Jon Rappoport | Vaccine Wars, Disneyland Measles “Outbreak” & The Synthetic Population | Hour 1 | Feb. 18, 2015


February 18, 2015–Jon Rappoport is an investigative journalist, author and publisher of the website He has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health. He returns to give a continuation on the unfolding vaccine scandal.

This time we look at the claim that Disneyland was at the center of a recent measles outbreak. Jon details the fraud of so called "herd immunity." We also discuss the attack on parents who choose to not vaccinate their children as the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the media have joined forced to begin the push for mandatory vaccination.

We'll talk about the key studies, the efficacy of vaccinations and real statistics when it comes to vaccine damage in the United States. The MMR vaccine and autism has been known by the CDC for many years, but continues to be denied. Jon tells us more about what he calls the advent of the "synthetic population."

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Spaceship Like Object With Thruster Engines Examined

Source: Crrow777 youtube

This clip is a review of the crazy spaceship with thrusters clip. I create new views with extra zoom and video filters to help get a better look at the strange object. Please follow my articles on the and click the link below to subscribe the author. I will send notifications as new articles are published. -Crrow777

Mike King | The Bad War: The truth never taught about World War 2 | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


On the evening of February 13, 1945, a series of Allied firebombing raids begins against the German city of Dresden, reducing the "Florence of the Elbe" to rubble and flames, and killing as many as 135,000 people. It was the single most destructive bombing of the war—including Hiroshima and Nagasaki—and all the more horrendous because little, if anything, was accomplished strategically, since the Germans were already on the verge of surrender.

During the 75 years that have now passed since the end of the grand history-altering event known as World War II, only a single narrative of the great conflict has been heard. It is a story which the architects of the New World Order have implanted, no, POUNDED into the minds of three subsequent generations. Every medium of mass indoctrination has been harnessed to the task of training the obedient masses as to what the proper view of this event should be. Academia, news media, public education, book publishing, TV documentaries, Hollywood films, clergymen and politicians of every stripe all sing the same song.

You know the familiar lyrics: “Led by Adolf Hitler; Germany, Italy and Japan tried to enslave the planet. The “good guys” of the “world community”, led by Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) and Winston Churchill, banded together and stopped them. Literally, not a day seems to pass without some sort of media reference to this incomplete and simplistic narrative; a story which oh-so-conveniently ignores the previous decades of critical history leading up to World War II, omits vital information from the actual war years, and outright fabricates lie after lie after lie.

Indeed, the “official story” amounts to a manufactured mendacity of such mountainous dimensions that the human mind will have a hard time processing the actual truth of the grand event, no matter how compelling the case may be. Isn’t it time you heard a different tune; at least for your consideration? Haven't you ever at least been curious as to what "the other side of the World War II story" was? We discuss an epic timeline that will transport you back to the mid 1800's; and then lead you on an exciting "you are there" journey right up through both World War I and World War II. But do be forewarned. Your worldview may never be the same.

James Gilliland | ECETI | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church

Source: Source:,

James Gilliland, director of ECETI joins us for the first time and we cover his research and videos of ET contact on his ranch near Mt. Adams. James also discusses his contact with various ETs from childhood to today, Bigfoot and the amazing craft that are viewed around Mt. Adams and the entrance on the mountain where they can be seen entering and exiting...all caught on video.

New World Next Week | CIA Funding Geoengineering to Weaponize Weather | Feb. 19, 2015


Story #1: Spy Agencies Fund Climate Research in Hunt for Weather Weapon
CIA Funding Geoengineering to Weaponize Weather
Chemtrails Exposed: A History of the New Manhattan Project
CIA Accuses Russia Of "Manipulating The World's Weather"
Flashback: Operation Popeye - Weaponized Weather During Vietnam War

Story #2: Moscow-Based Security Firm Reveals Biggest NSA-Based Backdoor Exploit Ever
PDF: Equation Group - Questions And Answers
Bank Hackers Steal Millions via Malware

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - You Can Now Find Out If US Spies Passed On Your Data to UK Spies
More Icelandic Bankers Going to Jail
Croatia to Write Off Debt for the Poorest
Marijuana Legalization Proposal Advances in New Mexico
Nestle Ditches Artificial Bits in US Chocolate
“Now I feel much better about @Nestle controlling the world's water supply!”
"The coverage of #HSBC in Britain's Daily @Telegraph is a fraud on its readers."
Green Crony Capitalism: Oregon’s Ex-Governor and the Greenwash Grifter(s)

