James Horak & Randy Maugans | Current Events Analysis, August 8, 2012

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Don't be confused about the messenger and the message: the human vessel called James Horak came here as a messenger to warn humanity of the perils they face in this very time. He has been suppressed, mocked, scorned, and ignored. The first hour deals with some, as always, unique perspectives about this planet, the state of humanity, and some of the life forms that "they" will never tell you about. the EMVs (electromagnetic vehicles) and the "Cities of the Sea" are divine beings who have been active in aiding and balancing the systems of the galaxies, solar systems, and the Earth itself.

Starting off in current events: the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shootings and the connection to disclosure, as the head of the temple  was the father of filmaker Arm Kaleka, who is shooting the film, "Sirius" about Dr. Stephen Greer. The documentary allegedly goes into the ET presence on Earth, as well as free energy.

We also deal with the Kerry Cassidy interview of Dr. Norman Bergrun: it is likely that this was the last interview with Dr. Bergrun. What a pity that it was bestowed on Project Camelot. Kerry Cassidy never even bothered to read the man's work! Her usual "guerilla-style" interview methods are a dishonor to the most significant scientist to come out of the NASA projects, and "Ringmakers of Saturn" is so monumental that is threatens the paradigms of modern science and the web of lies spun by the ruling cabal. Make no mistake: this WAS a hit piece.  As we began to discuss this our Skype connection was jammed.

The hour 2 "reboot" after the Skype connections were restored: further analysis of the history behind the work of Dr. Norman Bergruns discovery of the EMVs in the rings of the Saturn; the EMVs work on the earth, and the "cities of the sea"---spiritual technologyi/ntelligent biological beings who cultivate life in the sea, balance the saline levels, and process contaminants such as plutonium to protect the biosphere; the true origins of humanity, the solar system, and the flaws of the human split consciousness---the roots of mind control (called "mind warp") and control of the race.
We move into black operations, MILABS, the phenomena of grey ETs and human abductions; biological experiments and the myth of the elite bloodlines. Racism, feminism, and the politics of division to keep humans from uniting and also healing their consciousness...we cut a wide path in current events and history---this briefing is not for "entertainment".

Jim Traficant on VERITAS Radio | Amerika: Land of the Scared, Home of the Slave

Source: veritasradio.com

What you are about to witness is not the traditional Veritas interview. We are stepping into forbidden territory, not only for the mainstream media, but even to alternative media. No matter the topic, Veritas has one simple goal: the uncensored truth. And when we mean uncensored, we really mean it and you will see why. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or apathetic, you know politicians, left or right, are taking us closer to the precipice. Why did we name tonight's program: Amerika: Land of the Scared, Home of the Slave? Amerika with a "k" because our situation reminds of the former Soviet Union. One day, we turned on the television and the Soviet Union had imploded. It ceased to exist as we knew it. Our current trend is taking us there. Land of the scared because we are exchanging our rights for security and the manufactured chaos and terrorism keeps the security industry alive while keeping most Americans scared of the next boogie man. And home of the slave because slavery was never abolished

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, front man for the Rothschild Banksters, signed a law putting the US into bankruptcy in 1933, and gave all property and future possessions and property of all the citizens and future citizens to the Rothschild Banksters, making us all serfs who own nothing.

Prior to 1913, most Americans owned clear, allodial title to property, free and clear of any liens or mortgages until the Federal Reserve Act (1913)"hypothecated" all property within the federal United States to the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, -in which the Trustees (stockholders) held legal title. The U.S. citizen (tenant, franchisee) was registered as a "beneficiary" of the trust via his/her birth certificate. In 1933, the federal United States hypothecated all of the present and future properties, assets and labor of their "subjects," the 14th Amendment U.S. citizen, to the Federal Reserve System.

In return, the Federal Reserve System agreed to extend the federal United States corporation all the credit "money substitute" it needed. Like any other debtor, the federal United States government had to assign collateral and security to their creditors as a condition of the loan. Since the federal United States didn't have any assets, they assigned the private property of their "economic slaves", the U.S. citizens as collateral against the unpayable federal debt. They also pledged the unincorporated federal territories, national parks forests, birth certificates, and nonprofit organizations, as collateral against the federal debt.

The federal United States is bankrupt. Our children will inherit this unpayable debt, and the tyranny to enforce paying it. America has become completely bankrupt in world leadership, financial credit and its reputation for courage, vision and human rights. This is an undeclared economic war, bankruptcy, and economic slavery of the most corrupt order! Wake up America! Take back your Country."

