William Binney NSA Whistleblower | 'NSA owns Entire Network Anywhere in the World' | July 4, 2014

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NSA global reach is omnipresent. The US intelligence controls the entire cyber network across the globe, violating individual piracy by storing endless data on its increasingly enlarged servers, former NSA crypto-mathematician, William Binney, told RT. Read Full Script

You were first William. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. Thank you William!

James Corbett on Journalist Radio | Fukushima 3 Years Later

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In March 2011, an earthquake and tsunami devastated the eastern coast of Japan. Thousands of people were killed, and scores more were displaced as a result of the natural disaster. The earthquake and resulting tsunami caused the meltdown of a nuclear power station located in Fukushima Prefecture. Radioactive material leaked into the Pacific Ocean, and the area surrounding the plant became irradiated. This led to the development of an exclusion zone around the plant, and the evacuation of cities near the stricken nuclear site.

But more than three years after the event, journalists still struggle to report on what exactly is going on with the region’s recovery and cleanup efforts. TEPCO, the utility that managed the nuclear reactor, has been criticized for not being forthcoming with the public, or with the victims of the tragedy … or, even with the government. Today on Global Journalist, we take a look at what’s going on in Fukushima, and look at some of the challenges reporters face in covering stories like these in Japan.

Jim Marrs in Toronto | Conspiracy Culture, June 22, 2014

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Sunday June 22nd 2014 // CONSPIRACY CULTURE presents Jim Marrs live at the Bloor Cinema, hosted by Richard Syrett of the Conspiracy Show and introduced by Patrick Whyte of Conspiracy Culture. Legendary author Jim Marrs historic first trip to Toronto, Canada. Plus post event words with Jeff of We Are Change Windsor and Mike of Angry Beaver Radio, and book-signing with Jim Marrs at Paupers Pub.

CrossTalk | Chaos Incorporated, July 3, 2014

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For Washington's neocons the world is a huge playground. In the name of "democracy" they have destroyed one regime after another. Ukraine is now on the agenda. CrossTalking with Robert Parry, Jim Lobe and Francis Boyle. -RT.com

E. Michael Jones | Culture Wars & Catholic/Jewish Conflict | Hour 1 | June 30, 2014

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 June 30, 2014–Historian and former Professor, E. Michael Jones is editor of Culture Wars Magazine and author of many books, including Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation & Political Control and The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit: And Its Impact on World History.

We begin the hour discussing the triple melting pot theory of American assimilation, involving three ethnic groups and three religions: Catholic, Protestant and Jewish. Jones elaborates on the culture war between the Catholics and the Jews. Then, he’ll talk about how sexual “liberation” is used for political control and a form of covert warfare.

E. Michael discusses how the original American culture was taken over and supplanted with a Jewish culture. Later, we discuss the rise of political correctness and blowblack of covert operations. In the member’s hour, Jones explains the relationship between Catholics and Jews and details where their conflict stems from.

He shares his view on what must take place in order for the two to live in the same culture. We’ll move on to discuss mass immigration into Europe and the Jewish role behind multiculturalism, while at the same time Israel maintains the last ethnic racial state in the world. Multiculturalism is having the opposite effect of what we’re told, but this is by design. E. Michael shares a different take on the impact of Islam in Europe. He also comments on Pope Francis who said Europe needs to bring in more immigrants. Later in the hour, Jones talks about how we are witnessing the end of the American empire.

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NSA can spy on 98 percent of the world, July 1, 2014

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Despite President Obama's January speech limiting the scope of National Security Agency surveillance, a new Washington Post article outlines a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court could turn that notion on its head. The ruling allows the NSA to conduct surveillance on 193 countries around the world. Only four countries in the world are excluded from the ruling: Canada, Australia, Great Britain and New Zealand. RT Correspondent Meghan Lopez walks us through the latest revelations. -RT.com

Putin to West: Stop turning world into 'global barracks,' dictating rules to others (Full Speech) July 1, 2014

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Russia's president has blamed turmoil in Ukraine on the country's newly-elected leader Petro Poroshenko. Vladimir Putin also criticized the West for its intention to turn the planet into "global barracks." Read more at: RT.com

Gregory Sams | The State Is Out Of Date | Hour 1 | June 27, 2014

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June 27, 2014–Gregory Sams has been a health food pioneer from the 1960's. In 1967, he and his brother Craig introduced organic and natural foods to the UK marketplace. After 15 years of catering, Seed magazine, Ceres Grain Store & Bakery, Harmony & Whole Earth Foods, in 1982 Gregory conceived and christened the original VegeBurger. In the 80's, he also became fascinated with the scientific ideas of chaos theory, so he founded Strange Attractions, a shop dedicated to chaos theory. Sams' lifelong passions, health, culture and consciousness culminated in two books.

He returns to discuss his latest work, The State is Out of Date: We Can Do Better. He'll discuss today's disenchantment over the top-down power structure that increasingly manages our lives vs. the beauty of bottom-up self organization. He explains how we are community animals with built-in empathy; we are good at getting on with each other, organizing best from the bottom up. Our culture's most essential and reliable features came into being without central planning. Top down control by a coercive state has been going on for less than 4500 of modern human's 100,000 years on planet Earth.

Its every variation has eventually failed, often bringing down the civilization than it had fed upon. He says, we can do a better job of things ourselves than can those "in charge," regardless of how much money they have to spend or how good their intentions may be. Gregory criticizes our societal structure that does not serve the majority. Where the state steps into our affairs, problems arise. Gregory explains how the state holds us back from natural order and nature's harmony. -redicecreations.com

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The Truthseeker | Ukraine Gangster State Calls for 'Nuclear Strikes' , June 28, 2014

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Parliament moves to quit Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty; Nazis 'regular reconnaissance visits to nuclear power stations'; Billionaire governor, whose Privatbank is top recipient of new IMF bailout, being placed on international wanted list for 'banned methods of warfare and aggravated murder'. 

Seek truth from facts with intelligence expert William Engdahl; economist Professor Michael Hudson; former US intelligence officer Scott Rickard; and the prosecutor who put Yulia Timoshenko's partner behind bars, Martha Boersch. -RT.com

Max Igan | The Power Of Possibility, June 18, 2014

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Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Season 2 - Episode 12.
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