S0 News | Solar Storm Tracking, Polar Echo Anomaly | April 23, 2021

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

New World Next Week | 9/11 Cover Up Director Appointed to COVID Cover Up Group | April 23, 2021

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Show Notes:
Story #1: Philip Zelikow, Former Exec. Dir. Of 9/11 Commission, To Chair Covid Commission
“Zelikow” Search On Corbett Report
“Zelikow” Search On Media Monarchy

Story #2: $74,000 NYPD Robot Dog Hits Streets Of Manhattan
Video: NYPD Robot Dog Hits Streets Of Manhattan
Robot Dog Enforces Social Distancing In Singapore Park (May 11, 2020)
Self-Disinfecting Grocery Delivery Robots Hit The Streets Of Singapore
Robotic Dog To Guide The Blind And Visually Impaired
Giant, Armed Robots Loom Over Streets Of Rebel-Controlled Donetsk As Ukraine Tensions Rise
Media Monarchy’s Trend Prediction For 2021: Scamdemic Paves The Way For Smart Gridification

Story #3: Company Sells Sex Robot “Clones” Of Dead Partners Using 3D-Modeling
Dont Date Robots!
This Sex Doll Rants About How Despicable The Human Race Is

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | April 22, 2021

Source: gizadeathstar.com

There's more missing gold, but this is a very strange story...

White Spiritual Boy scam and Tokyo Sexwale | ‘Documents’ claim theft of more than R100 trillion

S0 News | Solar Flare/CME at Earth, Gulf Stream Change, Titanium Nova | April 22, 2021

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Linda Moulton Howe | Col. Corso’s reveals UFO tech links to lasers and directed energy weapons | April, 21, 2021

Source: earthfiles.com

Mysterious cattle mutilations in Central Oregon

Part 2: Interview with Col. Corso
- “Pentagon discovery ... emitted glowing red beams”
- “a surgical instrument, just like a scalpel”
- May, 2020. USS Portland fires DEW, Direct Energy Weapon, downing unmanned drone.
- German Scientist, Hermann Oberth, brought up time travel in the 1950s
- Black lenses on aliens eyes were night vision
- “why did the aliens have a cutting device?.. Used by the aliens on our livestock”
- “we had to be very careful with the DEW weapon”
- “It came from the laser family”
- “we discussed time travel.. Oberth…believed it was possible”
- “we’ve developed less than 5%”…of the technology
- “the extraterrestrial blends with the capacitor”
- “image intensifiers, fiber optics, super tenacity fabrics, lasers, alloys, micro miniaturization, particle beams, energy weapons…”
- “there were hand imprinted panels”…”the entire vehicle functioned just like a giant capacitor”
- “gravity was being folded”…”the pilots became part of the electrical circuitry of the vehicle..an extension of their own body”
- William J Birnes - “a civilian agency…for funnelling military missions into a civilian organized program”
- “NASA was a way for the CIA to take control of the space program”

Another revelation from U. S. Army Lt. Col. Philip J. Corso about UFO/E. T. technology from 1940s UFO crashes in New Mexico that were kept in General Arthur Trudeau’s Pentagon file drawers — red light lasers! By 1963, Col. Corso had delivered UFO lasers to the Army’s Electronic Warfare Laboratory in Fort Monmouth, New Jersey. That Army UFO research would evolve to one of the most powerful military technologies on Earth today: Directed Energy Weapons (DEW).

The Black Vault | Confusion Surrounds Leaked UFO Images; Pentagon Declines to Comment | April 22, 2021

Source: thevlackvault.com

Two weeks ago, investigative journalist George Knapp and documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell published multiple "leaked" photographs of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), along with a night-vision video which showed triangle-shaped (reported as "pyramid" shaped) objects in the sky.

The story was that these visuals were collected by the "UAP Task Force," which investigates encounters with unknown objects.

Just days later, The Black Vault originally broke the story that the Pentagon authenticated all the photographs and visuals from those two stories, and confirmed they were taken by Navy personnel.

However, part of that confirmation seems to have been either walked back by the Pentagon, or at the very least, is the capstone of much unneeded confusion on the part of the Department of Defense (DOD).