3MIN News | Watches Begin, August 11, 2012

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Volcanic Rock Island
US Military Airship
Pole Shift
Real-Time Meteorite Data

Jan Irvin | Gordon Wasson & The Secret History of Magic Mushrooms, August 9, 2012

Source: redicecreations.com, gnosticmedia.com

August 9, 2012–Jan Irvin is an independent researcher, author and lecturer, speaking at both academic and public venues. He is the host of Gnostic Media and the curator of the official website for John Marco Allegro. Jan returns to discuss his latest research on Gordon Wasson, an influential New York banker and the godfather of the modern psychedelic movement.

According to the historical record Wasson, an amateur mycologist, first ‘discovered’ ‘magic’ mushrooms. Irvin shares his evidence which points to the possibility of a secret history of the mushroom in the elite power structures of the west. Jan explains how the psychedelic/hippie movement was a psyop and can provide a window into how the elites run their mind control systems.

He’ll talk about how the mushroom and other mind altering sacraments can be used to control the illumination of the masses. Jan questions the foundations of psychedelic history, the new age movement and UFOs.

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Relevant links
“Magic Mushrooms and the Psychedelic Revolution: Beginning a New History” – or “The Secret History of Magic Mushrooms” by Jan Irvin – #144
Jan's Online Brain database:
Investigating Wasson Brain - MK-ULTRA and the launching the psychedelic and environmental movements
Download the Brain software:
Download Jan's entire Brain database file:

Note: For use in the software version only (this version is the best, clearest representation of the database and the easiest to follow and research). This version must be IMPORTED into the Brain software after installation.


Courtney Brown | Truth Connections Radio, August 7, 2012

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Returning for a second time this year, we welcome back Courtney Brown Ph.D., leading scholar in the field of Remote Viewing, and Chief Investigator at The Farsight Institute. Courtney previously discussed in detail the scientific process of Remote Viewing, based on methods that were developed by the U.S. Military for espionage purposes, and multiple methods derived from these.

Courtney then shared some of his discoveries about time, dimensions, the universe, and a number of verifiable, but rare, secret, or hidden details about the planetary bodies contained herein. He explained that all viewing procedures are undertaken by the most renown, skilled, and qualified remote viewers on the planet currently, who have decades and decades of experience between them.

This 2 hour show with Courtney will find us covering the post-2012 Earth changes that were perceived in the most comprehensive remote-viewing study of the subject to date. The study was completed at The Farsight Institute, and extensive scientific controls were utilized in the collection of the data. The remote viewers were all highly trained in military or military derived remote-viewing methodologies.

Dr. Brown will update us on the findings and the implications of these findings to our understanding of time, predicting the future, and the near-term evolution of our species and our planet. Items to be covered will include; how successful remote viewing has been in previous studies in predicting the future; the scientific controls that were used to collect the post-2012 data set; the nature of the results themselves, and a description of the perceived profound Earth changes, and; how the extraterrestrial situation could interact with these near-term events.

2MIN News | Arctic Cyclone, Quake Ramp-up, Official 'Watches' [Quakes/Flares] , August 10, 2012

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Webbot Project - Clif's Wujo - E16 | Time discussion.. (full), August 9, 2012

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Time discussion, tavistock/CFR as pulse points, Kali Yuga, Ze Good News

Sarah Stanga, Randy Maugans, Miranda Kelly | Multidimensional Mind Control, Part 1&2

Source: offplanetradio.com

Sarah Stanga was born into a multi-generational bloodline, Her past life history, birth charts, genetics, and natal place of birth positioned her to be targeted from childhood as a subject for elite ritual ceremonies, programming, and genetic experiments related to MILABS and MK_ULTRA-type secret projects. As she awoke in her late 20's to the recurring bleed-throughs of rituals, off-world entities, and elite ceremonial abuses, she set out to recover her identity and begin disclosing her past to a world that only disbelieves, but scoffs, ridicules, and continues the trauma.

Part 1 relates the details of her past memories with great detail and adds to the wider disclosures of the Satanist global rulers who live off the energies of the innocent, and promote pedophillia and perversion. This is a brutally frank discussion done with grace and the heart of a survivor-warrior.

