Courtney Brown | Remote Viewing 2012 and Beyond, Offplanet Radio, October 17, 2012


We talk with Courtney Brown of the Farsight Institute about the scenarios of a massive global mass disruption event that appears to disrupt the present course of society-at-large. In 2008 Courtney tasked two groups, the Hawaii Remote Viewrs Guild, led by Glenn Wheaton and Controlled Remote Viewers, led by Lyn Buchanan, to begin collecting data on possible Earth changes at 9 selected sites around the planet.

The survey involved two time lines (of many potentials) that are believed to be converging into a single time line around early to mid-2013, and include the probabilistic outcomes of:

1. Impacts from what appear to be large meteors leading to tsunamis and possible volcanism
2. Extensive and forceful flooding of coastal areas
3. Excessive solar radiation
4. Storms and other severe weather

In terms of the effects of these changes on humans, these data also suggest:

1. Massive self-organized relocation from coastal areas (refugees)
2. The breakdown of rescue or other notable governmental functioning
3. The breakdown of the food supply system
4. The breakdown of the vehicular transport system
5. Extensive loss of buildings near coasts

In this interview Courtney explains the assignment, methods, and outcomes of this three year project and the implications based on a criteria that predicated the acceptance of remote viewing by the establishment of mainstream science. Find out why this was a criteria and how it affects both the outcomes and the evolution of human consciousness.

We also discuss the implications of multiple time lines, multi-dimensional human consciousness, and the deterministic nature of both individual and collective human decisions; the effects on human development when governments, universities, large corporate and public service sectors deny the existence and utility of psychic phenomena (even though it is strongly predicted by quantum physics); the elites efforts to prepare for large-scale catastrophic events even while denying the populace such knowledge; and how the future will be impacted science discredits itself. ~Randy Maugans

David Icke | Humanity's Last Stand, October 19, 2012


3MIN News, October 20, 2012

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Links: OK Dust Storm
Buoy Event: Google Sidapan Buoy Malaysian and look for recent news.

Rosa Koire | UN Agenda 21 Exposed, October 18, 2012


Tonight we talk to Rosa Koire, author of Behind the Green Mask: UN Agenda 21 about the ideology and people behind Agenda 21. Topics discussed include: What is Agenda 21? What is communitarianism? What is the history of this agenda? How is it being implemented? And what can people do to combat it? ~James Corbett
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David Icke | Limitations of Belief & Awakening, October 18, 2012

Source:,, David Icke Wembley

October 18, 2012-British author David Icke has written 20 books and traveled to over 55 countries since 1990. His books reveal how a hidden hand is behind world-changing events like the attacks of 9/11 and the manufactured wars in the Middle East, as part of a mass mind manipulation technique he has dubbed problem-reaction-solution.

While being controversial and often heavily attacked, David Icke has driven on with his unrelentless investigation into subject areas that others don't dare touch. David returns to give us a peak into his upcoming presentation at Wembley Arena, going deeper down the rabbit hole than anyone’s gone before.

We’ll discuss the limitations of conspiracy research and the need to move beyond the aspects of the 5 senses. David explains how “reflex, action” hinders a truly open mind. Then, he speaks on humanity’s awakening and the crossroads. The hour ends on the death of a showman, Jimmy Saville, a grotesque paedophile, a necrophiliac, a close friend of Prince Philip and one of Britain’s most famous characters. ~Red Ice Creations
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Max Igan | Fear by Smart Control, October 19, 2012


The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater. - Frank Zappa

Richard Dolan | The Breakaway Civilization, October 12, 2012


Is there an advanced breakaway human civilization in touch with ET? Richard Dolan has compelling evidence that, as fantastic as it sounds, this could be true. Richard claims that this civilization has evolved around the alien presence that is here, and it now stands between us and disclosure. He and Dark Skies creator Bryce Zabel have partnered in the creation of a book called After Disclosure, which speculates on why this might be so, and what could be preventing the rest of us from participating. ~Whitley Strieber

2MIN News, October 18, 2012

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Lake Michigan Low
Sea Level Rise
Adaptation is the Answer?
Uranus Weather

David L. Smith | The Race to Debase, October 18, 2012

Source:, genevabusinessinsider

David L. Smith of the Geneva Business Insider joins us to discuss the currency war underlying the global quantitative easing craze. From Europe to the UK to the US to East Asia, central banks around the world are engaged in a race to the bottom, and as usual it’s the average joe who pays the price. Today we talk about this trade war by proxy and its consequences, as well as how people can protect their wealth for whatever financial turmoil might be coming. You can check out David’s YouTube channel at:

Note:Neither James Corbett nor David L. Smith are investment advisors and none of their opinions should be construed as personal investment advice.
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A.C. Griffith (R.I.P.) on VERITAS (unreleased audio from 2009) about underground bunkers in the US


Since 2009, I had the privilege of knowing A.C. Griffith: A true patriot. Griff was the first person I heard discussing chemtrails. Naturally, that caught my attention and consequently we had many long conversations that I wish I had recorded.

