Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | May 31, 2018


As I said, watch Italy, and Spain:

Salvini Bait & Switch: Italy's New Finance Minister Is Also An Outspoken Euroskeptic
Socialist Leader Sanchez Set To Become New Spanish PM As Rajoy Defeat Inevitable

Brien Foerster | Ancient Cataclysm And Lost High Technology At Tanis in Egypt | May 31, 2018


John Jensen | Did a Lost Ancient Civilization Build Canals 7000 Years Ago? | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


Pre-historic researcher John Jensen discussed evidence of canal systems that may have been built by an ancient civilization in the United States. Jensen explained that he first made this discovery while using Google Earth to research Civil War forts along the Mississippi River.

It was then that he noticed an "eroded canal" beside a fort and, upon zooming the map view out, realized that it was merely a part of a much larger system of canals. In subsequent months, he uncovered over 250 sites which appear to have ancient canals, roads, or even strange symbols in the Earth. Rather than put forward a specific theory as to their origins, Jensen stressed that he is more focused on "'what is it' rather than 'why is it.'"

Moving forward, he hopes for more on-site investigations of these formations in order to create a "time map" which will indicate the ages of these anomalies as well as when they were abandoned. Jensen revealed that he has contacted "an array of individuals" from specializations such as archaeology, anthropology and geology, in the hopes of gaining some insight into these mysterious formations.

Unfortunately, these attempts have been met with a "defining wall of silence" from academia. The lone response he did receive was from a graduate student who asserted that 100 percent of the canals were the result of oil exploration. A skeptical Jensen retorted that some of the canals have Cyprus trees "that appear to be quite large" growing in them, an attribute which would make modern origins for the formations "a little hard to explain." However, he was open minded about the possibility the formations could be modern and noted that he has already removed some sites where information has revealed their contemporary origins.

There are many underwater harbors, channels and canals on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts that are covered with vestiges and remnants of a sophisticated and large culture or civilization that existed before current sea level rose an average of 5 ft 5 inches. Evidence shows many harbor areas on much of New York's Long Island Sound and other East Coast locations, Florida Gulf Coast, the Louisiana Delta and Mexico, to have been 'worked' and 'inhabited' by a very large, and technically sophisticated population of canal builders during some remote period. Both Florida and New York have extensive offshore harbor and canal-channel systems that are at least -7,000 years old.

We also discussed the Windover Bog people who inhabited the area during the time these canals were built.

John Jensen has been researching and writing about the canals and harbors he discovered in 2008 AND HAS WRITTEN wrote 2 books on the subject; "Ancient Canal Builders" and "Earth Epochs".

John Jensen runs is an explorer of new evidence in the chain of events of Human-Earth History, and the empirical evidence to support their claim of Ancient Canal Builders on the East and Gulf Coasts of America. John Jensen is a former industrial start-up and training expert who has authored more than 200 technical books and training programs. Jensen's life-long pursuit is the study of pre-historic civilizations.

Linda Moulton Howe | Mysterious Outpost Interview | May 30 , 2018


Linda Moulton Howe being interviewed by Mysterious Outpost at the 2018 Ozark UFO conference discussing the existential threat of artificial intelligence.

“This year of 2018 what has almost emerged suddenly is the importance of being able to communicate about the existential threat of artificial intelligence. Two years ago I did not have the awareness that I do now and it started in August of 2017 in the prior year I had been communicating with a Marine who had retired from the Marines but was working Special Forces and he had been communicating to me about a number of ET related revelations.

Secrets that he and a team of Special Forces were involved with and so he had kept in touch with me usually through short texts or every once in a while he would call and say you're tapped, I'm tapped, I'm only going to speak for and it would be like 30 seconds or a minute and then hang up. But I understood why and that was what we were doing.

Well it was in August of 2017 the phone rang I picked it up I knew his voice can't stay on the line long but I want you to know that this week which would have been the mid I think second week of August 20nd in Japan, 29 humans were killed in a laboratory that was producing militarized robots by the Japanese for warfare.

And then he went on to explain what he had learned because they're in these units that something like that that would happen they would receive information and he said that the story was the four militarized robots were being made to be autonomous warriors.

And that they don't know why but the floor rebelled or acted autonomously and as they acted autonomously they killed 29 humans in this lab and the whoever was left on the human side began pulling this is the way he said they began pulling the robot apart they got two of them completely disassembled we're working on the third and then the analysis later was what happened with the fourth the fourth was communicating with a satellite that they were teaching these militarized robots how to communicate with the satellites to get information on missions and that the fourth robot was now extending up to the satellite and was searching for information about how to make itself stronger to take on apparently the remaining humans.”

