Jordan Maxwell, Bob Evans on Truth Frequency Radio, April 8, 2011


Another special broadcast, with the legend himself, Jordan Maxwell to discuss the veil of secrecy in this world and the effect it has on our consciousness.

And in the second hour we welcome independent researcher Bob Evans to discuss his intensive research into ELENIN and his discoveries through from the last several years. The information is mind blowing to say the least and definitely a great addition to the archive regarding this topic. Truth Frequency Radio

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James Gilliland | Transcending in the Midst of Chaos


James Gilliland discussed the most recent attempt by the government to shut down the ECETI Ranch and what he is doing to save it. Apparently, there is a concerted effort to curtail the dissemination of information that will assist humanity in the ascension process. We discussed current world events and how to transcend in the midst of chaos. ECETI continues to operate and a conference is scheduled as usual for this year.

James Gilliland is an author, minister, transpersonal intuitive counselor, visionary, and founder of Sattva Sanctuary (the Self Mastery Earth Institute), and ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence). His books include: A Reunion with Source , Becoming Gods 2, and the soon to be released Ultimate Soul Journey. He is also featured in two videos, Project Contact, and The Keys to Utopia. After a Near Death experience, James was expanded into what he calls interdimensional mind. This greater awareness brought him into a greater understanding of the vast interdimensional multiverses in which we live.

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Ted Loder & Steven Greer: Do we really still need nuclear power?


World Puja Network Show - April 8, 2011

- Conversations with Dr. Steven Greer -

Dr. TED LODER & Steven Greer:
'Do We Really Still Need Nuclear Power?'

With the tragedy in Japan we need to examine this issue again. Dr. Greer and Dr. Loder will discuss the fallacy that nuclear power is the only viable solution that will not pollute the environment. At is an article from the American Federation of Scientists talking about how even small positive developments in solar energy have been suppressed. If even these incremental improvements to traditional alternatives have been suppressed, how much more suppression there must be for the truly innovative solutions! How can we wait any longer to have these real solutions out to the public?

Project Camelot - Bob Dean - A Conversation 2011


In February we were fortunate to have a chance to connect once again with one of our favorite people, one-man disclosure project, Bob Dean. Soon to celebrate his 82nd birthday, he was in good form and waxing eloquent about his relationship with ETs, breaking his security oath and looking toward the future with eyes wide-open.

This is not an interview but rather after three interviews we choose to have a rousing conversation about statements he has made, whether the people are ready for the truth and whether they can handle it. As always, he rises to the occasion giving as good as he gets and taking no prisoners. Eyes twinkling he leads the viewer down the rabbit hole a bit deeper while taking care not to reveal more than he feels the listener can stand.

Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan
February 2011

Max Igan & Bob Tuskin - Mind Control, Mercury & Big Fish


April 2, 2011-This week we are joined by Max Igan and Bob Tuskin for a free flowing round table about mind control, mercury, spirituality, community and the big fish tearing up our fish bowl. -Truth Frequency Radio

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Exotica Radio - Duncan O'Finioan: Part 2-"Stormbringer"


April 2, 2011-The second part of the conversation ties together some looses ends from part one with some questions answered, and some comments questioned. We go deep into the structures of the elite families, the inner workings of justice and eforcement when "they" step over the's too late for "them" to change sides; the future battle, the end game...what will it look like, and the choices to be made, the need to PREPARE; spiritual warfare on multiple levels; racism, false internet "insiders", a false peace and prosperity cycle before the big smack down?...we also discuss the Tuscon, AZ shooter Jared Loughner as MKUltra, and Duncan's analysis of the events...and: "read between the lines..."

Duncan, and his partner/body guard, "Axe" will return for another round soon. - Randy Maugans

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What really happened to Project Camelot: an interview by Mel Fabregas


This new personal interview with Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy - by Mel Fabregas from the VERITAS SHOW - lifts the veil on PROJECT CAMELOT and reveals the complex chain of events that took place in 2008-2009 that resulted in a schism in Project Camelot... a schism which which has now been healed.

