Dr. Joseph Farrell | Deep State Disinfo - 9/11 & Rogue Networks! | Dark Journalist

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The Exciting Conclusion of a 3 Episode Breakthrough Investigation into the Deep State & Rogue Networks!

In this exciting Part 3 finale Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Dr. Joseph Farrell and they delve into his deep investigations on covert forces operating on multiple levels in historic events from the JFK Assassination to 9/11.

Farrell's new book, Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery is setting the alternative research community abuzz with its proposal of 3 levels operating on 9/11. The third level he describes is a Fascist International Network that he says is in possession of a powerful Tesla Directed Energy Weapon and a system of Hidden Finance that has been growing since the end of World War 2!

The first two breakthrough episodes covered the explanation of the 3 levels at work in 9/11, the blatant omissions in the official story, the origins of the exotic technology used and the strange presence of corporations like SAIC in the cleanup efforts. in this powerful and groundbreaking Part 3 episode, Farrell outlines the aftermath this tragic event and the development of a centralized power system that has created the infrastructure for endless war under the pretext of defending the word for freedom while building a police state. -darkjournalist.com

The Corbett Report | Bilderberg 2016: What's On The Agenda? | June 8, 2016

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This year’s official Bilderberg meeting agenda is the usual list of vague references to broad categories of topics…but is there anything we can gather from the topic list? And what of this year’s participants? Join James for today’s Thought for the Day as we break down the upcoming Dresden 2016 edition of the Bilderberg meeting. -corbettreport.com

Show Notes:
Official Bilderberg 2016 press release
Official Bilderberg 2016 participants list
Clinton at Bilderberg (2011 report)
Episode 284 – Learn History with Philip Zelikow!
taz.de says Merkel invited to attend this year
Dan Dicks and Luke Rudkowski Infiltrate Bilderberg 2015
2002 Jim Tucker report reveals Iraq War slated for 2003
Estulin predicts 2007/2008 housing crash in 2006
Tucker predicts 2008 oil price crash
Why We Must Oppose Bilderberg
Bilderberg official press contact

Brien Foerster | Ancient Inca Snake Temple In The Sacred Valley Of Peru | June 8, 2016

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Near the small town of Calca in the Sacred Valley of Peru there is a seldom visited ancient Inca temple dedicated to purification by water. The main figure here is a snake fountain; the snake possibly being symbolic of the subconscious mind... -Brien Foerster

Jeff Rense & Herbert Dorsey | Secret Science of Electromagnetism

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Clip from June 06, 2016 - guest Herbert Dorsey on the Jeff Rense Program.

Mike Fortson | Vital Information on The Phoenix Lights | Kevinsmithshow.info

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Mike Fortson | Vital Information on The Phoenix Lights 

Mike Fortson is very likely the very best informed eye witness to the events that have come to be known as the Phoenix Lights. He talks about why these events were not actually the Phoenix Lights, and provides a lot of vital information that is never reported in the vain-stream-media.

 Provided as a courtesy of https://kevinsmithshow.info

The Corbett Report | Open Source Solutions: An Open Source Investigation | June 6, 2016

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Do you know how to make your own plastic recycling machines from scratch? Where to download free designs for your 3D printer? Where to find millions of free artworks, books, movies and other cultural resources? Well you do now. Join James for today’s “Thought For The Day” as we start collating the best open source resources on the web. -corbettreport.com

Show Notes:
Open-Source, DIY Machine Recycles Household Plastic Into New Products
Open Source Ecology
1.8 Million Free Works of Art from World-Class Museums: A Meta List of Great Art Available Online
Open Culture

Steven and Evan Strong | Greatest Mystery on Earth is a Rock – Forgotten Origin | Freeman TV

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Learn how our Forgotten Origin starts with a rock and leads to the ultimate of human potential. New species of life are discovered on Earth every year. Which genetics are related? Is the "Out of Africa" theory completely wrong? What lengths will the Authorities go to keep this secret? - freemantv.com

Max Igan | Government is the Enemy of the People | June 4, 2016

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Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 258.
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