Veritas Radio | Kevin D. Randle, Lt.Col. USAR (Ret) | The 1957 Levelland UFO Encounter | Part One


On November 2, 1957, a series of sightings of a glowing, egg-shaped object was seen around the West Texas town of Levelland, USA. Multiple witnesses at multiple locations reported their cars stalled at the close approach of the UFO.

Over a two-hour period, the object terrorized the witnesses. The Hockley County Sheriff, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and even officers from Reese Air Force Base saw the UFO. A comprehensive investigation has, for the first time, uncovered additional witnesses and reveals the Air Force clandestine attempts to resolve the case without revealing the true nature of the events.

The Levelland sightings are not the only time that reports of stalled cars and other interaction with the environment was reported. In France and South America, in 1954, similar reports were made, many of them including descriptions of creatures from the UFOs.

Levelland is the first book to examine this aspect of the UFO phenomenon in depth and provide detailed eye witness testimony from law enforce officers along with an examination of the once classified, official investigation. The true story of the Levelland UFO is revealed and it will change minds.

Kevin D. Randle has spent the majority of his life in the study of all aspects of the UFO phenomena. He has actively investigated cattle mutilations, abductions, crash retrievals and a wide variety of flying saucer sightings. He had traveled extensively during his investigations, interviewed many of the high-profile researchers and hundreds of witnesses to UFO events.
He was among the first to review the Project Blue Book files after they were declassified and saw them before the names had been redacted. Randle is a retired Army lieutenant colonel who served as a helicopter pilot and aircraft commander in Vietnam and an intelligence officer in Iraq.

His Vietnam experiences can be found at He served for fourteen years in the Air Force, on both active duty and the Reserve as an intelligence officer. He brings this military insight as well as an advanced education to bear on his study of UFOs.

Randle has appeared in dozens of documentaries about UFOs, appeared on hundreds of radio programs, and written dozens of books on the topic including the recently published UFOs and the Deep State and Levelland about the sightings in Texas in November, 1957.

His blog, A Different Perspective provides insights into some of the most controversial and some of the best UFO sightings. His radio show/podcast airs weekly on the X-Zone Broadcast Network. He also provides a short weekly segment about UFOs on Coast-to-Coast AM. He is one of the most respected researchers in the field.

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New Unclassified FOIA documents reported by Motherboard

- “Newly-Released Documents Shed Light on Government-Funded Research Into Worm Holes, Anti-Gravity and Invisibility Cloaks”
- warp drives, extra dimensions, anti-gravity

Interview with experiencer Adam Burns after hypnotherapy session
- “humans are working off-world with advanced beings”
- “the most malevolent towards us…the reptilians”
- “massive underground bases”
- “some of these ancient aliens want to help us”
- “mantid being…loving and hyper intelligent”
- “humanoid with the head of a snake”
- “our future…we make it…we transcend!”

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Today's story is about the following article spotted by W.G. and K.M.: Virginia has joined "the bullion club": Article: Signed as Law: Virginia Takes Another Step Toward Treating Gold and Silver as Money
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