The Farsight Institute | The Great Pyramid of Giza: The Mystery Solved (Complete Version)


The Great Pyramid of Giza, sometimes called the Pyramid of Khufu, or the Cheops Pyramid, is truly one of the most amazing mysteries on Earth. This is the definitive breakthrough study of how it was built. It is huge, and it was built with gigantic stone blocks that seem nearly impossible to cut, transport, and assemble even today on such a massive scale as must have occurred long ago when this pyramid was originally constructed. Until now, no one on Earth really knew how these big structures were assembled, at a time when tools were rudimentary, camels and wooden or reed boats were the primary forms of transportation, and manual labor was the only means available to construct anything.

This is a breakthrough scientific study that combines the use of remote viewing on an unprecedented scale to solve the mystery of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Remote viewing is a mental procedure that was originally developed by the United States military and used for espionage purposes. Now, civilians employ the same methods, or procedures that are derivative of those methodologies, to study human history. In a project completed at The Farsight Institute ( using remote-viewing data collected by two of the most accomplished “military grade” remote viewers of the day, the true story of how the Great Pyramid of Giza was actually constructed using a combination of exotic advanced technology and brutal manual labor can finally be told.

Very little of what most people learned in school about the origins of the Great Pyramid of Giza is correct. Our civilization needs to uncover its true history without bias and with an open mind. Now is not the time to censor new knowledge. Now is the time to face our past.

New World Next Week | This Is What Government "Protection" Looks Like | Aug. 14, 2015


Story #1: Japan to Restart Mothballed Nuclear Reactors
Japan Restarts First Nuclear Power Plant Since Fukushima
Japan Develops Tidal Energy as Part of US$501 Million Project

Story #2: Navajo Nation Vows To Hold EPA Accountable for Colorado Spill
Did The EPA Intentionally Poison Animas River To Secure SuperFund Money?

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek - Indian Rapper 'Overwhelmed' by Success of Protest Song Against Unilever
DNA Shaming: Welcome to Orwell’s Nightmare
Nestle Sued by India's Government Over Lead in Maggi Noodles
Ireland Refuses To Extradite Man To US Because Prison System Is Too Inhumane
Scotland Says No to GMO

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: China, Russia Each Have Major Explosions In Under 24 Hours
Gunmen Attack US Consulate In Turkey After Explosion Kills Three
The #IranDeal, the #OilPricePlunge, #CurrencyWars and the end of the #Petrodollar
Democracy? Greek Bailout Terms to Give Eurozone Vast Powers Over Policymaking
Western Europe in Humanitarian Crisis - German Public Park Now Refugee Camp
Reminiscent of 2011 Riots, Police & Paramedics Attacked by Mob of 400 in NE London
US Ex-Intelligence Chief on ISIS Rise: It Was "a Willful Decision"
Predictive Policing is ‘Wave of the Future,’ NY Commissioner Says
Facebook Tells the Cops When You Talk About Criminal Activity in Private Messages
NYTimes Finally Catches Up to #NewWorldNextWeek, Warns of Pentagon Labeling Journalists 'Unprivileged Belligerents'
NWNW Flashback: Pentagon's New 'Law of War Manual' Is Chilling (June 2015)

Randy Maugans on FreemanTV | Conspiracy Theory | Hour 1


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What happens when you put two Conspiracy Theorists in a room together? Mind-Blowing connections and far-reaching questions, that's what. From Black Magick to Military Intelligence and on to UFO's, this show will touch it all. What purpose is there to Chemtrails? Was Science Fiction guiding us to a prepared future or was it a dire warning? What dangers are inherent to the Transhumanist Movement; A.I., Militarized robots, Mind-Transfer Technologies and Surveillance of your every move. Can technology turn the tide for good? What is being lost as ISIL and ISIS destroy ancient monuments in Babylon? Will we ever get the truth of our distant past?

Two guys meet and find they have both been abducted, what is common between them? As it turns out, quite a bit! Randy and I have never spoken to each other but, as our stories unfold we find that we not only have an extraterrestrial connection but, our family connections, our parents preoccupations and even our blood type are the same. This is beyond coincidence!

