Max Igan | The Corporate Destruction of Australia, November 11, 2011


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - 11/11/11

David Sereda | Quantum E.T. Communication & The Hidden Power of Crystals, November 11, 2011


You might want to put on your physics hat to listen to this Veritas interview. And be patient. While David Sereda spends the entire first hour explaining the definition of "quantum communication" in full science mode - transistors and crystals and bio-photons and Molybdenum - things get gripping when he mentions that the quantum communication device he built sent a question out on August 20th, and a voice answered him. A voice from the Pleiades.

Some people have all the luck.

"We received your transmission. The technology you invented works," the voice said. "What do you want to ask us?"

Turns out this was the second time in his life that Pleiadian friends were investing in Sereda's education. At seven years of age - in 1968, Berkeley, California - Sereda, and a lot of other people, watched a UFO hover clearly above them. The following week, Sereda says, "They were showing me how things work, about super conductivity."

Spirituality and science converge easily in Sereda's world. His explanations segue from black ops to the Bible, from directed energy weapons to the Pyramids. He was director of the Tesla Foundation. He's worked for the Department of Defense.

Angels talk to him. He knows how to imbue stones with energy. And one day he is going to tell everyone how they too can communicate with other intelligences in the universe.

In the fast second hour, Sereda weighs in on the end of the Mayan calendar; the false alien invasion; Sedona, Arizona as ET portal; that the Challenger was shot down, and lots more, but Sereda never does divulge what the Pleiadians told him this past summer. That's all on a new DVD, Reverse Engineered, which comes out in January.

He does say that we are in the midst of a huge cosmic event. And that the motherships are watching.

Andrew D. Basiago | Martian Visitations, November 10, 2011


November 10, 2011–Part of DARPA's Project Pegasus as a young child and now a practicing attorney, Andrew D. Basiago claims to be one of America's early time-space explorers. Appearing in the latter half of the show, he discussed his involvement with the CIA's Mars visitation program in 1980. The program, he said, was started in the 1970s, and transported people from a "jump room" (an elevator in El Segundo, CA that served as a kind of portal) to the surface of Mars. According to Basiago, Maj. Ed Dames taught a training course to several of the participants about what to expect in terms of humanoids and "predator species" on the Martian surface (Dames briefly appeared in the 4th hour and denied his involvement with the program).

Also joining the show was William Brett Stillings, who said he was in the Mars visitation program in the early 1980s along with Basiago, and such future luminaries as Barry Soetoro (Pres. Barack Obama), and Regina Dugan (the current head of DARPA). Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, the great granddaughter of Pres. Eisenhower, made an appearance as well, revealing that she was the target of a sophisticated recruitment effort to join the Mars colony in 2006-07, though she turned down the opportunity. Basiago announced that he plans to run for President in 2016.

Howard Hughes interviews Graham Nicholls | Out of the Body Experience, November 9, 2011


November 9, 2011–This Edition features British “Out of the Body Experience” expert Graham Nicholls – who lives and works in Estonia. If you have ever wanted to know more about OBE phenomena be sure to check out his website.. ~Howard Hughes

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About Graham Nicholls

Graham Nicholls is the author of two books on the out-of-body experience and is a leading expert on the subject. He has spent many years teaching and guiding people through their first OBE, or helping them understand their own perceptions and abilities.

His writings have been published by The Institute of Noetic Sciences, as well as many websites and magazines both in the UK and US. One of which, his article ‘Expanding Horizons: Twenty Years of Exploration into the Out-of-Body Experience’ appeared in Kindred Spirit magazine in 2009 and was widely acclaimed.

His book entitled ‘Avenues of the Human Spirit‘ is available from Amazon, and explores his OBEs, spiritual transformation and philosophy. He has also just completed his second book entitled, Navigating the Out-of-Body Experience: Radical New Techniques, to be published by Llewellyn in the US in April, 2012. Tom Campbell, a NASA physicist, developer of Hemi-Sync and author, has already stated that it “stands out as one of the best books on the topic”.

