Max Igan | Transhumanism Rising | March 4, 2016


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - March 4, 2016.

New World Next Week | DoD Holds Contest to Hack the Pentagon! | March 3, 2016


Story #1: B.C. Town Wants GPS Trackers for “Prolific Offenders"

Story #2: U.S. Military Invites Vetted Experts to 'Hack the Pentagon'
U.S. Military ‘Always’ Asks Tech Companies to Tweak Algorithms to Promote Certain Content

Story #3: Google/Alphabet/Android Boss Eric Schmidt to Head up Pentagon “Innovation" Board
DoD Commits to Upgrade 4 Million to Windows 10
Silicon Spies: The US Government and the Tech Revolution

#GoodNewsNextWeek: People Picking Organic Quality Over Tainted Bargains
London Holds Largest Anti-Nuclear Protest in Decades
New Eternal 5D Hard Disk Makes Time Capsules a Thing of the Past

#NewWorldNextWeek Headlines: Ancient ‘Silk Road’ Back In Business As New Train Connects China to Tehran
About That "Oil Freeze": Russian Crude Production Sets New Post-Soviet Record In February
Deutsche Bank: It’s Time to Buy Gold
Former Bank of England Governor Says New Financial Crash ‘Certain'
37% of Government’s Total Reported Assets Are Student Loans
Chesapeake Founder Aubrey McClendon Dies In Car Crash One Day After Federal Indictment

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | March 3, 2016


"Two can play the covert operations game," and Russia is playing it very well:

Article: Spetznaz Undercover Among ISIS, Directing Russian Airstrikes Within 3 Meters of Targets

Richard Dolan, Ben Hurle | CIA X Files | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church


Richard Dolan is back with us and we cover the CIA's release of their 'X-Files' with the start of the new X-Files series on Fox. We also talk a little music, pop culture and other current events...a side of Dolan that you rarely get...and then Ben Hurle joins us live from Australia to talk about two of the most documented UFO cases in history: Westall 1966 and the Kelly Cahill incident.

Patrick Henningsen | On NATO's Plans For Syria & What The Media Isn't Telling You. | March 2, 2016


Brien Foerster | The Ancient "Atlantean" Stone Warriors Of Tula In Mexico | March 2, 2016


Thought by many to be mysterious representations of Atlanteans or even ancient astronauts, the stone Tula warriors of Mexico have a pragmatic explanation. -Brien Foerster

Maureen St. Germain | Akashic Records | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | Jan. 12, 2016


Maureen St. Germain is our guest and we discuss the Akashic Records for the first time on the show...we go in depth...what they are, how they are accessed, who can see them and what they are used for. Later in the show we take some calls...a lot of calls.

Mark Devlin | Mind Control and Magick In The Corporate Music Industry | March 1, 2016


Mark Devlin joins THC to discuss his new book Musical Truth, which covers nearly everything you might want to know about the weirdness within the corporate music industry. We talk about predictive programming, esoteric symbolism, satanism, pedophilia, assassination, mind control and more in our attempt to tackle just half of the amazing work he's done in Musical Truth.

Tom Campbell | Fireside Chat Part 1-3 | January 2016


Tom Campbell answers questions from his My Big TOE forum members on various subjects involving our reality and consciousness from the viewpoint of his theory, philosophy, and experience.

The Corbett Report | Meet the Bogus Technology the Government Will Use to Frame You | March 1, 2016


What happens if the facial recognition cameras get it wrong? Or the "visual microphone" detects the wrong sound? Or the emotion-reading or crime-predicting technology of the near future is just quackery, designed to frame anyone the government wants to convict? Sadly, this isn't sci-fi fantasy; it's the present and we're already living through it. Just ask Steve Talley...

Show Notes:
5 Mind-Blowing Technologies (That the Government Will Use for Spying)
4 Ways The Crime Lab Can Frame You
New arrest warrant issued for man who bank teller said police wrongly arrested for robbery
REVEALED: The TSA’s New Computerized ‘Facial and Emotional’ Recognition System
Smart camera technology ‘predict’ violent crime

Peter Levenda | The Real World Order | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | Jan. 5, 2016


Peter Levenda is our guest and we cover the Real World Order...who is running we got here...the connections between the United States in the 1950s and Berlin through the Middle East ... and how they effect the mass media, politics and international decision making.
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