Brien Foerster | Enigmatic Baby Skull In Peru: Is It Human? | Feb. 19, 2015


Michael Murphy | "Chemtrails cause Abiotic Stress and Monsanto created a seed to combat it!" | Richie Allen Show | Feb. 18, 2015


Michael Murphy’s website:

'NSA has eyes in every digital communication' | Feb. 19, 2015


Top secret documents previously provided by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden have revealed that the US National Security Agency (NSA) and its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), broke into the network of the world’s largest SIM card maker to compromise global communications. Marc Rogers, head of Security at the DEF CON hacker conference thinks that the NSA has invaded all digital communications. Read more at:

Dr. Bernie Saurez | TV-Style MK-ULTRA The Mainstream Media, Washing your brain 24/7 | Far Out Radio | Feb. 2015


Dr. Bernie Suarez from is back with us for another visit. Dr. Bernie’s dishes up info in an entertaining way that’s informative without beating you over the head with a bullhorn.

I’ve been enjoying Bernie’s work for some time now and one of the issues he’s been hammering away on is how the Mass Media is nothing more than Mind Control.

I’ve been saying for some time now that the MSM is the “Unofficial 4th Branch of Government.” It's the one that CONTROLS YOUR MIND. Bernie referenced the media con-job of the 911 reporting, as well as the Boston Bombing and Paris Charlie Hebdo incident.

Amazing Fleet Of UFO's Storm Across The UK | Feb. 18, 2015

Source: DarkSkyWatcher74 youtube

©2015 DarkSkyWatcher Observatory.
Captured by (Ant French U.K) part of the Global SkyWatch Network UK division.
Equipment: night vision scope with a 70-210mm lens attached.

Asia-Pacific Perspective | McDonald's Flops in Vietnam | Feb. 18, 2015


Welcome back to The Asia-Pacific Perspective, that monthly show where James Corbett of and Broc West of break down all the latest news and headlines from the Asia-Pacific region. In this month's conversation:

STORY 1: Malaysia PM Under Scrutiny Over Wealth, Opposition Crackdown
Malaysian billionaire set to pay 1MDB loan ahead of deadline
Anwar Ibrahim: Jailed opposition leader slams Malaysian judiciary for choosing the 'dark side'
Malaysia's Bersih & the Facade of "Clean Elections"
Aussie PM mocked after making Prince Philip a knight of Australia
Japanese Govt. Examines Establishing Intelligence Agency Like CIA

STORY 2: Turning 1 in Vietnam, McDonald’s Sees Mixed Performance in Asia
China meat scandal spreads to Japan
Moscow-Based Security Firm Reveals What May Be The Biggest NSA "Backdoor Exploit" Ever

STORY 3: Broc's Community Garden Journal: Week 7, 2015 - 'First Fruits'
Networking Community Gardeners Around Australia
American/Canadian Community Gardening Association

Chris Fogarty | The Irish Holocaust | Hour 1 | Feb. 16, 2015

Source:, Britain's Cover Up,

Febuary 16, 2015–Chris Fogarty was raised on farm in Ireland where he worked the land with his father, and later went on to reside in the US. Mr. Fogarty has been a regular Columnist for past nineteen years in Irish American News and is a citizen-investigator of Chicago aldermanic crime.
He is the author of Ireland 1845-1850: the Perfect Holocaust, and Who Kept it 'Perfect' and he is behind

Chris joins us to speak about the Irish Holocaust and the cover-up that is accomplished by the same British terrorism and bribery that perpetrated the genocide. He explains the dark time during 1845-1850 when Ireland starved because its food, from 40 to 70 shiploads per day, was removed at gunpoint by 12,000 British constables reinforced by the British militia.

Chris describes how the British completely took over 95% of Ireland’s territory, extracting all goods and wiping out at least half of the indigenous population. We’ll discuss the lie of Ireland’s “potato famine,” the official story used to explain the deaths of over 6 million people, which is propagated to this day – even by the Irish government, academia, and the Catholic Church.

