Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News | April, 2, 2016


The changes now unfolding on our planet are profound and catastrophic. Though mainstream media sources are finally starting to acknowledge the warning signs emanating from everywhere on the biosphere, there is still precious little truth to be found in regard to the severity and immediacy of what we collectively face. Many have now seen the recent headlines about the unimaginably rapid die-off of the great barrier reef, but few yet understand that this is just the beginning of what continues to unfold around us all at blinding speed.

Richard Dolan | Secret Space Program 3 | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church | March 30, 2016


On night three of our Secret Space Program/Breakaway Civilizations Week on F2B we are joined by Richard Dolan...he coined the term Breakaway Civilization and tonight we discuss how that happened...what it is and how it's connected to the Secret Space Program.

Interview start: 32:49 min.

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | March 31, 2016


Is Turkey on the menu too?

Obama and Putin Agree That Turkish Dictator Erdogan Must Go
Pentagon Orders Hundreds Of Military Families To Evacuate Turkey

VAXXED: The ABC News Interview that Big Pharma didn't want You to see | March 27, 2016


This is the full UNCUT interview that ABC World News conducted with Del Bigtree of the "VAXXED" documentary now censored by Robert De Niro and the Tribeca Film Festival.

ABC News used only five seconds from this interview...

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe Official Trailer from Cinema Libre Studio on Vimeo.

Vaxxed is a documentary that explores the journeys of parents whose autistic children were plausibly effected by a vaccine. The film also follows the story of various doctors and researchers involved with the associated studies.

Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell | The ESP Enigma & Increasing Your Psychic Abilities | March 30, 2016


Dr. Powell’s books reflect her passion to understand human potential and facilitate personal and global transformation. Drawing upon knowledge across multiple academic disciplines, she generates fresh perspectives on consciousness and the human condition as she artfully distills complex concepts to their essence and combines them in thought-provoking ways.

Although much is now known about the brain, relatively little has been determined about where consciousness comes from. What is the source of the “I” in our internal monologue? How does something as nonmaterial as consciousness arise from something material like the brain? Dr. Diane Powell, a Johns Hopkins-trained neuroscientist, has brilliantly reassessed the meaning and nature of consciousness by exploring research on the workings of psychic phenomena.

Dr. Richard Alan Miller | Magick, Military Intelligence, and Higher Consciousness | March 28, 2016


This week we talk to Dr. Richard Alan Miller who has studied a wide array of fringe topics, has held several impressive positions, and has had a multitude of experiences that should impress any THC listener. From magick to military intelligence, from conspiracy to higher consciousness.

The Corbett Report | Sibel Edmonds Shines A Light on the Brussels Attacks | March 25, 2016


Sibel Edmonds of joins us to discuss the Brussels attacks. We discuss Belgium's central role as the base of NATO/EU/Gladio headquarters and how the script of this event follows the script of previous false flags almost precisely. We also talk about the public's reaction to these events and how both the mainstream and alternative media are being divided and conquered to keep people from questioning the true roots of these events.

Show Notes: 
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Operation Gladio B
Corbett Report: Operation Gladio B Series with Sibel Edmonds
Belgian Stay Behind Network Secret Warfare Operation Gladio & NATO’s Stay Behind Armies
Belgium Has Become Center for Extremists
Belgium Warned of Attacks
Who’s Behind ISIS?
Brussel Attack Suspects’ Images

The Corbett Report | Joseph Trento on the Secret US-Japanese Plutonium Program | 04/25/2012


Investigative journalist Joseph Trento joins us to discuss his latest article, “United States Circumvented Laws To Help Japan Accumulate Tons of Plutonium.” The end result of a decades-long investigation, the article reveals a secret program through which the US helped Japan amass a stockpile of plutonium which the Japanese government could use to jump-start a nuclear weapons program.

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Ship Carrying Enough Plutonium for 40 Atomic Bombs on Secret Mission to U.S. | March 22, 2016

United States Circumvented Laws To Help Japan Accumulate Tons of Plutonium

Ken O’Keefe in Berkley | "Jewish Power" & World Citizen Solutions | March 2016

Source: Ken O'Keefe youtube

In this talk Ken rips into politically correct barriers and speaks frankly about the challenges we face in the cause of creating a better world. Ken is currently touring the USA on his 'Fuck the TSA/Homeland Security Tour', for the latest dates and times of Ken's speaking engagements check the Facebook page set up for this purpose.

