Scott Ritter | Ukraine TRAPPED In Russian Crossfire | March 9, 2023

Source: Stephen Gardner youtube

Scott Ritter joins Stephen Gardner on this exclusive interview to discuss the Russia Ukraine war, the conflict of Bakhmut, the bad feelings between Putin and Zelenskyy and how this war will end. Russia rained down over 80 missile on Ukraine last night after figuring out how to bypass their air defense systems. Scott Ritter and Stephen Gardner also discuss military predictions of Colonel Douglas Macgregor on how this war will end and Putin's next military moves.

0:55 Heavy Missile Attack On Ukraine.
9:10 Russia figures out how to bypass Ukraine's air defense missiles. Hits with 80+ missile, including hypersonic missiles.
10:40 Putin's next military move
16:30 Stephen shares his position on this war
26:00 A secret in Ukraine even the media has worked to bury
28:00 Ukraine will collapse and here's why
29:00 Why Putin attacked Ukraine

Redice TV | No-Go Zone: SPLC Terrorist, ‘Transgenderism’ = Transsexuals But Whiteness ≠ White People? | March 9, 2023


Henrik cover some of the latest news in No-Go Zone this March 9, 2023.

David Icke | The Danger to Truth of Here and no Further | March 9, 2023


Joseph P. Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | March 9, 2023


...uhm... about that Perth mint-gold doping story...


Astonishing claims emerge the Perth Mint sold up to $9B of dodgy gold to a Chinese exchange - as it's revealed the state-owned facility faces fraud and money laundering investigations and could be forced to pay the money back.

S0 News | The Great Solar Storm Thunderbolt in the Pole Shift | March 9, 2023


The Corbett Report | What is the Delphi Technique? - Questions For Corbett | March 9, 2023


Peter writes in to ask how we should respond to the Bank of England's rigged survey about CBDCs. James answers by describing the Delphi method and how to anti-Delphi in real life.

Show Notes:
The digital pound: A new form of money for households and businesses? (overview)
The digital pound (consultation paper)
Corbett Report Radio 177 - Why James (Probably) Won't Sign Your Petition
Are Petitions and Protests The Answer? - #SolutionsWatch
Corbett Report Radio 241 - UN Agenda 21 Exposed with Rosa Koire
Behind the Green Mask
RAND page on Delphi Method
Trudeau Liberals are filtering out dissent to their 'anti-hate' agenda

Andrei Martyanov | Cottage Industry | March 7, 2023


How to prepare public for defeat.

Max Igan | The Great Reset Will Fail | March 8, 2023


The Corbett Report | Nullification - #SolutionsWatch | March 7, 2023


Joining us today to discuss the latest wins for the nullification movement is Michael Boldin (NOT Boldrin!) of In this jam-packed conversation, James and Michael examine the historical and philosophical roots of nullification and how the idea is being used to derail federal government tyranny.

Show Notes: - SEARCH: 'Maharrey'
Episode 289 - Solutions: Nullification
Tenth Amendment Center videos on Odysee
NULLIFY! An Introduction to the History, Constitutionality, and Practical Applications of Nullification
Nullification Movement News
The Federalist Number 48, [1 February] 1788
The Federalist Number 46, [29 January] 1788
Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania by John Dickinson
The Federalist No. 33, [2 January 1788]
The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude by Etienne de La Boetie
State of the Nullification Movement Report
Food Freedom FTW!: NMN Ep 8
Alberta Sovereignty within a United Canada Act
Sask. government tells RCMP it will not support federal firearm buyback

The Last American Vagabond | Sasha Latypova Interview – How Pfizer & The Department Of Defense Defrauded The Public | March 5, 2023


It has been shown that the mRNA gene-based Covid injections cause serious harm. Pathologist Prof. Arne Burkhardt and his team in Germany have provided evidence from studies on the autopsy materials of patients who died shortly after vaccination, which shows that mRNA vaccines do not stay at the injection site but instead travel throughout the body, accumulate in various organs and induce long-lasting expression of the spike protein. Vaccine-induced expression of the spike protein leads to autoimmune-like inflammation which can cause organ damage, especially in the blood vessels, and can ultimately lead to death.

In this interview, we are joined by former pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) executive, Sasha Latypova, who explains how the mRNA injections, products which are shown to be unsafe, continue to be on the market. Sasha has more than 25 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She has previously worked as an entrepreneur, an econometrician and as a clinical trials contractor for more than 60 pharmaceutical companies. Her clients included Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, AstraZeneca, GSK and others. Throughout her career, Sasha interacted with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulators on behalf of her clients. She is also a former member of the Cardiovascular Safety Research Consortium.

Despite a successful career, Sasha is no longer part of the pharmaceutical industry and has spent the past three years investigating the fraud, corruption and crime of Big Pharma and its collaboration with governments around the world as it relates to COVID-19 and the mRNA injections. Her work can be found at her Substack.

Sasha discusses with Taylor Hudak why we are no longer in a world in which standard pharmaceutical practices and good manufacturing practices apply. Instead, Sasha says, we are in a strange dystopian state of "public health emergency."

Source: Links:
Sasha Latipova Substack
Vascular and organ damage induced by mRNA vaccines: irrefutable proof of causality
CRS Reports
6 Assessment of Concerns Related to Bioweapons that Alter the Human Host

S0 News | Magnetic Pole Shift, Record Cyclone, Nova Science | March 7, 2023


Scarcity or Abundance | Rafael LaVerde Speaks with Max Igan | March 6, 2023


Tom Campbell and Dr. Iain McGilchrist | A Discussion on the Nature of Reality | March 4, 2023


This discussion is between two scientists on the nature of our reality and ourselves. It is a stellar example of something significant: two researchers from different fields who have explored truth for decades share their unique perspectives and shared conclusions.