Chris gives details of his extensive research into the locations of British food removal regiments and over 170 mass graves across Ireland. He’ll explain the fear of persecution and intimidation that still infects Irish society to this day. We end by considering Ireland’s long history of ethnic cleansing, the role of the government and Catholic hierarchy, and the notion that the IRA are terrorists.

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Anthony Migchels | Bankster Dialectics: The West vs. Russia/China | TMRN | Feb. 17, 2015


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Kathy Scogna | Junk DNA: Unlocking the Hidden Secrets of Your DNA | Hour 1 | Sanitas Radio


According to mainstream science, 98% of our DNA is considered to be "genetic gibberish, junk." This very title pokes fun at that notion because deep inside, we know the TRUTH! Open the pages of this book and UNLOCK the HIDDEN SECRETS..... Our DNA contains EVERYTHING we’ve needed to know to survive for the past millennia. 5 senses?

How about 128 Sensory Channels; perceptions that helped Stone Age man survive, and could enhance our world today. Auras, Electromagnetic Fields, Radiational & Gravitational Forces, Sounds, Colors, Energy Centers, Endocrine Senses, Sun, Magnetic Reference for people & place, Mathematics, God, Language, Spirits, Solar Sys-tem, and many more.

All the healing knowledge we humans need to know about has been imbedded and stored in the crystals of our own DNA. Crystals transmit information to us, about survival, about our past and about healing. We have “forgotten” much - we just need to access, to listen, and be open to the possibilities. So take a step back in time and discover what has been stored in the genes since the earliest moments of creation. Your journey to self awareness starts here.

Russell Targ | Scientific and Spiritual Implications of Psychic Abilities

What do the healer, the mystic, the psychic, and the spy all have in common? They are all in touch with their non-local mind and our community of spirit. During the 1970’s and 80’s, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) carried out investigations of our ability to experience and describe distant events blocked from ordinary perception. is intuitive capacity was named remote viewing, and the research was supported by the CIA, NASA and many other government organizations for gathering intelligence information about world-wide activities during the Cold War. 

Physicist Russell Targ, co-founder of this previously SECRET psychic research program, will describe the very best evidence for extrasensory perception, precognition, intuitive diagnosis and distant healing.

He will describe many of these applications, together with the spiritual implications of psychic abilities from the Hindu mystic Patanjali, and the Dzogchen dharma masters, down to the present time, as they might be applied to expanding ones timeless and nonlocal awareness. He will discuss developing remote viewing skill; how to recognize the actual psychic signal, and separate it from mental noise of memory, imagination, and analysis – and why should we bother with ESP?

A kind of tasks that kept the SRI program in business for twenty-three years include the following: SRI psychics found a downed Russian bomber in Africa; reported on the health of American hostages in Iran; described Soviet weapons factories in Siberia; located a kidnapped US general in Italy; and accurately forecasted the failure of a Chinese atomic-bomb test three days before it occurred, etc. When San Francisco heiress Patricia Hearst was abducted from her home in Berkeley, a psychic with the SRI team was the first to identify the kidnapper by name and then accurately describe and locate the kidnap car.

Jon Rappoport | The News Media’s Death Rattle & Jon’s Exiting The Matrix Education Series | FarOutRadio | Feb.16, 2015


Veteran journalist Jon Rappoport was back with us this evening. In the first half, we covered the impact of the Brian Williams situation on the already troubled mainstream media news. Are the wheels ready to come busting off this tired old buggy that fewer and fewer people are watching? It seems that way.

In the second half we talked about Jon's three part "Matrix" series. Part 1, "The Matrix Revealed" addresses that biggest question, "Who runs the world?" Once we have an understanding of how our reality has been "created" we can no longer be so easily fooled.

Part 2, "EXIT From the Matrix" addresses the power that comes from exercising the creative imagination. The world is the way it is because "they" use their creative imagination and we tend not do do so. But, we can!

And Part 3, "Power Outside the Matrix" teaches how to analyze information in The Age of Disinformation."

