S0 News | Disaster Battle, Bad Guys, Do You Belong Here? | Nov. 19, 2021

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New World Next Week | Gaze Into the Orb for Free Money! | Nov. 19, 2021

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This week on the New World Next Week: Worldcoin wants you to gaze into the orb for free money; Austria begins the lockdown of the unvaccinated; and Israel begins germ games exactly as Gates predicted.

Show Notes:
Story #1: Worldcoin, Now Valued at $1B, Has Grand Plans to Get You to Gaze Into the Orb
Gaze Into the Orb to Collect Your Worldcoin
Why Everyone Is Mad at Sam Altman’s Worldcoin
Internet Freaks Out After Trump & King Salman Pose At ‘Magic Orb’ In Weird Moment (May 21, 2017)
"The Orb Is Our Leader Now." (May 21, 2017)
Trump Posing With Glowing Orb Is Comedy Gold (May 22, 2017)
What They're Not Telling You About The Saudi Arms Deal (May 29, 2017)
I’ll Bet The Orb Knows Where MBS Is! (May 29, 2018)
Return Of The #Orb: Why Are Netanyahu And Macron Clasping Glowing Globe? (Jun. 10, 2018)
What’s Behind Israel’s Growing Ties With China? (Jun. 22, 2018)
Does this count as another #orb?
Trump, Putin Exchange Soocer Ball At Helsinki Summit (Jul. 17, 2018)
One Orb, Slightly Used: MBS Book Reveals Fate of Trump's Saudi Sphere (Mar. 4, 2020)
Saudi Orb That Trump Touched Was Given to US, Then Hidden (Mar. 4, 2020)

Story #3: Israeli 'Wargame' Sees Kids Suffering Vaccine-Resistant COVID Strain
Episode 346 - 9/11 War Games
Terrorists Will Try And Use Smallpox As A Biological Weapon - Bill Gates Warns
FBI, CDC investigating Several Vials Labeled 'Smallpox' Found at Vaccine Research Facility
Episode 388 - False Flags and the Dawn of Bioterrorism
MIT: Covid Skeptics Champion Science
MIT researchers 'infiltrated' a Covid skeptics community a few months ago and found that skeptics place a high premium on data analysis and empiricism. "Most fundamentally, the groups we studied believe that science is a process, and not an institution."
PDF: "Viral Visualizations: How Coronavirus Skeptics Use Orthodox Data Practices to Promote Unorthodox Science Online"
Freaky Patent Where Vaccination Dose Will Be Determined By "Social Credit Score"
US11107588B2: "Methods and systems of prioritizing treatments, vaccination, testing and/or activities while protecting the privacy of individuals"

Max Igan | Leaving Police-State Australia And Why Regaining Our Freedom Is Down To A Simple Choice | Nov. 17, 2021

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Elana Freeland | Geoengineered Transhumanism, Humanity 2.0, & The Esoteric Agenda | Nov. 18, 2021

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About Today's Guest:
Elana Freeland came of political age during the COINTELPRO decade of Vietnam, street riots, political assassinations, and all-night rap sessions about the Establishment's downfall. Her US Navy Intelligence father was enmeshed with the military-industrial complex she writes about. Like the characters in the book, readers will learn how every major event and personality in the United States political establishment over the past 50 years is tied in one way or another to the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas. She has a BA in creative writing and wrote her Master's thesis on historiography.

Geoengineered Transhumanism is the third book in Elana Freeland's trilogy on geoengineering. It completes the picture of what geoengineering has been from its very inception decades ago: to control the ionosphere with phased array heater blasts so as to maintain an ionized atmosphere in which chemicals, nanotechnology, and synbio synergies can be continuously laid by jets, drones, and rockets in the name of "climate change."

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | Nov. 17, 2021

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I know I'm a day early for News and Views, but tomorrow promises to be a busy day, so I thought I'd better get this out there. Mr. Globaloney has coughed up his latest dirty trick with yet another international unelected board of techno-experts to make definitions of what is "sustainable" and what is not:

Article: FSMA Chairman welcomes the new International Sustainability Standards Board

S0 News | Disaster Cycle, Climate Tipping Points, Baby Star | Nov. 18, 2021

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Linda Moulton Howe | Why Would AFOSI Agents Show Up At A Bloodless Animal Mutilation? | Nov. 17, 2021

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Why Would AFOSI Agents Show Up At A Bloodless Animal Mutilation?

