Kevin Shipp | CIA Whistleblower Speaks Out About Climate Engineering, Vaccination Dangers, and 911


Kevin Shipp was a decorated CIA officer who refused to look the other way in regard to government criminality and cover-up. At a recent critical public awareness event in Northern California organized by, Mr. Shipp gave an extremely informative and compelling presentation on numerous horrific ongoing government crimes.

The subjects Kevin Shipp addressed included climate engineering, the 911 false flag inside job, vaccination dangers/cover-up, and the governments total persecution of anyone who dares to tell the truth about rampant government tyranny.

The paradigm we have all known has been built on deception and the dark agendas of the global power structure. The courage Kevin Shipp has shown by doing his best to expose government criminality and tyranny (detailed in Kevin's book "In The company Of Shadows) serves as a stellar example to all of us.

We desperately need other individuals in government agencies and the US military to follow Kevin's lead . If we have any chance of stopping the completely out of control criminal cabal that currently runs our country and much of the world, we must all make our voices heard, we must all join the battle for the greater good.

New World Next Week | Scientists Engineer Robo-Bees To "Solve" Colony Collapse Problem | Oct. 13, 2016


Story #1: The CIA Says It Can Predict Social Unrest as Early as 3 to 5 Days Out
#MorningMonarchy: CIA ‘Siren Servers’ Can Predict Social Uprisings 3-5 Days In Advance
Sentient World Simulation: Meet Your DoD Clone

Story #2: Germany Votes for EU Ban on Sales of Internal-Combustion Vehicles by 2030
NWNW Flashback: Volkswagen CEO Resigns As Company Crashes Into Carbon Emissions Fraud (Sep. 25, 2015)
OSVehicle: Modular Open Source Electric Car Platform
Self-Driving Cars Gain Powerful Ally: The Government
Google Enlisted Obama Officials To Lobby States On Driverless Cars

Story #3: Robotic Bees Being Built To Pollinate Crops Instead of Real Bees
Flashback: Robobees (Mar. 14, 2013

Elana Freeland | The Space Fence & Full Planetary Lockdown! | Dark Journalist | Oct. 13, 2016

Source:, Books Elena Freehand

Exclusive Preview of 2017 Space Fence Research
In this fascinating and riveting episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Geoengineering Author Elana Freeland to preview her new research set for release in 2017 on the massive Multi Level Surveillance Project called 'The Space Fence.'

Early Development of SDI Technology
The Space Fence was originally the brainchild of the Reagan era during the craze to build the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) a space based weapons defense program ostensibly designed to protect the US from incoming Russian nuclear missiles. It has been established that this early version of the Space Fence may have actually been created to keep an eye on unusual UFO developments in space.

HAARP Ionization of the Atmosphere & Nano Particles
After abandoning SDI on paper, covert forces inside the National Security State continued to develop various uses for the space deployed technology. Realizing their new efforts of achieving a global domination through space surveillance on Earth could not be totally successful, they undertook to expand the ionization of the atmosphere which gives them the ability to implant tiny nano particles into the human body. These nano sensors can penetrate the blood brain barrier to activate wireless signals that can be remotely monitored and controlled. Human beings in effect would become walking cell towers that microwave signals could be beamed at and penetrated to automatically send back revealing data.

Planetary Lockdown
The ultimate purpose behind this decades long project can not be fully known, but according to Elana's research we can deduce that its main goal is a Full Planetary Lockdown intended to centralize and control the full spectrum of activity on planet Earth, including human behavior, geopolitical events, weather conditions, earthquake activity and the creation of a manipulated reality within a gigantic artificial intelligence grid.

Newsbud | The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo | The United States Gets Ready for Nuclear War | Oct. 13, 2016

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

Are Russia and the United States on the verge of nuclear war? A recent test by the US in the Nevada desert pushes the envelope. In the third segment of The Geopolitical Report we examine tensions between the two nuclear giants and the possibility of an unimaginable outcome.