As the character Morpheus says in The Matrix movie, "... free, your, mind!" -FarOutRadio

Freeman Fly on Truth Warrior | Katy Perry Grammys | Feb. 15, 2015

Source: David Whitehead youtube,,

First hour of the show I chat with Freeman Fly about the upcoming Free Your Mind 3 Conference, Human Cloning, Mind Control, and the symbolism of the Super Bowl Halftime show. -David Whitehead

Jeff Gates | How the Israel Lobby Took Control of U.S. Foreign Policy and Public Opinion | Hour 1 | Feb. 13, 2015

Source:, How Israel Wages Game Theory Warfare

February 13, 2015–Jeff Gates is an attorney, acclaimed author, and former counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance. Our guest has also served as an adviser to some 35 foreign governments. Jeff joins us to talk about his third book, Guilt By Association -- How Deception and Self-Deceit Took America to War.

He begins by explaining his personal awakening to the endorsed, systemic criminality going on in the background of politics. Jeff illustrates the US’s long-term relationship with the Israeli Zionist enclave that was recognized in 1948 during Truman’s presidency – a group responsible for expanding organized crime to a global scale behind the façade of a sovereign state.

He’ll give details of how this core allegiance of parasites have successfully victimized America and waged an unconventional war against the American public through domination of the “in-between domains” of media, pop culture, politics, think tanks and education. Jeff discusses the ideas of an embedded consensus, the simple math of campaign contributions, assets, and groomed politicians.

We’ll consider how the US came to stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel and the role of the Israeli Lobby to take control of Congress. Then, we’ll look at Hollywood’s role in advancing the narrative, extremism in faith communities, and the challenges of a society and government that operates by a consensus. Later, Jeff talks about the war with Iran that has been ongoing since 1979, and the manipulation of intelligence that could lead America into another war. We’ll end by examining strategies that can be used to combat and bring attention to the Zionist storylines aggregated in our minds through master mythmaking and sophisticated storytelling.

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Jon Rappoport | Breaking Free | Truth Warrior Radio

Source: David Whitehead - Truth Warrior,

Jon Rappoport has worked as a free-lance investigative reporter for over 30 years. He is the author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX. He has written articles on politics, health, media, culture and art for LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, Village Voice, Nexus, CBS Healthwatch, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe.

In 1996, Jon started The Great Boycott, against eight corporate chemical giants: Monsanto, Dow, Du Pont, Bayer, Hoechst, Rhone-Poulenc, Imperial Chemical Industries, and Ciba-Geigy. The Boycott continues to operate today. Jon has lectured extensively all over the US on the question: Who runs the world and what can we do about it?

Since 2000, Jon has operated largely away from the mainstream because, as he puts it, “My research was not friendly to the conventional media.” Over the last 30 years, Jon’s independent research has encompassed such areas as: deep politics, conspiracies, alternative health, the potential of the human imagination, mind control, the medical cartel, symbology, and solutions to the takeover of the planet by hidden elites. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. -David Whitehead

Gene “Chip“ Tatum | False Flags, Bush Family, Jupiter Island, 9/11 & The Clintons Drug Running | Kev Baker Show | Feb. 12, 2015

Source: TruthTube451 youtube

Gene “Chip” Tatum was a Vietnam Special Forces Air Combat Controller, Defense Intelligence Asset, and US Army special operations pilot flying classified missions during the US invasion of Grenada, Tatum was also involved in the Nixon Administrations relations with China, NASA’s Apollo Program, the Iran Contra Affair, and several other classified intelligence operations dating through through 1992 .

Tatum was a member of the ultra-secret, international G7 run Pegasus “Hit Team” working directly for the sitting President. From sensitive and highly secret – and hitherto largely unknown – Special Forces covert operations in Cambodia, to wandering CIA asset, through to “black ops” activities in Grenada and Oliver North’s Iran-Contra “Enterprise,” and on to membership in an international “hit team,” Gene “Chip” Tatum has seen it all, done it all and is now telling it all.

Tatum, a lanky Floridian, turned whistle-blower following his arrest on a treason charge in 1995. The charge was both astonishing and patently ludicrous and resulted in a flurry of press interest with an article appearing in the Tampa Tribune on 4 May 1996. Incredibly, the charge was later dropped to be replaced by a fraud charge – a drastic step-down. Found guilty after his government appointed attorney refused to call any defense witnesses, he was sentenced to serve a 15 month sentence

