Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | March 4, 2021


Dr. Andrew Kaufman | Virus Isolation, Terrain Theory & COVID-19 | The Last American Vagabond | March 4, 2021



Joining me today is Dr. Andrew Kaufman, here to discuss what is called Terrain Theory, and how that relates to COVID-19, as well as virus isolation in general, and why he feels this has not been done with Sars-CoV-2.

Tom Campbell and J Mitchel Reed | Choices, Rules, and How to Win | March 5, 2021


Mitch calls Tom Campbell "Intrepid, fearless."

In this interview, Mitch takes on the role of alchemist with great questions and quotable insights, while Tom's theory and answers meld the conversation into pure gold.

The conversation begins with Campbell's motivation as a physicist in helping set up Robert Monroe's lab with Dennis Mennerich, an engineer. The compelling goal was to gather evidence for Bob's out of body experiences. "What was the organizing background behind what was going on in these experiences?"

Logic, the structure that explains purpose and point was the goal. Logic is what drove his big theory of everything thirty-five years later.

There are some good talking points here for that "Giant leap for mankind."

JMR: "The best argument for free will is that we are where we are."
TC: "Only the truth is sustainable."

Terry Lovelace | Incident at Devil's Den: The Reckoning | Hour 1 | Veritas Radio


New World Next Week | Mexico Says No to GMOs | March 4, 2021


Story #1: L.A. School District Partners with Microsoft to Introduce COVID-19 “Daily Pass” App for Kids
LAUSD to Launch Daily Pass Health Check System. Here's How It Works
Introducing the Daily Pass
China Makes COVID-19 Anal Swabs Mandatory for Foreigners
China Gave US Diplomats Anal COVID Tests "In Error," American Officials Say

Story #2: Mexico to Ban Glyphosate, GM Corn Presidential Decree Comes Despite Intense Pressure from Industry, U.S. Authorities
PDF: Mexico Publishes Decree to Ban Glyphosate and GE Corn
Revealed: Monsanto owner and US officials pressured Mexico to drop glyphosate ban
Ian Brown Steps Down As Headliner of Neighbourhood Weekender 2021
"My Saturday night headline show at NHBD Weekender Festival will now not happen! I refuse to accept vaccination proof as condition of entry. Refunds are available! X"
From 'Jolene' To Vaccine: Dolly Parton Gets COVID-19 Shot She Helped Fund

Story #3: Kings of Leon Will Be the First Band to Release an Album as an NFT
Field Guide to Music’s Potential Crypto Boom
Non-Fungible Token
Patrick Wood on the Hard Road to World Order
Money as Debt III - Evolution Beyond Money
Think you know how to “End The Fed”? Take the #FedChallenge

S0 News | Signs in the Sky, Space Weather, Climate | March 4, 2021


Dr. James Lyons-Weiler PHD | PEG, TEG & The Known Dangers Of The COVID Vaccines | The Last American Vagabond | March 3, 2021


Dr. Ben Fuchs | Your Relationship With Your Gene | Critical Health News | March 3, 2021


Ben explains how complex and interrelated our genes are, suggesting that, instead of feeling trapped by our genetics, we should feel empowered to positively effect the expression of our genes, though attitude, exercise and good nutrition. 

Ben explains the intimate relationship between hormones and genes, suggesting that a thought can release a hormone, which in turn can effect the behavior of a gene. Ben discusses the lack of fiber in the Carnivore diet, describing the myriad of positive effects that result from a healthy gut biome.

Linda Moulton Howe | Missile-Shaped UFOs and Blinding-Bright Light — Southwestern USA to Brisbane, AUS | March 3, 2021



COVID-19 update
- Johnson & Johnson and Merck to collaborate on making Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
- South African COVID variant has officially reached Northern Virginia
- Strain has already been identified in DC and Maryland and a dozen other states.
- Appears to be more contagious.
- Concern growing about variant. AstraZeneca vaccine only provides “minimal” protection against South African variants.
- Almost half of recovered COVID patients had no immunity to South African variants.
- Dr. Faucci says “masks will be needed through all of 2022”

Steve Douglass interview
- Recording of American Airlines flight 2292 UFO sighting
- “almost looked like a cruise missile…went right over top of us”
- Similar to UFO sighting by American Airlines flight 1095, on March 28, 2018 over the Sonoran Desert outside Phoenix
- Lear Jet pilot asked about a strange unidentified object
- Less than 1 minute after, AA 1095 radioed “something just passed over us, just 2-3000 feet above us”
- Blenus Green, American Airlines pilot. “So bright, you couldn’t even make it out”
- They concluded it might have been flying at more than 50,000 feet.