Randy Maugans is a Media producer, technologist, designer, talk show host/interviewer and studies advanced metaphysics. He is seeking the truth about “what’s out there”, as result of two (known) childhood “contacts” with “something” Randy could not explain. OffPlanet Radio (formerly “Exotica”) is the natural outgrowth of his interests in the areas of the paranormal, technology, and communications… "the 'future' caught up with me."

OffPlanet Radio (formerly Exotica) has been a presence on shortwave, satellite radio, and internet for over seven years, detailing many aspects of the “secret” world that exists within and without our own perception. ET/UFO disclosure is the most significant story of our times, and is NOT being covered by the major media in the traditions of fair journalism, or with the best interests of the people of planet Earth.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Aug. 13, 2015


Russia's clearing system, Japan, and a wakeup call for the West...

Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Researcher Dr. Barrie Trower Says That WiFi Is Killing Us And Quickly! | Aug. 12, 2015


The Corbett Report | Scotland Issues GM Crop Ban (#Winning!) | Aug. 12, 2015


The Scottish government has just issued an order banning the cultivation of EU-approved GM crops. In doing so, it is just one of a number of countries around the world that have restricted or banned the cultivation or importation of GM crops. Today James outlines why this is a good thing, how people can get more information about this trend and its importance, and why we should celebrate and emulate these types of victories. Also, he thanks The Corbett Report members that participated in the recent "Winning!" contest.

Show Notes:
Scotland to issue formal ban on genetically modified crops
GM crop ban –
Caution urged over editing DNA in wildlife
Russia will not import GMO products
GMO Free Regions
Biosafety Scanner
Winning! (Contest)

Zen Gardner | Fantastic Q&A | Richie Allen Show


Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner | The Last Avatar


Dark Journalist on Coast to Coast AM with Linda Moulton Howe & Douglas Caddy | JFK MJ12 UFO & CIA


This is the full broadcast of Investigative Reporter Linda Moulton Howe's special report and interview with Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt on Coast to Coast AM radio. In this amazing report, Linda examines how Dark Journalist recorded the Exclusive Three-Hour Interview with Watergate Lawyer Douglas Caddy where he revealed that his good friend, CIA Agent E. Howard Hunt, told him that JFK was assassinated because he was going to reveal the Alien Presence and also that the Majestic Twelve group that secretly studies UFOs for the government decided he had to be eliminated with help from covert intelligence.

This special report by Linda Moulton Howe and Dark Journalist is historic and overflowing with amazing revelations about the CIA, UFOs and the JFK Assassination, Watergate and the Black Budget!

From July 30th 2015.
Controversial, intriguing, unnerving shocking and groundbreaking! You don't want to miss this fascinating special report that lifts the veil on hidden history...

Exploding the Collectivist Agenda | Richard Heathen on "Hidden Influence" | Aug, 11, 2015


Show Notes:
Hidden Influence: The Rise of Collectivism (free YouTube version)
Purchase a digital download or DVD copy of the documentary

WikiLeaks is raising €100,000 reward for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership 'TTIP' | Aug. 11, 2015


WikiLeaks goes after hyper-secret Euro-American trade pact

Today WikiLeaks has launched a campaign to crowd-source a €100,000 reward for Europe’s most wanted secret: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Starting pledges have already been made by a number of high profile activists and luminaries from Europe and the United States, including former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, esteemed UK fashion designer and environmental campaigner Dame Vivenne Westwood, US journalist Glenn Greenwald, veteran Australian film-maker and investigative journalist John Pilger, Belarusian philosopher and theorist Evgeny Morozov, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and WikiLeaks editor-in-chief Julian Assange.

Since it began to face opposition from BRICS countries at the World Trade Organisation, US policy has been to push through a triad of international "trade agreements" outside of the WTO framework, aimed at radically restructuring the economies of negotiating countries, and cutting out the rising economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS).

The three treaties, the "Three Big T’s", aim to create a new international legal regime that will allow transnational corporations to bypass domestic courts, evade environmental protections, police the internet on behalf of the content industry, limit the availability of affordable generic medicines, and drastically curtail each country’s legislative sovereignty.

