Gary Wayne | The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


There are giants among us, passing largely unnoticed, intent on carrying out a secret plan to enslave all humanity. They may not look like giants today, but their bloodlines extend all the way back to the Nephilim-the offspring of angels who mated with human women-described in Genesis 6 when giants roamed the land. Gary Wayne, author of The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind, details the role of modern-day Nephilim in Satan's plan to install the Antichrist at the End of Days.

When God cast the angel Lucifer and his followers out of heaven, Lucifer set into motion a scheme to ensure the Nephilim survived. Why? Because from the bloodlines of these Nephilim the Antichrist will come. To keep his plan alive, Satan has enlisted the loyalty of secret societies such as the Freemasons, the Templars, and the Rosicrucians to conspire in teaching a theology and a history of the world that is contrary to the biblical one. This Genesis 6 Conspiracy marches toward the Great Tribulation, when the loyalty of the Terminal Generation-this generation-will be tested.

The Bible, along with many other ancient sources, clearly records the existence of giants. Wayne provides copious citations from many society insiders, along with extensive Bible references, other religious references, and historical material to bolster his contention. What he uncovers will astonish you-and it will challenge you to prepare for the fulfilling of God's promises.

Gary Wayne is a Christian contrarian who has maintained a lifelong love affair with biblical prophecy, history, and mythology. His extensive study has encompassed the Holy Bible and Gnostic scriptures, The Qur'an, the Bhagavad Gita, Gilgamesh and other ancient epics, language etymology, and secret society publications.

Dmitry Orlov | Shrinking the Technosphere | Legalise Freedom Radio | Mar. 2, 2017


Dmitry Orlov discusses his book Shrinking the Technosphere: Getting a Grip on the Technologies that Limit our Autonomy, Self-sufficiency and Freedom.

Over the past two centuries we have witnessed the wholesale replacement of most previous methods of conducting both business and daily life with new, technologically advanced, more efficient methods, but what exactly is progressive or efficient about this new arrangement is hardly ever examined in depth.

If the new ways of doing things are so much better, then we must all be leading relaxed, stress-free, enjoyable lives with plenty of free time to devote to art and leisure activities. But a more careful look at these changes shows us that the rapidly evolving brave new world of gadgets, gizmos and constant connectivity is instead a metastasising matrix of manipulation and control in which we have become slaves to money and machines. Creeping ever closer to outright omniscience, the Technosphere is an emergent intelligence in its own right.

The harm to the environment, society, and our individual lives is plain to see, but is brushed off amid hollow mantras about productivity, progress, and the graven idol of economic growth. Shrinking the Technosphere guides readers through the process of bringing technology down to a manageable number of carefully chosen, essential, well-understood, and controllable elements.

It is about regaining the freedom to use technology for our own benefit, and is critical reading for all who seek to get back to a point where technologies assist us rather than control us. The endgame of the Technosphere is total domination; the outcome will be total destruction. But can humanity take back control before digital Armageddon finally dawns?

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New World Next Week | Americans Are Ditching Their TVs in Record Numbers. Here's What They're Watching. | Mar. 2, 2017


Story #1: Mexican Drug King Worked for CIA, Says His Son
The CIA And The Drug Trade
Fill The Swamp: Trump Wants Record $54B Increase In Military Spending

Story #2: Minimum Wage Massacre As Wendy's Unleashes 1,000 Robots To Counter Higher Labor Costs
The Robot That Takes Your Job Should Pay Taxes, Says Bill Gates
FriendFace Testing AI To Spot Potentially Suicidal Members
Google Can* (*Will/Did) Remotely Reset Your Google Router
Stuffed CloudPets Toys Leak Millions Of Voice Recordings From Kids, Parents

Story #3: Americans Have Fewer TVs On Average Than They Did In 2009

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Mar. 1, 2017


Would You Want Your Vaccine Produced by Supporters of Jihad?

Newsbud | China Watch with Peter Lee | While America Freaks Out, Asia Quietly Goes Crazy | Mar. 1, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

This week, China has its hands full dealing with dangerous and rapidly evolving security situations in South Asia, Xinjiang, North Korea, and the South China Sea.

Show Notes:
U.S., West, not conspiring against CPEC: Nawaz
Army wants joint anti-terror fight with Afghanistan
Enemy using Afghan soil to attack Pakistan: FO
Mystery deepens over Chinese forces in Afghanistan
Xinjiang Network Television report on government security rally in Khotan
The Other Side of the COIN: The Russians in Chechnya
China builds shelters for missile systems in South China Sea
Video of Secretary of Foreign Affairs Perfecto Yasay press conference
US ex-envoy plotting Duterte fall—source
Balls of Steel

The Corbett Report | Questions For Corbett | Who Coined the Term "Useless Eaters"? | Feb. 27, 2017


Did the Club of Rome say that genocide should be used to eliminate the useless eaters? What is bitcoin and how do you buy it? What is the incentive for the media to reveal corruption? And when is James' book coming out, anyway? These questions and many more are answered in this month's edition of Questions For Corbett.