Dr. Jan Bravo and Dr. Steven Greer | Highlights from the Southern CA CSETI Expedition, November 11, 2011


Dr. Greer will be joined by Dr. Jan Bravo to share with you some of the experiences from the Southern California expedition in October.

This international group with participants from the UK, Malaysia, the US & elsewhere went to a new venue. Listen in to find out what new experiences they had and how that dovetails with the information from the October shows regarding the science of consciousness and the use of the human body, mind and spirit as an instrument for making contact.

Richard Dolan | UFO Disclosure, November 9, 2011


November 9, 2011–UFO researcher Richard Dolan reacted to the White House administration's formal statement on UFOs. "The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race," wrote Phil Larson of the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy. The message was in response to Stephen Bassett's petition posted on the We the People website calling for governmental UFO/ET disclosure. Though their response was "sophomoric," this is the first time the White House has made a public policy statement on this topic-- in the past, they let the Air Force do it, explained Dolan.

To say there is no evidence for the UFO phenomenon, "flies in the face of hundreds, and really thousands of pages of documents that the US government itself is responsible for," which show that something is definitely going on, he pointed out. They could have said this is a valid phenomenon that deserves more attention than its received, but the govt. wants to avoid addressing such topics as alien abduction and secret recovered technology, he continued. Dolan also talked about well documented UFO incidents, such as a case written up by the Coast Guard, which occurred in March 1988 over Lake Erie, in which an aerial object hovered over the frozen water, and caused the ice to break.

Back in Time Series | Al Bielek & Vladimir Terziski 2nd Interview, May, 1992


Vladimir Terziski interviews the late Al Bielek in The Philadelphia teleportation and time travel experminents, May 1992. 2hrs.American Academy of Dissident Sciences. This is the second interview of the series. Released from the Archives of Miles Johnston.

Adrian Salbuchi | UK, US, Israel threaten War on Iran November 4, 2011


We are hearing drums of war against Iran once again coming from the US, the UK and Israel.This could be the start of something much more serious that goes beyond Iran.
Friday 4th November Adrian Salbucci was interviewed on RT to analyze this.

Secret of Nikola Tesla (full length)

When a young and gifted inventor by the name of Nikola Tesla (Petar Bozovic) arrives in America, he first works for the famous Thomas Edison (Dennis Patrick) but later strikes a fruitful cooperation with George Westinghouse (Strother Martin).

Together they battle against Edison in order for Tesla's superior system of alternative current to be accepted by the world community who currently uses only Edison's system of direct current. Later on the mighty financier J.P. Morgan (Orson Welles) joins the game as he provides Tesla with financial support to build his Colorado Springs laboratory only to completely dump him later on after he realizes Tesla's inventions could provide the world with unlimited free energy for everybody.

See one of the most important periods of modern history and the tragedy of this great inventor who aspired to change the world towards a better place. A rare attempt of biographical movie production by the former yugoslav (croatian) cinema, the movie being completely in english.

"WHY in the World are They Spraying?" Promo Video


Michael J. Murphy, Co-Producer of the Groundbreaking documentary "What in the World are They Spraying?" Investigates how chemtrail/geoengineering programs are related to weather control.

Internet Freedoms Under Attack | GRTV Behind the Headlines, November 10, 2011


In recent weeks the governments of Britain, Israel, the US, Japan, India and China have reported alleged cyber attacks by foreign militaries, hackers, and malicious software like Duqu, a virus similar to the Stuxnet cyber weapon constructed by Israel and the US for use against Iran's nuclear program.

Although the nature and origin of the attacks or even whether they took place at all cannot be independently confirmed, the supposed threats are being used to propose punishing new legislation aimed at stifling internet freedoms and are igniting new rivalries in what many see as the battlefield of the 21st century: cyberspace.

