"New" Cold War, Same Old Tricks | BFP Roundtable #05, April 12, 2014

Source: boilingfrogspost.com, corbettreport.com

The BFP Roundtable convenes once again, as Peter B. Collins, Guillermo Jimenez, James Corbett, and Sibel Edmonds unite to discuss the Russia-NATO conflict over Ukraine, the false choice of the "new cold war," the Turkish connection to last year's Syrian false flag, and the fact that Seymour Hersh needs to retire. For more information on these and other topics, please stay tuned to BoilingFrogsPost.com.

Pulsating Beam Hits the Sun/NASA removes the images, April 11, 2014

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Catherine Austin Fitts | Secret Space Program & The Black Budget | Hour 1 | April 11, 2014

Source: redicecreations.com, solari.com, secretspaceprogram.org

April 11, 2014–Catherine Austin Fitts is the Founder and President of Solari. She served as Managing Director and Member of the Board of Directors of the Wall Street investment bank, Dillon, Read & Co., Inc. She also served as Assistant Secretary of Housing/Federal Housing Commissioner at HUD in the first Bush Administration and was the President and Founder of Hamilton Securities Group, Inc.

We’ll discuss if financial fraud and market manipulations are actually mechanisms for financing the black budget and if centralized governance is necessitated by high-tech secrecy. There may be as much as $100 trillion dollars worth of hardware flying the skies powered by anti-gravity and field-propulsion technologies. This has significant implications for the ownership and design of manufacturing and energy infrastructure on planet earth. It also has connections to trillions of dollars which are “missing” from defense and domestic agency accounts (as reported by official financial reports of the US government).

To the extent that the US taxpayer has financed this technology (or its reverse-engineering) why should private corporations own it on a secret basis? The financial fortunes and geopolitical power involved are significant. If you control these technologies, you possess weaponry sufficient to engineer a financial coup d’Etat and to centralize control of the entire global financial system.  -redicecreations.com

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New World Next Week | Blood Moon Apocalypse!, April 10, 2014

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: Metgasco's Gas Exploration Well Delayed After Protesters Block Entrance to Bentley Site

Video: Will You Show Up? I Showed up! #BentleyBlockade

Introducing "The Spark"

There's Now a Flying Wind Turbine That Doubles As Wi-Fi

Japan, U.S. Fail to Move Closer Over TPP Before Obama Visit

Toyota Becoming More Efficient By Replacing Robots With Humans

Climate Scientist Ridicules U.N. Report as Junk

Soda Sales Rapidly Decline Across the U.S.; Down 20% Since 1998

Do you always agree with the topics newspaper editors choose to cover?

Story #2: US Navy 'game-changer': converting seawater into fuel

BlackLight Power Announces Sustained Production of Electricity Using Photovoltaic Conversion

US Navy to Test Futuristic Super-Fast Gun at Sea in 2016

Story #3: Four Blood Moons: Does Alignment of Mars, Earth and Sun Mean the End of the World is Nigh?

Dateline Israel : Signs in the Heavens of a Four Blood Moon Tetrad in 2014 and 2015

Joel 2:31 (King James Version)

Reagan's astrologer

It's not an alien invasion, it's Operation Blue Beam

Robert Guffey | Cryptoscatology: Conspiracy Theory as Art Form, Radio 3Fourteen, April 9, 2014

Source: Radio 3Fourteen, cryptoscatology.com

April 9, 2014–Robert Guffey is the author of the nonfiction book Cryptoscatology: Conspiracy Theory as Art Form. He’s published numerous short stories, articles and interviews in a wide range of magazines and anthologies. He’s currently a lecturer in the Department of English at California State University—Long Beach. In the beginning of the interview, Robert tells how he became a Freemason and what led him into the field of conspiracy theory. He’ll explain why he compares the field of conspiracy theory to classical mythology.

We also talk about how conspiracy theory it littered with the carcasses of sincere truth seekers who failed in their search. Then, we discuss the conspiratorial side of the educational system, political correctness and the war on the imagination. Later, Robert talks about intelligence agents involved in the sci-fi genre. The hour ends with a story about a man who experienced the phenomena known as gangstalking. -Radio 3Fourteen

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Chossudovsky: Who Are the Mercenaries Being Used in Ukraine?, April 10, 2014

Source: RT.com

Kiev has hired foreign mercenaries to take over law enforcement duties as well as most covert operations in eastern Ukraine, as the country struggles to regain control of its security apparatus, economist Michel Chossudovsky told RT.

