The Corbett Report | Solutions: Open Science | March 22, 2019


In the face of the crisis of science, it is easy to throw our hands up and watch as the old guard of the scientific establishment circles the wagons and goes back to business as usual. But there are real solutions to these problems, and we all—scientists and non-scientists alike—have a part to play in implementing them. Today on The Corbett Report we explore Solutions: Open Science.


Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | March 21, 2019


There are possible long term massive changes looming in Europe, as the Trump administration's attempts to block the Nordstream 2 pipeline appear to be failing:

Germany says it will abandon its NATO spending commitments and invest even less than promised
Time Runs Out on U.S. Opposition to Nordstream 2

Newsbud | Sibel Edmonds | Eerily Same Exact “Terror Warnings” Mark Suspect’s Trips: Turkey-Germany & Tarrant | March 20, 2019


This is Sibel Edmonds reporting on the ground from Turkey. I have another exclusive report for you today. I am going to report on eerily same events taking place in Turkey upon the New Zealand alleged mass shooter’s arrival in the country. What are the statistical chances of one individual’s both entries into a country coinciding with rare events like this?

Russell Targ & Lance Mungia | Third Eye Spies, Remote Viewing, SRI, & The CIA | March 19, 2019


One of the most provocative sagas that American history books have left to the cutting room floor is the CIA’s Stargate Project, a 20+ year program to test psychic abilities for intelligence gathering though a contract with the Stanford Research Institute. The CIA “officially” closed the program in 1995 saying that it never yielded any worthwhile results, a stark contradiction to the testimonies of those involved and the 70,000+ documents that have been released on the program in more recent years.

Today we’re joined by one of the co-founders of this remote viewing research, Russell Targ, at 84 years young. Together with filmmaker, Lance Mungia, we discuss their new documentary Third Eye Spies which corrects the record through newly declassified documents, and interviews with those who still live to tell the tales.

The film is available now across all the big digital platforms, look into it.

S0 News | Sunspots, Volcano, Major Storm Alert, Hubble | March 19, 2019


The Intercept | Jair Bolsonaro’s Close Family Ties to Paramilitary Gangs Draw Scrutiny Ahead of White House Visit | March 18, 2019


Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is in Washington to meet U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House on Tuesday. While the trip officially is focused on the joint efforts of the U.S. and Brazil to change the government of Venezuela, it is being billed by the Bolsonaro government as a “restart” of his presidency and image after multiple, serious scandals crippled the first three months of his presidency.

But when it comes to recreating his image, the timing of this trip could hardly be worse. Key news events of the last several weeks — including the arrests of two former Rio de Janeiro police officers for the March 2018 assassination of Rio City Council Councilor Marielle Franco — have highlighted the most damaging and, to many, most terrifying revelations about Bolsonaro and his three politician sons: their extensive, direct, multilayered, and deeply personal ties to the paramilitary gangs and militias responsible for Brazil’s most horrific violence.

Watch our video report on the growing, multilevel, personal, and highly disturbing links between Bolsonaro and his family on the one hand, and the country’s most violent, lawless, and murderous paramilitary gangs on the other.

The Corbett Report | Children Make Perfect Propaganda Props - #PropagandaWatch | March 19, 2019


Show Notes:
Swedish Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Has Been Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize Dianne Feinstein gets into testy exchange with schoolkids over the Green New Deal
Merkel Points To Russia For Sudden Interest Of European Youth In Climate Issues
UN Warning: Just 3 YEARS Left to Save the Earth!
Youth Strike For Globalist Propaganda
Emails reveal how children become pawns of climate alarmism
Positive Propaganda? – #PropagandaWatch

S0 News | Magnetic Cosmic Jets, Flash Flood, Stealth CME | March 18, 2019


Newsbud | The Latest Blinking Red Geopolitical Hot Spot Terrorism Indicators to Keep an Eye on … Now! | March 18, 2019


Hello Everyone. Sibel Edmonds here with Newsbud reporting on the ground from Turkey. This will be another quick video for those of you with a keen eye and critical mind for geopolitical indicators, games and warning signs.

In my last video on the New Zealand mass shooting incident I mentioned the “Blinking Red” indicators and tension points involving Turkey. Many of you have been asking for further info on this, so I am going to summarize the most important 5 indicators telling me, as a geopolitical analyst with over two-decades expertise on the region, that we must keep a close eye on Turkey and related developments- especially now, and in the coming days.

Michael Feeley | Land of Milk and Honey | Freeman TV


In a time of Hadron Colliders punching holes into other dimensions, AI and quantum computers creating life simulations, tele-presence killer robots owned by a search engine, and frequency modulation devices sending bad movies into deep space while manipulating the planetary life force, where do our hearts, minds and souls fit into this picture of the future?

What secrets are kept in ancient code and myth that come to us as space programs with ATLAS launching Apollo, The Columbia Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis, Merlin engines launching Falcons to release the Dragons? Even OSIRIS Rex has reached Bennu. Can we transform humanity using less than a massive pyramid structure to accelerate the activation of our pineal gland and find the Land of Milk and Honey?

Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer and expert witness who uses 17 years of evidence gathering and investigative experience to decipher a secret and complex world of coded messages and languages used by the chosen initiates who hold the key that unlocks the door of knowledge. Michael is also a multiple paranormal and UFO experiencer and a code breaker of hidden knowledge and encoded secrecy.

Michael's new book 'The Ancient Code - A Serpent Fire' not only exposes thousands of years of biblical and ecclesiastical secrecy but it also joins the dots of the advanced knowledge of the ancients, deliberately concealed from us by the priesthoods and secret societies who have successfully managed to hide the truth of ourselves away from us by means of metaphors and allegories masked behind a world of secret codes and symbols.

S0 News | Solar Storm, Africa Disaster, Electro-Volcano | March 17, 2019


Max Igan | Our True History Has Been Stolen | March 15, 2019


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - March 15, 2019.

Barry Prince | Christchurch Mosque Massacre EXPOSED | The Vinny Eastwood Show | March 18, 2019


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