The Corbett Report | Corruption, Lies, Threats, and Journalism in Mexico | March 7, 2015


Hector Cubillos of joins James in Acapulco to discuss his own brush with the corrupt government officials of Mexico and the lies, threats and intimidation that keeps the lid (more or less) on journalists there.

Max Igan | The World is Run by Psychopaths and Wrapped in Bullshit


This is a 15 minute synopsis due to YouTube limiting my uploads. -Max Igan

Download Entire One Hour Broadcast as mp3

EBTV | Dr. Larry Malerba, D.O. | Metaphysics & Medicine: Practical Applications | Part 2


EBTV presents host Evita Ochel and featured guest Dr. Larry Malerba, D.O. in a dialogue about the limitations and biases of conventional medicine and science on common health and healing areas.

Dr. Malerba is a physician, educator, and writer whose mission is to build bridges between holistic healing, conventional medicine, and spirituality. He is the author of 2 books, “Green Medicine: Challenging the Assumptions of Conventional Health Care” and his new book “Metaphysics & Medicine: Restoring Freedom of Thought to the Art and Science of Healing”, as well as countless articles on his own site, as well as on various popular media.

General topics covered in the video include:

1. How to understand conventional medicine’s blind spots (1:48)
- material causes versus energetic causes of disease
- the “never well since” nature of disease
- the iatrogenic nature of disease

2. The role of emotions on the bio-energetic field, health, and disease. (8:12)
- the amplification of emotional trauma through the years
- the role of consciousness in healing on a root level
- the importance of effective emotional/energetic release

3. How medical “isms” influence the genetic inheritance of disease. (17:00)
- genetic versus energetic inheritance

4. How medical “isms” influence the germ theory. (23:08)
- the consequences of waging war versus enacting effective solutions
- the importance of focusing on the internal host, rather than external germ

5. Practical advice regarding infections and antibiotic use. (27:51)

6. How medical “isms” influence vaccine use. (31:28)
- the questionable efficacy of vaccines
- the questionable safety of vaccines
- the importance of having choice with respect to vaccines

7. How medical “isms” influence cancer treatment. (38:22)

8. The importance of returning personal judgment, knowing what is right for us, back to ourselves. (44:28)

Part 1 - EBTV | Dr. Larry Malerba, D.O. | Metaphysics & Medicine: Societal Implications

Erich von Däniken, Jesse Marcel III | UFO Gods | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | Feb. 11, 2015


Erich von Däniken joins us live from Switzerland and we have a very open-ended conversation on Chariots, his current research and up is Jesse Marcel III and we talk about his family, Roswell and his new project: the Typhoon F1 Sportscraft.

The Corbett Report | The Global Fight Against Internet Censorship | March 6, 2015


From Japan to Canada to the US, there is a worldwide legislative battle taking place to clamp down on the internet and stifle alternative journalism. James talks to Dan Dicks and Luke Rudkowski in Acapulco, Mexico about these threats and how to fight back against them.

S0 News | Solar Flares are Back | March 6, 2015


The David Icke Videocast | Vaccine Fascism | March 6, 2015


Sally Fallon Morell | Weston A. Price & Nourishing Traditions | Hour 1 | March 4, 2015


March 4, 2015–Sally Fallon Morell is founding president of the Weston A. Price Foundation, founder of A Campaign for Real Milk and author of the best-selling cookbook Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats. She is also the author of The Nourishing Traditions of Baby & Child Care and Nourishing Broth.

Sally is with us to discuss the culinary customs of our ancestors and wise food choices that contribute to excellent overall health. She begins with the story of Dr. Weston A. Price, a dentist who studied nutrition and traveled to remote parts of the globe looking at dental health and overall health.
Dr. Price discovered that groups who consumed foods with high levels of the fat soluble vitamins A, K & D had excellent teeth and general health.

Sally explains how the foods that are commonly consumed today are missing the proper fats that supply these vital nutrients, leading to an appalling epidemic of chronic disease, infertility and children who suffer the consequences of parents with poor nutrition.

