Max Igan | The Full Circle Project - Creating a Full Spectrum Response (15 min Synopsis) | July 9, 2015


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Season 5 - Episode 01

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Jeff Rense & Gerald Celente | Anti-American Sentiment on The Rise | July 9, 2015


Clip from July 9, 2015 - guest Gerald Celente on the Jeff Rense Program.

Susanne Posel | Hidden Hand Behind Wall Street, 85 that Rule it All, Superstar Hackers, Psycopath Mindset, Jade Helm | July 9, 2015


Proprietary algorithms make billions in the stock market within picoseconds. Stock markets manipulated with Artificial Intelligence hacking the system designed by corporations. NYSE shut down via high speed trading creating a malfunction within the system. Hackers using burrowing tunnels to infiltrate their targets. What is the real purpose behind the bank closure in Calexico, CA aka Insurgent Pocket, Via Jade Helm Map.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | July 9, 2015


Article: Ukraine Merges Nazis and Islamists by Robert Parry

UFO Sightings | whotookmymojo | UFO with light changes | July 8, 2015

Source: whotookmymojo youtube

There's some unusual visuals that happen in the video The bright forward array goes out and the center orbs get brighter in illumination during the video. -whotookmymojo

2015 Footage:
UFO Sightings | whotookmymojo | UFO returns over Oregon, USA after 9 month absence, June 8, 2015

2014 Footage:
UFO Sightings | whotookmymojo | Oregon, USA, Aug. 27, Sept. 9-10, 2014

Anatole Klyosov | The Out of Africa Myth | Radio 3Fourteen | July 8, 2015

Source: Radio 3Fourteen,

July 8, 2015–Dr. Anatole A. Klyosov is a US scientist (since 1990) born in the Kaliningrad region of Russia (formerly East Germany) at the end of WWII. He is known for his work in physical chemistry, enzyme catalysis, biomedical sciences, industrial biochemistry, and DNA genealogy studies.
In Russia, he held one of the top scientific recognitions, being awarded the USSR State Prize in Science and Technology.

Anatole joins us to speak about his research related to debunking the flawed “Out of Africa” theory of human origin. First, he describes his journey as a young scientist in Russia who went on to work abroad as a Professor of Biochemistry at Harvard Medical School. Klyosov explains how he came to be the first person in the early 1980s in the USSR to use the global computer network that later became the Internet. Then, he details the “evidence” widely published in academic journals that led him to investigate the accepted theory of “Mitochondrial Eve.” He relates how this baseless explanation of Anglo European ancestry conveniently placed an apologetic lens on the chronicle of African exploitation and slavery.

Anatole defines the multiregional theory of evolution, and distinguishes the two earliest principle races – black Africans and fair skinned Neanderthals. He gives an overview of how races originated, and clarifies how specific DNA mutations are presented and carried throughout many generations of descendants. We discuss the various established dogmas present in the modern study of linguistics and archaeology, and we look at some projections by population geneticists concerning the fate of human biodiversity. We round off the conversation by considering the effects of globalization on human evolution. -Radio 3Fourteen

CrossTalk | Tehran Pivot? (Ft. Pepe Escobar & Gareth Porter) | July 8, 2015


Historic breakthrough or more false hope? How best to describe the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program at this point in time? How will history record the present - when sworn enemies reached a compromise in the name of peace or as a missed opportunity that later led to war?

CrossTalking with Pepe Escobar, Gareth Porter, and Omid Memarian.

The End of Encryption? NSA & FBI Seek New Backdoors Against Advice from Leading Security Experts | July 8, 2015


FBI Director James Comey is set to testify against encryption before the Senate Intelligence Committee today, as the United States and Britain push for "exceptional access" to encrypted communications.

Encryption refers to the scrambling of communications so they cannot be read without the correct key or password. The FBI and GCHQ have said they need access to encrypted communications to track criminals and terrorists.

Fourteen of the world’s pre-eminent cryptographers, computer scientists and security specialists have issued a paper arguing there is no way to allow the government such access without endangering all confidential data, as well as the broader communications infrastructure. We speak with one of the authors of the paper, leading security technologist Bruce Schneier.

