Clif High | Latest 2016 Alta Report Predictions | Planet X Hysteria - Bank Holiday - Megaquakes | April 28, 2016


Topics of Discussion
2016 Webbot Alta Report Predictions
The Electronic Universe & Archetype of our Solar System
Nibiru aka Planet X being used as a "Wag the Dog" Diversion tactic by the media
Weather - Most Extreme Heat Spells in Human History
Ocean Changes and Giant Tidal Waves
Entering Ice Age
Change in Wind Directions
Mass Casualties and Damage to Boats
Could effect people up to 1000 miles inland
Pop Corn Storms SE North America
Flooding as far as the Mississippi River Valley
Enormous Lightning Storms
Global Forset Fires
New types of UV Light
Many people could be dealing with the daily drama and death of the global economies
Others will have to deal with problems directly attributed with planetary expansions
Extreme Heat / Hospitalizations
Yemen Arabia War “emergence upheaval”

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | April 28, 2016


The Army says the USA will face all sorts of new threats... but wait 'til you hear what they are...

Army chief to leaders: Winning is everything in combat

The Ghosts in the Machines | Level9News | April 28, 2016


Facial Recognition Technology Is Secretly Tracking You, Everywhere – Huffington Post
Ultra Sound Tracking Beacons
Weaponized Ultrasonic Devices
How TV Ads Silently Ping Commands To Phones: Sneaky SilverPush Code Reverse Engineered – The Register
Your Smart” TV is Spying on You
Vizio TVs Collecting Data On You
Your Phone Is Literally Listening to Your TV
Technology That Uses Inaudible Sound To Track You
Face-Six - About
Face 6 Facial Recognition
Face First Advanced Facial Recognition Technology
Face First Partnership with Law Enforcement
Face-Six Uses Machine Learning Pattern Recognition in Advanced Facial Recognition Technology
Ditto – David Rose, CEO
Ditto Labs
New High Tech Police Surviellence
AT&T Acquires Carrier IQ
Carrier IQ SnoopWare
US Using Planes Equipped With Dirt Boxes to Spy on Your Cell Phones
Dirt Boxes – Hacker News
For Sale: Systems That Secretly Track you Around the Globe

Dr. Carmen Boulter | Nefertiti Breakthrough! Altlantis Egyption Hall of Records | Dark Journalist


Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Pyramid Expert Dr. Carmen Boulter explore her shocking and exciting new discoveries of ancient sites using a new Space Archaeology Satellite Scan technique that suggest the Atlantean Hall of Records may have been found!

Complete Archaeological Blackout
Renowned early 20th century psychic,Edgar Cayce, known as the "Sleeping Prophet" predicted that evidence for Atlantis and its advanced technology would one day be found beneath the pyramids at Giza, through a hidden passageway underneath the right paw of the Sphinx.

Egyptology, of course scoffs at the very idea of the "Lost Civilization", let alone one possessing highly-advanced technology. Concerned with controlling the narrative of Ancient Egypt, investigations running counter to that narrative have been derided by or even blocked by Egypt's Minister of Antiquities, Zahi Hawass (now retired) in what some call an "Archaeological Blackout".
This interview looks at the story of two leading Egyptologists whose early digs were sponsored by the Edgar Cayce Foundation's Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE). One had previously written a book on Cayce's readings, describing how Ancient Egypt was founded by the survivors of Atlantis.

Were these archaeologists secretly looking for the Ancient Hall of Records, using the Cayce readings, while publicly disavowing their former sponsor, to stay in line with official Egyptology?

Queen Nefertiti and The Pharaoh Akhenaten
The story of Pharaoh Akhenaten and his wife, Nefertiti has been framed by Egyptologists in a way to suggest that the Amun Priesthood was heroic, in deposing the heretically monotheistic "mad king", says Boulter. According to her, the real story is much more intriguing and it relates to Akhenaten's esoteric knowledge about the founding of Ancient Egypt.

Why did the Priesthood attempt to strip Akhenaten and Nefertiti from history? Was Nefertiti able to escape, to conceal ancient knowledge of Egypt's Atlantean past and off-world origins in a sacred tomb? Will Boulter's latest archaeological find finally bring closure to this ancient mystery, once and for all?

Shocking, enlightening, bizarre, unnerving, strange and compelling. You don't want to miss this unique Dark Journalist episode!

David Icke, Jon Rappoport: Worldwide Wake Up | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | April 27, 2016


David Icke returns to the show...the last visit was over a year ago...he is getting ready for his Worldwide Wake Up Tour and we cover everything...with very limited breaks...just two straight hours of Icke as only he can do it...this is an amazing, very open and candid conversation. Next up, Jon Rappoport and his No More Fake Newsroom...this week: drinking water dangers and the truth behind it.

Max Igan | The Monkey Mind in a Predatory World


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix | April 15, 2016

David Icke on The Lou Collins Radio Show | April 25, 2016


David Icke and Lou Collins discussing the state of the nation, transhumanism, David's new book The Phantom Self & his forth coming world tour.

Dr. John Hall | "MKUltra Never Ended. Millions Suffering In Global Covert Mind Control Programme"!" | Richie Allen Show


The Corbett Report | The Empire Doesn't Care Who You Vote For - Here's what actually matters | April 26, 2016


Elections are meaningless power rituals that only pit personas against each other in an establishment-endorsed Two Minutes Hate. So if these political wrestlemania matches don’t change society, what does? Join us today for a fascinating conversation with Dan Sanchez about his recent article, “What If the Empire Held an Election and Nobody Came?”

Show Notes:
Dan Sanchez at
What If the Empire Held an Election and Nobody Came?
Let’s Boycott Hate Season
Two Minutes Hate
Trump Will Make His Peace with the War Party
The Pretense of Nation-Building

John McAfee | If FBI gets backdoor to people's phones, US society will collapse | April 25, 2016


They said that the war never changes – but what if it does? The introduction of digital technologies, the cyberspace of the World Wide Web has introduced new battlefields. How far will this fight go? Who has the upper hand? And can battles in virtual reality claim real lives? We ask the cyber-expert guru – John McAfee is on Sophie&Co today.

The Corbett Report | The UN and the Oiligarchs Are Teaming Up to Take Over the Oceans | April 24, 2016


Spiro Skouras joins us today to discuss his recent expose on the UN's Agenda 2030 global goals, its oiligarch and billionaire backers, and the attempt to take over the world's oceans. From "no go zones" and hydrocarbon rights to the shady characters and groups that are funding this resource grab, you won't want to miss this informative interview.

Show Notes:
UN 2030 Agenda Continues: The Plan To Take Over 1/2 Of The World With 1 Move
The UN starts toward new control over the world’s oceans
UN Resolution 69/292
Information on the Natural Resources Defense Council
Information on the Pew Charitable Trusts
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