Two of these super-secret trade deals have already been published in large part by WikiLeaks - the Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) and the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) - defeating unprecedented efforts by negotiating governments to keep them under wraps.

But for Europeans the most significant of these agreements remains shrouded in almost complete secrecy. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which is currently under negotiation between the US and the European Union, remains closely guarded by negotiators and big corporations have been given privileged access. The public cannot read it.

Today WikiLeaks is taking steps to ensure that Europeans can finally read the monster trade deal, which has been dubbed an "economic NATO" by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
Using the new WikiLeaks pledge system everyone can help raise the bounty for Europe’s most wanted leak. The system was deployed in June to raise a $100,000 bounty for the TTIP’s sister-treaty for the Pacific Rim, the TPP.

The pledge system has been hailed by the New York Times as "a great disrupter", which gives "millions of citizens... the ability to debate a major piece of public policy," and which "may be the best shot we have at transforming the [treaty negotiation] process from a back-room deal to an open debate."

 WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said,

"The secrecy of the TTIP casts a shadow on the future of European democracy. Under this cover, special interests are running wild, much as we saw with the recent financial siege against the people of Greece. The TTIP affects the life of every European and draws Europe into long term conflict with Asia. The time for its secrecy to end is now."

Freeman TV | Chemtrails, Morgellons, and Black Goo | Harald Kautz-Vella & Cara St. Louis | Aug. 10. 2015


20 years of research into Chemtrails have lead to unusual consequences; Morgellons, Mind Control, and Black Goo rise to the surface. Harald Kautz-Vella talks about electromagnetic and biological weapons, nano technology, DNA restructuring, Morgellons disease and a substance called Sentient Oil or “Black Goo” which mirrors the consciousness of humans and that of alien entities such as the Archons. He is a physicist, geologist and author living in Germany.

Cara St. Louis is an American activist and author who has been traveling the world speaking about The Aerosol War since 2010. She shares a snapshot of the 20th Century as an all-out social engineering war against humanity with the goal of cultural revolution. Cara asks, can we remember who we are and take back the power; Our Imagination.

The Corbett Report | Money and Society: A new online Course explores the meaning of Money | Aug. 10, 2015


What is the nature of money? Did it really evolve out of barter, and, if not, why is that myth so prevalent? What theories of money have been proposed in the past and how do they hold up? What monetary alternatives are on the table and how can they be improved?

These are the types of questions that will be explored in a new Massive Open Online Course on "Money and Society" being offered by the Institute for Leadership and Sustainability. Today James talks to course co-creator Dr. Jem Bendell about the course, what topics it will cover, and how people can register to take the course (starting August 23, 2015) for free.

Show Notes & MP3

Courtney Brown | The Phoenix Lights | Legalise Freedom Radio | Aug. 10, 2015


Courtney Brown discusses The Farsight Institute’s latest project The Phoenix Lights. On Thursday, March 13th 1997, an anomalous series of lights flew in steady formation over the American southwest, eventually settling in over Phoenix, Arizona. The lights appeared to be connected to a large craft, and the underbelly of that craft was so big it blocked out much of the sky above. The event was witnessed by thousands of people for a number of hours, including the then governor of Arizona.

Utilizing new data from two of the best remote viewers on the planet, and methodologies derived from those developed and used by the U.S. military for espionage, it appears that this event involved at least one huge extraterrestrial spacecraft. The results for this project also include impressive corroborating data, and what appears to be a direct communication between a being on the craft and one of the remote viewers, a communication beyond conventional space-time and spanning the years 1997 to 2015.

Later in the interview we turn to a number of related topics including consciousness, psychic phenomena and the subtle realms of existence beyond five sense perception, the vital importance of Earthbound human experience, and the fundamental nature of reality.

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From Trauma to Transformation : Kathy Collins' Story | Project Avalon


This video is about what is known as PROJECT MONARCH. Project Monarch is a mind control ('MK-ULTRA') program which is designed to create 'sex slaves'.

There have been more and more revelations about this in the mainstream media in recent years. The phenomenon is hard to face, or even think about, but is very real.

Satanic Ritual Abuse, for example, is a dreadful reality. It's almost impossible for normal, healthy people to understand how such a thing can be taking place in our modern world.

