Aztec 1948 UFO Crash | The Secret Recovery of Alien Technology, October 19, 2013


On March 25, 1948 a UFO spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin crashed in a place called Aztec, New Mexico. Sixteen alien bodies were discovered dead inside. The alien bodies and all evidence of their spacecraft were soon transported by government officials to Wright Patterson Air force Base where all traces of this event disappeared in secrecy.

Max Igan | Reality Check, October 19, 2013


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Final American Voice Radio Broadcast - October 18th, 2013.

Snoop Flies Coop: NSA head to quit after lying, failing to explain spy overreach, October 18, 2013


The head of America's National Security Agency - credited with a major expansion of the organization's covert surveillance operations - is due to quit, early next year. Army general Keith Alexander, who is the NSA's longest-serving chief, has come under intense pressure since whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed the vast scale of government snooping.

Russ Baker | Michael Hastings, Libya Repeating in Syria & JFK, October 14, 2013


October 14, 2013–Russ Baker is an investigative reporter and the best-selling author of Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America's Invisible Government and the Secret History of the Last Fifty Years, which features numerous chapters containing original research on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, Watergate, and other improperly explained national traumas.

He is the founder and editor-in-chief of the news site WhoWhatWhy, which frequently covers new developments on deep political events. He has been a Contributing Editor of the Columbia Journalism Review and he has written for The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, The Nation, The New York Times, The Washington Post an dozens of other domestic and foreign publications. We'll discuss the fiery ending of the journalist Michael Hastings.
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Pepe Escobar | More Shutdowns Ahead as US Ruled by Casino Capitalism, October 17, 2013


The budget brinkmanship has cost the world's largest economy billions of dollars - as well as the trust of investors around the globe. And it also sparked calls to de-americanize the world economy. For more, RT talks to Pepe Escobar, Asia Times Online roving correspondent.

New World Next Week | ASEAN Union, Petition Shutdown, Monsanto's Nobel, October 17, 2013


Story #1: ASEAN Countries Could Become Ground Zero For Another Proxy War

Crisis Group: Stirring up the South China Sea

Philippines, US launch South China Sea war games

Story #2: White House Shuts Down 'We The People' Petition Site

8 Wacky "We The People" Petitions That Actually Got Signatures

White House Petitions Still Waiting For A Response

Story #3: The Awarding of the World Food Prize to a Monsanto GMO Executive Is a Travesty

5 GMO Myths Busted

Seeds of Destruction: Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation

Corbett Report 241: The Truth About the Gene Revolution

SHADE the Motion Picture


Shade exposes the true power structure embedded in our global reality, showing the true controllers their plans to Geo-engineer our planet and control the populace.

Crystal Clark & James Horak | The Elements of Social Engineering

Information Machine

Crystal Clark and I have tried to obtain an overview of the cultural, economic, political, military and social encroachments upon the individual that the New World Order Portends. In this segment we deal with that of social engineering, it's methods and applications of this modern era; how, as an instrument of this intended feudal corporate fascist police state, it serves its masters. -JCH

The Eyeopener Report | Blackout: The Media and the Nuclear Spying Cover-up, October 15, 2013


In June 2003, then-New York Times reporter Judith Miller learnt Valerie Plame's name along with journalists like Robert Novak and Bob Woodward. From July 2005 to October 2005, Miller spent 85 days in jail for not revealing her sources on Plame to Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury investigation into the Plame affair.

Although every aspect of Miller's imprisonment is strange, by far the strangest is Miller's continuing refusal to speak out about the real Plame scandal, and that the entire Fitzgerald investigation, including her time in jail, was based on a complete sham. Find out more about the strange media silence on the real Plamegate scandal in this week's Eyeopener report.
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"Edward Snowden is a Patriot": Ex-NSA CIA, FBI and Justice Whistleblowers Meet Leaker in Moscow, October 14, 2013


In a Democracy Now special, we spend the hour with four former U.S. intelligence officials -- all whistleblowers themselves -- who have just returned from visiting National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden in Russia.

They are former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, former FBI agent Coleen Rowley, former National Security Agency senior executive Thomas Drake, and former U.S. Justice Department ethics advisor Jesselyn Radack, now of the Government Accountability Project. On Wednesday, the group presented Snowden with an award from the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity in Intelligence.

"In our visit, we told Edward Snowden that he had begun the debate by disclosing to American citizens what was going on -- this massive spying upon American citizens," Rowley says. "We were happy to tell him the debate has begun, but he is very concerned, and this is actually the reason he has sacrificed so much: he wants to see these laws, these secret interpretations of the law, I should say, fixed."

Clifford Stone | Need To Know, October 8, 2013


Truth Connections welcomes Clifford Stone, a man who is highly respected in the UFO community as a person with high honor and integrity. Clifford Stone retired after 22 years of service as a Sergeant 1st Class from the U.S. ARMY.

He also held a Secret Clearance in Special Operations with Nuclear Assurity and performed UFO Crash Recovery missions as a first responder and helped to keep living ET's alive until medics arrived on the scene. He is also an ET Interface who was brought in to communicate with EBE's aka Extraterrestrial Biological Entities, telepathically that were being held by the U.S. as prisoners. Clifford still maintains communication with an ET called Korona. ( An artist rendition of Korona is featured in this show graphic, above. ) We will also discuss his paranormal abilities that began early on in childhood.

He participated in the 2001 National Press Club, Disclosure Project press conference going on the record that we had categorized at the time he left the military, that there were 57 types of ET races and that many of them were humanoid, could walk around and we couldn't tell the difference between them and human beings. He also proclaimed that he would state what he knew in a court of law, what he knows about the ET cover-up at that press club event, because the people had a right to know the truth.

His book titled 'Eyes Only: The Story of UFO and Crash Retrievals', is on sale at Amazon and all of the proceeds go right back to charity.

Clifford acquired a mountain of valuable 'top secret', 'need to know basis' information that we will uncover. He doesn't just talk about his experiences he can back them up with many millions of pages of documentation. We will discuss his experience in the military and many aspects of disclosure, space and why its important we approach these topics from a place of peace, enlightenment and a higher state of consciousness.

Syrian TV, chemical inspectors' hotel targeted in bomb attacks in Damascus, October 13, 2013


Several massive blasts have ripped through Damascus, one of them reportedly targetting the hotel where the UN chemical experts are staying. RT's Paula Slier is near the explosion spot, and she joins us live on the phone. Read more at

Steve Wozniak | Danger that Internet becomes tool for govt control & surveillance, October 13, 2013


Four decades ago, he almost single-handedly kickstarted the PC revolution, co-founding one of the world's largest corporations. Will the technology he helped create liberate humanity, or will it make us more isolated, more addicted to our own enslavement? Is there a secret to innovation and what is The Next Big Thing? Apple co-founder and IT guru Steve Wozniak joins Oksana to mull over these issues.
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