Time To Talk About The Silencing Of Max Igan with Max Igan! | Apr. 4, 2019

Source: kevbakershow.com, thecrowhouse.com

Max Igan joins me to discuss recent restrictions placed on his Youtube channel. We get into why he got censored & what it means for all of us going forward. -kevbakershow.com

New World Next Week | Glenn Greenbacks Completes the Edward Snowjob | Apr. 4, 2019

Source: NewWorldNextWeek.com, corbettreport.com, mediamonarchy.com

Story #1: Silencing the Whistle - The Intercept Shutters Snowden Archive, Citing Cost
NWNW Flashback: Reality Intercept_ed as Deep State Winner Busted (Jun. 8, 2017)

Story #2: US Refusal to Confirm or Deny It Put American Journalist on Drone Kill List Called 'Chilling'
US Spies Helped UAE Hack Phones of Al Jazeera Chairman, BBC Host & Other Journalists

Story #3: Forget 'Creepy' - Biden Has A Major Ukraine Problem
.@SenFeinstein told me she was surprised she went viral, because: "You know what somebody said to me?--I didn’t see any of this--they said anybody with a cell phone in their hand can get you on international news in two minutes. I never knew that."
Biden Accused By Two More Women of Inappropriate Touching
Biden Pledges In Video To Be More “Respectful” of Personal Space
NWNW Flashback: #CreepyJoeBiden and Lady Gaga to Establish Sexual Assault Centres (Nov. 16, 2017)
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