This confusion stems from unclear statements that were never clarified or corrected, despite numerous opportunities to do so. The Black Vault has decided to publish all communications, since all are public record and subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). -theblackvault.com

Show Notes:
Confusion Surrounds Leaked UFO Images; Pentagon Declines to Comment

The Corbett Report | Forging Vaccine Passports – #SolutionsWatch | April 22, 2021

Source: corbettreport.com

We all know that vaccine passports are the end of human liberty, but what do we do about it? As usual, the black market is stepping into provide AN answer, but is it THE answer? Join James for this week’s edition of #SolutionsWatch as he examines whether fake certificates and sink-squirting doctors are the real, structural solution to this emerging problem. -corbettreport.com

Show Notes:
Episode 375 – Corona World Order
Who Is Bill Gates?
Naomi Wolf: Vaccine Passports Are The “End Of Human Liberty In The West”
‘Freedom Movement’ Campaign to Showcase Model ‘Freedom Compact’ Legislation and Executive Orders
The Great Reset Conspiracy Smoothie
Forged Israeli vaccination certificates on New World Next Week
Fake Covid-19 Certificates Hit Airlines, Which Now Have To Police Them

S0 News | Solar Micronova Science, Proxima Record Flare Again | April 21, 2021

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

The Corbett Report | Mark Crispin Miller Exposes Propaganda in the Academy | April 20, 2021

Source: corbettreport.com

Mark Crispin Miller teaches a course on Mass Persuasian and Propaganda at the NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development for 20 years.

He is now suing 20 department colleagues for libel after they signed a letter to the dean of his school demanding a review of Miller’s conduct.

Today we talk to Miller about his course, his views, his libel suit, and the state of free speech in the era of increasing COVID tyranny. -corbettreportt.com

Show Notes:
“Masks Don’t Work” by Denis Rancourt
Change.org petition: Under attack at NYU, Mark Crispin Miller needs your support for academic freedom
MCM’s libel lawsuit, complete (thus far)
Help Mark Crispin Miller sue for libel (GoFundMe)
Nope, Aristotle Did Not Say, “It Is the Mark of an Educated Mind to Entertain a Thought Without….”
Conspiracy Theory in America by Lance Dehaven-Smith
Masking ourselves to death: Part 1 of 3

S0 News | M Class Solar Flare, AMO, Earthquake Forecasting | April 20, 2021

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Paul Stonehill | Military Base "ICE FIST" (Secrets of Antarctica) | April 20, 2021

Source: Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill youtube

… very special and very secretive episode in the exploration and utilization of Antarctica, and it was declassified recently… -Paul Stonehill

S0 News | Stealth CME, Record High Cosmic Rays, Ocean Stability | April 19, 2021

Source: Suspicious0bservers.org

Alison McDowell | In The Great Reset's New World Empire, Humans Have Become Minable Commodity | April 17, 2021

Source: guadalajarageopolitics.com, wrenchinthegears.com

Alison McDowell discusses the Fourth Industrial Revolution's (Great Reset) goals of a post-human and transhumanist world.

The powers of global financial capital seek to create a mechanized planetary computer using blockchain technologies, digital identities, sensor networks, AI, AR, geofencing, human capital bonds, and so forth to classify, tag, track, tokenize, gamify, and commodify all natural non-synthetic life. Humans have become the minable commodity.

About Alison McDowell
Alison McDowell – activist and independent researcher from Philadelphia has being extensively bringing to the surface for years now the harsh reality of what the likes of the World Economic Forum, Agenda 21 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution has mapped out for the global population.

Hans Olav | Financial World Coup | Part 1: Our Economy is a Pyramid Scam | Forum Borealis | April 17, 2021

Source: forumborealis.net

Turned whistleblower & reporter after a lifetime in the financial world, then set up by a rigged trial, our guest now share his insight into the crime syndicate of banksters, high finance, & econ hitmen.  

Some topics in pt. 1:
Did the economy crash right before the pandemic?
Is crypto liberating ppl or seized for centralized control?
Why do City of London tie it to UBI, microchips, & vaccines?
Who owns the debt? Is big government used by oligarchs to control plebs & protect cartels?
Who's behind the surveillance state?
Has monopoly & oligopoly replaced free marked?
Who's executing bank directors & why? What of the Black Economy? + Hear how we're due for total system collapse!

James Corbett | Unregistered Podcast with Thaddeus Russell | April 19, 2021

Source: corbettreport.com, The Unregistered Podcast

via The Unregistered Podcast: I was joined by James Corbett of The Corbett Report, which was just taken down from Youtube, to discuss open vs. closed conspiracies, the history of eugenics and other forms of social engineering, the ideology of scientism, and the world’s deadliest weapon—narrative.
-James Corbett  

Show Notes
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