We talk about the importance of grass-fed animal fats, the dangers of pasteurized dairy products, and the detrimental effects of following a vegan diet, particularly during pregnancy. Then, Sally explains the basic rule of nature and how flooding the body with foods that deplete vitamins, minerals and fats along with restricting essential fats leads to disease.

We consider the harmful effects of fluoride as well as the vilification of raw milk. We end by looking at the importance of cholesterol and fats for healthy brain functioning, the long-term, damaging effects of GMO foods, and ways to integrate the wisdom of the ancients into our daily nourishment.

download hour 1 mp3

Jeff Rense & Richard Sauder | Secret Underground Bases


Clip from February 27, 2015 - guest Richard Sauder on the Jeff Rense Program.

Tom Campbell | Fireside Chat with MBT Forum | Part 1-3 | Jan 4, 2015


Tom Campbell answers questions from his My Big TOE forum members on various subjects involving our reality and consciousness from the viewpoint of his theory, philosophy, and experience.

Ishtar Babilu Dingir | Blood & DNA: Preserving the Ancestral Spirits and Wisdom of our Race | Hour 1 | March 2, 2015


March 2, 2015–Ishtar Babilu Dingir is a former journalist from England, specializing in holistic health and environmental issues. She is now a shaman in her home town of Glastonbury in Somerset, where she concentrates on working with the spirits of the land, in order to reaffirm the sovereignty. She's also the author of The Sacred Sex Rites of Ishtar: shamanic sexual healing and sex magic, and Lord of the Dance.

More recently, she has been writing about the importance of preserving race in order to access the wisdom teachings from the ancestral spirits, which is the focus of our discussion. Ishtar begins by describing the initiation, training and practices of the shaman, one who journeys into other dimensions to get guidance from entities and bring back information to the community or individuals as a form of healing.

She explains about information contained in our DNA that holds the wisdom of our ancestors, and how long ago an impetus from Rome largely eradicated this knowledge. We discuss pre-Christian civilizations, the Abrahamic narrative, the Protestant movement, and hidden information that is used to disempower the masses.

Further, we'll consider the identity crisis of the West, mainly caused by the metaphysical being left behind, a lost connection to our ancestors, and an unhealthy focus on materialism. Then, Ishtar speaks about the three worlds of shamanic journeying, the Fae of the Middle World who works in partnership with man and the land, the worldwide importance of the shaman in tribes prior to the agricultural phase, and the merchant class rule that is achieved by the propaganda machine.

download hour 1 mp3

Daniel Estulin | Bilderberg 2015 And The Tavistock Institute | Richie Allen Show


Richard Dolan | The Real Power Struggle and the End Game | March 1, 2015

Source: Truth Warrior,,

In this episode I speak with Richard Dolan about his latest work, his thoughts on current events, and his upcoming series of presentations in Canada starting in April of 2015. "Historian Richard Dolan, author of four ground-breaking books on the UFO phenomenon, will analyze the UFO cover-up as only he can do.

He will explain how the UFO phenomenon has quietly transformed our world: first, from the presence of “other beings” here on our world; second, from the acquisition of radical technology; and third, from the need for eternal secrecy on the matter. All three have contributed to the global system we have today: a nearly complete virtual totalitarianism that requires (for the time being) nearly continuous false flag events to corral and control the public. Using a broad geopolitical approach, Dolan will explain multiple Disclosure scenarios: “Premature Disclosure,” “Preferred Disclosure,” and “People-Driven Disclosure.” The result is a profoundly new way to understand one of the most paramount--and least understood--issues of our time." -David Whitehead

Randall S. Powers & Steven Konkoly | Practical Prepping: No Apocalypse Required | March 2, 2015


Randall S. Powers and Steven Konkoly discuss their book Practical Prepping: No Apocalypse Required. Prepping – or preparedness – is simply about taking steps in your own life which could potentially be of great benefit in the event of a crisis or disaster situation. It has, however, become embroiled with the popular clichés of survivalism and images of groups or individuals holed up in armed redoubts with a million cans of beans and enough weapons to start a war.

