David Griffin on Offplanet Radio | Paleo-Intel Report-Part 1&2

Source: offplanetradio.com, upwardvectorpubs.com

Spiritual Mind Control? Memory Wipes and Soul Implants? Reality on steroids:

 "Most people now know that there is something very fundamentally wrong with our current society, and they can feel and see the direction it is really heading, despite all the rosy propaganda, false statistics, and not-so-subtle lies to the contrary." - David Griffin

David Griffin is the author of Revelation: A Briefing For the Peoples of Earth. With a professional background in design & engineering, he embarked on an intellectual and spiritual journey to uncover the truth about his existence, and in 1992, began recovering memories of his own previous lifetimes. With each new recovered memory, the pieces of an extremely ancient and intricate puzzle began falling into place.

David Griffin reveals some of the most difficult, far-reaching intelligence ever aired on the show about the condition of humanity, the planet Earth, our galaxy, universe(s), and the cosmological control hierarchy which currently exists.

Beginning with multi-life incarnations where beings are subjected to mental and spiritual programming or “implanting” to prevent them from recalling who they are, and their past-life experiences; the enslavers have historically utilized implanting facilities on the moon, Mars, and Phobos (among other places) for detention, torture, and re-programming, both during a person’s lifetime and even “between lives” in a spiritual state.

David has been an inter-planetary freedom fighter and intelligence officer for the "light side" in many previous lifetimes, and has been in a process of past-life memory retrieval since his youth this lifetime. The information on the website, and in the book, are part of an ongoing process of data retrieval, intelligence assessment, and debriefing to the inhabitants of this world who can hear and act. The bad news is: we are all IN this spiritual mind control program. The good news: we hold the power to break the code.
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3MIN News | Solar Eruption & CME Impact, November 24, 2012

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Links: Pine Island Glacier

John Lash | Revival of Gnosticism & The Riddle of Violence, November 22, 2012

Source: redicecreations.com, metahistory.org, gaiaspora.org

November 22, 2012–Comparative mythologist, author and teacher John Lash returns to Red Ice for his last interview. We’ll begin on the revival of Gnosticism and the teachings of telesti. John recaps his research on the Archons and the Gaia-Sophia navigation. He explains how humanity is part of a divine experiment, one that we are close to understanding.

He’ll speak more about the history between Gaia-Sophia and the Archons. John says Sophia has begun her course of correction and explains how she is communicating with her home base. Gaia is about to have a massive awakening, which will reconfigure Earth. In the member’s hour, we begin discussing the dark energies present with 2012 and the current focalization process. Then, John tells us why this is his last interview. Also, he’ll talk about galactic re-alignment explained by Sophia teachings. He describes the process and presents current scientific data that reveals it is happening. He says Earth may be on its way to becoming a self navigating planet. Lastly, we discuss the biggest taboo on the planet, violence. We’ll talk about the riddle of violence and planetary tantra.
~Red Ice Creations
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2MIN News | Aurora & Magnetic Storm Alert [Nov. 23rd-25th], November 23, 2012

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Anthony Peake on The Unexplained, November 15, 2012

Source: theunexplained.tv, anthonypeake.com

This time we meet British author Anthony Peake – and get his unique take on consciousness, life-after-death, near death experiences and what we call time… ~Howard Hughes

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Dr. Judy Wood & Andrew Johnson speak to Freedom Central at The Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference 2012

Source: freedomcentral.info, drjudywood.com, checktheevidence.com

The following clip is an conversation between ourselves, Dr Judy Wood and Andrew Johnson, and was recorded at the Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference held in Hilversum, Holland, in November 2012.

After initially having Andrew Johnson join us on our radio show earlier this year to speak about what really happened 9/11, whilst taking a look at the evidence presented by Dr Judy Wood, we were delighted to finally meet Andrew and spend some time getting to know this honest and extremely intelligent English gentleman.

We were also delighted to spend some time with Dr. Judy Wood, who really schooled us in how to look at evidence, and to interpret what we see, and not what we are told to see. It was very refreshing to see someone not trying to be a martyr, but rather focusing on the evidence. Please check out the interview we did with Andrew Johnson in September 2012 on freedomcentral.info

Max Igan | TNS Radio, November 22, 2012

Source: thecrowhouse.com, tnsradio.com

Gerald Celente | The Decline of USA & The Individual Solution, November 20, 2012

Source: redicecreations.com, trendsresearch.com

November 20, 2012–Gerald Celente is an American pioneer trend strategist who observes and analyzes the current events forming future trends for what they are. He is an author, business consultant and publisher of the Trends Journal, which forecasts and analyzes business, socioeconomic, political, and other trends.