Show Notes:
NNSA and Air Force conduct two successful joint flight tests
Nuclear Bombs Modification Tests
Large-scale military drills with thousands of troops launched in southern Russia
The United States and NATO Are Preparing for a Major War With Russia

Dr. Shmuel Asher | The TriUnity Series - Episode 1 | OffPlanet Radio with Randy Maugans | Oct. 13, 2016


This new series from Randy Maugans is based on the works of Dr. Shmuel Asher, and specifically, "Soul Revolution The Trinity of Humanity". Dr. Asher is a trained Hebrew scholar, coming from an uninterrupted family lineage of Karaite Torah scholars whose family ties originate in the Galilee area of Northern Canaan; he studied under the rabbinical order in Israel, and has since abandoned both his Karaitie and traditional roots.

THIS IS NOT RELIGION. It's about the Creator which mankind has not known and the ancient knowledge which is converging with modern technology and quantum physics. Embracing subjects such as Near-Death-Experience, reincarnation, advanced cosciousness, the Holographic Universe, DNA, and artificial intelligence; it cover all aspects of human life from a unique perspective.

There still exists yet one major gap in all of man’s understanding concerning our living-soul; a consciousness gap to our true identity; A “Metaphysical Missing Link!”

Dr. Barrie Trower | "The Increase In Brain Tumours In Children IS Down To Smart Phones & WiFi." | Oct. 12, 2016


Dr. Barrie Trower is a former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert and former cold-war captured spy debriefer for the UK Intelligence Services. Mr Trower is a conscionable whistle-blower who lectures around the world on hidden dangers from microwave weapons and every-day microwave technologies such as mobile-phones and Wi-Fi. Mr Trower has also repeatedly assisted the UK Police Federation in their struggle to protect police officers from Tetra/Air-Band radio-communications systems that are harmful to health.

Yousef Hakim Awyan | Egypt 1.0 | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | Oct. 10, 2016


Yousef Awyan is the son of Hakim Awyan...who was one of the last carriers of the Mystery School knowledge of ancient Egypt...and through his father he is bringing that hidden information to the world. Tonight he joins the show live from Cairo, Egypt with one of the most amazing conversations about the lost history before and during the dynastic period.

The Corbett Report | URGENT: MSM Syria Lies NEED TO BE EXPOSED...Before It's Too Late | Oct. 9, 2016


The world once again finds itself hurtling to the brink of war, and once again the establishment mouthpiece puppet propaganda media is leading the charge. This time around their lies defy description. In the sick world of the would-be warmongers, child beheading terrorist scum are now the heroes. The blood of the innocents that spill from here on in covers the hands of the mainstream media propagandists.

Show Notes:
CIA Rebels Behead Kid And Other U.S. Successes in Syria
Syria conflict: Boy beheaded by rebels ‘was fighter’
Daily Press Briefing – August 3, 2016 (video)
Daily Press Briefing – August 3, 2016 (transcript)
Original (now deleted) Channel 4 report
Channel 4’s Deleted Video Normalising Child Beheaders, al-Zenki
England’s Channel 4 News featuring “moderate” war criminals
We Have to Talk About the Boy in the Ambulance…
Christoph Germann – Aleppo in a nutshell
WW3? How the Ceasefire in #Syria broke down
CrossTalk: White Helmets, Really?
George Soros blasts Putin for Russian actions in Syria
Russia Warns US Airstrikes On Syrian Army Would Lead To War, Air Defenses Are Active
Russia Threatens To Shoot Down US Jets
Wicker Outlines Administration’s Failures in Syria
Only SEVEN people BTL support Guardian’s fact-free White Helmets editorial

Newsbud | The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo | Fake News and the National Security State | Oct. 9, 2016

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

In this week’s episode of The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo, we examine a recent revelation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism on a Pentagon psychological operation in Iraq following the 2003 invasion by the United States. From there we look at how the CIA spawned its Operation Mockingbird and the ongoing effort by the national security state to control media and form consensus for its foreign policy objectives. Watch this informative eye-opener episode and bring in your reaction and thoughts.