Max Igan | Psyops, Circular Arguments and Belief Systems in an Unfree World | March 26, 2016


Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 253 - American Voice Radio, March 26, 2016

Catherine Austin Fitts | OffWorld Secrecy Danker! The UFO Economy 3.0 - Part 2 | Dark Journalist | March 26, 2016


Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt for Part Two of his deep discussion with Former Assistant Housing Secretary and Financial Expert Catherine Austin Fitts. Drawing on her rich career in top positions in Washington and on Wall Street, Catherine carefully unravels the layers of deceit and misdirection inherent in the covert system of using public resources for developing new economic opportunities in space for the benefit of of a few private elite corporate interests. Together, they unravel the web of disinformation and obfuscation around the Black Budget investment in space by a shadowy alliance between Deep State political forces and greedy corporate interests for the development of a UFO Economy using advanced technology, a secret system of finance and total manipulation of public awareness through complete control over the mainstream media.

**Dark Journalist also raises the question: Fitts For President in 2016? Her answer may surprise you.**

According to multiple whistleblowers, with the development of a Secret Space Program via SDI Star Wars Technology, forces deep in the official structure were reacting to a perceived UFO threat that reached a fever pitch in 1947. In the almost 70 years since that initial wave of sightings, The National Security State has utilized Exotic Offworld Technology recovered in highly secretive UFO crash retrieval programs to develop their own fleets of manmade UFOS, incorporating Anti-Gravity, Stealth and Super Drone technology. According to the late Lt. Colonel Philip J. Corso, who was a high-ranking military intelligence officer in the administrations of Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson, the military discovered many of the high-tech developments we all use now in modern computers and smartphones from these clandestine operations.

With the covert forces realizing not only great advantages in military weapons production, but also in engineering new industries and achieving large scale profits from their discoveries of UFO Technology Secrets, the intense coverup around the entire subject of offworld visitors has gone into major overdrive. Deep Black Op programs to discredit and defame those involved in UFO investigations emanate from a covert level of intelligence agencies that are tasked with keeping the secrecy in place so they can utilize the hidden advances in technology, science, medicine, and advanced free-energy production for a small Breakaway Civilization of political, military and corporate interests that have dominated the action on planet Earth since World War 2.

Clash of Two Worlds
The clash between the official reality and the truth on the ground is starting to hit a breaking point and many of the old games for keeping the public in the dark just won't work in the age of Smartphones and Social Media. Our modern culture is now far more advanced than the dysfunctional leadership on this crucial issue of offworld visitors and the advanced technology they represent. But the ruling forces in geopolitics, media and corporate circles have no desire to see their ultimate secret exposed and the entire energy paradigm of the globe change overnight from fossil based fuels and UFO Free Energy Technology. By refusing to advance the knowledge in society around the UFO question, forces in the Deep State are setting up the ultimate Clash of Two Worlds and apparently they believe they will prevail and shall be able keep their cult of secrecy going forever!

New World Next Week | Israeli Company Hacking iPhone for FBI | March 24, 2016


Story #1: Japan Ships Weapons Grade Plutonium Back To U.S.
Ship Carrying Enough Plutonium for 40 Atomic Bombs on Secret Mission to U.S.
Joseph Trento on the Secret US-Japanese Plutonium Program
United States Circumvented Laws To Help Japan Accumulate Tons of Plutonium

Story #2: Israel's Cellebrite Revealed As Company Helping FBI Hack iPhone Encryption
Media Monarchy: “Cellebrite”
Johns Hopkins Researchers Poke Hole In Apple's Encryption
International Forecaster: The Apple / FBI Psy-op Explained
Video Flashback: The Israeli Spy Ring (Dec 2001)

Story #3: The Brussels Attacks Open Thread
Turkey's Erdogan Warns Of Attacks In Brussels Four Days Before Event Took Place
Turkey Arrested Brussels Suicide Bomber In Border Town Gaziantep
Turkey Says It Deported Ibrahim El Bakraoui And Warned Belgium In 2015
#TwilightLanguage: Mormons, Mason, and Brussels
Video Purporting To Show Zaventem Airport Explosion Shot In 2011
Before We Even Know The Details, Politicians Rush To Blame Encryption For #Brussels Attacks
"Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!"

Joseph Farrell | News and Views from the Nefarium | March 24, 2016


Already the powers that be are blaming ISIS for the sad attack in Brussels. But what is ISIS? Joseph looks at tw3o articles by Jon Rappaport and Tony Cartalucci:

ISIS attacked Brussels? The US created ISIS? Therefore?
ISIS: US-Saudi Plague Reaches Indonesia?

Jim Mars | The View From Marrs | FADE to BLACK with Jimmy Church


Jim Marrs is our guest and we have a conversation covering all of the current events including the election, puppet masters, Syria, Iran, ISIS, UFOs and disclosure, a little Russia, the economy, mass-media and the Illuminati...a great show that almost got out of control a few times...good stuff.

Interview Start 33:00 min.
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