Back in the real world, beyond popular post-apocalyptic fantasies, there are many often more mundane events which have the potential to seriously disrupt our daily lives. Terrorism, economic meltdown, natural disasters and pandemics such as Ebola and avian flu regularly hit the headlines. But even something as simple as a prolonged power outage or severe winter freeze can – and has – left thousands of citizens on the back foot with inadequate supplies of food, water and other essentials with which to ride out such an emergency.

The aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy stand as stark examples of government failure in disaster management. They’re not the first and they certainly won’t be the last. Taken in tandem with the potentially fatal interconnectedness of our modern industrial systems and widespread public ignorance about the fragility of the infrastructure which makes our comfortable lives of consumption possible, a picture emerges in which we would all do well to do some serious thinking about how we and our families could cope should the worst happen.

Practical Prepping: No Apocalypse Required isn’t a book about ditching the suburbs for a heavily defended, self-sufficient compound in the mountains. It explores practical first steps that you can take to prepare for the disasters you are most likely to experience. The book offers a layered, foundational approach that can be tailored to your circumstances and motivation level. You’ll be surprised by how little time, effort and hard-earned cash you’ll need to put into Practical Prepping.

Noam Chomsky | After Dangerous Proxy War, Keeping Ukraine Neutral Offers Path to Peace with Russia | March 2, 2015


The recent ceasefire in Ukraine continues to hold after a shaky start, days after Secretary of State John Kerry publicly accused Russian officials of lying to his face about their military support for separatist rebels.

The United Nations says the death toll from the nearly year-old conflict has topped 6,000. This comes as tens of thousands rallied in Moscow to honor the slain opposition leader Boris Nemtsov, who had accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of authoritarian rule.

"It's fashionable in the United States and Britain to condemn Putin as some sort of distorted mind," says Noam Chomsky, but he notes no Russian leader can accept the current Ukrainian move to join NATO. He argues a strong declaration that Ukraine will be neutralized offers the path to a peaceful settlement.

Dawn Mission Education and Communications | Cratered Surface of Ceres in Motion | March 2, 2015

Source: Dawn Mission Education and Communications (E/C) youtube

The surface of Ceres is covered with craters of many shapes and sizes, as seen in this new animation of a map of the dwarf planet's surface. To make this animation, a map of Ceres, comprised of images captured by NASA's Dawn spacecraft on Feb. 19, 2015 from a distance of nearly 29,000 miles (46,000 kilometers), was projected onto a globe. Ceres' actual rotation is much slower; it takes about nine hours.

An unusually large basin nearly 186 miles (300 kilometers) across is seen just south of the equator, with a shallow interior, faint rim and low-relief mounds within. Several bright spots are seen, including two that are very bright and lie within a single crater north of the equator. The bright spot in the center of that crater too small to be resolved at this distance, so its true brightness is not yet known.

Dawn's mission is managed by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, for NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington. Dawn is a project of the directorate's Discovery Program, managed by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. The University of California, Los Angeles, is responsible for overall Dawn mission science. Orbital ATK Inc., in Dulles, Virginia, designed and built the spacecraft. The German Aerospace Center, the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research, the Italian Space Agency and the Italian National Astrophysical Institute are international partners on the mission team. -Dawn Mission Education and Communications

Back in Time Series | William Cooper | Mind Control | 7/12/1994

Brien Foerster | The Mysterious "Stones Of The Moon" In Peru | March 1, 2015


This is not a place that many foreign visitors ever see, but is very mysterious, as no one really knows who carved the massive hard stone into a precise U shape. Could it be a ritual place for moon ceremonies? Or a sun dial? Check it out for yourself...and join us and see it for yourself. -Brien Foerster

Jeff Rense & Gordon Duff | Israel, Mossad And MH17


Clip from July 22, 2014 - guest Gordon Duff on the Jeff Rense Program.
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