Celente has described himself as a "political atheist," unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom, his motto is "think for yourself." Gerald will discuss the 2012 USA Presidential Election aftermath. On a good note, 11 million less people voted in the US this year, although the masses are still in a state of Stockholm syndrome, allowing psychopaths get away with murder.

We’ll discuss the decline of the USA and how it is becoming a militarized, fascist nation. Gerald says the only way out of this system, is to not support it. He recommends the Swiss model of direct democracy.

One of the top trends he sees is the state secession movement, which he says could happen easily, productively and economically. Bottom line, he explains how it comes down to the individual as the solution. Gerald shares the trend he sees for the next 4 years in America. We end on a discussion about leading by example, returning to a renaissance and honing your secret individual weapon. ~Red Ice Creations
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2MIN News | Solar Flares, November 21, 2012

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Galaxies Connected
Romanian Solar Power
Australian Fracking Study
Greenland Ice Sheet
Extended Forecast
Buoy Info

Black 9/11 | Money, Motive, Technology, and Plausible Deniability

Source: alienscientist.com, Several Links in youtube description

Special thanks to Michael C. Ruppert, Mark H. Gaffney, and Kevin Ryan for their dedicated research in bringing this information out of the shadowy black operations underworld from which it came. This video is a compilation of evidence they have uncovered. ~Alienscientist.com

Leo Sprinkle, PhD on VERITAS Radio | The Psychology of Alien Contact, Abductions and Past Lifes

Source: veritasradio.com, Book Soul Samples

Long before it was popular to explore the extraterrestrial presence, Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle was quietly, professionally, and sensitively working on this great mystery. He became a life line for those who had experienced unusual contact. This legendary pioneer of research into the UFO contactee and reincarnation phenomena at long last shares his personal story and the insights that he has gathered over the many years. With his professional psychological training and his incredible, natural metaphysical gifts, Dr. Sprinkle reaches conclusions and insights that have escaped others. Dr. Sprinkle provides a unique perspective in the psychology of alien contact and abduction and injects necessary humor and ubiquitous grace.

This legendary pioneer of UFO contactee research and reincarnation finally tells his personal story and shares his extensive knowledge. In his book Soul Samples, Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle presents information gathered from hundreds of hypnosis clients and participants in psychological studies.
He began his career in psychology with the idea of being a conventional, practicing "scientist" in the traditional sense. However, two close encounters with UFOs shattered Dr. Sprinkle's conventional reality and shifted his direction in life. After the second incident experienced with his wife, he knew that he had to investigate the UFO phenomena, and that it would be a lonely task.

Dr. Sprinkle began his investigations from the conventional viewpoint, but found he was unable to make further progress until he became aware of—and accepted— the psychical aspects of UFO phenomena. He became more and more skeptical—ironically not of the reality of "flying saucers," but of the concept of "reality" as defined and developed by the current scientific community.

As a pioneer in the UFO field, Dr. Sprinkle was in the limelight early on and participated in many regional and national television programs, including ABC-TV (That's Incredible) and NBC-TV (Tom Snyder,Tomorrow Show) and NBC's UFOs: Fact or Fantasy. He has appeared on many panels with scientists such as J. Allen Hynek and Carl Sagan. Ruth Montgomery included a chapter on Sprinkle's activities in her 1985 book, Aliens Among Us. He has been invited to speak at several international conferences and numerous other meetings and conferences.

With his pioneering view of the role contactees played within the UFO/ET phenomena, he started the first UFO Investigation Conference for "contactees" held on the campus of the University of Wyoming.
Dr. Sprinkle received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Missouri in 1961. He completed his BA & MPS at the University of Colorado in 1952 and 1956 respectively. Dr. Sprinkle was a Professor of Counseling Services at the University of Wyoming and for the last 13 years of his career he served as the Director of Counseling Services. Currently, he is Professor Emeritus of Counseling Services at the University of Wyoming and a Counseling Psychologist in Laramie, Wyoming. He is nationally certified and licensed and a Registrant of Counsel for the National Register of Health Service Providers.

The Healing Path with White Wolf Von Atzingen | S2-E2 Memory Retrieval, November 18, 2012

Source: offplanetradio.com, waysofthewildinstitute.com

Memory retrieval begins when you realize you have memories and aspects of self that don't make sense. Memories can be real, false, or embedded "screens" that "feel" out of place; that come and go in the daily waking consciousness. They may not reflect accurate recall by others, or they may be discontinuous with your own narrative...whatever the perceptions, these are indicators you may need to explore deeper.

