical doctors, and more and explains that My Big TOE builds a foundation for all their work. This is what defines the "big" in a theory of everything. It is inclusive of all.

Towards the end of the interview, Tom delivers a quick summary of the logical process that built My Big TOE. "The value of it is that it pulls things together."

Tom also explains that the logic used in MBT is workable and proven in mathematical calculations and computer processes.

In addition,Tom shows that past life experience packets are a logical requirement of the MBT system, an acknowledgement to the groundbreaking work of Dr Brian Weiss.

With much emphasis on the objective world in science, and virtually none to the subjective, which world is most significant in our lives?

Not afraid to "go boldly where no man has gone before", this interview is dedicated to all the true scientists out there today. To be a true scientist takes courage.

Here are just a few scientists mentioned in the interview: Russell Targ, Hal Putoff, Brian Whitworth,  John Ringland,  Brian Weiss,  Jim Tucker,  Michael Newton,  Rupert Sheldrake,  Bernard Haisch,  John Conway,  J B Rhine,  PEAR Labs,  Bruce Lipton,  Helen Wambach,  Dean Radin

Democracy Now! | Exclusive: Inside Embassy Refuge, Julian Assange on WikiLeaks, Snowden & His New Bid for Freedom, July 7, 2014

Source: democracynow.org, wikileaks.org

In a Democracy Now! exclusive, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange joins us from Ecuador's embassy in London. It is the first time a U.S. news program has gone inside Assange's place of refuge, where he has entered his third year in political asylum while he faces investigations in both Sweden and the United States.

In the United States, a secret grand jury is investigating WikiLeaks for its role in publishing a trove of leaked documents about the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, as well as classified State Department cables. In Sweden, Assange is wanted for questioning on allegations of sexual misconduct though no charges have been filed. Late last week, there was the first break in the latter case in two years, when a Swedish court announced it would hold a hearing on July 16 about a request by his lawyers for prosecutors to hand over new evidence and withdraw the arrest warrant. In the first of a two-part interview, Assange discusses his new legal bid in Sweden, the ongoing grand jury probe in the United States, and WikiLeaks' efforts to assist National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Stephen A. McNallen | Ancestral Roots & Metagenetics | Hour 1 | July 4, 2014

Source: redicecreations.com, runestone.org, Robert E. Howard

July 4, 2014–Stephen A. McNallen is a prominent religious leader of the native European path called Asatro. McNallen established the first legally recognized Asatro organization in the US in 1972 and quickly became a prolific writer and speaker on the subject on Germanic Paganism, which broadly includes the ancient tribes of Northern Europe. He believes that spiritual fulfillment is best achieved by following the ways of one's ancestors.

In the first hour, Stephen addresses the importance of venerating our ancestors. He explains how discovering our ancestral past is vital for our future. We’ll talk about what happens when one is cut off from their ancestral roots and how powerful interests rely on it. Stephen discusses how the “world managers” work to get the masses to lose their impulse for something deeper. They belittle honor, courage and heroism for reasons of control as these pose a threat to the system. Later, Stephen talks about the falsification of Europe’s history, which always portrays Europeans as the evil ones, and people disown their ancestors because of it. -Redicecreations.com

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Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

Source: corbettreport.com

What is the Federal Reserve system? How did it come into existence? Is it part of the federal government? How does it create money? Why is the public kept in the dark about these important matters? In this feature-length documentary film, The Corbett Report explores these important question and pulls back the curtain on America's central bank. -corbettreport.com

Transcript & Sources
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James Horak | Soul-Life in the EMVs - The Full Circle

Source: emvsinfo.blogspot.com

This interview with James was requested by a friend who very sadly and recently lost their 25 year old son who died in his sleep unexpectedly. All of us lose someone close to us throughout our lives, death being the only inevitability here. One of the most unanswered questions we all have is what happens after death. As such my friends requested that I asked James for an explanation. The following interview is a private conversation that I had with James where he kindly discussed how after passing on the mind and soul combine to become spirit. Energy is eternal, it cannot be destroyed. We who survive remember our loved ones with fondness, this interview is for my friends and for those who are ill and facing an uncertain time.

Later in the interview the conversation, as always with James, comes around to more pressing issues that need to be discussed. For if we do not fix what is wrong here, what is being done not only to the human race but also to the planet, then we will not have a home to live upon and non-of us will survive. -Torz Baron Copley
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