We lost Griff on June 12, 2012. You can still listen to our 2009 interview on our website and even a segment we did in 2010 about the BP oil spill. After we conducted our first interview in September 2009, we stayed on the phone having an offline / off the record conversation about a few topics, including underground bunkers being built under many city hall buildings around the United States. I recently found the audio and would like to share it with you for the first time. Rest in peace Griff. Your work will continue. ~Mel Fabregas

Nathan Fraser | Anarchism & Sovereignty, October 17, 2012

Source: Radio 3Frourteen,

October 17, 2012–Nathan Fraser is the host of a radio program called Live Free FM. LiveFree.Fm is a site dedicated to bringing you the best in freedom related material. On the Live Free FM radio show Nathan and guests discuss the legal system, how to fight back in court and how to achieve true autonomy with only one goal in mind, the goal of a free and voluntary society.

Nathan will discuss the differences between anarchism and sovereignty and tell us why he chose to approach court cases from the anarchist mentality rather than using the sovereignty tactics being taught. We’ll also discuss the control system, technology, the religion of government and different forms of anarchism, including socialist anarchism. Later, we talk about the benefits of life without government. Nathan also comments on the upcoming US presidential election and the future of the United States. ~Radio 3Fourteen
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Corbett Report Radio | Humanity is Rising, October 17, 2012


As we have been documenting for years, we are under attack on every level: physical, biological, spiritual, emotional and psychological. Yet despite this onslaught, humanity is rising and knowledge is power. Find out about the latest assaults and what you can do about it on tonight’s edition of Corbett Report Radio. ~James Corbett
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Jason Verbelli | Secrets of Infinite, Free, and Unmetered Energy

Source:, TheRealVerbz youtube

From a very young age, Jason Verbelli questioned the science taught in school and the lack of interest in the primordial questions. Why did he think that magnets where important as a child? Why did he seek the meaning of ancient hieroglyphs? Why is 'academia' confining people into specialized areas and most new discoveries are made by those outside of those boundaries? What's the status on Professor John Sear's invention? Who were Walter Russell and Ed Leedskalnin. Why is structured water so important and how can we shatter the paradigm of energy dependency for the entire world, and reboot this planet to its original paradisiacal origins with abundance for every living being? These are some of the questions discussed during this interview. ~Mel Fabregas

Jason Verbelli is an independent thinker, philosopher and visionary, who many consider a wise man. His focus is the work of Walter Russell, Professor John Searl's technology, and similarities between Science and Spirituality. There's no doubt he's on par with a number of historical and current figures who have paved the way with unconventional perspectives in the sciences. Jason's uplifting ideology is unique and for the past 6 years he has dedicated himself to presenting information not mentioned anywhere in mainstream news or even many libraries.

Douglas Dietrich | Get Prepared, Because You’re On Your Own, Truth Frequency Radio, October 12, 2012


Douglas Dietrich joins us once again to discuss the true history of the Military Industrial Complex and how they systematically brainwashed thousands of children on military bases to become cold-blooded murderers who not only didn’t feel, but also didn’t even remember, what they had done. We finish the discussion with an outlook on the next few months-years, as conditions in America continue to disintegrate and we edge further and further into collapse. ~Truth Frequency Radio

Richard Grove | 9/11 Insider Trading Whistleblower & Voluntary Servitude, October 14, 2012


October 14, 2012–Richard Grove is the founder of the Tragedy and Hope website, which enables individuals to research and form groups of independent thinkers to solve humanity's most pressing problems. Prior to T&H, Richard worked as an account executive in NYC, selling enterprise software and services to the world’s largest Financial Services companies. After discovering that his corporation was selling software with a “back-door” which allowed illicit transactions to take place beyond oversight- he blew the whistle, which led him into court from 2003-2007.

In the first hour, Richard shares his Wall Street whistleblowing experience and connects 9/11, insider trading and conspiracy. He tells his story and shares his witness account of what happened on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 as he had a meeting that day on the 96th floor of the WTC North Tower when it was struck. In the second hour, we cover enslavement through technology, psych warfare, voluntary servitude and removal from the elite control system. ~Red Ice Creations
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William Tiller Ph.D | Psychoenergetics, October 15, 2012


Fellow to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller, of Stanford University's Department of Materials Science, spent 34 years in academia after 9 years as an advisory physicist with the Westinghouse Research Laboratories.