Brisbane, Australia resident Sam West email
- Witnessed a “cylindrical object travelling at incredible speed during May of 2018”
- “Silver cylindrical object…travelling so fast”
- “looked like a metal pipe..very highly polished steel”
- “it had created it’s own vapour cone or shock collar”

Interview with Mark Wood, U.S. Navy Captain (retired)
- “Tomahawk cruise missile..only used by the navy”
- “It’s operating envelope is 100-160 feet above the ground. Not designed to operate at altitude of commercial airlines”
- “range is designed to stay low”
- “I don’t believe we would test anything in that area”
- “I don’t know how it would be controlled” without flight surfaces

Dr. Joni Johnston | 4 Antisocial Personality Disorders walk into a bar… | Forum Borealis | March 3, 2021


They walk among us. Mostly undetected. So let's look into them. Some of the questions raised with our Alienist guest: What's a personality disorder? What symptoms & how to recognize them? Are we all on the spectrum? Nature or nurture? What's moral insanity? Can psychopaths be happy? 

Why's it not listed? Can it be countered with a codex? Do they seek particular jobs? Why do Oligarchs become evil? Are the smart invisible? Are there more Narcissists today? Can sociopaths feel guilt? Why's BPD mostly women? Can they be cured? Are they aware of their disorder? How many? How to deal with them? + What would happen if they all met in a bar?

S0 News | Flurry of Sunspots, Nova Suess, "Elite" Science | March 3, 2021


The Corbett Report | How to Present Info for Visual Learners – #SolutionsWatch | March 2, 2021


A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is often the case that a well-crafted image can get the point across much more effectively than a lengthy diatribe. Joining us to demonstrate this concept is the author of "Government — The Biggest Scam in History," which makes the case in a compelling, image-based way that government of every flavour has been a scam of inter-generational organized crime since the beginning.

Show Notes:
Government — The Biggest Scam in History
The Liberator Keith Knight and James Corbett Dissect Voluntary Servitude (Étienne de La Boétie)
Download the Full Powerpoint Deck
Website for the Art of Liberty Foundation
Executive Summary for the Art of Liberty Foundation

Age Of Truth TV | Roundtable Live-Debate | "...there's something rotten in the state of Denmark?? WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW?" | March 2, 2021


The Round Table panel is interviewed by Age Of Truth TV Presenter & Investigative Reporter LUCAS ALEXANDER.

Featuring speakers:
Lawyer, Legal Councillor: MIKKEL KAASTRUP
Engineer, Activist, Political Party Founder: FLEMMING BLICHER
Public Speaker, Blogger & Vlogger, Musician: DAN JOHANNESSON
Police Officer, Activist & Public Speaker: JOVAN TASEVSKI

Dark Journalist | Zink In The HotZone - Bimini Atlantis And UFOs | March 3, 2021


Dark Journalist speaks to psychic Joan Zink about her late husband, Dr. David Zink and his groundbreaking research in the Bimini HotZone to discover Atlantis working on the information in the readings of Edgar Cayce. She goes deeply into the UFO File, the Tuaoi Stone Power Crystal submerged in the Bahamas and how she helped David with Psychic Archaeology.

S0 News | Solar Storm, Earth Skeleton, Cycle Spotted | March 1, 2021


Dr. Joseph Farrell | The Alchemy of Zero Point (Pt. 2 of 2: A Murky History of Inventions) | Feb. 27, 2021



Now we review some applications of Zero Point, among others: Did ancients use this energy? Why did this science go black after WW2? How can metaphysics & physics be reconciled? What's Soviet Mercury & Nazi Serum? What's the Philadelphia Experiment? 

What's the science of invisibility? What's Monatomic Gold? What's red & white powder of alchemy? What's up with Thorium? What's Element 115? Is 144 the full Periodic Table? Has NASA now avowed Anti-gravity & Free Energy? Did von Braun use classified tech? How is Kurt Debus linked to UFOs? What's the Heim theory? Is Cold Fusion real? What did Royal Rife discover? + Learn the physics of ghosts...

Dr. Joseph Farrell | The Alchemy of Zero Point | PART 1

Thomas Campbell | Straight Talk Live The Science of Consciousness | March 1, 2021


This episode we sit down with physicist, author, and consciousness expert Tom Campbell who has worked as an applied physicist for over 40 years — including a decade with Army technical intelligence, two decades with National Missile Defense and several years as a consultant to NASA, as we discuss:

✔️ Out-of-body experiences and what it has to teach us about our current physical reality
✔️ Why fear, ego, beliefs are the greatest limiters to evolving our consciousness
✔️ How to balance rational and intuitive modes of perception for greater problem solving
✔️ And how you can make better choices that align with your highest-level growth and potentiality
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