Kev Baker Show
Kev Baker has been on the front lines since 2009. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Kev was recently featured in VICE magazine as a front-line consultant and expert on activist groups in the United Kingdom. You can listen to Kev Baker on AM/FM in Colorado, Oregan, California, Sydney and London or tune into any of the TFR internet streams or listening options. Kev Baker has set his mark as a professional broadcaster by featuring cutting edge analysis, current events and breaking news. However he does not stop there! Together with his co-hosts Johnny Whistles and Martin Hardy, Kev is joined by a great panel of expert researchers and whistleblowers in the field of space technology, metaphysics, human origins, black operations and international terrorism. Seeking the answers to age old questions and dechipering the world around you painted by the mainstream media.. this is the Kev Baker Show! -KBS

Thomas Goodrich | Hellstorm: The Tragic Aftermath of Post-WW II Germany | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio

Source:, Book "Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947"

It was the most deadly and destructive war in human history. Millions were killed, billions in property was destroyed, ancient cultures were reduced to rubble--World War II was truly man's greatest cataclysm. Thousands of books, movies and documentary films have been devoted to the war. There has never been such a terrible retelling of the story, however, as one will find in Hellstorm. In a chilling "you-are-there" style, the author places the reader at the scene, in the moment. 

Throughout this book readers will see what Allied airman saw as they rained down death on German cities; or the reader will experience what those below experienced as they sat trembling in their bomb shelters awaiting that very same death from above. The reader will view up close the horrors of the Eastern Front during the last months of fighting and through the mud, blood and madness of combat they may come to understand how the same German soldiers, who only moments before had destroyed an enemy tank, could now risk their own lives to rescue the trapped Soviet crew inside.

Readers will witness for themselves the fate of German women as the rampaging Red Army raped and murdered its way across Europe--all females, from "eight to eighty" feared the dreaded words, "Frau Komm." The worst nautical disasters in history which claimed thousands of lives, the greatest mass migration known to man in which millions perished, the fate of those wretched victims in post-war death camps and torture chambers, these and many other dark secrets of World War II now come to light in Hellstorm.

Raised in Kansas and Missouri as Michael Thomas Goodrich ("Mike"), he has lived around. Before he began writing books he painted watercolors for a meager existence in New England. He is a graduate of Washburn University (the college of Bob Dole, Bill Kurtis and the Rev. Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist Church fame). He loves pure prairie and standing on historic ground when there is no one else around. In addition to his books on the American Civil War, the Indian Wars, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and World War II, he have written about the rock apes of Gibraltar, the tiny nation-state of Andorra, the Pied Piper of Hamlin Town (der rattenfanger von Hameln), and the pitfalls of living in primitive countries. He enjoys observing all things great and small and learning how they get along. Before he majored in history, he majored in psychology.

John Stormm | Ancient Clans, MK Ultra & Targeted Individuals | Truth Connections Radio

Source:, Stormm53 youtube

John Stormm was was born into a family of hereditary witches that traces it's ancestry back many centuries to ancient Tara. MK Ultra programs are known to target children who are genetically predisposed with psychic ability. He was raised and trained in the craft by his grandmother, and was the only male witch in his family. He is a highly trained ninja and a master of martial arts and began his martial arts training in 1963.

John was one of the first infants to be inducted into the MK Ultra program in 1953. Over the years he was subjected to many torturous physical, mental, psychological, chemical conditioning and implant experiments, designed to make him into an unstoppable hunter/seeker/assassin. With well over 140 different programs under the MK Ultra umbrella, there are many aspects victims have in common, including ritual abuse, abusive families, and constant terrorizing as children. They micro fractured and dislocated his bones in effort to make them harder, denser, and stronger, as well as subjecting him to shock treatments. There was also hypnosis, sound 'treatments' and 'a chair' that was used to either implant false memories and/or remove specific memories in a debriefing and replace them with something more innocuous. The training included, drugs, genetic manipulation, ultra-steroids, bionics, and implants.

In the late 1960's he was trained and used as a remote viewer in Project Talent, a sub project of the MK Ultra program, and by 1970 he was assigned combat roles in the Cambodian side of the Ho Chi Minh trail. He trained Khmer freedom fighters in stealth tactics and facilitated them equipping themselves from the weapons and stockpiles of the Khmer Rouge, just prior to the US bombings of Battambong. John became "problematic" as an MK Ultra operative because he was questioning the motives of his controllers so his position was pulled. He was then given the option to join up as a "contractor" with the DEA and other alphabet agencies in hunting down drug lords and other such monsters in Central America.
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