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Article: 2023 Trafficking in Persons Report: Ukraine

Tom Campbell | Out of Body Experiences, Afterlife & The Larger Consciousness System (LCS)


Today’s guest is Tom Campbell. Tom is a Physicist and Consciousness Researcher that began researching altered states of consciousness with Bob Monroe in the early 1970s where he and a few others were instrumental in getting Monroe’s laboratory for the study of consciousness up and running.

He has been experimenting with and writing and speaking about consciousness ever since. There is a stillness about Tom, and deep inner knowing that you will experience when you listen to this conversation. Even though I have spent many years reading about and researching consciousness and time and space, this conversation and Tom’s work has forever shifted and altered the way that I understand and think about these things.

Through this vast and expansive conversation, we dive into Tom’s understanding of consciousness and answer some of the BIG questions like, Why are we here? Where do we go? Where does love fit into all of this? And a whole lot more!

I also want to say that it is OK not to agree with some of Tom’s discoveries and beliefs. In my humble opinion the truth about our existence is a multi layered reality. There are many answers that will construct the one truth. So take from this conversation the parts you need to add to your truth.

We are here to grow up. We’re here to make good choices, and through the quality of our choices we evolve.” ~ Tom Campbell

Tom shares the work that he did with Bob Monroe in the 1970s, his first out-of-body experience, and how he can now have these experiences at will. Tom is a self-described skeptic and explains how these experiences allowed him to see what is fact and what reality, consciousness, and our purpose here really is.

We talk about what reality actually is, what those synchronicities might mean, and trying to tell you. I share a story that some of you may have heard already about a rubber ducky and how it continues to show up in my life, the life of my loved ones, and even people I’ve worked with.

He explains in great detail what happens when we die and how he knows this to be true, how we remain connected to those that have exited this reality, and how that connection changes as well. This conversation will stay with me in this life. It is truly extraordinary. You may want to listen to it a few times over because it is FULL of big ideas and concepts. -Christina Rasmussen

Max Igan | Boycott Everything | Aug. 8, 2023



Suspicious0bservers | The Next Ice Age | Glaciation is Coming | Aug. 7, 2023


Tom Campbell | Individual Data Streams and Your Experiences | Aug. 8, 2023


MBT is all about you and your own experience. Learning to navigate in consciousness is a natural ability you can develop because you are a part of the larger consciousness system (Some call God) and your choices actually help you and it evolve in a more positive direction.

Paul Stonehill | News from the mysterious Lake Vostok, Antarctica | Aug. 6, 2023

Source: Paranormal Research Paul Stonehill youtube 

...I want to share a few interesting news items from Antarctica, from the Russian Vostok station. Before we begin, please look at my playlist about the Russian research in Antarctica, it has quite a lot of fascinating information about Lake Vostok, about paranormal phenomena sighted by Soviet military and scientists, and much more including developments in more recent times. I monitor news from there, and this is the reason for this video. Something is definitely afoot, because the station is being... -Paul Stonehill

Dark Journalist | Deep State vs. America: UFO Election 2024 | Aug. 5, 2023



Redacted with Clayton Morris | Did Sweden HIDE the Nordstream Bombing Crime Scene? | Aug. 6, 2023

Source: Redacted youtube

Jeffrey Brodsky is an independent journalist who has visited the Nord Stream Pipeline explosions. His soil samples showed no explosives. Huh? So was this crime cleaned up? Was it something else? Is Sweden involved somehow in way we haven't been told? Brodsky joins us to discuss this. Read his full report here:

Tom Campbell | Insects? Tom Discusses Lower Forms of Consciousness | Aug. 6, 2023


The question posed to Tom addresses the concern for the treatment of lower forms of consciousness.

R.E. Kretz | The Unified Field and The Philosophers’ Stone | Legalise Freedom Radio | Aug. 6, 2023


Richard Kretz discusses his book 'The Alchemical Search for the Unified Field: Pythagorean, Hermetic, and Shamanic Journeys into Invisible and Ethereal Realms'.

Topics discussed include: 

- Cosmic consciousness – aka 'God' – and the source of all that is.
- The deceptive dimensions of time, space, and physical reality.
- Freemasonry and other fraternities and the quest for lost knowledge.
- Symbolism, sacred geometry, and the true power of architecture.
- Alchemy, science, and the nature of The Philosophers’ Stone.
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