Jeff Harman | Decoding the Future


Jeff Harman talked about his methodologies and offered analysis of current events, the economy, and what he sees ahead.  We discussed how how the principle of astrology was proven to be scientific.  Planetary position imprints biological clocks of mammals.  This is a show that sets apart tabloid astrology from real ancient astrology, which is Jeff Harman's specialty.

Jeff Harman is a professional astrologer who practices a combination of ancient techniques including Traditional or Classical Western Astrology, Kabbalistic, and Vedic Astrology. Jeff has mastered these methods despite the difficulty of working with tedious translations of ancient texts and complex terminology. He also uses Astro-Location to map a person's best geographic locations.

Jeff is a master of Electional and Horary Astrology. Electional Astrology is used for selecting auspicious times for scheduling important events such as a wedding, business opening, real estate transaction, travel or surgery. Horary Astrology is used for obtaining answers to specific questions and is useful in forensics. Birth information is not necessary for Electional and Horary Astrology.

Vedic Astrology, from ancient India, is a system that examines karmic cycles, and offers remedial measures for clearing karma. These include mantras, yantras and gemstone prescriptions.

Kabbalistic Astrology reveals the cycles and structure of a person relative to the cosmos.

Jeff has over thirty years experience, as is second-generation in the art. Clients all over the world consult with him regarding business and personal matters. These include celebrities in the worlds of film, publishing, and music, as well as doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs.

Jeff has been a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, the Council of Vedic Astrologers, the National Council of Geocosmic Research, and the International Association of Business Astrologers. He has appeared on television, radio, and web shows and has presented for groups such as IONS, MUFON, and the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants.

Jeff has thousands of case studies from his client files. He offers astrology as a way for people to obtain useful information about their lives and interests and then to incorporate practical astrological strategies when making decisions and scheduling important life events such as getting married or buying a home. He is based in Tucson, AZ and Southern California, and is available worldwide by phone or internet conferencing.

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Dr. Judy Wood on the Hillary Raimo Show


Is the weaponization of free energy technology being used as we speak? Are 'non-lethal' weapons a reality? Was 9/11 an example of this weaponization?

We stand today at the dawn of an entirely new age. Man has in his hands a method of disrupting the molecular basis for matter and the ability to split the earth in half on a moments notice. (It gives the term, "scorched-earth policy" a new significance.) The technology that was demonstrated on 911 can split the earth in half or it can be used to allow ALL people to live happily ever after with free energy.

However, he who controls the energy, controls the people. Control of energy leads to destruction of the planet.

But we have a choice. And this choice is real. Live happily ever after or destroy the planet. This is why I have been studying the evidence of what happened on 9/11. This evidence is central to it all. 9/11 was a demonstration of a new technology; free energy. Tonight hear the science, theory and facts about the realities.

DR. Judy Wood holds a B.S. (Civil Engineering, 1981) (Structural Engineering), M.S. (Engineering Mechanics (Applied Physics), 1983), and a Ph.D. (Materials Engineering Science, 1992) from the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Her dissertation involved the development of an experimental method to measure thermal stresses in bimaterial joints. She has taught courses including
* Experimental Stress Analysis, * Engineering Mechanics, * Mechanics of Materials (Strength of Materials),* Strength of Materials Testing.

Piers Corbyn | The Cold Truth of What is to Come in 2011

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January 6, 2011–Alex Jones interviews Piers Corbyn, Meteorologist and astrophysicist, owner of Weather Action which makes weather forecasts up to a year in advance. Corbyn is well-known for his opposition to the idea of anthropogenic global warming.

Dennis Fetcho | The Isisian Codes


January 2, 2010
We have Dennis Fetcho with us to kick off our first program of 2011. He joins us from Jordan to discuss the Isisian Codes and the Illuminatus Observor. Dennis has spent nearly 20 years as an international marketing strategist covering fields as diverse as aerospace and telecom and Dennis has spent the last decade developing the Isisian Codes, a highly evolved form of Gematria in English that reveals the underlying mathematical philosophy of the Illuminatus. Follow along today as we talk about Gematria, the Hermetic Qabalah, Hebrew, the origin of the English language and how language relates to numbers, codes and mathematics. Later, we discuss how it can be used to both suppress and uplift. Topics Discussed: Thelema, Kabbalah, Hebrew, Gematria, Aleister Crowley, mathematics, magical systems, English language, the angelic language, speculative freemasonry, alphanumerics, the Isisian Codes, Illuminati, pi proportion, Sun, Moon, Venus, super intelligence, Paracelsus, naming things and places, Carl Von Linné, runes, Johannes Bureus, ruins, Babel, splitting up the language, the original language, the forces behind the language, the demiurge, Set, Typhon, Solomon’s Temple, rebuilding the temple, Hiram Abiff, Lucifer, religion, theology, philosophy, pine tree, pagan and more. ~Red Ice Creations

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Travis Walton Discusses his Abduction Experience, January 3, 2011

Source: open minds radio

Travis Walton claims that in 1975, while working as a logger in Arizona, he and several co-workers came across a UFO in the forest which shot a beam of light at Travis. Frightened, his friends fled the scene, when they returned Walton was gone. Walton recalled waking up on the side of the road, he thought only a few hours had past, but he had actually been missing for 5 days. He later recalled being on the craft and the strange creatures that were there with him. His story was made into a movie called Fire in the Sky.

Richard C. Hoagland | Disclosure & Space Review


January 2, 2011–C2C science advisor Richard C. Hoagland talked about the concept of disclosure and ET contact, as well as NASA and the space program. He referenced Arthur C . Clarke's books, such as 2010: The Year We Make Contact, and suggested that writers such as Clarke were using a kind of code to share inside information. Contact or disclosure has already taken place-- not the revealing of ET beings, but the remnants of their technology or machinery, he explained. He cited the Norway Spiral and Moscow Tetrahedron, which appeared on the same day at the end of 2009, as possible examples of this technology.

He also discussed the possibility that NASA has a secret space program. "I'm thinking that maybe some of the UFO traffic, those cables that Assange threatened to reveal, in fact has nothing to do with UFOs-- it's all about secret spacecraft," he said. Hoagland also analyzed the deeper theological implications of the Pope's new willingness to "baptize aliens," which suggests to him that the Church is aware that ETs are part of the human family.

The Wikileaks Documentary

A well made high budget documentary full of information.
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