Andrei Martyanov | To Patriots About Patriots | Dec. 22, 2022


Redice TV | No-Go Zone: Winter Solstice, FBI ♡ Social Media & Billions More For Zelensky | Dec. 21, 2022


Dark Journalist | JFK CIA Assassination Letter: George Joannides | Dec. 21, 2022


Please join us for this Special LiveStream of the Breakthrough Special Report by Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt on the release by the National Archives of records showing Secret CIA Officer involvement in the JFK Assassination!

David Icke | China Is The Blueprint For The World | Dec. 21, 2022


S0 News | Never Seen This Before | UFO? Galactic Clump? | Dec. 21, 2022


S0 News | UFO by the Sun? Dangerous Cold, Coronal Holes | Dec. 21, 2022


The Corbett Report | 2022 Year in Review - #SolutionsWatch | Dec. 21, 2022


Another year of #SolutionsWatch has come and gone and so it's time for James to take a moment to take stock of this year's episodes. What resonated? What didn't? What can be applied moving forward? What new developments have taken place? Don't miss this comprehensive year-in-review edition of Solutions Watch.

Show Notes:
Introducing #SolutionsWatch
2021 Year in Review - #SolutionsWatch
Jan 11
#1 - Translate The Truth - #SolutionsWatch
Translate The Truth Odysee channel

Derrick Broze | Resisting & Opting Out of the Great Reset | Dec. 20, 2022


Derrick Broze discusses the incoming threats of technocracy, smart cities, and the Algorithm Ghetto. Covid was a total technocratic operation to get us to "trust the experts". Agenda 2030 has co-opted the environmental movement and has gone to an extreme in socially engineering society by pushing bikes instead of automobiles and bugs instead of meat. He describes how México has been during the Great Reset.

About Derrick Broze 
Derrick Broze is the founder of The Conscious Resistance Network is now an independent media organization focused on empowering individuals through education, philosophy, health, and community organizing. He works to create a world where corporate and state power does not rule over the lives of free human beings.

Andrei Martyanov | SitRep December 20th | Dec. 20, 2022


Mr. Kinzinger defeats Russia. Mozart Group sees the real picture.

ALIEN BODIES, Jimmy Carter, the Air Force, & APRO | The Richard Dolan Show | Dec. 21, 2022


Richard Dolan interviews Allan Lavigne once more, this time for a story never heard before: what appears to be an abortive "disclosure" attempt by the Jimmy Carter White House of 1978-1979, including a mobile UFO museum that contained the best UFO evidence at the time.

This may even have included genuine alien bodies. Of course, this cannot yet be confirmed, but Allan Lavigne is in a better position than nearly anyone else to discuss this. This is because the project was being done with the cooperation of APRO (the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization), which he was deeply involved with at the time. 
This is a fascinating discussion that offers much new information for UFO students to consider. Including the real possibility that APRO was, in a sense, the original AATIP.

Whitney Webb & James Corbett | Behind the Twitter Files Hype | Dec. 16, 2022


In this episode, Whitney and James Corbett discuss the Twitter Files phenomenon and how the hype around it is being utilized for more than meets the eye. -

Show Notes:

Max Igan | Ungovernable | Dec. 20, 2022


Dark Journalist & Whitney Webb The National Security State Revealed! | Dec. 17, 2022




The Governance Control System
Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and his Special Guest Whitney Webb, Author of the Sensational Two Volume Set, One Nation Under Blackmail.

Whitney walks us through decades of the Covert Power Struggles in the National Security State. From Roy Cohn to Jeffrey Epstein the figures may be familiar but with her wide angle lens she let's us see the Truth Behind the Story!

Whether it's CIA, NSA, DHS or Organized Crime, let's pull back the curtain and take a look at the real Governance Control System and see who is pulling the strings!
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