He has published over 250 conventional scientific papers, 3 books and several patents. In parallel, for over 30 years, he has been avocationally pursuing serious experimental and theoretical study of the field of psychoenergetics which will very likely become an integral part of "tomorrow's" physics. In this new area, he has published an additional 100 scientific papers and four seminal books.

3MIN News, October 15, 2012

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Starwater on the Moon
Agenda 21 Article
Satellite Falls from Orbit

Voices of the Breakthrough Energy Movement


A three-day program covering the past, present and future of breakthrough energy technologies and their world changing implications. The content has been carefully put together to not only interest scientists, students, technicians and entrepreneurs, but also provide basic knowledge for the general public.

Conference November 9, 10, 11 in Hilversum, Holland

Fernando Vossa | Engines of Mass Creation - The Coming Global Awakening, Offplanet Radio, October 13, 2012

Source:, vossamedia youtube,,

We speak with cutting edge innovator and artist/visionary and healer, Fernando Vossa as he prepares for the upcoming Global Breakthrough Energy Conference in Holland on November 9, 10, 11, 2012.

Fernando Vossa has been designing technology experiences for over 18 years. Mr. Vossa's approach is to reach the psyche and heart of his audience using multidisciplinary techniques from Industrial Design, Cognitive Psychology, Virtual Reality, Cinematography, Architecture, Graphic Design, and Fine Art. 

Mr. Vossa's accomplishments include being part of leading edge design teams for major brands such as Microsoft, Sony, US-WEST, GE-Aerospace, and most recently unfolding innovative installation concepts at The Center of Mass Creation.

In this interview Fernando connects the dots on energy, healing, education, and the emerging consciousness. Why the Earth's energies have been ignored, and why mankind moved into a state of artificiality that separated them from themselves and their own power. Redefining "technology" as something NOT external to us, but a re-integration of our own divine energies in concert with consciousness, intention, and harmony with our spiritual DNA.

Tom Campbell | Life Between Lives as Consciousness, September 29, 2012


"Afterlife" interview of 9/28/12 continues with additional comments and new material:

Tom talks about how beings that have enough experience here can plan their next life, and how the the avatar is connected (video game analogy for our virtual reality) with Consciousness.

We are a different being as Consciousness than we are as our body and role here in this reality. This is an important and encouraging point to remember when you contemplate the "you" in this life experience. You are most likely doing your best, yet you have more choices and potential than you think you have.

Hitler takes a few more hits in this discussion of intent at the root of choice that determines the evolution or de-evolution of a being. Is he fundamentally different from others who make evil choices but are unknown and have much less impact on humanity?

Tom delivers hard-hitting comments to scientists who claim they already know everything (we can't really know the "other" Fredkin refers to?), and anything different to what they believe must be wrong.

Comments on Bruce Lipton's work on cells and Consciousness take the conversation to higher levels of existence.

Do beings from other reality frames (Tom has been to dozens) deal with the same struggles and challenges that we deal with here? What are their goals?

Do beliefs and dogma really help us on the path of evolution?

Kymberlee Ruff | Hopi-Tibetan Prophecies, Offplanet Radio, October 10, 2012


There is an ancient Hopi Prophecy begins: "When the Iron Eagle Flies and the Horses Run on Wheels...".

There is also an Ancient Tibetan Prophecy predicted by the Buddha "Padmasambhava" that begins: "When the Iron Eagle Flies and the Horses Run on Wheels...".

There is a third Prophecy that was created out of the connection between these two Prophecies: It explains what is supposed to happen beginning the day AFTER December 21, 2012: "The Time of Never Ending Peace".

Kymberlee Ruff, MFT is the "Messenger of the Hopi/Tibetan Prophecy". She is not a Hopi Prophecy Carrier nor a Tibetan Prophecy Carrier. She has been asked by the Hopi and the Tibetans to share this hopeful message to the world. Kymberlee is 1/4 Cherokee by ethnicity. She has been adopted into the Hopi family of Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma who is the "Keeper of the Sacred Tablets of the Fire Clan. She has written many postings about the "Hopi/Tibetan Prophecy on the Ground Crew web site and she has also written a chapter in #1 bestseller "Transforming Through 2012".

3MIN News, October 14, 2012

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Glaciers Cracking
Record NE Lows
Chinese Launch

David Icke on Liberty Tactics, October 12, 2012


David Icke joins James & Lou to discuss a wide range of topics including the latest in the Jimmy Savile scandal.
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