This audio provides an over-view of memory-related issues and an exercise by White Wolf to begin safely dealing with either the perceptions---or reality of trauma-related memory recall, and disposing of false recall while retrieving more accurate memory patterns to integrate your personality.

Again, as always: If you feel you need help, please consult with a qualified, trusted practitioner. Please understand that you assume all risks from the use, non-use, or misuse of this information.
~Randy Maugans
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Dan Winter | Fractality and Consciousness, November 19, 2012

Source: itsrainmakingtime.com, goldenmean.info

As we seek a deeper understanding of consciousness itself, the line between science and spirituality begins to blur. Dan Winter harmonizes them in an awe-inspiring exploration of fractality, plasma science, and spiritually hygienic practices.

An electrical engineer by trade, Dan is a brilliant teacher in the areas of sacred geometry, feng shui, the science of consciousness, bioarchitecture, and biofeedback. We discuss bliss experiences and how they encode information to DNA through a process called implosion. From the benefits of agnihotra to the universality of the golden mean, this segment is packed with comprehensive wisdom for spiritual philosophers and scientists alike. Join us with Dan Winter as we plunge deep into the fractal fount of being. ~Kim Greenhouse
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Dimitri Khalezov's urgent address, November 18, 2012

Source: 911thology.com, Dimitri Khalezov youtube

Dimitri Khalezov, the author of 911thology - about nuclear demolition of the World Trade Center - addresses public for the first time. This recording split into 5 parts. 1. Good news. 2. Bad news. 3. Updated Dimitri Khalezov's contact details and websites. 4. "Ground Zero" in dictionaries (first half). 5. "Ground Zero" in dictionaries (second half).

Richard Cassaro | The Triptych Enigma, Gothic Cathedrals & Freemasonry, November 18, 2012

Source: redicecreations.com, richardcassaro.com, deepertruth.com

November 18, 2012–Journalist, speaker and Freemason Richard Cassaro is the author of "Written In Stone: Decoding The Secret Masonic Religion Hidden In Gothic Cathedrals And World Architecture." The book uncovers a lost wisdom tradition that was practiced globally in antiquity, found memorialized in pyramids, triptychs, and identical images worldwide.

The central tenets of this tradition have been perpetuated in western "secret societies." The most visible of these is the so-called "Masonic fraternity," which according to Richard is an age-old order whose ranks have included Europe's gothic cathedral builders and America's founding fathers.

We’ll discuss "the triptych enigma," something Richard has found evidence for around the world. What does this architectural secret symbolize? In the second hour we discuss Freemasonry today vs. in the ancient days and the significant differences between operative and speculative Freemasonry. Is there a conspiracy in the upper ranks of the Scottish Rite? We also cover Lucifer worship and the speculation that Masonry has been infiltrated by Luciferians. Later, we talk about a second renaissance, seeking true knowledge and the internal quest. Richard also talks about the hijacking of spirituality and the significance of one fulfilling their destiny and following their dreams.~Red Ice Creations
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3MIN News, November 18, 2012

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Cali Cap&Trade
Brain Waves
Mars Water

Troy McLachlan | The Golden Age & The Electric Universe, November 17, 2012

Source: spectrumradionetwork.com, saturndeathcult.com

Author, Troy McLachlan joins a number of writers with an interest in proposing alternative interpretations of human and natural history. A strong proponent of Electric Universe theory and Saturn Theory, his first publication 'The Saturn Death Cult' is a radical discussion on the links between planetary catastrophism, ancient mythology and their connection to ancient and modern occult ritual. 

Born in South Africa, raised and educated in New Zealand, and now resident in the United Kingdom, Troy D. McLachlan spent over fifteen years in Hong Kong alternating between journalism and the film industry. He is planning a series of follow-ups to the main premise found in his first publication 'The Saturn Death Cult' and maintains the website Saturn Death Cult.com where he posts supporting articles on occult ritual, mythology and Saturn Theory cosmology. ~Spectrum Radio Network

Abundant Focus high Alpha SMR binaural beats (ambient study tool)

Source: unisonicascension.com, JezebelDecibel youtube

Sensory Motor Rhythm SMR is within the range of 12 to 15 Hz. The safe SMR range (12 to 14 Hz) is particularly useful for general study needs. Suitable for people who have stress and/or anxiety issues. This ambient entrainment, enables both relaxed alert and focus -- with some multi-tasking potential to make an excellent study tool. Listen softly with stereo headphones, to promote clear focus and movement. With regular use the benefits of synchronised SMR brainwaves will become more apparent and consolidate.
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