Transcript & Sources:

9/11 Truth | The Jim Fetzer - Dimitri Khalezov interview

Former Soviet nuclear intelligence officer Dimitri Khalezov explains what really happened on 9/11 to Jim Fetzer of Scholars for 9/11.

9/11: The Third Truth - Dimitri Khalezov

Amazing interview with Dimitri Khalezov, former Nuclear Intelligence officer of the Soviet Union. Because of the Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty of 1976 between the USA and the former USSR and Dimitri's military role in the USSR's Nuclear Intelligence division, Dimitri had certain knowledge of the WTC demolition schema, which was required to obtain the original WTC building permit in New York (i.e. NY did not issue a building permit without submitting a demolition schema). Dimitri uses this insider information combined with his military background to explain the events of 911 in depth. He leaves no 911 question unanswered.

In Part 1:
- Dimitri Khalezov background
- Planes and explosions
- Pentagon mentioned (explained fully in Part 2)
- Nuclear detonations explained
- WTC1 & WTC2 nuclear demolition

In Part 2:
- WTC 7
- Ground Zero definition
- Pentagon missile attack in detail
- Seismic readings
- 911 media manipulation
- F93 crash in Shanksville, PA
- Cell phone calls
- Hijackers
- 911 rescue workers and illness
- Ground Zero cleanup

William Bramley | The Gods of Eden - Extraterrestrial Infiltration, November 8, 2011


November 8, 2011–William Bramley spent seven years trying to understand the root causes of war before finally disclosing his startling conclusions in The Gods of Eden. Here, Bramley reveals that UFOs, or the 'gods' and other strange beings associated with UFOs, may have shaped human society from deepest antiquity. 'UFOs have been lurking in the shadows of history for centuries,' he says. 'Surprisingly, they may be a key to unraveling the human puzzle.' Readers of Zecharia Sitchin will find many familiar themes in Bramley's analysis.
~Spectrum Radio Network

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Ty Bollinger, Dr. Michael Farley | Natural & Herbal Medicines, November 8, 2011


November 8, 2011–Author and health freedom advocate, Ty Bollinger, and naturopathic doctor, Michael Farley, discussed the uses of herbal and natural medicines and addressed why harmless herbal products may be taken off the market while deadly drugs are still legal, and how the FDA is attacking herbs and vitamins. Recent articles declaring the inefficacy of dietary/herbal supplements are backed by Big Pharma, said Bollinger. But when it comes to products that have no medicinal value, he continued, statin drugs have been shown by pharmaceutical companies' own research to not extend lifespans, and antidepressants actually double your risk of relapsing into depression.

The FDA is looking to change earlier legislation about dietary supplements, and gain further control over them, like the UN's Codex Alimentarius is doing, Bollinger cautioned. Their restrictive plan would have supplement makers remove their products for 75 days, and fill out an approval application for each new ingredient combination since 1994, he detailed. Dr. Farley (joining the program in the third hour) cited the difference between allopathic medicine, which treats symptoms, and the naturopathic approach which treats the whole person. "Dr. Farley has developed numerous herbal remedies for cancer that are amazingly effective," Bollinger said.

Among the natural compounds Farley cited were: Chrysin, a flavonoid from the Passion Flower, that works with hormone levels to prevent the invasion of cancer cells; Coriolus Versicolor, a Chinese mushroom which increases the cytotoxity of natural killer cells; Diindolymethane, a phytochemical from cruciferous vegetables that inhibits cancer cells; as well as turmeric, resveratrol, and green tea extract. He also mentioned a quick, natural cure for food poisoning such as from E.coli or Listeria: a cup of raw honey mixed with a couple tablespoons of ginger.

Clif High, Pi or Pie, with Suzanne Toro, November 2011


Well as usual…’She’ had more than enough questions for Clif High…
And his wealth of knowledge continues to leave her with more. You might want to listen to these a few times over as there are some thoughts he shares that are not to be overlooked…and clues that can help each one of ‘US’ discern what
they might be [...]