Miranda Kelly, who has been part of several interviews on OffPlanet Radio, and is the partner of Duncan O'Finioan, provides the support and background color for this interview.

Note: the sound on this interview is, at times, distorted or garbled, as we experienced tremendous interference over Skype throughout the over two hour call. Numerous disconnections, repeated hacking attempts, energy pulses, and psychotronic interferences can be detected.

Part 2 of the interview focuses more on recovery and spiritual methods for understanding and countering the global mind control grid. As Sarah and Miranda repeatedly point out: those who scoff, mock, and deny the stories of these survivors are the TOOLS of this same cabalist structure. Following this interview, Sarah was brutally attacked and has posted an article announcing she is withdrawing from the public to continue her own personal path of wholeness. We continue to support Sarah, and will note that her experience of public ridicule by elite-financed media plants is another level of the seriousness of the message she has delivered. We salute her heroic actions and continue to support her in all her future efforts.

Deep thanks to Miranda Kelly for providing the support and background energy work that enabled this interview to be conducted. Your insights, intuition, and sense of timing are impeccable!
~Randy Maugans

"They" do not win---"they" have already lost.

Webster Tarpley | Turkish & Saudi Officers Running Death Squads in Syria, August 8, 2012

Source: infowars.com, tarpley.net

Researcher and author Webster Tarpley talks about the latest developments in Syria as the push to depose Assad intensifies. Webster also addresses the Petraeus issue.

Earthquake/Solar Flare Predictions: August 12-18, 2012

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dcsymbols Flare Watch
BigBytes [dcsymbols] Websites dcsymbols.com, dcsymbols.com/future/quepaso, dcsymbols.com/future/future
Patrick Geryl: Flare Watch, Patrick Geryl Website

2MIN News | Slowly Ramping Up, August 9, 2012

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July Heat Record
Mass Fish Death
Food Prices
China Economy
Tropics Watch
Philipine Flooding

New World Next Week | Kony Droney, Utility Searches, CopBlock'd, August 9, 2012

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Story #1: Clinton Wants New Drones To Hunt Kony

Chinese State Media Slam Hillary Clinton's Speech In Africa
Drone Race Will Ultimately Lead To Sanitized Factory Of Slaughter
Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton Swarmed By Bees In Malawi
NWNW Flashback: Joseph Kony Viral Video Campaign Clouded In Controversy

Story #2: Court Grants Feds Warrantless Access to Utility Records
PDF: 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals' Decision
Related: New Zealand Police Try to Justify Para-Military Raid on Kim Dotcom

Story #3: CopBlock.org Founder Faces 21 Years On "Wiretapping" Charges
Manchester Police Officer Uses Excessive Force On High School Student
Copblock.org's "Free Ademo" Resource Page
Electronic Surveillance Laws In New Hampshire

Amit Goswami | The Self Aware Universe, August 8, 2012

Source: Radio 3Fourteen, amitgoswami.org, tcche.org/goswami

August 8, 2012–Amit Goswami, Ph. D. is a retired theoretical physics professor, a senior resident researcher at the world-renowned Institute of Noetic Sciences and a pioneer of the new paradigm of science called "science within consciousness."

Goswami is the author of the textbook Quantum Mechanics that is used in universities throughout the world and has also written many books based on his research on quantum physics and consciousness. Amit appeared in the film, What the Bleep Do We Know, The Dalai Lama Renaissance, and the award winning documentary, The Quantum Activist. We’ll go all across the board and discuss quantum consciousness, dimensional overlaps, interdimensional beings, artificial intelligence, hallucinogens, teleportation and much more. Amit explains how quantum consciousness could solve the world’s problems. ~Radio 3Fourteen
download mp3

Dr. Paul LaViolette | Subquantum Kinetics, Superwave, Alternative Energy

Source: podcast.godlikeproductions.com, etheric.com, starburstfound.org

Air date: ‪6/8/2012‬
PAUL A. LaVIOLETTE, PH.D, is author of Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion, Subquantum Kinetics, Earth Under Fire, Genesis of the Cosmos, Decoding the Message of the Pulsars, Galactic Superwaves and their Impact on the Earth, and is editor of A Systems View of Man. He has also published many original papers in physics, astronomy, climatology, systems theory, and psychology. He received his BA in physics from Johns Hopkins, his MBA from the University of Chicago, and PhD from Portland State University and is currently president of the Starburst Foundation.