Show Notes:
Fake News and False Flags
Wikipedia: Bell Pottinger
Source watch: The Rendon Group (Iraq)
Brother of Afghan Leader Said to Be Paid by C.I.A.
Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand
CNN and Psyops
U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans
Operation Mockingbird

Trevor Louden | Communist Infiltration of US Congress & Society | Caravan to Midnight with John B Wells | Oct. 9, 2016


First up John B Wells talks to Dr. Richard C. Davis giving us an update on PollMole. Then we chat to Trevor Louden.

Richard C. Davis
Aerospace Engineer, Synthetic Bio-Organic Chemist, Medical Doctor and retired Naval Officer, CNO Commendations x 2, TDY SEAL Team 5 doc, Blue Angels B/U Flight Surgeon, Level 1 ER / Trauma Physician, Serial Entrepreneur – 2 IPO’s, Authored 400 patents and trademarks, Designed original software for Lending Tree®

Trevor Loudon
Trevor Loudon is a New Zealand author, speaker and political activist who maintains a blog at He is founder and editor of, a website which compiles dossiers on activists and political figures. Loudon is the author of two self-published books, Barack Obama and the Enemies Within and The Enemies Within: Communists, Socialists and Progressives in the U.S. Congress. Loudon was also vice president of the ACT New Zealand Party from 2006 to 2008.

Clif High | Web Bot Forum Roundtable | Oct. ALTA Report | Oct. 9, 2016


Clif High sits down with members of the Web Bot Forum to discuss his Oct ALTA Report.

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | Oct. 8, 2016


Climate engineering is an undeniable reality as recent NASA satellite photos prove. Hurricane Matthew was a well timed engineered distraction that provided a great deal of cover for the now completely out of control power structure that is pushing us perilously close to a nuclear WWlll.

Locations off of the US mainland coast (such as Haiti where the decimation suited the agenda of those in power) were slaughtered, while Matthew was kept from making catastrophic damage on US shores. Overhyped Matthew media coverage successfully eclipsed other headlines of imploding global ecosystems, and more lines in the sand being drawn from the global powers that have had enough of the US/NATO aggression.

The pharmaceutical industrial complex has decided there is not enough aluminum in the existing Gardasil vaccination so they have decided to double the amount of aluminum in this already lethal injection. The fossil fuel industry has been radically underreporting the amount of methane they are spilling into the atmosphere, but the fountains of methane that are now blowing out in the Arctic completely overshadow it all.

The Pentagon is pumping hundreds of millions into fake Al-Qaeda terrorist videos, and the US population is for the most part still asleep at the wheel. The human race remains on a trajectory toward near term extinction. The October 8th installment of Global Alert News is below.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller | Stream of Consciousness Talk | Feet to the Fire Radio

Source: Feet to Fire Radio,,,

Dr. Richard Alan Miller ph.D. - Open Talk - A.I., Space-Time, Consciousness, Death, Cavitation, Chemtrails, Hillary/Trump, Crop Failures, Weather, Dehydration, Shift of Earth'"s orbit, Planet X, Mandela Effect, Parallel Universe and possible collapse, Fear/Faith, and Affecting Reality.

Everyone's favorite Physicist former Spook and Navy Seal, Naturalist, Survivalist, Herbalist, and all around sharp guy, Richard Alan Miller returns to F2F with a two hour talk about whatever comes up; and between James And Richard, no one can guess... but it is interesting as well as entertaining.

Contrary to what one might think, Richard Miller does not have a fat government retirement, but is actually living day by day with various short term research projects, speaking/teaching engagements and sales of his book. Richard has started a Go-FundMe campaign to help release much of his work over the years, including, his actual, original papers in the formation of, what is now, the Navy Seals. Interesting helping and receiving historical and groundbreaking information from Dr. Richard Alan Miller? -Feet to the Fire Radio

Max Igan | Get Your Microchip for World War 3 | Oct. 7, 2016


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - October 7th, 2016
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