Snowden to EU: No legal means challenge mass surveillance (FULL VIDEO), April 9, 2014

Source: RT.com

No legal means exist to challenge mass surveillance, said NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, testifying to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. A former NSA contractor, Snowden was speaking to the PACE session in Strasbourg via a video link-up from Moscow. -RT.com

Dr. John Apsley | Secrets of The World's Longest-Living Cultures | Segment 1 | Sanitas Radio

Source: sanitasradio.com

Not long ago, the U.S. Public Health Service revealed that only one point five percent (1.5%) of all Americans were healthy. So it is no wonder Americans rank 31st in the world for life expectancy, suffer the 7th highest cancer rate among all countries, and rank behind no less than 40 countries that have lower infant mortality rates. This begs the question: Why? Prior to 1952, the mortality rate from all sources was dramatically declining. After 1952 this dramatic decline lost its steam. In fact, in some years, startling mortality escalations (especially for the 25 to 44 age group) occurred despite unprecedented advances in U.S. healthcare. So, what happened? Well, to be pithy, in 1952 radioactive fallout was unleashed in earnest. We now know that deficiencies and toxins in our food supply and environment are at fault. The National Cancer Institute has determined that 80% of our cancers arise from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Regardless of the toxin or disease, tiny amounts of absorbed radioactive particles greatly amplify their toll on the human body.

As far back as the 1960's, no less than three Nobel Prize winners warned us as about the consequences of man-made radiation. But we did not listen. The National Research Council's 2006 BEIR VII Report tells us point blank that there is no safe level of radiation exposure. Instead we keep buying into the hype and promise of cheap, clean, limitless electrical nuclear power. But the reality has always been net higher costs well hidden from the public view. The nuclear power conversation rarely includes the lost quality of life and healthcare costs associated with radioactive exposures inherent to running the technology. Radioactive fallout now abounds in the food chain of the Northern Hemisphere. The health threat is greatest to those living near nuclear power plants as well as those exposed to fallout from nuclear accidents. No one who lives in the path of radioactive fallout is spared the direst transgenerational health consequences. In stark contrast to this picture are the typically lower mortality rates in developed countries that decided to forego nuclear power entirely.

In Fukushima Meltdown & Modern Radiation: Protecting Ourselves and Future Generations, Dr. Apsley provides an easy and clear synopsis covering the most critical historical issues arising from man-made radiation crises. In a nut shell, ionizing radiation rapidly melts away our immunity and genetic integrity. Like an insatiable immortal fox forever positioned to pounce toxic radioactive particles linger in the environment for centuries and even millennia. Obviously normal healing mechanisms will not spare the human race from this perennial scourge. Prevention from future exposure is essential, but by itself will not be enough. What we need most are cutting edge techniques that effectively and rapidly regenerate our tissues. From his over 30 years of experience in the field of regenerative medicine, Dr. Apsley lays out precise step-by-step individualized nutritional methods to accomplish regeneration. For example, his method incorporates fast and easy-to-make delicious smoothies. He also includes many other enjoyable menu selections designed to induce regenerative healing. -sanitasradio.com

The Eyeopener Report | Libya War: What They Don't Want You to Know, April 8, 2014

Source: corbettreport.com, BoilingFrogsPost.com

We are taught all our lives that our modern political systems are "by and for the people." In order to justify taking us to war, then, our misleaders have to convince us that war is not a racket, as General Smedley Butler revealed, and is not for the benefit of the industrialists who sell the munitions or the politicians in their back pocket or the financiers that own them both, but in the interest of the average man or woman. In other words, they lie through their teeth. -James Corbett

Transcript & Sources

John B. Wells | Corporate Media, Globalists & Putin’s Russia | Hour 1 | April 7, 2014

Source: redicecreations.com, caravantomidnight.com

April 7, 2014–John B. Wells is the host of the radio show, Caravan to Midnight. He is an actor, musician, writer, investigative journalist, composer, martial artist, aviator and broadcaster. John also performed weekend duties as the host of the nationally syndicated overnight radio show Coast to Coast AM.