3MIN News | Meteors, Quakes, Storms, Spaceweather, August 7, 2012

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Fish Deaths Ohio

Richard Cassaro on VERITAS Radio | Written in Stone: Decoding the Secret Masonic Religion

Source: veritasradio.com, richardcassaro.com

Conspiracy theorists say the Freemasons are an evil cabal aiming to take over the entire world. Whether true or not, the Freemasons of today bear little resemblance to the cathedral-building Order of yesteryear.

This loss has left five million modern Masons worldwide clueless as to their Order's true origins and purpose. All that's left is an empty set of meaningless rituals, ceremonies, and symbols, along with "substitute secrets" usually associated with "faith, hope and charity":

For decades researchers have tried to recover the Order's lost wisdom. None as of yet have deciphered anything meaningful in the architecture; and none have discovered the repeating architecture pattern (the "Cathedral Code.

But, as you're about to hear, the key to breaking this code is hidden in the "Triptych" architectural portal.

The Freemasons knew a stunning truth about this architectural Triptych that scholars and archaeologists are totally unaware of.

This truth is that the Triptych stretches back to the farthest reaches of Antiquity.

Incredibly, it was universally constructed by history's first civilizations.

Triptychs are still visible in temple ruins and important landmarks worldwide.

The Triptych appears in a staggeringly vast number of ancient cultures—a discovery that has the potential to rewrite ancient history!

It evokes groundbreaking new questions that challenge our understanding of Antiquity—questions that modern scholars and researchers have been unwilling or unable to raise:

How could these varied cultures have built the exact same types of Triptych Temples, separated as they are by vast space and time?

Could it be that the Triptych symbolizes a common idea, universal wisdom, or parallel doctrine that was mysteriously shared by all of them, and that this doctrine was slowly forgotten over the millennia, but carried clandestinely into the current era by the age-old Freemasons?

This interview discusses the secret meaning of this giant hieroglyph in stone, and how its wisdom once formed a Universal Religion in Antiquity, once known to every ancient empire on earth.

NASA's Curious Curiosity | by Kevin W. Smith, August 5, 2012

Source: kevinsmithshow.com

NASA's Curious Curiosity
by Kevin W. Smith

At a time when most of the planet is of the opinion that NASA is pretty much out of the space exploration business these days, the successful landing of the Curiosity rover is especially significant.  Of course, this mission was started long before the Obama Administration canceled most of NASA's plans for manned spaceflight.  That this mission escaped the axe is curious in and of itself.

It is curious because of statements made by NASA's Deputy Administrator, Lori B. Garver, on the live video feed as Curiosity was racing into its final phase before actually landing.  She was being interviewed on air and said that part of the Curiosity mission includes some crucial tests (like radiation measurements) to help NASA know how to protect "our astronauts" when they are sent there.  She also mentioned that the landing of something as large as Curiosity helps NASA prepare for landing astronauts on Mars.

Did they not get the memo?  Or were we misinformed by the media?  Is it not the case that NASA announced the cancellation of their planned missions to the moon and to Mars?  At least, that is what the public was told.  Is it not a fact that NASA does not now have the capability of launching astronauts into space and are hitchhiking with the Russians on Soyuz? So far as the public has been advised by the media, NASA is pretty much out of the manned space exploration business. 

Yes, they still have astronauts hitch hiking up to the ISS. Their work on the ISS is manned space science.  However, it is not manned space exploration.  They are in low Earth orbit circling the Earth again and again and again. 

Curiosity's mission is, according to Garver, tied to stepping up into a manned mission to Mars.  Is there a sort of manned space exploration undercurrent at NASA even though they have publicly canceled manned space exploration? 

It is interesting to note that even as they cancelled their manned missions to return to the moon and then on to Mars, they have continued to develop and talk about a new super-lift system to take astronauts "farther and faster than ever before".  So, when?  To where? It is somewhat heartening to hear that Curiosity is playing a role in preparing for manned exploration of Mars, but curiously confusing as well.  What do they know that they are not telling us?  What they have told us is both that the missions are cancelled, and that they are preparing for missions to Mars.  Yes, it's a curiosity indeed.

2MIN News, August 6, 2012

Source: Suspicious0bservers

Active region Map
China Images

Peter Lindberg | The Mysterious Baltic Sea Object, August 5, 2012

Source: redicecreations.com, oceanxteam.com

August 5, 2012–On June 19th the Swedish-based diving company Ocean X Team discovered something unusual on the sonar while they were exploring the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland looking for sunken treasures.