New World Next Week | Whole Foods Bails On GMO Labeling | May 30, 2018


Story #1: Cryptocurrency and The Allure Of a Cashless Cannabis Industry
Make Money From Marijuana? Forget About Federally-Subsidized Loans
Bayer Wins U.S. Approval for Monsanto After Two-Year Quest

Story #2: Whole Foods Quietly Halts GMO Labeling Requirements
NWNW Flashback: Monsanto Calls GMO-Free Cheerios a Marketing Stunt (Jan 9, 2014)

Story #3: California Rolling Out Digital License Plates
Forget Scanning License Plates, Cops Will Soon ID You Via Your Roof Rack
#MorningMonarchy: Billionaire Bondholders, High Ambitions and Training Robots (May 22, 2018)

Jeff Rense & David Icke | Arrested Development & The Culture Of The Lie In Our Post-Fact World | May 29, 2018


This Jeff Rense Program Hour Is from 05-29-18 with Guest David Icke.

Wolf Age | The Fight for a Human Future | Redice TV | May 30, 2018


Artificial intelligence - AI - promises to be a wonderful tool. Unfortunately, some versions of it constitute an existential threat not just to our culture, but to our very humanity. And just who are some of the people and organizations in favor it it, and what are their agendas?

Clif High | Clif's wujo | May 28, 2018


Here we discuss my new work, health issues around NAFLD IBS Lectin intolerance, 'science based/evidence based' language, and shit talking Jordan Sather. -Clif High

Dark Journalist | Garrison VS CIA Deep State UFO X-Protect | May 28, 2018


Legendary District Attorney Jim Garrison confronts UFO X-Protect covert force in probe of aerospace Nazi connection to JFK assassination.

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt continues the groundbreaking X-SERIES that follows the X Steganography through the history of Political and Covert groups coordinating in a Stealth fashion the Secret work of the UFO File and X Technology.

Unravel The Cover Up
Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt will unravel the forces that have put a lethal secrecy protocol in place called X-Protect to block access to the UFO File and maintain the oppressive dominance over the Covert X Technology.

GARRISON REVELATIONS LEAD TO X-PROTECT GROUP During his investigation of the JFK Assassination, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison pursued leads of Covert Intelligence forces from the CIA having a direct role in the crime. He inadvertently stumbled upon a hornet's nest of covert forces working deep in the Aerospace industry with powerful connections to a post-war fascist arm of the Deep State!

Those forces were directly related to the most secret team managing the UFO File that were briefly revealed by the Kennedy Administration when it abruptly shut down the mysterious Blue Gemini Secret Space Network and its links to a Breakaway Nazi dominated wing of NASA.

The Corbett Report | Don't Be An Idiot! Get Rid of Alexa! |  May 27, 2018


Who would have ever guessed that the creepy spy gadget that’s listening to everything you do is listening to everything you do? Anyone with half a brain, that’s who. Don’t buy this garbage, and don’t let your friends buy it, either.

Show Notes:
Family Removes Alexa Devices After a Stranger in Another Town Heard Everything They Were Saying
Amazon explains how Alexa recorded a private conversation and sent it to another user
Amazon’s Alexa won’t pass on recordings if you don’t set up call features
Yes, Alexa is recording mundane details of your life, and it’s creepy as hell

Catherine Austin Fitts | Black Budget Bitcoin & Mind Control | Dark Journalist | May 25, 2018


Catherine Austin Fitts from The Solari Report goes in depth on the various hidden systems of control being rolled out in 2018 by nefarious covert forces controlling financial, political, cultural and technological issues!

Black Budget
Mind Control
Digital Currencies
Control Files
Covert Surveillance
Media Manipulation
Entrainment Technologies

Antonin Tuynman | Machine / Mind / Mankind - The Future of Consciousness | May 25, 2018


Antonin Tuynman discusses his book Is Intelligence an Algorithm?, a wide-ranging exploration of the similarities and differences between human and artificial intelligence, and the potential for future advancement of both.

Although human and machine intelligence share certain similarities, there are profound differences which pose significant problems for the development of an artificial intelligence which can truly match or even exceed the capabilities of the human brain. Artificial intelligence seeks to emulate the strengths of human intelligence whilst eliminating its weaknesses. However, both human flaws and human genius stem from the same source and it seems that we cannot have one without the other. Among other things, this places the prospects for transhumanist hopes of merging man and machine in serious doubt.

There is also the question of whether artificial intelligence can ever truly understand the information it processes. Even the most powerful computers today are still essentially number crunchers with a limited capacity for pattern recognition. Meaning and purpose are alien to A.I., as are beliefs, emotions, desires, intuition, morals, and a host of other human characteristics and qualities. Consciousness is an unfathomable mystery even to us, so it seems that our attempts to replicate it in machines are doomed to failure.

However, whatever the apparent limitations of artificial intelligence, computers are increasingly being placed in charge of the infrastructure and systems on which modern life depends. This poses difficult questions about what might happen should A.I. somehow evolve on its own. The so-called 'internet of things' is linking computer power with sensors, robots, and other machines at a rate which may become exponential. This cybernetic matrix is being given the power to control, to regulate, to decide, to act. What if it calculates that we are the problem? Many human beings have already come to this conclusion. Man, machine, or something in between... To whom - or what - does the future belong?

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