We’ll begin the hour with John discussing his recent exit from Coast to Coast AM and monster corporate media outlets such as Clear Channel. For some radio programs, the only thing safe to talk about is that which can’t be proven. John talks about how information is being used as a weapon. Then, we’ll talk about how patriotic, pro-US Constitution Americans are being marked as a threat while the nation tumbles into the ultimate sacrifice for the “common good.”

John explains how globalists are making the world into one giant country for nefarious reasons. Later, we discuss how mainstream media, although tanking in numbers and credibility with the public, is still able to stay on. In the second hour, John shares his views on Russia and Putin. Is Putin possibly seeking revenge for Wall Street bankers who funded the Bolshevik Revolution that killed millions of Russians? We’ll also talk about the mysterious Obama who has many names. Is his father the communist activist Frank Marshall Davis? Later, we discuss how the powers that be need division between the races and continue to use slavery as a weapon. -redicecreations.com

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Courtney Brown | The Great Pyramid of Giza, April 8, 2014

Source: timemonkradio.com, farsight.org

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Sy Hersh Reveals Potential Turkish Role in Syria Chemical Strike That Almost Sparked U.S. Bombing, April 7, 2014

Source: democracynow.org

Was Turkey behind last year's Syrian chemical weapons attack? That is the question raised in a new exposé by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh on the intelligence debate over the deaths of hundreds of Syrians in Ghouta last year.

The United States, and much of the international community, blamed forces loyal to the Assad government, almost leading to a U.S. attack on Syria. But Hersh reveals the U.S. intelligence community feared Turkey was supplying sarin gas to Syrian rebels in the months before the attack took place -- information never made public as President Obama made the case for launching a strike. Hersh joins us to discuss his findings. -democracynow.org

Jeff Rense & Jim Marrs | WW2 And Hitler In Argentina

Source: rense.com, jimmarrs.com

Clip from March 27, 2014 - guest Jim Marrs on the Jeff Rense Program.

You won't believe the military's new drones, April 6, 2014

Source: RT.com, theresident.net

Bird-like drones. Insect-like drones. Stealth drones. Invisible drones. The military's quest for the sneakiest, deadliest drones knows no bounds. They just acquired 36 Maveric drones, which look exactly like birds. They put in an order for Black Hornet drones, which are super small. They will not stop with the drones, already. The Resident discusses.

Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D. | Healing is Voltage | Segment 1

Source: sanitasradio.com

Our bodies are electric. Could it be that when our 'battery' is low our bodies start deteriorating and disease takes over? What about surgery? Did you know that scars block the proper flow of electricity throughout the body? Have you taken a Sunday ride in a convertible only to then feel tired? Wind (even a fan) steals your electrons. Running water (a shower, the ocean or a river) will give you electrons. No wonder we feel rejuvenated at the beach.

Dr. Jerry Tennant talked about how he developed a method of using voltage to diagnose and treat a variety of health problems. A successful eye surgeon, he came down with encephalitis, and it was during this period that he correlated lowered voltage in specific body areas with illness. Pain is actually a symptom of abnormal voltage, and "all you have to do to get rid of it is insert enough electrons to get the voltage back up into the operating range," he said. Dr. Tennant has developed a device called the Biomodulator which can transfer the electrons to cell membranes. 

Many ailments referred to as auto-immune are not caused by the body attacking itself, but from bacteria releasing digestive enzymes that get into the bloodstream and attack low voltage areas, he explained. A lot of the hypothyroidism is due to fluoride exposure, Tennant added.

He also pointed toward root canals as a source of health problems-- one infected root canal can shut down 63% of the immune system, he cited. Another cause of having low voltage is not having enough stomach acid (sometimes brought about by a deficiency of iodine and zinc), he detailed. -sanitasradio.com

The Truthseeker: Regime Change America, April 6, 2014

Source: RT.com

#WaveOfAction started April 4 the day Martin Luther King was assassinated by US government; military scorns drone operators as 'cowardly button pushers', troops refuse to man killer UAVs; America 'not really a democracy at all'.

Seek truth from facts with Regime Change Begins at Home author Professor Charles Derber; Center on Conscience & War counseling coordinator Bill Galvin; lawyer Kevin Zeese; Banker Occupation author Stephen Lendman; peace activist Professor Michael Nagler; and former drone pilot Brandon Bryant. -RT.com
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