Their approaches may be different, but it is exciting when their conclusions are fundamentally the same. It's all about the bigger picture!

“Our talent for division, for seeing the parts, is of staggering importance -second only to our capacity to transcend it, in order to see the whole”
Iain McGilchrist

"Love is not just a nice idea, it is the fabric of our reality" Tom Campbell

00:00:00 Intro
00:06:14 the two brain hemispheres
00:06:40 seeing the worlds in different ways
00:07:36 portals of understanding
00:08:09 paths to truth
00:08:26 intuition and imagination
00:12:40 time as fundamental, space, matter, and the sacred
00:13:22 reductive materialism
00:17:50 debugging software 00:19:19 an insight into reality
00:20:03 verifiable evidence
00:20:50 Robert Monroe
00:22:20 another reality
00:26:26 deriving physics
00:26:55 probability distributions
00:27:30 speed of light
00:28:18 paradoxes in science
00:29:30 two assumptions of science
00:31:15 double slit experiment
00:31:30 founding of quantum mechanics
00:32:41 consciousness was a known fact
00:34:53 consciousness is fundamental
00:35:12 free will choice
00:47:19 experience and reality
00:51:11 the language of physics
00:53:27 math as not the whole story
00:54:48 intuition and imagination and business
00:55:30 imagination and reality
00:57:20 Darwin
00:57:58 math cannot describe the quality of relationship
01:00:58 logical paradoxes of McGilchrist
01:04:59 scientific understanding for right and left brain
01:13:02 resistance
01:17:03 a computer analogy

The Corbett Report | The Future Food False Flag | March 6, 2023


The food supply is under attack. But by whom? And for what purpose? Find out the dirty truth about the global food crisis and how the powers-that-shouldn't-be are trying to use this crisis as an opportunity to usher in the Great Food Reset on today's fast-paced edition of The Corbett Report podcast.

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01:07 The Attack on Food Symposium + Solutions to Fight Back
02:52 At least two people injured in explosion at Hermiston food plant
03:06 Massive Fire Engulfs Salinas Food Processing Plant; Neighborhoods Evacuated
03:18 Fire at Maricopa Food Pantry destroys 40,000 pounds of food
03:30 Dade City poultry farm fire likely killed 250,000 chickens
03:39 West Side food processing plant left with smoke damage after fire, SAFD says
03:48 Crews battle large commercial fire at nut processing plant in Sutter County
03:59 Potato-Processing Plant Fire In Belfast, Maine Leads To Shelter-In-Place Order
04:13 Fire kills tens of thousands of chickens at Wright County farm
04:22 Meat Processing Facility Catches Fire
05:37 Zeemap of food processing incidents 2021-2022
07:30 FBI warns of cyberattacks on US food plants after a dozen hit by mysterious fires
09:39 Cyberattack on Dole
10:46 Up Next: The Collapse of the Food Supply Chain
14:15 Rahm Emanuel on the Opportunities of Crisis
14:25 Ian Bremmer - Beyond 2023: A Global Outlook
14:35 Henry Kissinger (HQ) Obama and The New World Order 1/5/09
15:11 How a misunderstanding about Chinese characters has led many astray
17:32 Eating Bioengineered Spores
19:28 Israeli Company's Pioneering 'Sweet Proteins'
21:08 Nicole Kidman Eats Bugs | Secret Talent Theatre | Vanity Fair
21:13 Eating bugs to save the planet
21:36 Why you will be eating bugs very soon | James Rolin | TEDxBozeman
22:36 This London insect farm is changing the way we eat | Pioneers for Our Planet
23:46 EATING JAMES FRANCO: Bite Lab Wants to Experiment with Celebrity Tissue to Make Edible Meats
25:44 Insects on the menu as EU approves two for human consumption
26:31 What is the Future of Food?
27:37 Who is Behind the Great Food Reset?
27:57 The Gates/Rockefeller "Green Revolution" Scam Exposed
30:04 Glyphosate Now the Most-Used Agricultural Chemical Ever
30:58 Bill Gates-Backed Vegan Burgers Hit Mainstream With Safeway Deal
31:20 America’s Biggest Owner Of Farmland Is Now Bill Gates
32:08 "insects" search on World Economic Forum website<br /> 32:22 EAT - who we are
32:55 USAID: Systemic Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Agriculture, Nutrition, And Food Systems
33:45 Another Globalist "Simulation" Comes True (Food Chain Reaction exercise)
39:59 Biodigital Convergence: Bombshell Document Reveals the True Agenda
41:57 The Future of Food (Is Ours to Decide)

New World Next Week | UN Supervillains Threaten to Dim the Sun | March 3, 2023


This week on the New World Next Week: the UN admits geoengineering and proposes that they should regulate it; the latest Iran nuke hysteria is a giant nothingburger; and there is more to the new anti-CBDC bill in US congress than meets the eye.

Story #1: Solar Geoengineering Should Be Regulated, U.N. Report Says

David Icke | Look Here Everyone! (Then You Won't See What Really Happened) | March 3, 2023


Max Igan | On "Chris Dyer's Creative Friends" Podcast! | March 3, 2023


Recorded on Feb 10th 2023.
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