They found a 197 feet diameter cylinder shaped object at the depth of approximately 275 feet. Much mystery surrounds the object. Peter Lindberg from the Ocean X Team joins us to discuss the details and anomalies of the object. He’ll talk about how the object is giving off electrical interference and disturbing their research gear. Peter provides us with up to date information on their research results and current news. We speculate on what this mysterious object may be. ~Red Ice Creations
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The Stargate Project: Psychic Warriors and the CIA

Source: realitysandwich.com, redicecreations.com

By Vikram Zutshi | RealitySandwich.com

Metaphysical and psychic phenomena have long existed on the fringes of conventional science and academia. ESP, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis and Astral traveling have all been relegated to the back seat of mainstream, accepted belief systems in spite of an extensive mention of these practices down the ages, across myriad cultures. It has always been challenging for practitioners of the science to be validated by the prevailing status quo.

That however changed in 1995 when the CIA declassified a top secret program that had been training individuals in the esoteric science of ’Remote Viewing’ in which, it was claimed, people were able to envision ongoing activities in distant places and future events.

Although reminiscent of a Sci-Fi yarn, Remote viewing was tested and deployed under rigorous scientific conditions to obtain data about foreign espionage activities, counter terrorism efforts, secret military bases abroad and hidden missiles. It recognized the inherent psychic potential in humans and attempted to harness these special faculties or ’powers’ for the purposes of intelligence gathering, often of a vital nature.

The initial testing was done at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) where extensive investigations were carried out into the human mind’s capacity to transcend all bounds of time and space. SRI’s research was supported by the CIA and other government agencies for over two decades. [...]
Read the full article at: realitysandwich.com
Stargate Project - Wikipedia

Jordan Maxwell Uncensored 2012, August 5, 2012

Source: ClandestineTimelord youtube

Jordan Maxwell, the Godfather of Conspiracies unleashed multiple gems of clandestine knowledge in this uncut and uncensored 2 hour interview. Topics discussed, the Connections between "Sun Worship" Yahweh, The Archons, The Occult, The Dungeon Masters Iron Grip Control Grid and so much more.

Eva Lorgen | The Dark Side of Cupid, Offplanet Radio, August 2012

Source: offplanetradio.com, evelorgen.com

August 2012–Eva Lorgen, Author, Researcher and Consultant in Anomalous Trauma. Offering Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Telephone Consulting Services.

Eva Lorgen joins us for a discussion on how to detect, deflect, and recover from emotional vampires.

If you’ve ever thought you have met your soul mate but were baffled by magical omens, paranormal activity, and high emotional drama, you may first want to do a background check on Cupid’s evil twin.

No, it’s not your imagination. Cupid may very well exist, but he also has a dark side. In The Dark Side of Cupid, Eve Lorgen, M.A., shares her expertise of what may really be happening when lovers are brought together by supernatural sources. These love connections can lead to obsession, and may even cause the lovers to question their own sanity. Supernatural interference may be anywhere from a nudging sense that “this love connection feels like it’s being orchestrated elsewhere” to a hard-hitting realization that the lover is an outright psychopathic, demonically overshadowed, psychic vampire.

Cupid can take the form of extraterrestrials, angel watchers, troll spirits, or reptilians. Through several case histories, identifiable signs and symptoms, and a questionnaire, the author introduces the reader to a new understanding of mystically connected love relationships gone wrong. She challenges readers to enhance their awareness of the possibility of relationship interference and manipulated psychic connections. She offers practical tools for recognizing, dealing with, and healing from these traumatic, fools-gold soul mate connections.

Hour 2 – with Eva Lorgen covers MILABS, spirituality, the overview of abductions, species of ETs, genetic experiments, and insights into recovery and healing from trauma-based events. ~Randy Maugans

Elaine Fox, Sam Kean | Personality & Genetics

Source: coasttocoastam.com, rainybrainsunnybrain.com, samkean.com

August 2, 2012–In the first half, experimental psychologist and neuroscientist, Elaine Fox, spoke about her work finding the roots of optimism and pessimism.

In the latter half, science writer Sam Kean discussed his research into DNA and how its effects have played out in human history, language, and medical anomalies.

News segment guests: Robert Zubrin, Dr. Peter Breggin
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