Tim Murdock | Why Diversity is a Lie | Hour 1 | July 6, 2015


July 6, 2015–Tim Murdock is the host of White Rabbit Radio and the voice of Horus the Avenger. He is behind the widely circulated memes, "Diversity is a code word for White genocide" and "Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White." He has also produced the popular animations "How Whites Took Over America," "Anti-Racist Hitler," and "Johnny Racist."

Tim returns to Red Ice Radio for another look into the ridiculous double standards of diversity. He begins with a detailed definition of the broad term of "genocide" and links these points to explicitly stated agendas of certain power elites seeking to achieve the disappearance of specific ethnic groups and the eradication of particular ethnically pure states.

We discuss the very public proclamations of EU officials that blatantly reveal the war being waged against Whites and ancient European cultures. Further, we consider how Zionists are using technology and psychological warfare to deliberately modify the behavior of Whites, and we look at the increased questioning of suspicious politics and open border policies that are alerting even the mainstream to the anti-White scheme.

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Zen Gardner | The Full Circle Project, Mass Media Mind Control & Keeping It All Together | Far Out Radio | July 6, 2015


Zen Gardner is back with us for another visit. Zen told us about a new enterprise that’s for those wanting to work together to make a difference and help humanity break out of this Matrix of Control.

YES. There is indeed a REAL “Matrix.”And it is just about everywhere. The new enterprise is called The Full Circle Project. We also be talked about Mass Mind Control and the most obvious facet of Mass Mind Control, today's Main Stream Media. It is the unofficial 4th branch of government, because it tells us what to believe and who our heroes a suppose to be and who we're supposed to hate.

You’ve heard the old expression, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” Well the MSM is kind of like that. It is SO ubiquitous… it’s EVERYWHERE. Have you noticed that there are now TV monitors all over??? Modern live has become much like that John Carpenter movie from the 1980s with Rowdy Piper titled, “They Live.” But the antidote is shockingly simple. (STOP watching!!!)

And lastly, we talked briefly about how to keep from letting all this STUFF overwhelm and crush you. It is a balancing act between keeping informed, staying grounded, staying focused, and maintaining your happiness. It’s not easy. But it’s not impossible either. -Far Out Radio

OffPlanet TV | Private Sessions: Duncan O'Finioan-"Omens of the Days Ahead" | July 5, 2015


Duncan sits down for a briefing on his recent travels; we discuss his staff and the "tools of the trade"; the ring around the sun on June 15, 2015 which signals the countdown of a 6 month "window" for TSHTF; we discuss CERN, JADE HELM 15, and the meltdown of the financial system---all to begin culminating towards December 15, 2015. You listen. You decide. You ACT according to your discernment. -Randy Maugans

Curiosity finds Ancient Wall and Drainage ditch up on a Mountain on Mars | July 7, 2015

Source:, Martian Archaeology youtube

According to this video, Martian Archaeology was analyzing a NASA photo taken by the Curiosity Rover when he happened to find structures on the planet Mars which not look natural at all.

Original NASA Image:

An NSA Whistleblower's Guide to Encryption | July 6, 2015


Thomas Drake, a former senior executive at the NSA turned whistleblower, sat down with the Real News to talk about the USA Freedom Act as ersatz reform and how the public can take matters into their own hands by encrypting their phones and computers.

Humanity vs Insanity #44 | William Engdahl | Greek Tragedy | July 6, 2015


Yanis Varoufakis is being hailed by many as the 'visionary' to bring about an end to 'Austerity' and take Greece out of the Euro ... but what if his true purpose was to bring about the total financial annihilation of the Greek nation? William Engdahl shares his insights into the unfolding 21st Century Greek tragedy, suggesting that Varoufakis may have 'Master-Minded' an End Game resulting in the ultimate treason! What will it take to end the insanity and bring about the demise of the Socio-psychopathic Global Corporatists!!

Brien Foerster | The Giant Builders Of Ancient Cusco Peru | July 5, 2015


Contrary to common belief, the massive megalithic work known as Sachsayhuaman above Cusco Peru was not the achievement of the Inca, but a much older and more high tech race. The Inca of course did construct aspects at Sachsayhuaman. Watch this video and see the evidence for yourself.
-Brien Foerster
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