Show Notes:
James Corbett’s Reddit AMA (Round 2)
Karmabanque to short the corrupt corporations
The First Global Revolution
Useless Eaters: Disability as Genocidal Marker in Nazi Germany
Spurious quotations on Patriot Mythology FAQ
Original bitcoin whitepaper
China Prepping Digital Yuan
Blackwater Heads to China
Spotlight Baluchistan
The Great Decoupling: How the west is engineering its own downfall
Deal With the Devil: How the Global Elite Re-colonized China
China and the US: Frenemies With Benefits
Phoney Opposition: The Truth About the BRICS
Episode 297: China and the New World Order
Dan Rather Lies About the Zapruder Film 11/25/1963
All The Presidents’ Bankers
James Perloff on the 100th Anniversary of the Lusitania False Flag

Newsbud | The Geopolitical Report with Kurt Nimmo | France Blames Russia for Rise of Marine Le Pen and Nationalism | Feb. 27, 2017

Source:, Newsbud on Twitter

The French establishment warns Putin and the Russians will undermine their coming election. This is a repeat of what the political class and the establishment media did in the United States following the election defeat of Hillary Clinton despite a complete lack of evidence.

On this episode of The Geopolitical Report, we turn the tables on the political elite and show how the US and the CIA have specialized in undermining foreign elections through subterfuge and violence.

Show Notes:
French Foreign Minister Condemns Russia Over Interference in Election
Marine Le Pen calls globalization, Islam threats against France
CIA espionage orders for the 2012 French presidential election
Ecuador opposition candidate vows to remove Assange, denounce Venezuela
The U.S. is no stranger to interfering in the elections of other countries

Jordan Maxwell | "The Elites Know How To Navigate The Holographic Universe To Keep Us In The Dark." | Richie Allen Show | Feb. 27, 2017


Eva Bartlett | War on Syria: Manufactured Revolution and Fake Media Narrative | Global Research TV | Feb. 28, 2017


Canadian independent journalist Eva Bartlett is the object of a smear campaign by Canada’s mainstream media.

Listen to what she has to say and then decide who is telling the truth.

The mainstream media denies the existence of terrorists linked to Al Qaeda.

According to mainstream sources, there were no terrorists in Aleppo.

Al Qaeda and the Islamic State are supported by US-NATO, Saudi Arabia and Israel. They are the state-sponsors of terrorism. We are dealing with a war of aggression. Eva Bartlett provides detailed evidence of war crimes. -GRTV

George Webb | Dyncorp Harvest and Why Killing is Good Business | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


This is an all-encompassing interview ranging from CIA's Dyncorp, the organ harvesting and trafficking, child and sex trafficking, who is in charge, Haiti, the Clinton and Bush families, and much more. George Webb is going where hardly anyone goes. We must commend him for his great investigative work. George has agreed to return in the future to discuss much more.

Computer software salesman turned citizen journalist explores the hidden world of US covert operations by a little known company named DynCorp. His investigation, which started as a probe into the Clinton Foundation and the disappearance of their ex-CEO Eric Braverman, has turned up many leads on the missing $6.5 Trillion of the US Treasury including black budgets for the Department of Defense, CIA, FBI, and 27 other Federal agencies.

Max Igan | Divide and Conquer is the Motto


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 284 - Febuary 17th, 2017.

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | Feb. 25, 2017


The forced contamination and degradation of populations and the planet continues from countless sources. The military/medical/industrial complex is showing signs of desperation on every front. The shadow government that controls our country will stop at nothing to defend its lifeblood, the petrodollar and the flow of oil.

The pharmaceutical industry is helping to fuel the national opiate addiction epidemic that has already killed more Americans than the Vietnam War. Weather whiplash is evolving into full blown climate disintegration. Record heat to chemically ice nucleated snowstorms in a days time is now a regular occurrence. Below is an example from Northern California recorded on 2/24/2017.

Texas hits 107 degrees in February (shattering all former former February records for the entire US). Globally, 20,000,000 people are predicted to perish in the next 6 months due to starvation.
What will it take for the masses to realize that we all sink or swim together? A committed collective effort to sound the alarm is the great imperative.
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