The interview details how Bill and Kerry may well have made seven sets of powerful enemies during that time - as a direct result of the stand they were taking on a number of issues.

As Bill says in the interview: "It only takes one bullet to kill you. When you have seven, you have little chance."

The story of exactly what happened, and the role model the Project Camelot founders are seeking to set in resolving the differences that were exacerbated by their enemies, is fascinating and important. MUST WATCH.

As always, there is humor. Enjoy the lovely little outtake at the beginning. The rest of the interview is quite serious, and contains a LOT of important information.

Bill Ryan

Brooks Agnew, Oliver Williams - HAARP & Weather Control


April 4, 2011-Electrical engineer and researcher Brooks Agnew talked about Project HAARP-styled technology, used by the U.S., China and Russia to artificially manipulate the ionosphere & weather, and potentially control populations and armies. By using different frequencies, HAARP technology can cause structures in the ground to vibrate, bringing on geologic effects such as earthquakes, he explained. The recent quake in Japan might have been induced this way, he speculated, adding that of the countries that have this technology, China would have the most to gain by Japan's loss. There were also signs (a lavender colored sky) just before the quakes in Chile and Haiti that indicate possible involvement of the technology, he added.

Using HAARP technology to manipulate the weather is the "perfect weapon" that leaves no fingerprints-- "It's [viewed as] an act of God that comes in and directs a hurricane into your path, or starves you out of rain for a couple years, or causes a summer of heat so bad that your wheat cooks into dust," Agnew commented (he demonstrated some of this technology on an episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura). HAARP techniques have also been applied as a non-lethal weapon/psychological operation during wartime, as well as possible experiments on civilians, he detailed.

Agnew shared an update on his North Pole Inner Earth Expedition (NPIEE), which he hopes will take place in 2012. Traveling on a Russian icebreaker, the expedition will explore an area above the Arctic Circle, that no one has ever visited by sea before. According to ancient legend, it is here that an entrance to an inner earth is said to exist.
John Titor Update

First hour guest, Oliver Williams gave an update on alleged time traveler John Titor, who via computer bulletin boards made several accurate predictions about the last decade. In the last year or so, there's been some speculation that the whole exercise of the Titor posts was that someone was trying to send messages to specific individuals, "whether it was to other versions of John that were time traveling, or to people that knew what they were reading and we didn't." The author(s) might have been tech savvy scientists, not time travelers, but people who had information they wanted to reveal, Williams suggested.

News segment guest: Jerome Corsi

Barbara Hand Clow | 9th Underworld Cycle of the Mayan Calendar


March 31, 2011
Author and astrologer Barbara Hand Clow is back on the program to discuss the transition into the 9th, and last underworld cycle of the Mayan Calendar, before it comes to an end. What is to come and what can we expect of the universal underworld cycle?

Barbara is well known for her work as an astrologer, especially for her groundbreaking study of Chiron. She has written "The Mayan Code", "The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions", "The Mind Chronicles", "The Pleadian Agenda" and "Awakening the Planetary Mind: Beyond the Trauma of the Past to a New Era of Creativity".

We begin to discuss the earthquake in Japan, radiation leaks, the revolutions in Northern Africa and the Mid-East, war on Libya we move on to talk about religion, the archons and the war on Humanity.

Topics discussed: Japan earthquake, karmic destiny, nuclear radiation, Carl Johan Calleman, transformation, technology, industry, Middle East, 9th underworld of the Mayan Calendar, Abrahamic religions, duality, Archons, religious programming, Muslims, Zionists, Christians, Catholicism, Gnosticism, Nag Hammadi scrolls, Reptilians, Marcian of Tortona, the Pope, the head Aarchon, Yahweh, Zionism, Hebrew bible, Israel, creation, Hosni Mubarak, Mohamed ElBaradei, Pangaea, Cairo, war on Libya, the telluric realm, spectrum from dark to light, the fourth dimension, destruction of the sea, local solutions and much more.

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