'The Observers' documentary

From controversial and visionary director Roger R. Richards, “The Observers” is an in-depth exploration, into the at times horrifying, yet equally fascinating abyss of modern day UFOlogy. Richards brings together top UFO researchers, whistleblowers, witnesses, abductee's and experiencers, in his 5th feature documentary dedicated to unpacking the complex nature of our collective reality.

Filmed during the release of the much anticipated 2021 UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon) report, The Observers is a comprehensive and timely conversation that plumbs the depths of the UFO phenomenon and asks the hard questions at the heart of this global enigma.

The Observers showcases an impressive cast of credible voices of influence that includes Luis Elizondo, Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Dolan, William Henry, Whitley Strieber, Jesse Ventura, John Greenewald Jr. and Jimmy Church of Fade to Black Radio.

If you have ever questioned the possibility of time travel, extraterrestrial life, advanced top-secret technology, or alternate dimensions, “The Observers” is a nonstop, must see, mind bender. Awaken to the possibilities of an unimaginable reality, where UFO Disclosure triggers a quantum leap in human evolution.

Broken through 189,000, almost to 190,000
Hopefully clear weather November 18 & 19 so we can see the lunar eclipse

‘The Observers’ movie launches on November 18, 2021.
Video capture from St Alaban UK security camera showing UFOs

Sen Gillibrand introduces amendment to

Interview with “Ted Collins” from Mass.
- Bridgewater Triangle animal mutilation
- OSI from local Air Force base showed up… “you didn’t see a thing”

Red Ice TV | No-Go Zone: Is Weaponized Smallpox Next? | Nov. 17, 2021

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Henrik cover the latest news in episode 78 of No-Go Zone. We deep dive into smallpox and ask if this is the next virus to be used in the biowarfare against the global population.

S0 News | Space Sights, Solar Wind, Vacuum Catastrophe | Nov. 17, 2021

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The Black Vault | Internal Navy Document Reveals Previously Unknown UFO/UAP Encounter & Senate Briefing by F-18 Pilot | Nov. 16, 2021

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For the past two years, The Black Vault has chased an internal Navy document which referenced an Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) briefing of some kind, but there were little details to go on. However, after multiple FOIA requests, and after fighting an initial false “no records” denial to get it, the record has finally been released.

The document revealed a previously unknown briefing for staff members of the Senate Armed Services Committee by an F/A-18 pilot who encountered a UFO while operating in the airspace off the U.S. east coast. That briefing, along with the specific encounter itself, both appear to have never been revealed to the general public before.

The Corbett Report | How to Find Deleted Videos - Questions For Corbett | Nov. 17, 2021

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Since GooTube removed The Corbett Report, there are hundreds and hundreds of broken links and embeds scattered throughout the site. But the videos are NOT GONE. Today James shows you three quick and easy steps for watching "deleted" videos and fixing those broken links.

Show Notes:
Pay Up or the Earth Gets It! - #PropagandaWatch
The Corbett Report channel on Odysee (complete archive of main ThemTube channel)
The Corbett Report Extras channel on Odysee (complete archive of secondary ThemTube channel)

Whitney Webb | COP26 and Climate Hypocrisy with Charlie Robinson

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In this episode, Whitney is joined by Charlie Robinson to talk about some of the key takeaways from the COP26 climate conference not being covered by the media and how many COP26 attendees engage in obvious hypocrisy when it comes to the policies they publicly promote and their personal actions.
Published on 11/05/21.

Max Igan | Remove the Government and You will be Free | Nov. 14, 2021

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S0 News | Solar Watch, Earthquakes, Earthspots, Sunspot Heartbeat | Nov. 15, 2021

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Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell | Mars The Big Ancient Lie! | Nov. 13, 2021

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Ancient vs Modern Mars
Oxford Scholar and Giza Death Star Book Series Author Dr. Joseph Farrell returns to join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for a spellbinding look into the rising push around the planet Mars. Dr. Farrell explains the cultures that left behind the record of advanced technology of Mars to the Babylonians and Egyptians and the implications of the sacred mystery rites falling into the wrong hands.

Special Topics:
Mars Discovery
Ancient Knowledge
Exotic Technology
Mind Control
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