Several extremely brave women have come forward to tell the stories of what they experienced, endured, and survived. Two well-known names are Cathy O'Brien and Cisco Wheeler.

Here is one more. Her name is Kathy Collins. She tells the story not only of what was done to her... but of her path to healing, forgiveness, and transformation.

Kathy chooses not to go into the specifics of her horrific experiences. Not because she cannot face them herself — for she can — but because she primarily wants to share the story of her recovery.
Most of the video interview which follows presents Kathy sharing her experiences of healing and transformation. She feels this may be helpful to ANYONE who's experienced potentially life-ruining trauma of any kind.

Kathy's message: Our lives don't have to be ruined if we've experienced terrible events.
Kathy's journey is one not only of trauma and pain, but of inspiration and hope.

Jez Turner | British Isles Invasion, EU Border Collapse & Shomrim | Hour 1 | Aug. 7, 2015


August 7, 2015–Jez Turner is a British Nationalist who studied at the London School of Economics. He is a Pashtun speaker who served as an Officer in the Royal Signal Corps. He is the creator and Chairman of the London Forum.

Mr. Turner joins us for a conversation about the immigration invasion that has Europe at the tipping point. We begin by touching on the serious situation in Calais, France, where a Eurotunnel terminal has been essentially hijacked and is allowing thousands of asylum seekers from Northern Africa and the Middle East to invade Britain.

Jez explains the Schengen Agreement, an EU policy that was designed to relax borders within the EU for greater ease of travel, and has promoted a neutered military unable to perform its duties. Then, Jez talks about the path that led him to organizing the London Forum, a non-party aligned conference group for nationalists from all walks of the right that is niche for creating idealists and activists.

We seek the metapolitical answer to the question of what is happening to the White race of Europe concerning its ability to rise up and speak proudly and powerfully in favor of its own culture and lands. Our talk leads us to examine the slow and paralyzing ethnic death that is gutting the soul of the West through a misguided, and oftentimes missing, understanding of natural law.

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New World Next Week | Scientists Warn Against DNA Editing in Wildlife | Aug. 7, 2015


Story #1: US Allows Ally Turkey to Bomb Only Group Effectively Fighting ISIS
US-Trained Syrian Rebels Refuse to Fight al-Qaida Group After Kidnappings
British Special Forces “Dressing Up” As ISIS…What Could Go Wrong?
SITE Says ISIS Launched Its Own Android App
Moscow Denies Putin Called Erdogan 'Dictator'
Russian Airborne Troops Chief Says Paratroopers Ready to Help Syria in Combating Terrorism

Story #2: Caution Urged Over Editing DNA in Wildlife
Last Scientist in Congress Has Human Genetic Engineering Warning
UK Company Plans to Release Genetically Engineered Flies in Spain
Agriculture Can Not be Considered Secure Confinement of the Release of Genetically Modified Flies
Genetic Engineering for Our Babies Is Real
The Hidden Politics of Abortion: Genetic Modification

Story #3: #GoodNewsNextWeek: Idaho Rules Anti-Whistleblower "Ag-Gag" Law Unconstitutional
Anti-Whistleblower 'Ag-Gag' Law Ruled Unconstitutional
PDF: Idaho Ag-Gag MSJ Decision
Japan's New State Secrets Law Raise Fears Over Fukushima Reporting

#GoodNewsNextWeek Updates:
Tech Leaders Urge Ban on AI Warfare
Nestlé India Sales Drop 20% After Maggi Noodle Recall
Miracle Motorbike Goes 500km/300mi On a Liter of Water
Marijuana Found Growing in Vancouver BC Traffic Circle

Hiroshima and Nagasaki - The Worst Terror Attacks in History
PA to Become First State to Use "Precrime" Stats in Criminal Sentencing
George W. Bush Called Up for Jury Duty
Former UK PM Ted Heath Accused by Rape Victim Who Was 12
Bin Ladens Killed in UK Plane Crash
Amy Schumer Joins Her Cousin Chuck's Call for Gun Control
German Government Launches Investigation of Journalists for Treason

Max Igan | Transcending Tyranny | Aug. 7, 2015


Transcending Tyranny (15 min Synopsis).

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