New World Next Week | Iraq's Break Up is the Real "Mission Accomplished", June 19, 2014


Story #1: Islamist Militant Group ISIS Takes Hold of Iraq
ISIS Militants Attack Iraq’s Largest Oil Refinery
U.S. Trained ISIS at Secret Jordan Base
“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
Flashback: US Troops Deploying on Jordan-Syria Border
US Willing to Work With Iran But Officials Play Down Military Talk
ISIS: The Saudis helped create a monster they can’t control in Iraq

Story #2: Bowe Bergdahl Movie in the Works From Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal
New Rule on ‘Zero Dark Hurty’
Benghazi Suspect Arrest Sparks Wild Theories From GOP
Will ISIS Plan 9/11-Style Terror Plot Against the US? Let’s Ask the @CIA

Story #3: Hockey Fans in LA Down Drone In Stanley Cup Frenzy
Drone Crash Prompts Vancouver to Review Film Industry Use
Twitter Takes Selfies to the Next Level With Drones

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:
Pepe Escobar: The Geopolitics of the World Cup
Duchess of Cambridge Visits Top Secret WWII Spy School Where Her Grandmother Worked
Richard Rockefeller, Son of Globalist David Rockefeller, Dies at 65 in Solo Plane Crash After Father’s 99th Birthday
New Research Says 94% Of All Terrorist Attacks Are Invented By The FBI

Jordan Maxwell And Max Igan On The Vinny Eastwood Show, June 19, 2014


Those that are long in the tooth here need no introduction to Jordan Maxwell. This morning he lost everything that he had left. He has already lost his wife and family, this morning he learned his warehouse was burned down. If you like to help Jordan Maxwell please make a donation at his website at:


CrossTalk: Saving Baghdad?, June 18, 2014


Why should Washington militarily save the Baghdad regime? What has happened to the billions of dollars to train and arm the Iraqi military? Will the regime in Iraq reform itself and how will events in this country impact the region? CrossTalking with Stephen Schlesinger and John Tirman.

James Corbett | Power Hour: Iraq Falling Apart is the Real “Mission Accomplished”, June 17, 2014


James joins Joyce and J.D. on The Power Hour every other week to discuss economics, world events, geopolitics and everything else. This time they discuss the latest developments in Iraq as the US/GCC backed terror boogeyman organization threatens to complete the Neocon/Israeli agenda of splitting the country into three parts. We also discuss Fukushima, bitcoin, patriot demonization and more. 

NATO’s Terror Hordes in Iraq a Pretext for Syria Invasion
Russia on Iraq: ‘We told you so’
“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
Nuke Watchdog Gives Okay To Fukushima Ice Wall
US Menaces the Asia-Pacific – James Corbett on In The Now
Learn Cryptography: 51% Attack We Will Never Launch a 51% Attack Against Bitcoin 
China to Pay for Russian Gas in US Dollars – Russian Energy Minister
China Signs Non-Dollar Settlement Deal With Russia’s Largest Bank
China and the future alliance with Saudi Arabia
Porkins Policy Radio ep. 19 Mathew Van Dyke: The CIA’s Favorite Mercenary

Jon Rappoport | Snowden, Self-Censorship & Friendly Fascism | Hour 1 | June 16, 2014


June 16, 2014–Returning guest, Jon Rappoport is an investigative journalist, author and publisher of the website He has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health. Although his main focus over these years has been the power of the imagination and creativity, he is most often cited and interviewed on conspiracies and global elites.

In this program, we’ll explore Snowden. Who is he and what’s really going on? We’ll also take a closer look at his favored journalists and talk about what he’s doing in Russia. Jon also discusses how the NSA wants to know how their spying is affecting us and in what ways. The thought police is here.

Facebook has admitted to saving everything you type, even if you don’t publish it. They want to know what you are self-censoring. We’ll discuss how people have been conditioned to self censor.

download hour 1 mp3

The Truthseeker | NATO's 'Gladio' army in Ukraine (E41)


The openly Nazi core of Kiev's new army; WikiLeaked cables set Ukraine 'nationalists' in NATO 'dirty wars' abroad; and the 'psychopaths' who run CIA special operations. 

Seek truth from facts with the world's leading scholar on NATO's Operation Gladio Dr. Daniele Ganser; Editor of new book Flashpoint in Ukraine - Dr. Stephen Lendman; Intelligence specialist William Engdahl; and victims of the Butcher of Lyon.
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