Russia's Phobos-Grunt probe and China's Yinghuo-1 satellite launched, November 8, 2011


Russia's Phobos-Grunt probe and China's Yinghuo-1 satellite were launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on a Zenit-2SB rocket at 20:16 GMT Tuesday.

The main aim of the Phobos-Grunt is to bring back the first ever soil sample from Phobos, the largest of Mars' two moons. The mission will also collect bacteria samples for two Russian and one US biological experiments.

Meanwhile, China's first Mars probe Yinghuo-1 will go into orbit around Mars and observe the planet itself. The Chinese probe, which will not land on Mars nor return to Earth, will stay permanently in space and communicate with ground control directly through satellites. The launch of Phobos-Grunt and Yinghuo-1, originally scheduled for October 2009 on a Russian carrier rocket, had been postponed until 2011 due to "technical reasons" on the Russian side.

Russia’s unmanned Phobos-Grunt spacecraft may be in serious trouble, as it apparently has encountered problems with either computer software or the propulsion system, or perhaps both. There appears to be some confusion about what may have happened, with various sources reporting different things.

Russian Space Agency head Vladimir Popovkin was quoted by the Ria news agency, with a Google translation, “We’ve had a bad night, we could not detect long spacecraft, now found his position. It was found that the propulsion system failed. There was neither the first nor the second inclusion.”

Roughly, it appears that at first they lost telemetry with the spacecraft, but then were able to locate it and found that the first and second burns did not occur.

The spacecraft launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan by a Zenit-2 booster rocket at 12:16 a.m. Moscow time on Wednesday and separated from the booster about 11 minutes later.

Dr. Judy Wood | Where Did the Towers Go, One Step Beyond, October 25, 2011


Dr.Judy Wood author of the astonishing new book, Where Did The Towers Go? Her websites are and She is the only person to ever file a legal challenge to the official version of the events that day; where the judge asked her if she has a death wish. Dr. Wood's life path places her in the perfect position to study the collapses of all three towers that day. She is a former professor of mechanical engineering with research interests in experimental stress analysis, structural mechanics, optical methods, deformation analysis, and the materials characterization of biomaterials and composite materials. This will be a 'must watch' show. Whatever you think happened that day, Dr. Wood will ceertainbly challenge many beliefs. Dare you take One Step Beyond? ~Theo Chalmers

David Crowe | Rethinking AIDS, November 6, 2011


November 6, 2011–David Crow is with us to talk about the invention of the AIDS virus and the research material that suggests that it’s time to start rethinking AIDS and HIV. David was one of the founders of the Green Party of Alberta, he edited their newsletter for over a decade, was the party’s president until October 2004, and the party’s Chief Financial Officer until December 2008.

Crowe is also the founder of the Alberta Reappraising AIDS Society, he’s on the advisory council of Another Look AND in 2008 David was appointed president of Rethinking AIDS.

In this program we talk about the postponed Rethinking AIDS 2011 conference in Washington DC and how difficult it has been to raise awareness about this critical issue that examines the AIDS/HIV problem from an alternative perspective. Are the billions being poured into the AIDS/HIV industry every year really helping? David reveals what the science really says and that the research suggest we start rethinking AIDS.

Topics discussed: Inventing the AIDS virus, 4500 scientific documents on AIDS/HIV, U.S. National Library of Medicine, Pub-Med, Robert Gallo, immunodeficiency syndrome, CD4 cell count, definition of AIDS, drug use and lifestyle, nutrition and malnourishment, PCP pneumonia, the breakout of AIDS in the homosexual community, germs vs. pharmaceuticals, hemophiliacs, the poisonous drug AZT, the pharmaceutical industry, burrows welcome behind AZT, placebo effect and psychological impact, the rethinking AIDS conference. ~Red Ice Creations
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Fukushima Update, November 8, 2011


In this week's Fukushima Update we highlight an important Enformable expose on how the nuclear lobby took over US radiation monitoring in the wake of the Fukushima crisis; note the Japanese government bailout of TEPCO; and watch an NHK video that notes the possibility of salt water corrosion of the walls of the spent fuel pool. ~James Corbett

Freddy Silva | Sacred Sites, November 6, 2011


November 6, 2011–Author and crop circle expert Freddy Silva talked about sacred sites as well as evidence which shows that these places of power are built at magnetically sensitive locations that are capable of altering states of consciousness.

He noted that numerous scientific studies have shown that these sacred sites, such as the stone circles of Britain and the Egyptian pyramids, are "drawing from the local magnetic field and corralling this magnetic energy into their space." This raised magnetic energy, he said, creates profound physiological effects on anyone who enters a sacred site. Silva observed that the building of sacred sites also seemed to precede a period of disaster and connected this concept to the contemporary emergence of crop circles, which has similar magnetic effects on those who visit them.

Max Igan | Revolution Radio Interview, November 7, 2011


Dr. Peter Glidden | “Killing Us Softly: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of Doctors”, November 3, 2011


November 3, 2011–This episode is an interview with Dr. Peter Glidden, ND, titled “Killing Us Softly: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of Doctors” and is being released on Saturday, Nov. 05, 2011. My interview with Peter was recorded on Nov. 03, 2011. ~Jan Irvin

An outspoken advocate of Wholistic Health, Dr. Glidden has lectured to thousands of people over the last 2 decades. He delivers over 60 Free Lectures each year, and is a regular speaker at Health Freedom Expo & Youngevity Regional Meetings. He has appeared on TV, is a regular guest host of the “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” Health Talk radio program, and gives free weekly seminars all over Chicagoland. His new book, The MD Emperor Has No Clothes, is an eye-opening, groundbreaking, jaw dropping exposition on the shortcomings of conventional MD directed medicine and the unrivaled excellence of Wholistic medical treatments.

1987: BS from University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA.
1991: ND from Bastyr University, Seattle WA.
1992: Licensed to practice Naturopathic medicine.
1993 – Present: Private Naturopathic medical practice.
1987 – Present: Member – American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.
2008 – Present: Member – Illinois Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

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The Collectors with Corina Saebels | Offplanet Radio, November 6, 2011


November 6, 2011–Canadian abductee/contactee, Corina Saebels talks about her own life-long experiences as a subject of ET abduction, testing and genetic experiments; and the experiences of her family, children, and those around her who witnessed and experienced the very same visitations. We also outline the presence of black ops military and scientists inside underground bases, black military helicopters and the medical, psychological and spiritualafter-effects on her life from the harvesting of fetuses; her shocking glimpse at trans-species experimentation and her insights about what "they" have planned for humanity!

Corina speaks with great humility, and continues to press the establishment for answers to her decades long encounters with entities---both off worlders, and the shadow military-government-industrial complex. While her suffering is not hidden, her spirit remains intact, and her bravery unvaunted by those who would silence her.

In the show Corina discusses a great deal of physical evidence she has gathered over the years. In her book, "The Collectors", are several pages of color photos which documenther accounts. As her experiences continue, she continues to compile more proof. ~Randy Maugans, OffPlanet Radio

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Clif High on A Fireside Chat - The Shape of Things to Come, November 5, 2011

Source:, Fireside Chat Radio

November 5, 2011–Clif High on a Fireside Chat with Zany Mystic.

Max Igan | OYM Radio Ireland, November 7, 2011


Alan Watt | The Great Transformation, November 4, 2011


James Corbett on Fukushima, the Eurocrats, Sysia and more, November 4, 2011


James Corbett on Fukushima, the Eurocrats, Sysia and more.

Jim Marrs | Nwo Coming Apart at The Seams, November 4, 2011


Jim Marrs at Alex Jones, November 2011.
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